The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 62

The door of the rescue room opened from the inside, and Qi Yan with a ventilator was pushed out. The nurse stopped the crowd who wanted to surround him: “The patient is still very weak. Please stay away from relatives and friends to avoid infection of the wound.”

The people who were still very excited all stopped and craned their necks to look at Qi Yan on the bed, only to see a tuft of hair on top of his head.

Seeing that the patients’ relatives and friends are very cooperative, the medical staff are relieved. Sometimes they encounter some unreasonable family members of the patient, making a fuss to see the patient, regardless of whether it will affect the patient’s body. I don’t know what happened to this young man. There were so many wounds on his body. The most terrifying thing was the wound on his arm, which seemed to be cut open by some blunt instrument, releasing a lot of blood.

Just now they heard that this young man suffered so many injuries for the country, and they still admire it in their hearts, because just by looking at the wound, they knew how painful it was when they were cut. If they were replaced, they might have suffered long ago Can’t go on anymore. But this young man has a strong desire to survive, so their rescue can be so successful.

Qi Yan felt that he was in a dream. In his dream, he was wearing short shorts and swimming in the creek under the mountain. The water was cold. He happily got into the water and caught a big fish. He turned his head and said on the opposite bank: “Master, we are making sauerkraut fish today.”

“What kind of pickled fish to eat, braise it directly,” the old man knocked on his pipe and patted his robe, “get up quickly and go home to cook.”

Qi Yan narrowed his mouth unhappy, why is he cooking again? Obviously he shouldn’t be cooking today. He swam to the shore, and when he was about to go ashore, a cold hand came out from the bottom of the water and grabbed his foot. He was dragged under the water on a mission. Qi Yan couldn’t say a word, and the whole person was drowned. In the water.


His eyes widened, water poured into his nose, and the world became quiet in his ears. A beam of purple light suddenly shined through the water, driving away the boundless darkness. He stared at the beam of purple light in a daze, and his body fell a little bit.

Suddenly this purple light surrounded him, and he was like a small fish trapped in a bubble, slowly floating out of the water. He was still rising, rising a little bit, he saw the green grass, the blue sky like the sea, and the white clouds like cotton candy.

Above the clouds, golden light was shining all around. He reached out and touched the purple bubble. The golden light shining all over his body, and the breeze passed by, he thought comfortably, it turned out that this was the feeling of flying.


The purple bubble burst suddenly, and his whole person fell heavily. The moment he fell on the grass, he had only one feeling, and that was pain, endless pain.

“It hurts…”

Qi Yan opened his eyes and saw the pure white wall, blue curtains, and a large LCD TV hanging on the opposite wall. The whole room was incredibly quiet.

This is… the ward? He can even smell the faint smell of disinfectant water. The pain on his arm made his somewhat chaotic brain gradually return to normal. It seems that his Jiuding Universe Formation should have succeeded, otherwise he would not be lying in the hospital, but in the cemetery.

The doctor who was changing Qi Yan’s wound dressing saw Qi Yan wake up with an expression of ecstasy on his face, and turned around and rang the call bell on the wall.

“The patient is awake!”

Cen Baihe, who had not slept well for several days, heard these words as soon as he closed his eyes. He turned over from the bed in the lounge and got up. Because he moved too fast, he staggered. If it wasn’t for the river to hold him, he would fall. Fell to the ground.

“Fifth Young Master, be careful.”

Cen Baihe ignored him, pushed his hand away, and hurried to the intensive care unit next door.

The door of the intensive care unit was closed, and Cen Baihe couldn’t get in, but fortunately, the curtain was not closed and he could see the situation inside the room through the window. However, several doctors gathered around the hospital bed. He turned around by the window, and he didn’t see how the money was going.

Seeing that the boss was worried about this, Dahe couldn’t help but sigh deeply. The boss is in this state, which is really abnormal. The company’s affairs are ignored, and the home is not returned. He stays in the hospital desperately all day long. As long as there is a little movement outside, you have to get up from the bed and take a look. It’s more like caring about friends. It’s more like…

His heart shuddered and suppressed that kind of years.

“Pupillary reflection is normal.”

“Heartbeat is normal.”

“The pulse is normal.”

“Mr. Qi, you have suffered a very serious injury. We are your attending doctor. Please do not get emotional. We will not hurt you.” Many patients who have suffered severe injuries will have sequelae. Staying at the time of injury may cause strong resistance to medical staff. Therefore, in this case, they need to try to calm the patient’s emotions and let the patient understand that they are safe and will not be hurt again.

Although I don’t know what this young man has experienced, judging from the wounds on his body, the perpetrator’s methods must be very cruel. Otherwise, how could the patient have so many wounds and lose so much blood.

Many medical staff have already made up for the stories of young people fighting against evil forces, and finally being arrested by evil forces of various tortures, so Qi Yan has become a national hero in their eyes.

