The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 66

Cen Baihe was sitting in the car and saw that Qi Yan brought Dahe back with a lot of things, and opened the door for him, “Why do you buy so many things?”

“When I go to your house as a guest, I can’t go empty-handed,” Qi Yan said with a smile, “so that I can be more confident when I eat and drink.”

“Even if you don’t buy gifts, you can come to my house with confidence,” Cen Baihe was worried that Qi Yan’s wound would open. After looking at his arm for a few times to make sure it was all right, he said helplessly, “Between you and me, when should you pay attention to these things? NS?”

“You don’t need to pay attention to you, you must always pay attention to your family,” Qi Yan said with a smile, “rest assured, I won’t be polite to you.”

The Cen family villa is located on a famous street. Everyone who lives on this street is rich and noble with an extraordinary identity. The Cen family is especially prominent here. Many people are proud of being adjacent to the Cen family, so some people even secretly call this street Cen family road behind them.


This was not the first time Qi Yan went to the Cen’s house, so he was not surprised to see countless luxury cars driving low-key on this street. The so-called people gather in groups, and people of different classes will even live in different places.


The carved door of Cen’s house slowly opened, and the guards in security uniforms saluted Qi Yan’s car. They didn’t let go until the car drove into the inner area of ​​the villa.

The area of ​​the Cen family is very large, and everything is exquisite and exquisite. It can be seen that it is a family with a strong background, and it is not comparable to the nouveau riche. For the truly rich, money is just a number. What can show their identity is their temperament, cultivation, talk and deeds.


The car stopped slowly, and a bodyguard stepped forward to open the door for them. Cen Baihe smiled at Qi Yan: “We are here.”

When Qi Yan got out of the car, he saw the Cen family standing on the steps.


“Master Qi,” as the elder of the family, Cen Qiusheng came to welcome Qi Yan in person. This grand attitude is enough to show the welcome of the Cen family to Qi Yan, “Welcome, welcome. I have long wanted to have a chat with Master Qi, this I finally have a chance.”

“Mr. Cen is serious, it’s the younger generation that bothered him.” A smile appeared on Qi Yan’s face. He turned to look at Cen Baihe behind him, and was greeted by the Cen family enthusiastically.

During the meal, the Cen family also invited Qi Yan to sit down, and finally Qi Yan declined for a long time before he sat down next to Cen Baihe successfully.


“I hope Master Qi will not be frightened by the enthusiasm of our family,” Cen Qiusheng washed his hands, wiped his hands with a kerchief, and smiled. “For our whole family, you are our noble person, so I learned that you are willing. Our whole family is very happy to be a guest at our house.”

This is also the first time that Qi Yan has seen everyone in the Cen family. On the long and wide dining table, in addition to the generation of Cen and Cen Baihe, there are also a few small carrot heads. The eldest is more than ten years old. , The youngest is still wearing a bib, two or three-year-old children sit on the children’s chair with a serious attitude, especially cute.


“You are polite,” Qi Yan wiped his hands with the hot kerchief handed by the helper. “You can treat me like an ordinary junior.”

“If Master Qi doesn’t dislike it, you can call my uncle in the future,” Cen Qiusheng nodded to the housekeeper next to him, indicating that he could start the meal.

When Qi Yan heard the words, he followed kindness and said: “Uncle Cen.”

After eating a meal, Qi Yan found that the Cen family was surprisingly easy to get along with, and the relationship between siblings, sisters and sisters was also very good. There was no intrigue in those rich TV dramas, and it was even more harmonious than the brothers and sisters of ordinary families.


After dinner, the Cen family worried that too many people would surround Qi Yan and make him uncomfortable, so the second sister Cen, the third brother Cen, and the fourth brother Cen all took their families back to their own home, leaving Cen Baihe to accompany Master Qi well. Get familiar with the environment.

“The relationship between your brothers is very good,” Qi Yan and Cen Baihe sat in the pavilion in the small garden, looking at the two children playing not far away, “It is a clear stream among the wealthy brothers.”

“Because there is nothing to fight for,” Cen Baihe poured a cup of tea for Qi Yan. “The five of us each choose a different path and have a different personality. The wealth we have will not be spent in a few lifetimes. If the interests are struggling, then the gains outweigh the losses.”


“Just tell me this kind of thing, let others hear it, and you will definitely think you are showing off your wealth,” Qi Yan sipped a sip of tea, “don’t hate yourself.”

“If it’s someone else, I won’t tell him this,” Cen Baihe laughed lightly. “Your room is arranged next to me. If you are not used to it, you must tell me. I invite you to be a guest for the better. Taking care of you is not for you to be wronged.”

“Don’t worry, I’m the kind of person who is willing to wrong myself?” Qi Yan saw Big Brother Cen’s second daughter Tuantuan running towards this side holding a small ball, and hurriedly put down the tea cup in her hand, fearing that she would hit herself and splash the tea. To the little girl.

“Brother…” Tuantuan hugged Qi Yan’s thighs, his big eyes blinked and blinked, as cute as a small milk cat, “Cousin said you can tell fortune-telling, is it true?”

Qi Yan knelt down and looked at the little girl and said, “Yes.”

