The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 6

“Master, please here.” Father Yang himself received the superior man in the son’s mouth, and Yang Tao couldn’t even put his mouth in the mouth.

Qi Yan glanced at Father Yang, followed up with a smile, and glanced at the rose bushes in the flower garden of the Yang family’s villa. The rose bushes there are lush and there are weeds there, which is not messy, but has a special flavor.

“Master, do you want to have a cup of tea before…”

“No,” Qi Yan put his hands behind him, his expression was a little faint, “I’ll leave after reading.” This Mr. Yang’s attitude seemed enthusiastic, but Qi Yan could feel that this person didn’t even look at him from the bottom of his heart.

He doesn’t need to accompany others in the show, it’s more refreshing to speak directly if he has something to say.

Unexpectedly, this counterfeit master was so upright. Father Yang was stunned. He turned his head to see that his son seemed to want to speak. He glared at him, then turned to face Qi Yan and said with a smile, “How embarrassed, you come to the humble house. Come on, how can you not even drink a glass of water.”

“Mr. Yang, you don’t have to be polite. People of my generation don’t pay attention to these courtesy.” Qi Yan’s attitude is still very peaceful. He pointed to the fountain next to the gate. It has the effect of gathering water for wealth, but it will block the fortune. Although it will not have a big impact on major events, it is prone to twists and turns when doing things, which affects efficiency.”

Father Yang glanced at the fountain he had paid a lot of money to repair, and couldn’t help but recall his fortunes after moving into this new villa in the past two years. It seemed that it was really more troublesome than before?

No, no, this must be a liar’s psychological suggestion, he must be steady.

Compared with Wang Hangjia, the gate of the Yang family is much more fancy. The vermilion gilded gate gives people a strong visual impact. There are also birds on the door that raise their heads and roar, is it a peacock or a phoenix?

“Mr. Yang’s family luck is good, but you must know the truth from the mouth. If you meet ordinary people, it’s okay, if you meet someone whose fortune is better than yours, good luck will only change bad luck.” Qi Yan turned his head and looked at it. Yang Tao, standing next to Father Yang, said, “If you accumulate virtue under your mouth, you will have a good future. This door will be changed with your mouth.”

After Qi Yan pointed out two bad places, Mr. Yang’s smile couldn’t be stretched, but strangely, deep in his heart, he could no longer firm up his suspicion just now. Yang Tao is a child who can’t speak, he is very clear in his heart when he is a father here. Because of his son’s mouth, people outside have always been unsatisfied with him, making him as a dad faceless everywhere, and only he can experience the central soreness.

Thinking of this, he glared at his son fiercely, but he didn’t know that his son looked at the baby-faced master in front of him with admiration, and his breath became even more blocked.

Entering the gate, the decoration style of the Yang family is even more difficult to describe. Obviously, the professional Feng Shui has never been asked to see it. The air flow is messy and there is no transportation.

When Father Yang saw Qi Yan walked into the gate, he stood still, and couldn’t help but sigh in his heart, always feeling that this one was going to pick something wrong again.

However, after visiting the entire living room, Qi Yan didn’t say anything. He just glanced at the “famous paintings” hanging on their walls. Father Yang looked a little embarrassed. He knew in his heart that most of these famous paintings were fakes to show off face. There were only one or two genuine ones, and they were all not well-known works.

“Master, let’s go upstairs and take a look.”

Father Yang felt inexplicably that he had some elementary school students who were being checked by the teacher, although he didn’t even understand why he had such an illusion.

The staircase is a spiral staircase imitating the European style, the overall effect is magnificent, the hotel style often used in the filming of rich dramas. There was also a huge floor-to-ceiling blue vase at the corner, almost the same height as his height of nearly 1.8 meters.

“Master, I bought this at an auction house, for 450,000 yuan, what do you think?” Father Yang felt that he finally had something that he could grasp.

Qi Yan looked at him and then at the vase. He still smiled without saying a word. He just nodded slightly, but his movements were so small that Father Yang thought it was his own illusion.

Father Yang took him to the master bedroom. When he opened the door, he drove to the antique-style swinging clock in the corner of the wall, with a mahogany casing and intricate patterns carved on it. On the opposite side of the big clock, there is a European-style dressing table, and a few unlocked jewelry storage boxes are placed on the table. It can be seen that the hostess should have a lot of jewelry, and her attitude towards jewelry is very casual.

However, judging from the aura in this room, the hostess should be someone who has accumulated good virtues.

Then Father Yang showed him to other rooms, and Qi Yan didn’t say a few words from beginning to end. After the three returned to the living room, Qi Yan sat down on the luxurious sofa and said directly: “Mr. Yang doesn’t seem to believe in Feng Shui?”

Father Yang laughed and said haha, “Master, you are joking. If you don’t believe me, why would I make a special trip to invite you to the humble house?”

“If you believe in Feng Shui, why would you put the swinging clock next to the bed and put the vanity mirror at the head of the bed?” Qi Yan smiled softly, “How is Mr. Yang’s body these days?”

The smile on Father Yang’s face became stiff. In the past two years, he has not been seriously ill, but he often has headaches and fevers, sleeps at night and often has nightmares. This period of time is even more serious. Not only can he sleep poorly, but the phenomenon of hair loss is also becoming more and more obvious. He just thought that the work pressure case was too great, and he didn’t think about other aspects at all.

