The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 7

“Lao Yang has had some good luck in the past few days, and the spring is all over his face,” Lao Li asked his friends curiously and happily after seeing his friends.

“What nonsense, what beauty is as beautiful as your sister-in-law,” Yang Gang said with a straight face, waved his hand, “I dare not touch those flowers and grass.”

Old Li thought that Yang Gang was joking, but when he took a closer look at his expression, he turned out to be very serious. He seemed to think from the bottom of his heart that his wife was the best, and other women would not take a second look.

After understanding Yang Gang’s attitude, Lao Li stopped mentioning the beauty: “I heard that you have talked about several big deals in the past few days. It seems that you have been lucky recently.”

“Where, where, I was talking about it before, and it was just a few days before we talked.” Yang Gang thought of the master, and his heart was filled with infinite gratitude. He had just filled the fountain for less than an hour, and there was business. Successfully talked about it, it is simply amazing.

“Then the southern city suffers hail disaster this time, you have to donate more.” Old Li was a little bit jealous, and couldn’t help but lift Yang Gang up here.

I didn’t know that Yang Gang didn’t care, he nodded and said, “It should be.”

Seeing Yang Gang’s glorious appearance in the spring breeze, Old Li was speechless and felt like a punch to the cotton.

In recent years, severe natural disasters have occurred in the south, hail and floods have caused many people to suffer. The businessmen in the imperial capital, whether they really sympathized with the victims or for the sake of saving face, gathered together and held a donation ceremony to donate money to the people in the disaster area.

Regardless of their intentions, the victims really benefited, so people from all walks of life are happy to see this kind of scene.

After the donation ceremony, Yang Gang was chatting with a few friends when he suddenly heard a voice.

“Fortunately, I listened to my wife’s words and didn’t go to the south on a business trip. Otherwise, I would suffer this time. The fortune-telling expert is really a god.”

Hearing the word “superior”, Yang Gang couldn’t help turning his head to look at the person who was speaking. It turned out to be a member of the Cen family branch. Although this person was not very capable, he was honest in his duties, so he was able to mix in the Cen family consortium head office. For a position that is not big or small, it is considered to be a good place among them.

Because no matter what, everyone should be kind to him for this surname.

I don’t know if it’s because he trusts the expert too much, or his brain is hot. He just thinks that the expert mentioned by Cen Chun and his mouth may be the expert who has shown him Feng Shui.

Only such a master can know the secrets of heaven, cut off the luck of people, and be a person who is rich and hard to find.

Qi Yan, who caught the attention of some wealthy people, was hiding in the house blowing air-conditioning, eating ice cream, and playing games. Because the imperial capital has been so hot recently, it was so hot that he didn’t even have the courage to step out of the gate.

Wang Hang called him several times and asked him to go out for dinner. He was very touched by the sultry and hot weather outside, but he still refused.

So when the door of his house was knocked, he subconsciously felt that it was wrong. At this time, he didn’t call outside, and there was no express delivery. Who would knock on his door?

The person who knocked on the door seemed very polite. After knocking three times, he waited for a while and knocked twice, and then kept on waiting.

Qi Yan turned off the game, swept the **** on the table into the trash can, walked to the door and looked out, and opened the door of the living room.

“Is it Master Qi?” A middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes looked at Qi Yan with a smile on his face, “Master Qi, I am sorry to disturb you.”

Du Dong had long ago inquired that although this Master Qi was young, his methods were very mysterious. He was very powerful in fortune-telling and feng shui.

Therefore, seeing Qi Yan walking out in a white t-shirt and jeans, he did not dare to slack off, and instead bowed to Qi Yan very religiously.

Qi Yan didn’t avoid him and bowed, just glanced at the two young men behind him, nodded gently, “The distinguished guest is here, please come in.”

“Thank you, Master.” Du Dong’s chubby face was filled with bean-sized beads. He bowed slightly and walked into the door, then carefully took off the shoes on his feet for fear of soiling the floor.

Seeing this, the two young men behind him had no choice but to learn the actions of the boss, taking off their shoes and entering the house barefoot.

Qi Yan looked back and saw the three elders standing barefoot at the door, “The distinguished guests don’t need to be like this.”

“It should be, it should be.” Du Dong took out a handkerchief and wiped his face, and said bitterly, “If you bother the master, please forgive me, but Du is really desperate to make such a rude act. I’m so sorry for the matter.”

Qi Yan smiled indifferently, and sat down beside his mahogany coffee table, then poured four cups of tea, and raised his hands to invite the three of them to sit down, “It’s fate that the distinguished guests can find this. Sit down and drink a cup of tea first.”

Du Dong saw that the master’s face was tender, at most he was in his early twenties, but his words and deeds were full of mystery and unpredictability. He even felt that the young master had true abilities, so his attitude became even more pious. “Thank you for the hospitality, Master.”

