The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 67

“Mr. Yuan, looking for dragons and acupuncture, this kind of thing, juniors are young and have little experience, I am afraid that Mr. Yuan will look forward to it.” Qi Yan is telling the truth, he is theoretically A giant, a short man in actual action, he has never shown the Yin House alone.

He had done the Dragon Point, but it was also when he was still in middle and high school, the school had summer and winter vacations with the old man to practice hands, because the number of hands training was limited, so it was not as proficient.

However, no one believes the truth. At least this was heard by Yuan Chongan, the old man of the Yuan family, and it was Qi Yan who was self-effacing. Before he came, he had inquired about it. This Master Qi had no choice but to make a move. As long as he made a move, there were no cases of failure. Even the sickly young son of Cen Qiusheng, after being with Master Qi, his body improved a lot for no apparent reason. Although the Cen family claimed to have found a very powerful old Chinese doctor, there is no such a coincidence in the world. I have not found a great doctor in the past few decades. After approaching this master Qi, the old Chinese doctor found it. Now, Cen Baihe’s body is also healed.

Others may believe the Cen family’s remarks, but his long-standing friendship with Cen Qiusheng knows that Cen Qiusheng likes to do this kind of muffled wealth. So he first thought of Master Qi, who was recently regarded as a guest by the Cen family, instead of believing in the rhetoric of an old Chinese doctor by chance.

Originally, he just thought that Master Qi might have some real skills, but after all, he was too young and not as knowledgeable as those of the predecessors, so he didn’t put this person in his heart. He didn’t dare to think about it again until the news of Wang Xiangzhen’s incident came out.

Although the relationship between the Yuan family and the senior management is not as good as that of the Cen family, they have some own ways. After the Wang Xiangzhen incident, he also heard a little bit of internal rumors. It turned out that the person who really solved Wang Xiangzhen’s troubles was not the respected master, but the young and unknown master Qi.

As soon as he was about to find a way to catch Master Qi, he heard that Cen Qiusheng had invited Master Qi back home. After thinking about going, he had no choice but to visit Cen’s house with a cheek.

Perhaps because of a change in mentality, I saw this Master Qi again this time. Yuan Chong’an felt that this person was more imposing and more impenetrable than when he saw him at Cen Qiusheng’s birthday banquet last time: ” Yuan knows that it is very rude to interrupt Master Qi’s recuperation now, but the matter of the Yin House is very important to my Yuan family for several generations. I urge Master Qi to consider it.”

Cen Qiusheng, who was sitting with him, looked not so good: “Old Yuan, Master Qi is not in good health recently, I am afraid it is not suitable to travel far.”

The ancestral grave of the Yuan family is not in the imperial capital, but in Jia Province, which is adjacent to the imperial capital. If Qi Yan really wants to help the Yuan family look at the yin house, he will have to travel back and forth again and work hard.

“Don’t worry, Lao Cen, we will definitely arrange everything to prevent Master Qi from getting tired.” Yuan Chongan knows that it is not kind to run to Cen’s house to block people, but at this point, he would rather let Old Cen be dissatisfied with him and demand Let Master Qi help this.

“No matter how well you arrange it, wouldn’t it be troublesome to find dragons and acupuncture points?” Cen Qiusheng said, “We brought Master Qi to the house to let him have a good rest. As a result, just after a day, no one else came. Got home.”

Originally, their Cen family had good intentions. Yuan Chong’an did such a job and fell into the eyes of Master Qi. I am afraid that they would turn into their Cen family to help Yuan family calculate him, so he was reluctant to recite this **** pot. Not to mention that Master Qi is kind to their family, even other masters, they don’t want to be inexplicable.

When Yuan Chongan heard Cen Qiusheng say this, he secretly scolded him as an old fox, so he didn’t want to eat at the slightest loss. You are so generous when you do charity, how come the big needle-point things are so clear at this time?

Seeing that the atmosphere was a little stiff while sitting next to him, Yuan Cheng had no choice but to bite the bullet and actively said to Qi Yan: “How is the younger brother’s health?” His face turned pale, he didn’t know how many injuries he had suffered before.

“It’s no big problem, just raise it slowly.” Qi Yan remembers that the art alumni of the school have special personalities. Wearing unusually aesthetic clothes and combing hair is quite euphemistic. He also met someone who liked it. The buddies who play the toilets, the style of painting is beyond the scope of normal human beings. It is really rare to see a normal art student like Senior Brother Yuan.

Based on this, Qi Yan has a deep impression of Yuan Cheng: “Why is Brother Yuan’s family moving to the Yin house in such a hurry?”

It takes a long time to prepare for things like moving the yin house. Not only do you have to count the birthdays of the younger generations in your family, but you also have to look at the land, and count the auspicious days and auspicious times. Any failure to do so may affect the fortune and health of future generations. Therefore, most people will not easily move the Yin house, they are afraid that instead of the prosperity, they will go down.

“My grandfather always dreamed that my grandfather and grandmother said that they were cold, and that their house was flooded and the tide was moldy,” Yuan Cheng said of the incident with a tangled expression. “Later even my parents I also dreamt about it. Everyone thought it was a coincidence, so I didn’t take it seriously.”

