The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 65

“Bohe…” Qi Yan lay on the car window, looking at the traffic outside the window. He still hasn’t reacted much. When did he agree to go to Cen’s house to rest for a few days, “I live in your house like this, maybe some Isn’t it right?”

“Are you worried that too many people are not used to living?” Cen Baihe pretended not to understand the meaning of Qi Yan’s words. “Our five brothers and sisters all have their own real estate, and the only people who usually live in big villas are me, eldest brother and sister-in-law. And my dad, other people just often come back to eat and drink, so there are not many people in the family.”

“I didn’t mean that,” Qi Yan coughed dryly, “I just don’t think it is good to disturb you like this, and my injuries are almost healed now, so I don’t need to be taken care of.”

“When you were discharged from the hospital, the doctor specifically said that you are a little weak and need to take care of it slowly,” Cen Baihe said with a serious expression. Takeaway. Live like this, when will your body be well?”

After Cen Baihe ruthlessly dismantled his lazy bachelor days, Qi Yan’s shoulders fell: “At any rate, don’t be so blunt, save me some face.”

“You,” Cen Baihe reluctantly touched Qi Yan’s forehead, “You can do everything else as you like, but it’s up to me to arrange it, eh?”

Qi Yan touched his ears, and felt that the roots of his ears were a little itchy: “Okay, okay.”

Isn’t it just going to a good friend’s house to eat and drink? When they were in the dormitory, didn’t they often eat the things that Wang Hang brought from home? It’s just that this time he went to other people’s homes to eat and stay. He used to be more tactful, but now he is more straightforward.

As long as the skin is thick enough, there is no need to worry about not eating meat! The chef of Baihe’s family is so awesome, he went to live for a few days, and he was just tasting the food.

A car followed the two of them. In this car were Big Brother Cen and Third Brother Cen. Both of them came to pick up Qi Yan and leave the hospital.

“The third brother,” Brother Cen didn’t quite understand why the third brother strongly suggested that Master Qi be brought to his own home, “isn’t it bad for us to do this?”

Although he also welcomes Master Qi as a guest at home, does their over-enthusiastic attitude make Master Qi think that their home has another purpose? Although many people outside do not believe in Feng Shui fortune-telling, in fact, those masters are very respected and respected in their families.

Although Master Qi is young now, some well-informed people have already inquired about some internal news, and want to ask Master Qi to come to see Feng Shui fortune-telling or something. Now their Cen family directly took Master Qi to their home and let others see it. I am afraid that they would mistakenly think that the Cen family is going to treat Master Qi as a respected guest.

The so-called “respected guest” is equivalent to the mages who were upheld by the families hundreds of years ago. The family provides all the mages need, and the mages also help the family to solve problems. Although it is not as complicated and troublesome as in the old times, and the respected guest does not have to be born or die for the master, but when it is time to show his face, he still has to think about the master.

“Our Cen family does things, so why bother with what others think,” Cen Sange sneered. “Those people outside think Master Qi is young and have no background. If you want to make his own ideas, you have to see if our Cen family agrees.”

Brother Cen has a solid personality. Hearing his brother say this, he smiled and didn’t say much. He just faintly felt that his brother’s attitude was a little overdone. The Cen family is the Cen family, and Master Qi is Master Qi. The third brother is so worried that he simply regards Master Qi as his own brother.

Cen Baihe saw Qi Yan change several sitting positions, and suddenly said, “Stop.”

“What’s the matter?” Qi Yan looked at Cen Baihe puzzledly, “Is there something wrong?”

“Dali, go to Master Qi’s community first.”

Qi Yan stared at Cen Baihe blankly. This was because he discovered that he might eat a lot, so he didn’t plan to invite him to be a guest?

“Qianqian, I’m sorry,” Cen Baihe looked at Qi Yan seriously, “I just want to take good care of you, but forget that you may not be used to that way of life.”

Yes, everything is fine in their family. There are chefs who can cook various cuisines, and there are gentle and caring helpers. Even his family likes money. But even if all this is good, it does not mean that Qianqian will like it. Qian Qian grew up with his master, and later lived alone by himself. He felt that money should be taken care of, but he forgot that Qian Qian might prefer a free and relaxed environment.

Qi Yan was stunned. He didn’t expect Cen Baihe to say this. In fact, when a friend embraces good intentions, he does not find it difficult to accept it. Even if he is a little uncomfortable, he will not take it too seriously, but he did not expect that Baihe would have thought of it.

“What’s the matter?” Big Brother Cen turned his head when he saw the car in front of his younger brother and Master Qi, and looked at his third brother in confusion.

“I don’t know.” Third Brother Cen shook his head, looking at the car that was going away, “Don’t follow, let’s go back first.”

Big Brother Cen sighed and didn’t know what was going on. Since Master Qi was injured and went to the hospital for rescue, the third brother’s attitude towards Master Qi was a little weird. Bai He even lived in the hospital, and didn’t even return home much.

When these younger brothers grow up, their minds become more and more difficult to understand.

