The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 69

After Qi Yan returned to Cen’s house, he told Cen Baihe what happened.

“Yuan Hengyu?” Cen Baihe frowned when hearing the name. He had heard of this person, and his methods of dealing with things were not too clever, but because of Yuan Chong’an’s face, he didn’t dare to make too much noise, and others had to give him a bit of face, so he lived well in the circle.

In terms of seniority, he is equal to Yuan Hengyu, but in terms of age, Yuan Hengyu is enough to be his uncle. The two of them weren’t the same, so it was always the well water that didn’t break the river. Yuan Hengyu didn’t dare to provoke him. He didn’t expect to use this method.

“The land in Dongcheng is very feng shui, and there must be a lot of people staring at it.” Qi Yan likes the small snacks made by chef Cen, so when he drinks tea, he can’t help but eat two pieces. “Anyway, that piece. The land basically belongs to you, whatever they think.”

Cen Baihe looked at Qi Yan in surprise. He did like the land, but it was not because of Feng Shui, but because he valued the development there. How could Qian Qian know that he wanted to bid for this land? Moreover, when did this land belong to him?

“Once I accidentally saw a tender in your car,” Qi Yan coughed dryly, “because I have a special impression of the land, so I just glanced at your tender and guessed what you are going to do. “Just looking at Baihe’s expression, he doesn’t seem to know that this piece of land is about to be in his pocket?

“A few days ago there was news from the above that the bidding meeting for the Dongcheng District site was canceled, and the reason is actually yours,” Cen Baihe smiled. “There are too many people wanting on this land, how did you do it?”

“Uncle Cen didn’t tell you?” Qi Yan was a little surprised. “The last incident in Wangxiang Town was in order to invite you to help, so I agreed to some preferential regulations.”

Before Cen Baihe came to Wangxiang Town, he told his uncle Cen, but he didn’t expect that Baihe didn’t even know about it. Uncle Cen had forgotten this?

“Since you don’t even know the news, I’m afraid Yuan Hengyu doesn’t even know it. No wonder he treats you as a potential opponent,” Qi Yan sneered. “I know Yuan Chong’an has a good relationship with Uncle Yuan, so avoid trouble. I deliberately sent the liar to the police station.”

“Police station?” Cen Baihe looked up and saw Qian Qian’s innocent smiling face, but he just thought Qian Qian looked terribly bad.

“Yes, the police station, this liar has a lot of evil spirits and he should have deceived many people,” Qi Yan said indifferently, “If such a person is not subject to legal sanctions, it is not for those who have been deceived. Fair.”

Cen Baihe nodded: “I understand.”

He is not stupid. He naturally understands that Qian Qian has a lot of intentions in sending people to the police station. It can not only help him out, but also allow the police to find out all the past cases, and the Yuan family has nothing to say. But this matter actually has a not-so-good effect, that is, some people in the Imperial Capital will probably hate money.

“Money, you…”

“I know what you want to say,” Qi Yan stopped Cen Baihe from saying. “When he used the name of my childhood friend to deceive people, I didn’t plan to let him end well.”

The old man taught him from an early age that it is the saint who repays his grievances with virtue. Since they were young, they have been exhausted and exhausted in order to practice profound arts. What’s the point if they are still aggrieved to live after they have completed their studies?

Yuan Chongan looked at this unconscious nephew, his brows frowned: “Let’s talk, are you making trouble outside again?”

This nephew usually sees him, just like a mouse sees a cat, and will never take the initiative to look for him, as long as he takes the initiative to look for him, it will definitely be nothing good. Had the eldest brother only left Yuan Hengyu alone, he still didn’t want to care about this kind of mess.

“Uncle, you must help me this time, or my nephew will be over.” Yuan Hengyu saw Yuan Chong’an and lost face, tears and snot flowed, and he started to howl holding Yuan Chong’an’s thigh, ignoring the presence of juniors. .

Yuan Cheng, who walked downstairs, saw such a shameless Yuan Hengyu, and couldn’t help but ridicule: “If you don’t do wicked things, how can you get into trouble?”

“Xiaocheng, how did you talk to your cousin?!” Yuan Cheng’s father yelled at him.

Yuan Cheng looked at Yuan Hengyu who was howling, and then at the silent grandfather. He was really disgusted in his heart, and said with a sullen expression: “You usually love to be charity, but why do you have to be indifferent when you meet a real wicked person?” Not long ago, the uncle had to force the unspoken rule of a little girl under the age of twenty. Yuan Cheng felt that it was unbearable for him to stand in a room with him.

Out of sight and out of mind, he opened the door of the living room and slammed it out.

However, Yuan Hengyu’s face has reached the point where the wall and the corner are thick. He ignored Yuan Cheng’s bad attitude and continued to cry with Yuan Chong’an. He stopped his voice until Yuan Chong’an finally couldn’t help but ask him what happened.

But without saying a few words, Yuan Chong’an changed his expression: “Who did you say you arranged for a professional liar to approach?”

Seeing that his uncle’s expression was a little wrong, Yuan Hengyu stammered: “It’s the young man named Qi Yan. I heard that he seems to be a Feng Shui master.”

