The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 63

When a person’s body is in extreme pain, the coma is actually the brain’s escape behavior from pain. Since Qi Yan woke up, she often woke up when she was asleep in the intensive care unit. Since the country and the Cen family were concerned about his injury, the medical staff took extra care and he recovered faster. Especially the small wounds on the face have basically healed.

The worst was his ten fingers and arms. Because of the deep wounds, after he could eat normally later, it was very inconvenient to eat and go to the toilet. Although there are dedicated nursing staff, Qi Yan still feels a little uncomfortable.

In fact, Qi Yan didn’t know that his ability to be rescued was a miracle in medicine. In the end, it could only be attributed to a strong desire to survive, and God’s good virtue in life, and could not bear to let the heroes who paid for the country die tragically.

The special team would arrange people to visit him every day. They didn’t cross the river and demolish the bridge because Qi Yan was seriously injured. The other eight masters are also temporarily recuperating in the ward, and they come to see him from time to time, and they seem to have a good time with him.

There is also Cen Baihe, who comes to see him in the room three times a day in a sterile suit. He doesn’t talk much every time he comes in. Most of the time, he just sits quietly, feeds him occasionally, helps him go to the bathroom, etc. For the sake of being a friend, Qi Yan felt that even if he was a real brother, it was nothing more than that, although he didn’t have a real brother to compare.

He stayed in the intensive care unit for more than half a month, and finally transferred to the general high-level ward. Now the wound is not so painful, but it is very itchy, so that he can’t wait to reach out and scratch it.

“Don’t scratch,” Cen Baihe saw Qianqian wanting to grab his arm, so he stopped his hand quickly, got up and picked up the ointment on the table, “I’ll wipe some medicine for you, so it won’t be that itchy.”

Qi Yan hummed twice, lying on the bed weakly and said, “I don’t know when I will be discharged from the hospital. Are there new mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival this year?”

“Every Mid-Autumn Festival will produce new moon cakes, but the ones that are really delicious will always only have those flavors.” Cen Baihe gently rubbed the ointment on the wound with a medical spoon, “When your wound is healed, I will ask the chef at home to make it. For you to eat, any taste is fine.”

“Your chef is really capable, and he can do anything.” Qi Yan looked at his arm, the wound had been scabbed, but still looked terrifying, “It made me want to hire such a powerful chef.”

“How can a chef know so much?” This kind of ointment was specially prepared by Wizard Lin for Qi Yan. The color is transparent grass green with a faint scent of vegetation. After using it, the effect is particularly good. “We five Brothers and sisters have different tastes and often go back to live in big villas, so the family hired several chefs who are good at different cuisines.”

“It’s great to have money,” Qi Yan rubbed his face on the pillow. Seeing Cen Baihe lowering his head and carefully applying medicine to himself, he couldn’t help saying: “Those in the imperial capital who want to cheat you, if you know that you would often give it to yourself. When I take medicine, I will definitely come to flatter me.”

Cen Baihe blew gently on his wound: “Why did you suddenly think of this?”

“After all, I am a man who can be called a brother to Cen Wuye,” Qi Yan said with a smile, “but your brother is really loyal. He comes to accompany me every day, otherwise I would be boring to lie here.”

Cen Baihe smiled in a low voice, did not say anything, put the ointment aside, got up and went to the toilet to wash his hands.

“Master Qi.” Xiang Qiang knocked on the door and walked into the ward. He looked around in the ward. “Who is Cen Wu?” This is really rare. Every time he comes over, he can meet the rumors in Master Qi. Shenlong sees Wuye Cen who never sees the end. Outsiders say that Cen Wuye is in poor health and has a weird personality. He doesn’t like to be close to people.

But only after he met the real person Cen Wuye did he know that the rumors were not credible. Cen Wuye didn’t seem to have any problems with his body, and he treated others politely. He was even more considerate to Master Qi, a friend, which was as unbearable as the rumors. He even suspected that those who were behind the rumors were jealous of Cen Wuye’s good family background, good looks, and strong ability, so he deliberately spread the rumors to destroy Cen Wuye’s reputation.

“Please sit down.” Seeing Xiang Qiang coming in, Qi Yan adjusted a more serious sitting posture. “He was washing his hands in the bathroom.”

Xiang Qiang heard the sound of water in the direction of the bathroom, and laughed: “It turned out to be like this.” Just after speaking, Cen Baihe walked out of the bathroom, and he immediately got up from the stool, “Mr. Cen, hello.” ”

“Hello,” Cen Baihe nodded to him, “Sit down, I’ll go out and make a call.”

Cen Wuye was so caring, knowing that he was going to talk to Master Qi, and he deliberately gave them space. Those outside who say that Cen Wuye is weak and cruel, are really nonsense, and everyone is just talking about it.

“Master Qi, how is your injury?”

“I recovered well. The doctor said that I lost too much blood and added various nutrients to me every day,” Qi Yan said with a bitter expression, “I should be discharged after a while.”

“We still need to raise more, so that we can rest assured.” Xiang Qiang now thinks of the situation at that time, but he still has lingering fears. Fortunately, Master Qi has a natural state, so he feels better in his heart. Master Qi was the youngest of all the masters involved in the Wangxiangzhen incident, and he invited people there at the beginning. If Master Qi really had any problems, he might feel guilty for a lifetime.