The car stopped slowly. Qi Yan looked at the familiar neighborhood scenery outside the window, turned to look at Cen Baihe’s perfect side face, and poked his arm: “Didn’t you ask me to be a guest at your house?”

Cen Baihe turned to look at him.

“Then you accompany me to pack up some things,” Qi Yan pulled the car door and stood outside the car, bending over to look at him, “You master, be warmer to my guest.”

Cen Baihe was startled, and laughed after a long while: “Okay.”

Dahe and Dali looked numbly at Young Master Wu throwing them in the car, and followed Master Qi upstairs, feeling that they were among the young masters and the most failed bodyguards. Even carrying things and doing coolies are not their turn.

“Don’t look, follow up.” Da He tapped vigorously, “Fifth Young Master is just a little better, so let him help Master Qi move things. What use is there for us?”

In fact, Qi Yan didn’t have many things to bring, except for a few changes of clothes, but also some things for his daily practice. As for other things, he doesn’t plan to bring them. Anyway, if a thief or robber with a short eye comes in in his room, I’m afraid he can only get out of this room if he calls the police himself.

As for the others…

He opened the door of the room next to the study, put a few incense sticks on the old man, took the mooncakes that had become hard and dry from the offering plate, and replaced them with two packs of unopened biscuits. “The apprentice is going to go these days. Big eaters, your old man helps me look at the house well.”

“When I come back, I will bring you the roast duck made by the chef to honor you.”

The green smoke curled up, and what Qi Yan could see was still the never-changing smiling face in the photo.

“Master Qi, this is what you have?”

A few tattered books on the floor that look like pirated editions, a few sets of simple clothes, and a laptop are not in line with the norm of a man of good saneness.

“I’m not moving,” Qi Yan waved his hand carelessly, “Not so particular.” After speaking, he had to reach out to carry the suitcase, but Dahe snatched it over. “You just got injured, but you can’t use it. Too much force.”

“That’s really embarrassing,” Qi Yan smiled and thanked Dahe, “Thank you.”

“Master Qi, you are too polite.” Dahe was dazzled by Qi Yan’s brilliant smile, “This is what we should do.” As a qualified bodyguard, we must worry about and enjoy the employer. How could they neglect the Five Young Master’s attention to Master Qi?

Qi Yan and his party walked downstairs. When they were about to get in the car, he saw Aunt Wang approaching here.

“Xiao Qi,” Aunt Wang glanced at Cen Baihe who was standing next to Qi Yan, her smile suddenly became brighter, and after speaking a few words with Qi Yan, she finally touched on Cen Baihe, “Your friend is so handsome. .”

Qi Yan patted Cen Baihe’s chest: “I can make Aunt Wang praise you for your good-looking looks. It seems that your appearance is indeed high enough.”

“You kid, what nonsense, haven’t I praised you?” Aunt Wang was still very happy to be affirmed by the young man’s high aesthetics. She noticed the luxury car parked next to him and the suitcase in Dahe’s hand, “You just came back, why are you going out again?”

“Go to a friend’s house for two days,” Qi Yan put his hand on Cen Baihe’s shoulder, “I’ll be back in a few days.”

Aunt Wang nodded and said: “Go to a friend’s house and have fun. My good sisters were still asking where you went. Next month, our community will hold a community residents sports meeting. If you have time, Come join us too, our community can’t lose to other communities.”

This is related to the face problems of their old friends in the community when they go out to dance the square dance!

“Well, I must take an active part in community activities and win glory for our community.” Qi Yan nodded obediently.

“I think your face is so pale, is it anemia? You can make some red dates porridge, pig’s trotters soup, etc. to make up for it. Don’t lose your body at a young age. You will regret it when you get older… …”

After listening to Aunt Wang’s instructions, Dahe and the others got in the car, and they were still automatically circulating various methods of nourishing blood and nourishing their bodies.

“Although Aunt Wang is nagging, she is just an enthusiastic person,” Qi Yan saw Cen Baihe not saying a word, thinking that Cen Bohe was dizzy by Aunt Wang, “Don’t take it to your heart.”

“No,” Cen Baihe’s lips raised slightly, “I will let them do the same when I go back.”


“It’s those ways to nourish blood and nourish the body.”

Qi Yan hugged his head. Why does Cen Wuye have a tendency to become a self-cultivating madman?

Seeing Qi Yan doing this, Cen Baihe couldn’t help laughing: “I’m teasing you, don’t take it seriously.”



“You’re bad at learning, you weren’t like this before.”

“Maybe those who are close to Mo are black?”

Cen Qiusheng saw that the eldest son and the third son were back, he craned his neck and looked behind them, with a little disgust and regret in his tone: “It’s just you two, didn’t Master Qi come together?”

Brother Cen nodded: “After Bai He called just now, he said that Master Qi still has something to do and he has to come here later.”

“It’s fine if you can come,” Cen Qiusheng glanced at the time, “Then we will have dinner later, I used breakfast late today, and I am not hungry now.”

Brother Cen:…

I always feel like his dad has become something wrong.


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