The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 70

“I disagree.”

In the large study of the Cen family, Cen Qiusheng and Cen Baihe sat opposite each other, and Cen Sange sat next to Cen Baihe, silent.

“Bohe, you and Master Qi are good friends. You should understand my intention to accept him as a righteous son. What’s more, Master Qi is so kind to our family that I have taken him as a righteous son, which is already considered an advantage.”

If Cen Qiusheng’s words were heard by others, there must be a group of people kneeling and begging to call him father, and they wouldn’t mind being taken advantage of by him at all.


“Dad, Baihe, do you want to drink some water before you talk?” Cen Sange suddenly stood up, walked outside the study door, and asked the helper to bring the quick-acting heart-relief pills. His dad doesn’t know this yet. Seeing Baihe’s appearance, it should be a showdown. Given how important his father is to Baihe, this incident will definitely cause trouble.

Cen Baihe looked back at the third brother who came back, and was silent for a few seconds: “Dad, I don’t want to be brothers with Qianqian.”

“How do you say this?” Cen Qiusheng looked calmer than Cen’s third brother thought, “Aren’t you good brothers now?”

“Now it is, but it doesn’t mean that I will always be a brother with him.”

There was a dead silence in the study, Cen Qiusheng quietly glanced at his youngest son for several times, then suddenly picked up the book at hand and smashed it towards Cen Baihe. Cen Baihe grew up so big that Cen Qiusheng had almost never done anything to him, and he seemed to be angry with this attitude.

“How did I teach you before?!” Cen Qiusheng stood up from the stool and sternly cursed, “Master Qi did so many things for you, and you even got this life back for you. You. Even if you have a false affection with people, when did our Cen family have your kind of unsympathetic, hypocritical junior?!”

Brother Cen, who wanted to stand up and persuade his father not to be too excited, was a little at a loss. Does his father have some misunderstandings?

“Dad, don’t get excited…”

“Don’t persuade me, it’s all because I spoiled him over the years and taught him to be ungrateful,” Cen Qiusheng said coldly, “Bohe, you really disappointed me.”

Cen Baihe touched his forehead that was smashed by the book, and looked at his angry dad, with a smile in his eyes: “Dad, you misunderstood, I am sincere about money, and I have no intention of using his feelings.”

“Then why don’t you want to be brothers, what’s wrong with Master Qi?”

“He is good everywhere, so my son wants to live with him forever.”

“This is like what people say,” Cen Qiusheng nodded, and suddenly realized that it was wrong, “What did you just say?”

“Dad,” Cen Baihe knelt in front of Cen Qiusheng, “I want money to live a lifetime.”

Sunlight poured into the room from the windows, and the study became deadly silent again.

Just when Cen Sange thought his dad would be angry, his dad spoke, and his tone was much calmer than he thought.

“Do you know what you are talking about?” Cen Qiusheng looked at his son who was kneeling in front of him, and didn’t ask him to get up, but he didn’t do anything to him like just now. Just looking at him with a complicated and unspeakable look, with a trace of nostalgia in his eyes.

“I know.” Cen Baihe raised his head to meet Cen Qiusheng’s eyes. Cen Qiusheng seemed to see a deep and endless sea.

Decades ago, he had seen such eyes, but the love of the **** couple finally died under the eyes of secular ethics. From now on, each side, not talking to each other, has become an embarrassing and painful period between them. past.

He didn’t want his son to follow the old path of his friends.

But only people who have walked know how rugged the road is, and only people who wear shoes know whether the shoes fit.

He sighed faintly: “When did you start?”

Cen Baihe looked at the pattern on the carpet and said nothing.

Brother Cen gave a dry cough: “Dad, this…Master Qi doesn’t know about it yet.”

Cen Qiusheng looked at Cen Baihe with a tangled expression: “So you are still unrequited love?”

Cen Baihe still did not speak.

“Okay, get up,” Cen Qiusheng snorted, looking at the appearance of his youngest son. “If you like, you must go after it with all your heart. I chased your mother back then, but your mother was so touched, you. You don’t want to follow me.”

Cen Baihe stood up and nodded earnestly: “I will work hard.”

“Well,” Cen Qiusheng patted his arm, “this is like my kind.”

Third Brother Cen walked out of the study speechlessly, just when his helper took the quick-acting heart-relief pill, he quickly took it and took a pill.

He never expected that the person with the heart problem in the end would be him.

“Sange Cen, what’s the matter with you?” Qi Yan walked out of the room and saw Sange Cen holding a bottle of quick-acting heart-relief pills in his hand and said: “If there is no major heart problem, you can’t take more of this medicine. .”

Seeing Sange Cen’s face like this, he didn’t look like someone with a heart problem.

“Money?” Cen Baihe walked out of the study, and saw Qi Yan standing in the corridor outside, closing the study door and walking to him, “Did you take a nap?”

“Well,” Qi Yan swept his eyes to Cen Baihe’s forehead, his eyes swept across their brothers, and asked in a gentle tone as much as possible: “You two have a fight?”

