The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 58

“That…” Qi Yangang said. Everyone in the room looked at him. This made him straighten his back and make himself look more serious. “Ah, I just want to ask. Among these people, there will Wouldn’t anyone accidentally leak the news?”

“It’s also possible,” Xu Dao grew up on the face side, very accomplished. Few people he met were in doubt. He swept around in front of these insiders, and finally reached out and nodded at the middle person, “You come out.”

The named Xiang Qiang looked at Xu Daochang in a panic and waved his hand constantly: “Xu Daochang, I don’t…”

“I know it’s not you,” Xu Daochang raised his hand to motion him to stand aside, “Sit next to him.”

Then Xu Daochang ordered a few more people out, and now only two people who were recruited stood still. The two men shook their shoulders and sweated their foreheads. Even if they were someone who couldn’t meet each other now, they could see that they were guilty in conscience.

“The old way I will only face each other, and nothing else, the rest will be handled by Team Zhao and Team Gao,” Xu Daochang took a sip of tea and said with an unpredictable face, “The urgent task now is Yes, have breakfast first.”

This suggestion was well received by everyone. Cen Baihe looked at these rumored masters so… maverick, and felt that he was a little uncomfortable.

The breakfast was well prepared, with various tastes and styles, and a large table filled with it. Then Cen Baihe saw these masters who were old enough to be his grandparents, picking what they liked to eat like children.

Qi Yan quickly helped him and Cen Baihe choose an appetite breakfast. Turning to see Cen Baihe’s eyes were a little dull, he put a box of yogurt without any trademark in front of him, “These foods are specially arranged special offerings above, and they usually have money. You can’t eat it, you can taste it.”

Looking at Qi Yan’s shiny eyes, Cen Baihe didn’t say that he often ate these since childhood. He took the yogurt and took a sip: “It’s delicious.”

“Do you think these masters are different from what you imagined?”

“It really surprised me a bit,” Cen Baihe gave Qi Yan a meaningful look. “But if you think about it, it’s not so unacceptable.”

Qi Yan didn’t notice Cen Baihe’s eyes. He explained to Cen Baihe: “Some warlocks pay attention to self-denial and strict rules when practicing, such as Abbot Yun. This is a difficult path, and he can practice to Abbot Yun. There are only a handful of this level.”

“There is also a kind of warlock who pays attention to doing things as they please. For example, Dao Chang Xu and Dao Shen can both go this way.” Qi Yan drank a sip of milk. If you go on a crooked road, you won’t get any good results.”

“All the masters here are truly masters of Taoism. They are no longer appraising and thinking in the unexpected world. They only pay attention to the original heart.” Qi Yan sincerely admires these seniors, so when he explains to Cen Baihe, he is unavoidable. It means something like this, “But no matter what you do with your own sex, but self-denial, the ultimate essence is to cultivate the mind, which is inseparable from change.”

Cen Baihe quietly listened to Qi Yan’s explanation, and couldn’t help thinking, maybe in a few decades, Qianqian would be like them, acting casually without forgetting his heart. Although his body is old, his heart is better than ordinary people. More transparent. When he looked at these old men and old ladies again, he felt that these seniors became more lovely.

Although Shen Daochang has a hot temper, he prefers to be vegetarian in the morning. There is half a bowl of vegetable salad in the bowl in front of her, and she has an appetite for eating. Seeing Qi Yan and Cen Baihe sitting together whispering, they asked: “Xiao Qi, what are you talking to Mr. Cen?”

“Bai He is very curious about all the seniors, he is thin-skinned, so I am embarrassed to ask you directly, I will introduce him to him,” Qi Yan smiled innocently, “Bai He is my good friend, and I would like to invite you masters a lot in the future. take care of.”

“Your friend is full of extravagance. I have never seen someone with such a special fate in my life,” Shen Daochang frowned, trying to say something, but when he saw Qi Yan’s smiling eyes, he said this again. Swallowing back, “Don’t worry, since he is your friend, we will notice everything that should be paid attention to.”

The other masters also showed friendly smiles to Cen Baihe.

A person with this kind of expensive and extremely lifelike personality, even if he wants to be a dead warlock, he dare not touch his hair. Their monks are the least dared to deal with this kind of people, neither daring to offend, nor to get too close, lest they cause causal troubles to themselves. Qi Yan, a young man, looked very smart, how could he be involved in such a big trouble. Qi Yan has a high level of cultivation and knows a lot. It is impossible not to know this, but he still made friends with such a big trouble. Young people nowadays, she doesn’t understand more and more.

However, they are cultivators who pay attention to being free. Although she doesn’t understand Qi Yan’s way, she didn’t make irresponsible remarks. This is the most basic respect she has for Taoists.

“Thank you seniors, then.” Qi Yan smiled brightly to the masters, selling cute and selling without any psychological pressure.

Cen Baihe laughed and nodded to the masters: “I came too late yesterday and didn’t say hello to the masters. Qian…Xiao Qi is still young, so the masters are bothering them.”