“What happened later?” Qi Yan felt a little itchy in his throat and couldn’t help coughing twice. The next moment there was a cup of ginseng tea steaming in front of him.

“Drink some water before talking.”

Looking at Cen Baihe’s expressionless face, Qi Yan obediently picked up the cup and took a big sip. The taste was not very good, but when Cen Baihe was expressionless, Qi Yan did not dare to say too critical. It’s really strange. Baihe is usually easy to get along with, but sometimes he is very strict.

Probably… when my father was educating his son, he was in this state?

Thinking of this, Qi Yan shook his head abruptly. Where could he find such a young father?

Seeing Qi Yan sip the ginseng tea he made himself, Cen Baihe regained his gaze with satisfaction. When his gaze scanned Yuan Cheng’s body, he was chilly and unhuman. Yuan Cheng shrank his neck, awed in Cen Baihe’s eyes.

“After, and later, several unpleasant things happened at home,” Yuan Cheng raised back to the sofa, feeling that if he could stay away from Cen Baihe, he would feel more secure,” said a fortune-teller. When someone breaks Feng Shui, the family members dream because my family has done good deeds before they get an early warning. If they don’t move the yin house, even bigger disasters will happen.”

In fact, the Yuan family’s greatest fear is that something happened to Yuan Chong’an. The descendants of the Yuan family are no better than the brothers and sisters of the Cen family. If something happened to the Yuan family, it would be a little difficult for them to ensure the position of the top family. .

Qi Yan stared at Yuan Cheng’s face for a few seconds, then said, “The ugly thing is first. I’m not sure if I can go. If you can trust me, you can first write your family’s birthday, ancestors. I will consider the birthday horoscope and the memorial day to stay.”

“It is a great honor for you to think about it,” Yuan Chongan took out a stack of red paper from his bag, and two white papers. The red paper wrote the eight characters of “Family Life Chen” and the white paper wrote his parents’ birthdays. As well as the sacrificial day, I must have made all-out preparations before I came.

Qi Yan smiled and took the things over. After taking a look, he didn’t say anything else. Yuan Chong’an knew that if he entangled any more, it would not be very beautiful, so he got up and said goodbye very wittily.

Cen Baihe personally took the grandfather and grandson to the door, with a cold expression on his face.

“My nephew stays,” Yuan Chong’an said to Cen Baihe with a smile, “My nephew and Master Qi are good friends, so my uncle is shy about asking for a good nephew with an old face. I hope my nephew can help me say a few more words in front of Master Qi. .”

Cen Baihe glanced at Yuan Chong’an deeply, showing a polite smile.

After sending away both Yuan Jiaye and Sun, Cen Baihe turned around to find Qi Yan. Seeing that he was talking on the phone, he didn’t go forward to disturb him. Seeing him coming, Qi Yan hung up after saying goodbye to the person on the other end of the phone.

“Do you know who it is?” Qi Yan shook his phone towards Cen Baihe.


“Yang Heshu.”

Cen Baihe was stunned for a moment before he remembered who Yang Heshu was, “What does he want to do?”

“He wants to invite me out to dinner tonight,” Qi Yan threw the phone on the table, “I agree.”

Cen Baihe frowned upon hearing this: “Do you want me to accompany you?”

“No,” Qi Yan said with a smile, “I’m a little tired of the play game, and I’m going to tear down the stage. But you don’t need to go, but you have to lend me two people.”

“Do you want to take Huang He and Zhao Li over?” Cen Baihe agreed without saying a word. He couldn’t follow along. With Huang He and Zhao Li with him, he could rest assured.

Yang Heshu was in a bad mood, because he had bad luck when he went out today, and there was a bird **** on his head. If it weren’t for the appointment time with Qi Yan, he would have liked to go back and take three baths to relieve his hatred.

He didn’t know that when he was riding an electric bike halfway, it started raining heavily, and he was soaked up. In the end, he had to buy a set of clothes that didn’t fit well, and put on a raincoat to continue on the road.

After finally arriving at the appointed place, Qi Yan hadn’t even arrived yet. He touched his wet hair, suppressed the anger in his heart, and pretended to be anxious and waiting for someone.

In order to fit his identity, he deliberately chose this hotel with a good business but definitely not too high-end. The noisy environment made his mood even worse, so that he would look at his watch from time to time.

“Ah! Have you seen the car parked outside?”

“The one with the yellow license plate?”

“It’s so grounded that the local tyrants who ride in a luxury car worth tens of millions of dollars come to this restaurant to eat.”

The discussion of the young guests at the table next to him was a bit loud. Yang Heshu couldn’t help but look up out of the window. At a glance, he saw Qi Yan wearing a pouch and carrying two black bodyguards. That dazzlingly blind luxury car, walking in a compelling posture, could hardly wait to tell everyone that he is rich, he is rich.

“Kacha!” Yang Heshu broke a chopstick abruptly. He threw the chopsticks aside and waved to the waiter: “Waiter, help me change a pair of chopsticks!”

Damn it! This mentally retarded person will die if he does not show off his wealth? !

Qi Yan pulled on his tie, turned his head and whispered to Zhao Li and Huang He: “Two brothers, wait no matter what you see, you must be calm.”

The instincts of Huang He and Zhao Li told them that something less calm will definitely happen in the future.


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