Cen Baihe smiled and shook his head: “Nothing, the chef made crab soup, do you want to try it.”

“Okay.” Qi Yan happily left behind the two brothers fighting.

Brother Cen:? ? ?

When Zhao Zhicheng and Xiang Qiang came to the Cen’s house, Qi Yan was eating crab soup. Seeing them come in, he asked his helper to help them both also scooped a bowl.

“Thank you.” Xiang Qiang thanked the helper, turned around and saw Qi Yan’s face flushed and full of energy, he knew that the Cen family raised him very well, and that Qi Yan should get along well with the Cen family. Otherwise, as a guest, Qi Yan would not be so comfortable.

“Captain Zhao, what wind brought you to me today?” Qi Yan took a sip of the crab soup and looked up at Zhao Zhicheng. “Looking at you like this, it seems that something has been bothering you recently.”

“Master Qi, some bad things have indeed happened recently,” Zhao Zhicheng smiled bitterly, “We came here to remind you.”

“What happened?” Qi Yan’s expression became serious. “If there are more **** and terrifying things, wait until I finish drinking this bowl of crab soup.”

Zhao Zhicheng and Xiang Qiang looked down at the crab soup in front of them, and couldn’t help learning that Qi Yan had finished a bowl of crab soup.

“That’s right,” Qi Yan wiped the corners of his mouth. “People are iron rice or steel. No matter what happens, you should eat when you should eat, and rest when you should rest.”

Only then did Zhao Zhicheng react. It turned out that Master Qi noticed that he and Xiang Qiang hadn’t had a good meal in the past two days, so he deliberately said this so that they could eat more.

“Master Qi, when encountering this kind of thing, the people in our special group can’t wait to be divided into ten people to use, where can I eat with peace of mind,” he took out a document and placed it in front of Qi Yan. “In the last few days, one after another. Some young feng shui masters were attacked by unknown. Although none of these feng shui masters lost their lives, their bodies were injured to varying degrees. More importantly, their abilities were greatly reduced as a result, and it was almost impossible to recover.”

“These people have so many dramas.” Qi Yan frowned. He can grasp so much information about Mr. Huaxia Fengshui. It can be seen that the people behind the scenes have a very good understanding of the Huaxia Fengshui world. Otherwise, they can’t hurt so many people in such a short period of time. Young Feng Shui master.

“We are here today to remind you to go out as little as possible in the near future, and if you want to go out, don’t be alone,” Zhao Zhicheng said, “especially don’t let anyone get your hair or blood.”

“Thank you for your reminder, I will be careful,” Qi Yan thought for a while, and reached out to the two of them, “You alone will give me a hundred yuan bill.”

Zhao Zhicheng and Xiang Qiang held an attitude of unconditional trust towards Qi Yan, so after Qi Yan spoke, they obediently took out the money, especially Xiang Qiang, and took out a few more copies, “Is that enough?”

“What are you doing with so much?” Qi Yan took a pink renminbi from each of them, knotted two handprints on the hundred yuan bill, and folded them into a very particular shape.

“You two are members of a special group. The messenger behind the scenes may deal with you.” Qi Yan put the folded money in the hands of the two of them. .”

“Thank you Master Qi.” The two immediately placed the money next to them, without any disgust.

How could they dislike the talisman that Master Qi gave them by himself. Although the talisman paper is not traditional yellow paper but RMB, but the master is the master, there may be other intentions.

“I don’t quite understand the curves in the back. If there is a need for me, please tell me and I will do my best.” This matter is no longer a personal matter, but involves the real Huaxia Fengshui world. Several people could watch the Huaxia Feng Shui Realm without any successor, and finally disappeared.

“We will, thank you.” Zhao Zhicheng thanked Qi Yan again, but still did not say anything to ask Qi Yan to help. Among the new generation of masters, Qi Yan can almost be called a genius, and he also attaches great importance to Master Qi, so after Master Qi suffered a serious injury last time, he has been reluctant to let Master Qi take risks anymore.

Master Qi is one of the hopes among the young masters, and everyone does not want these young and promising masters to have trouble.

Only with hope can there be a future.

This dark force is so targeting the younger generation of Feng Shui masters in China, and it has already angered the people above.

A sleeping dragon has reverse scales. If anyone moves its reverse scales, it will wake up and make the offender pay the price.

Soon after Zhao Zhicheng and Xiang Qiang left the Cen’s house, they felt something was wrong. Several cars were following them. There will be vehicles coming and going on this road, and if there is a chase, many innocent people will be injured.

The two of them glanced at each other and had to try their best to throw away the car, and even took out the warning light and put it on the roof to sound the alarm.

However, they didn’t want to hurt innocent passers-by, and the vehicles that tracked them didn’t have this scruples. Soon these cars were forced to surround their car. When a car was about to hit, a miracle happened.

The car that was about to hit them, as if suddenly lost control, slammed into the car behind them, and this car was also one of the vehicles chasing them.

Bang bang bang! Four cars collided together. The two cars in the middle were seriously deformed because of the impact. It is not known whether the people in the car are still alive.


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