Tea is a very common bamboo leaf green, but for some reason, Du Dong feels that the bamboo leaf green here is more flavorful and more memorable than elsewhere.

“Master, my surname is Du in the next. Fortunately, my ancestors have blessed me in these years. I have a little bit of a boon. If the master doesn’t dislike it, I will call Lao Du in the next.” Du Dong took the initiative to introduce himself, and his small eyes were squeezed in. Together, it looks a bit ridiculous as well as rich.

Qi Yan put down his teacup and observed Mr. Du’s face. It was a hard life in his childhood, but his career began to fluctuate after his middle age, and he would not stabilize until he was fifty years old.

His luck is white with a reddish color, which is not a good life, but it is better than most ordinary people. The most important thing is that Qi Yan found that his eyebrows were very well-shaped, and he was a man of goodwill and kindness.

Qi Yan is more capricious, and he likes to rely on his eyes and mood if he doesn’t help. He is in a normal mood today, but although this Du Dong looks ugly and doesn’t have a figure to speak of, he is willing to listen to the other party’s request.

“Mr. Du came to Humble House today, why?”

Mr. Du bitterly told his own experience, probably because his mother was ill, his wife was ill, his daughter was ill, and even the company was not going well. He has lost 20 jins of worry this month.

Taking a look at Du Dong’s thin body, Qi Yan took a sip of tea: “So Mr. Du wants me to take a look at your Feng Shui?”

“Some fortune tellers said that I was the lone star of the evil spirits, so I defeated my father and my mother, my wife and my son.” Du Dong held the teacup and drank the tea inside. Is it so bad?”

“Mr. Du joked,” Qi Yan smiled and shook his head, “If you have such a fate, how can you have a chance to marry a wife and have children. Unless you are a Zijin dragon fate like Emperor Kangxi, otherwise Mrs. Zun will never get married. At that time, I will be separated from you forever.”

“Then, according to what you said, I am not the fate of the gods alone?” Du Dong’s small eyes burst with hope, and he looked at Qi Yan with scorching eyes, as if as long as Qi Yan said no, his family’s Dooms can all dissipate.

“The lone star of Tiansha is so easy to encounter,” Qi Yan flicked his index finger across the red clay tea cup, and wiped off a drop of tea on it. “Mr. Du is not only the lone star of Tiansha,” It’s still a good fate for mother, kindness and filial piety. I think the fortune teller you met before may accidentally make a mistake when calculating.”

This is a tactful statement, but Du Dong and his two assistants understand that the fortune-teller before him is probably a liar.

“Since I am not the destiny of the lone star of the evil gods, why are all the people in my family having problems, but I have nothing to do?” Du Dong was a little discouraged. Although Qi Yan denied the idea of ​​the lone star of the evil gods, he was subconscious. Here, I still feel that I caused the family member to get sick and be hospitalized, so I was so uneasy.

This is a man who cares about his family very much, so he is concerned about his family both inside and out, but the troubles in his company are rarely mentioned.

“Mr. Du’s company has a problem, isn’t it your fault?” Qi Yan mentioned the teapot and refilled Du Dong with tea. “You care about your family too much, but ignore yourself.”

The bitterness in Du Dong’s smile was more intense, and he held the tea cup with both hands and raised it above his head: “Master, please help me!”

Qi Yan turned his head and looked out the window, with a solemn expression: “After seven o’clock tonight, I will accompany you on a walk.”

“After seven o’clock?” Du Dong was stunned, looking at the bright sunshine outside the window, is there any particularity in time?

“Then master, why don’t we go out for dinner now?” Du Dong said politely, “I’ve asked about it. There is a very good seafood shop nearby. If the master doesn’t dislike it, we can go there for a taste.”

“It’s not easy to park near that store.”

“It’s not far anyway, why don’t we walk over there?”

“No, wait for it to rain, we’ll still order takeaway.” Qi Yan picked up the phone and ordered a meal for four, then said to the dumbfounded Du Dong, “I prefer to eat at home.”

Du Dong didn’t care whether Qi Yan was right or not, he just nodded vigorously anyway.

This was not the peak time for dinner, so the takeaway came quickly. Du Dong rushed to pay the bill, and then put the express delivery box on the table.

Halfway through the meal, it started to rain outside, and the sound of clattering came into the ears of Du Dong and others, and their faces showed admiration.

Qi Yan put his mobile phone in front of the three of them: “An hour ago, the weather forecast station issued a yellow rainstorm warning.”

Du Dong suddenly felt emotional that a master is a master, he speaks sincerely, and he doesn’t try to be mystery. At first glance, he is a person with a gap in his chest.

Their family was saved this time.


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