“Mr. Cen, you are welcome,” Master Zhao said, “Although Master Qi is young, he has helped us a lot. If this time the solution to the formation was not Master Qi, we would not have thought of such a safe method.”

Although they were ready to die before they came, when they could not die, who wouldn’t want to live.

When everyone is almost polite, Wizard Lin said: “Although we temporarily controlled the pressure yesterday, we only have more than one day left before the Mid-Autumn Festival. I am afraid that the people behind the scenes will jump the wall in a hurry and will do other things. ”

“It is almost impossible for these two formations to be urged by manpower,” Xu Daochang wiped his mouth and put down his chopsticks contentedly, “Maybe these people are secretly watching us from behind, waiting for us to fail. Look at the jokes.”

“We old guys are dead, what good will it do for them?” Wizard Lin shook his head, and really didn’t understand what the people behind were doing so hard to calculate them.

“The tree attracts the wind,” Zhao Zhicheng said, “We suspect that this is the dragon vein that foreign forces want to target us.”

“Dragon veins?!”

The so-called dragon veins are often mentioned in film and television works. The villain in the film and television works can break the feng shui and sever the dragon vein by blowing up the mountain and cutting a tree. In fact, dragon veins are not that simple, and there is not just one dragon vein in China. Of course, no one who owns dragon veins can become an emperor. It is purely the artistic processing of film and television works, and there is still some gap between the facts.

For most people, the dragon vein is invisible and intangible, but it can protect the mountains and rivers forever, and the earth will continue to live, so that people on this land have a stable living environment. Large-scale felling of trees, water pollution, and uncontrolled exploitation of resources are actually a chronic damage to the dragon veins.

If you want to forcibly block the dragon veins, you must open the mountains and break the stones, find the dragon veins’ formation eyes, and then forcefully break the dragon veins with spiritual tools and formations, release the vitality from the ground, and make the dragon veins “death”. This is the real severance. Dragon veins.

When the dragon vein is severed, huge natural disasters may occur, and large-scale infectious diseases may occur. For anyone in China, it is an unbearable pain.

Dragon veins exist in mountains and rivers, in rivers, in all regions, and in every possible place in China. Each dragon vein is nature’s most generous gift to the creatures on this land. If the monks who can protect the dragon veins are dead, or the cultivation base retreats, then when someone pretends to be ordinary people approaching the dragon veins, and then wreaks havoc, who can find out in time and stop them in time?

“Yes, Dragon Vessel,” Zhao Zhicheng lowered his head, stood up and bowed deeply to the masters, “I’m not good at learning skills, and I don’t make any progress on the way to practice. Please take care of all the masters. Huaxia still needs you.”

The masters did not speak, but nodded silently.

“When the country is in trouble, the husband will protect it.”

Cen Baihe looked at the Xu Daochang who said this, and began to feel ashamed when he thought of his prejudice against such monks. There are scumbags in every industry, but if they deny the entire industry because of these scumbags, it is prejudice and ignorance.

He thought he was calm and rational, but actually made the same mistake.

The masters stayed in the villa for another day, but perhaps the Behind Blade’s sneak attack on them had been discovered, and no strange things appeared that night.

The only one who didn’t adapt was Cen Baihe, because after Qianqian fell asleep that night, he didn’t put his leg on him, but instead rolled onto his bed. When he let go, he almost rolled off the bed to the ground.

When he got up in the morning, Qi Yan found that Cen Baihe had two dark circles under his eyes, and asked concerned: “Aren’t you used to sleeping with two people? How about I squeeze with Master Zhao tonight, and you sleep alone?”

“No,” after Cen Baihe spoke these words, he noticed that he was speaking a bit urgently, so he slowed down and said, “I dreamt that someone kept chasing me last night, so I didn’t sleep well.”


Cen Baihe nodded with a weird expression.

“That’s not right,” Qi Yan looked around in the room, “This room has good feng shui, and your life style is so good, how can you have this kind of nightmare?” This is so submerged with fish. People were surprised.

“It may be that I have been exposed to too many new things in the last two days, and I dreamed of it when I was uneasy.” Seeing that Qi Yan was about to check for strange runes under the carpet, Cen Baihe said hurriedly, “Why are you barefoot? , Put on your shoes.”

“It’s very comfortable to step on on the carpet. It’s not cold without wearing shoes.” Qi Yan lowered his head and found a slippers under the bed. “Where is another one?”

“Here,” Cen Baihe picked up another slippers at the foot of the bed, walked to Qi Yan, and bent over to put it at his feet.

At this time, he saw that Qianqian’s left foot was a little strange, and he didn’t even have a pinky finger. And this foot didn’t seem to be broken by external force, but it was born with no growth. However, although there is one toe less than ordinary people, Qianqian’s feet are not ugly at all. On the contrary, they have a kind of unspeakable beauty.

“Are you scared?” Seeing Cen Baihe staring at his feet, Qi Yan thought he was afraid of his feet, so he moved his feet back slightly, just covering the forefoot.


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