“Just like a god, you can figure it out with a pinch of your finger?” Tuantuan’s face was full of worship, and the whole person was about to plunge into Qi Yan’s arms.

“Hmm…” Qi Yan pretended to be mysterious, “Yes.”

This five or six-year-old girl, after hearing this, both eyes were glowing: “Then brother, can you do the calculations for me?”

“Tuan Tuan,” Cen Baihe said, “You can’t be so rude, you should call him Uncle Qi.”

“Oh,” Tuantuan changed his words obediently, “Uncle Qi.” She still has a little resistance in her heart. It is obvious that this handsome guy looks very young, why should he be called Uncle?

Qi Yan laughed a little when he heard this, and reached out and touched the little girl’s watermelon head, “I can do the calculations for you, but my uncle helps people tell the fortunes, so he needs to collect money.”

“I understand, it’s called a fair deal,” the little girl nodded pretentiously, turned her head and folded her hands together, looking at Cen Baihe expectantly, “Uncle Five, I don’t have money, can you help me give it to me? I’ll take the princess. The baby will change with you.”

Cen Baihe took out five hundred yuan from the wallet to Qi Yan, bent down and hugged Tuantuan on his lap: “Then I will go to your room to get the princess doll later.”

“Yeah.” The little girl nodded solemnly, expressing that she must have her own words.

Qi Yan looked at the little girl carefully, her hair was dense and blue, her appearance was lovely, her eyes were clear and energetic, and she had the kind of “blessed look” face. However, the face of a child will change greatly with age, and it is impossible to count her luck in this life just by looking at the face.

“Come on, tell Uncle, how old are you this year?”

The little girl stretched out a white and tender hand: “I am five years old this year.”

Qi Yan held her hand lightly, her palm prints were clear, her lifeline and career line were very long and obvious. The luck on her body is also very good, red with purple, can be regarded as the fate of the proud girl of heaven, although the purple qi may have been influenced by the elder Cen Baihe.

“Uncle is done, do you want to try it?”

“But you didn’t pinch your fingers,” Tuantuan took Qi Yan’s hand and looked at it over and over again. “Is it because you are so powerful, so you don’t need to pinch your hands?”

“Yes, you are really smart,” Qi Yan put his index finger to his lips and whispered, “Actually, I am a particularly powerful genius, but you can’t tell others about this. It’s a secret between us, OK? ?”

“Yeah!” Tuantuan nodded solemnly, and looked at Cen Baihe who was holding her with a wary look.

A serious crush fudges his five-year-old niece. As an elder, Cen Baihe’s mood is extremely complicated, but when he sees Qi Yan having fun with his niece, he finally keeps quiet.

“Tuan Tuan is so cute, then you must remember what Uncle is telling you now.” Qi Yan lowered his head and whispered in Tuantuan’s ear, Tuantuan nodded from time to time.


“Remember!” Tuantuan also solemnly said, “Uncle Qi, don’t worry, I will not tell anyone!”

“So you charged 500 yuan for fortune-telling, and you haven’t said the result of the fortune-telling.” Cen Baihe raised his chin towards Qi Yan, “Tuantuan can’t remember, I’m still listening.”

“Am I the kind of person who takes advantage of children?” Qi Yan took a sip of tea and smiled. A setback will make her braver and more outstanding. Her destiny can only be described in the four words of the Proud Girl of Heaven.”

Cen Baihe looked down at her soft and cute niece, and gently touched the top of her hair: “It doesn’t matter whether she can be the proud girl of heaven, as long as her life is safe, happy and joyful.”

“With elders like you, your children can’t get crooked even if they want to be crooked,” Qi Yan turned his head and stared at the sky from a long distance, “Even if there are different personalities, they will be the best in various industries in the future. ”

“My brothers and sisters would be very happy if they heard what you said.”

Qi Yan smiled and said, “Most parents are like this.”

It’s a pity that some parents treat their children as treasures, while some parents abandon their children. So for many people, birth represents the beginning of destiny.

In the rental room, Yang Heshu was talking on the phone with someone, his tone a little impatient.

“Qi Yan has already lived in the Cen’s house. I cannot get close to him for the time being. If you are anxious, this transaction can be terminated at any time.”

“Okay, I don’t need you to teach me how to do it.”

After hanging up the phone, Yang Heshu frowned: “Qi Yan turned out to be a Feng Shui master?”

This kind of person who likes to brag and show off can really be a feng shui master? Could it be… a liar?

On the second day after Qi Yan moved into Cen’s house, someone came to him, and the person looking for him was still the old man of the Yuan family who had a good relationship with the Cen family. Perhaps it was to get closer to Qi Yan, when the old man Yuan came to visit, he also brought his grandson Yuan Cheng with him.

“Moving the Yin House?” Qi Yan looked at Mr. Yuan, “Mr. Yuan has found the land?”

“Although the land has been found, the two gentlemen who have been invited can’t find Longxue accurately,” Mr. Yuan said helplessly, “I’m really helpless in this matter, so I will brazenly harass you.”

Yuan Cheng, who was sitting next to Mr. Yuan, was in a very complicated mood. He was a good student and became the legendary Feng Shui master in the blink of an eye, which made him somewhat unacceptable.


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