“Master, what do you mean is that my family’s Feng Shui is wrong?”

“Why do you think that?” Qi Yan raised his eyebrows, “I just think your complexion doesn’t look good and you need to rest.”

Father Yang:…

“Master, Master,” Yang Tao finally couldn’t help it, and couldn’t wait to start, “Then tell us what is wrong with our Feng Shui.”

“Do you want to hear the truth or the lie?”

“Truth, truth, just tell it, we will definitely change it, we will definitely change it.”

“Mr. Yang and Mrs. Zun’s relationship should be very good. Mrs. Zun has a firm personality and is quick to talk. She also helps Mr. Yang a lot in work, right?” Qi Yan saw Mr. Yang nodding his head and continued, “Ms. Zun is like It is the rose bush in your yard. It is lush but free. I suggest Mr. Yang not to touch the rose bush. You only need to trim it and don’t move it too much. As for the fountain in front of the door, it is best to fill it. Don’t be obstructed by anything outside the gate, so that it is both ventilated and smooth.”

“As for the house…” Qi Yan also turned his head and looked around. Although the decoration style of this villa is difficult to describe and the airflow is a bit messy, the sitting direction is still very good, and the floor plan is also very reasonable. The other small decorations are messy, but Generally speaking, it doesn’t have much influence on fortune.

Many people talk about the change of feng shui, it seems that putting more flower pots and throwing a pair of shoes can make people lucky or bad. In fact, this is very wrong. For most ordinary people, the home decoration style must first be liked by yourself, which is the first condition of Feng Shui.

For people, a home is a clean place of belonging. If even the most basic decoration style is not what you want, can you not feel bad about staying in the house? If you are in a bad mood, your fortune will naturally not get better.

For example, the decoration style of the Yang family is very spicy to him, but looking at the attitude of the Yang family, it seems that he is quite proud of his own furnishings, which shows that he is very satisfied with his home and can find pleasure from it. , If he insists on decorating the other party in other styles, maybe the family still feels uncomfortable.

So except for the particularly taboo furnishings, other things are just as good as you want, too deliberate but not beautiful.

“The villa’s layout is very good, the windows are bright and magnificent, and there are not too many things that affect your fortune.” Qi Yan pointed to the corner of the stairs. “The vase is porcelain. The porcelain is fragile, and it’s too tall. It is not suitable to put it in the aisle, and it is not good for fortune. Mr. Yang can put it in the corner of the living room, so it is easy to watch and not easy to break.”

“As for the place where the vases were originally placed, potted plants such as kumquats or evergreen plants can be placed,” Qi Yan thought for a while, and added, “In addition, the clock should not be placed on the head of the bed, and the mirror should not be aligned with the head of the bed. There is nothing wrong with it.”

After hearing this, Mr. Yang’s three-point suspicion towards Qi Yan turned into seven-point trust. The other party did not ask him to buy any magical tools, nor did he use gimmicks, but it was this attitude that made him believe the other party’s words.

“Also…” Qi Yan glanced at Mr. Yang with some complicated eyes, “The respected wife has a very good life and a kind-hearted person. Mr. Yang must respect and love her, and he will definitely have a deep blessing in his later years.”

Father Yang’s heart shuddered and he turned his eyes away slightly, not daring to look at Qi Yan: “I must keep your words in mind.”

Didn’t expect the master to even figure this out? !

Expert, it turns out to be an expert!

He met a young woman last month, and her mind was a little buoyant. If he hadn’t been thinking about the relationship with his wife for many years, he would have made a mistake long ago. Now that I heard what the master said, there was a fever on his face.

But he was also thankful that the master had mentioned to him, otherwise he would definitely not be able to bear the consequences when he made a mistake, and he would regret it even more.

By now, he was convinced of Qi Yan’s abilities, and couldn’t help but be a little worried. The master was so indifferent to him, did he see his attitude clearly when he entered the door?

“Master, there are no eyes, no offense, please don’t mind,” Father Yang glared at Yang Tao, “Why don’t you pour water for the Master, why are you sitting here?”

The yelled Yang Tao looked dumbfounded, sitting here with his gun lying down, what did he do wrong?

“No need,” Qi Yan stood up from the sofa, “Mr. Yang is busy with personnel, so I won’t bother.”

“Master, Master…” How dare Father Yang let Qi Yan leave like this, “You see it’s too early. I ordered a table of wine and food at a nearby hotel. Please enjoy your face and have a light meal.”

“Mr. Yang, you don’t have to be polite, I don’t pay attention to these things, let’s say goodbye.” Qi Yan was unmoved and insisted on leaving.

Father Yang dissuaded him several times, but seeing that he couldn’t keep it, he had to forcibly give Qi Yan a check and put him in the car with a smile.

“Master, go slowly, and when you are free, go and harass again.” Father Yang shook his hand, knowing that the shadow of the car was out of sight, then dropped his hand.


“Don’t talk to me now, didn’t the master tell me, your mouth needs to be changed!” Father Yang hurriedly took out his mobile phone and began to find workers to fill the fountain at the door and change the gate.

Master’s words, you can’t help but listen!

As for Master Qi, who was regarded as an expert by Yang’s father, he was looking at the one hundred thousand yuan on the check and smiling with satisfaction.

The author has something to say: Qi Yan: My alias is Xiaoqianqian.


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