Qi Yan blinked and wanted to bend his wrist, only to find that he was sweating with pain even when he moved his finger.

“Your injury is very serious.” Seeing Qi Yan’s eyes were clear, the attending doctor explained in a low voice, “We dare not use a lot of analgesics on you because it might affect your body.”

Qi Yan blinked again, opened his mouth to talk, but found that his throat was so dry that he couldn’t make any sound.

The attending doctor took off his breathing mask, then injected a bit of salty and sweet liquid into his mouth, and then applied a layer of cold ointment on his face and all over his body.

I don’t know how long it took. The doctors who surrounded him finally went out, leaving only a nurse in the room to check the various instruments. Qi Yan chuckled, and some missed the sauerkraut in his dream before he had time to eat. fish.

The door of the ward was pushed open again, but Qi Yan was afraid of the pain, so he didn’t turn his head to look. He didn’t know who it was until someone came to his bed and called him.

“Money money…” Cen Baihe walked to the bed in sterile clothes and sat down. When he saw Qi Yan’s naked arm outside the quilt, his voice was trembling, “Wang Xiangzhen is fine. Someone found two corpses in the mountain. ”

Qi Yan thought to himself, this should be backlashed by the formation. But his instinct told him that the real man behind the scenes should still be alive, and the ones who died were all Xiaoyou. This intuition was inexplicable, but he believed it very much.

But did Baihe catch a cold? Why is his voice so unpleasant. When they first met, he heard Bai He’s charming subwoofer voice. The first thought was that if this person were to be a voice actor, he would be able to fascinate countless voice controls.

Seeing Qi Yan’s blinking eyes, Cen Baihe bends down to let him see himself more clearly: “Don’t be afraid, I will guard you outside.”

Qi Yan said that he was not afraid at all. Being able to break the Jitian Formation and Locking Tiger Formation at the same time, he was still alive, and even the meridians in his body showed signs of widening. He was not afraid at all. The so-called not dying in a catastrophe, there must be a blessing, his blessing is as great as the sea.

Looking at the face of Cen Baihe, there is no shortage of good fortune, longevity, and longevity. As long as you don’t die, it is the fate of a long life. The most important thing is that the beautiful golden light of merit outside the purple energy is harder than others for decades. Even thicker.

Counting that up, they picked it up this time! Think about it, I’m still a little bit happy.

“Zhao Zhicheng handed me your phone, and I stopped anyone looking for you,” Cen Baihe didn’t dare to touch any inch of Qi Yan’s skin, and finally just carefully touched his shrugging dullness. Mao, “Your friend wants to find you for dinner, I lied to him that you can’t see them if you have something, you won’t blame me?”

Qi Yan:…

“But even if you want to blame me, you can settle accounts with me when you get better,” Cen Baihe said in a dark and low voice, “Get well soon, Qianqian.”

Through the sterile protective cover, Qi Yan saw the undisguised distress and worry in Cen Baihe’s eyes. He thought for a while and smiled at Cen Baihe, enduring the pain. I always felt that if he didn’t give any reaction, Cen Baihe would cry.

No way, who would call him a caring good brother. If it hurts, it hurts. You can’t just watch your brother at such an age and shed tears.

“You have a good rest, I will see you in the afternoon.” Seeing the smile on Qi Yan’s face, Cen Baihe moved his eyes slightly away, strode out of the ward, and the moment the door closed, he sat on the floor against the wall. .

“Bohe.” When the third brother Cen arrived, he saw his younger brother sitting on the ground in a dull sterile suit. His two bodyguards and the people from the National Security Office were all standing beside them, not knowing how to persuade them. One persuasion. He stepped forward and took off Cen Baihe’s headgear, “Do you want to smother yourself in it?”

“Brother San?” Cen Baihe stood up from the ground, turned his head and walked towards the lounge. When Cen Sange saw this, he followed him uneasy.

“Bohe, look at what you are like now?” Third Brother Cen closed the door of the lounge and said helplessly, “Even if you are worried about Master Qi, you have to take care of your body. Otherwise, wait for Master Qi to get well. Yes, you have to go to the hospital and lie down again.”

“No,” Cen Baihe said hoarsely, “Qian Qian said, from then on, I will live a long life.”

“Are you serious?!” Third Brother Cen was overjoyed, “Master Qi really said that?”

Cen Baihe laughed at himself and said, “Yes, I will live a long life and be healthy.”


“Brother, do you know what love is?”

The lounge suddenly became quiet, Cen Sange looked at Cen Baihe in silence, and sighed a long time later: “I know.”

“Tell me, am I in love with money?”

Third Brother Cen wanted to say no, but facing his younger brother’s haggard face, red and swollen eye sockets, and a wrinkled shirt all over, he couldn’t say “no”.

Although he didn’t speak, it didn’t affect Cen Baihe. He stared out the window blankly, his speech was incredibly soft.

“I think I am in love with him.”


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