The leaders above have already talked with several other masters, and learned that the successful resolution of this matter depends on Master Qi’s self-sacrifice, so he is very concerned about Master Qi’s physical condition, and also issued documents requesting all parties to do their best. His efforts to heal Master Qi, everything is arranged in accordance with the highest standards.

“By the way, I have always wanted to ask you something,” Qi Yan looked at Xiang Qiang, “What is going on with Master Qian?” Xiang Qiang told him before that Master Qian is missing, but he has always suspected this. Kind of argument.

“Master Qian…” Xiang Qiang’s expression was a little ugly. “We suspect internally that the cause of Master Wei’s death is very suspicious. This may be related to Master Qian.”

Qi Yan frowned: “Where is Master Qian?”

“Master Qian had been in a coma in the hospital before, and he just woke up two days ago,” Xiang Qiang said in a bad tone. “He admitted that Master Wei’s death was related to him.”

Most experts in the profound arts world can conceal their faces so as not to let people see their path of life. But even if an expert can deceive his face, he cannot be deceived by his own qi. Qi Yan has seen red luck in Master Qian’s body, and even saw a thin layer of golden light of merit, but he didn’t. There is no evil spirit on him. Master Qian is definitely not a master who hurts people for no reason. There must be other problems.

“Master Qian didn’t say why he did it on Master Wei?”

“Master Qian said, Master Wei calculated him behind his back, so he would counterattack,” Xiang Qiang smiled bitterly. “Master Wei has passed away, and what Master Qian said is only one side word, so the above is still investigating this matter.”

“From my own perspective, I hope that what Master Qian said is true.”

Master Qian has served as a special group consultant for more than ten years. Although he is very casual, he is still very good to these younger generations. Sometimes he will guide them in some metaphysics. Unfortunately, they are not talented and can learn very limited things. .

The people in the special group have feelings for Master Qian. If Master Qian lied to them, it means that Master Qian may collude with foreign forces. In recent years, the information of their special group may also be leaked out. What consequences will this cause? It was something they couldn’t imagine.

“Why don’t I help you calculate a divination?” Qi Yan suddenly remembered that his three fortune-telling times this month have not been used up yet. He was in the hospital now, and couldn’t find a suitable fortune teller, so he simply used Xiang Qiang to make up the number.

“Okay, okay.” Others don’t know, but Xiang Qiang knows very well that Master Qi is very accurate in fortune-telling. It is a rare opportunity to let Master Qi tell his fortune.

Qi Yan glanced at Xiang Qiang’s face: “You should be clear about my rules. Five hundred yuan a time, you won’t take the opportunity to increase the price without bargaining.”

Without saying anything, Xiang Qiang immediately paid Qi Yan five hundred yuan, fearing that he would be late and Master Qi changed his mind.

“What do you want to count?” Qi Yan leaned on the bed and changed his sitting position. When he looked sideways at Xiang Qiang, Xiang Qiang felt an indescribable pressure.

“I want to count whether what Master Qian said is true or false,” Xiang Qiang looked at Qi Yan expectantly, “Can you count?”

Qi Yan didn’t directly say yes or no, but smiled and said: “You just write me a word.”

Is this to test the character?

Xiang Qiang was curious, but he knew the rules of this line, so he didn’t ask too much, but followed his heart and wrote the word “Huai”.

“Your writing is good,” Qi Yan casually complimented, and Xiang Qiang touched his ear with some embarrassment.

“The left is your heart, the right is no. This shows that you have doubts in your heart, and you prefer Master Qian to be innocent of Master Qian’s killing of Master Wei.” Qi Yan picked up the paper with the word “Huai” on it. Glancing at the light, “You write with a lot of strength, and you even cut the paper when you write this horizontal line.”

“If you cross the head, if you cut this cross, it means that things will come to the fore.” Qi Yan put the paper down, “As long as you have the intention, there is nothing you can’t do.”

Xiang Qiang was confused when he heard: “Master Qi, I don’t seem to understand what you are saying. Why don’t you tell me directly, is Master Qian telling the truth or lies?”

“What are you mainly looking for now?”

“Are you telling a lie?”

“Isn’t the answer already there?”

Xiang Qiang looked at Qi Yan pitifully: “Master Qi, my brain is not enough, please be more straightforward.”

“What is on the right side of the word Huai?”


“Ah!” Xiang Qiang jumped up from the stool, “You mean, Master Qian didn’t lie to us?”

Qi Yan smiled mysteriously at him, and did not refute the conclusion that Xiang Qiang had reached.

“Master Qian, thank you, I understand!” Xiang Qiang bowed to Qi Yan, turned and opened the door of the ward, ran out in a hurry, and almost hit Cen Baihe who was standing outside. He said sorry, and then ran away like a gust of wind.

Cen Baihe returned to the ward, saw a piece of paper falling on the floor, bent over to pick it up and took a look, then threw it into the trash can next to it.

Qi Yan smiled and said, “You came just right, do me a favor.”


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