Yuan Chongan almost didn’t kick Yuan Hengyu’s face. He took two deep breaths: “You also know that he is a Feng Shui master.”

How brave and stupid you are to think of using this method to approach a Feng Shui master?

“When I first sent someone close to Qi Yan, I didn’t know that he was a Feng Shui master,” Yuan Hengyu shrank his neck. “What’s more, Qi Yan likes to brag, likes to show off his wealth, not like a real Feng Shui master at all. I suspect he is a liar.”

“Who told you that he was a liar?” Yuan Chongan was so angry that he still wanted to get close to Cen Baihe through him. You have such a brain, why don’t you find a peerless beauty to confuse Cen Baihe directly?”

“I’ve used this method, but Cen Baihe didn’t even look at the beautiful and vivid beauty.” Yuan Hengyu was aggrieved, “what can I do.”

Yuan Chong’an was simply amused by him: “I don’t know who you were deceived. I thought Master Qi was a feng shui liar, but I can tell you clearly now that I can’t help with this.”

The Yuan family didn’t know what they had done, and if one generation was not as good as one generation, they would forget about it. Sooner or later, the Yuan family would lose to these unscrupulous children and grandchildren.

“I don’t care what you use, crying well or begging, you must be forgiven by Master Qi,” Yuan Chong’an hates that iron is not a steel road. “If Master Qi is unwilling to forgive you, then you don’t recognize my uncle! ”

“Uncle!” Yuan Hengyu was dumbfounded. Isn’t he just a Feng Shui master? Why is Uncle so angry?

“Why do you think Master Qi sent the liar you invited to the police station?” Yuan Chong’an saw that he was still looking like he couldn’t turn his head, so he didn’t get angry. “It means he already knows that you are behind the scenes. The messenger, and is warning me not to interfere with your affairs.”

“What kind of thing can he warn uncle?” Yuan Hengyu frowned, “Even if he is a little white face raised by Cen Baihe, he doesn’t have such a great skill, right.”

Yuan Chong’an’s chest kept rising and falling, looking at his hopelessly stupid nephew, he did not come up in one breath, and finally passed away.



The news that Yuan’s old man was lying in the hospital by his nephew soon came out. Combined with the fact that Yuan Hengyu was summoned by the police that night, many well-informed people have already understood the cause and effect of the incident and are happy to watch the excitement.

The Yuan family had a good relationship with the Cen family, but Yuan Chong’an’s nephew secretly calculated Cen Baihe, and was discovered by Cen Baihe’s friends and sent the liar directly to the police station. This good show can be used for filming. The strangest thing is still behind. It stands to reason that Cen Baihe’s friend does not give Yuan Chong’an face so much. Why should the Yuan family find trouble with this person? But the Yuan family didn’t say a word from beginning to end. Not only did they fail to catch Yuan Hengyu who was taken away by the police, but the whole family went to the Cen family to apologize.

When someone went to visit Mr. Yuan in the hospital, Mr. Yuan apologized to Master Qi one by one, because his posture was so low that many people were surprised. This attitude makes people wonder. If Yuan Chong’an had not been hospitalized, he might have personally apologized to Master Qi and apologized.

I don’t know what kind of character this Master Qi is. Not only can he be a guest of the Cen family, but Yuan Chong’an is so respected, even his nephew can’t take care of it.

The outside world is extremely curious about Qi Yan, and Qi Yan is still enjoying the life of eating and stretching out his hands in Cen’s house. You can eat delicious and nutritious soups and delicious meals in just a few days. His face was red, and anyone who saw him would never believe that he put a lot of blood in it not long ago.

The one who is most happy about this is Cen Qiusheng, because every time he eats at the same table with Qi Yan, his appetite is extremely good, and he ate half a bowl of rice more than before.

“It’s no wonder that Bai He has a much better appetite recently. He likes to go out to eat with Master Qi when he is fine. Now I know why.” Cen Qiusheng fiddling with the chessboard on the table, “It is really a pleasure to eat with Master Qi. matter.”

Some people are naturally prone to feel intimacy and trust, and Qi Yan belongs to this category of people. So every time he sits with Qi Yan for a meal, the food on the table is very delicious, and he feels sinful if he doesn’t eat too much.

Cen Sange, who was playing chess with him, was hesitant to say anything, so he had to lower his head and fiddle with the chess pieces.

“There are more and more people staring at Master Qi outside,” Cen Qiusheng placed a flag on the chessboard at will. “It just so happens that Master Qi has no father and no mother. It’s better for me to recognize him as a righteous son. This can prevent some ulterior motives. People from the Cen family can also remember Master Qi’s kindness.”

In this place in China, Cen Qiusheng still has some face.

“This…” Third Brother Cen hesitated for a moment, “Should I discuss this with Baihe?”

“The relationship between the two of them is too good to wear the same pair of pants. Would he still disagree?” Cen Qiusheng said disapprovingly, “but I still have to tell him, the most important thing is what Master Qi thinks.”

Although it is a good intention, it is not beautiful if the person concerned is unwilling.

Cen Sange was crazy inside, because they were so good to wear the same pair of trousers that he had to ask Bai He for advice! !


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