The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 71

A serial car accident occurred on a high-traffic highway. It was lucky that only four cars were affected. Soon the police and the hospital people came and took the people in the four cars together. Other passers-by didn’t know that these people were accomplices, and after feeling for their bad luck, they forgot the matter.

Zhao Zhicheng and Xiang Qiang had lingering fears. If Master Qi hadn’t given them this weird amulet in advance, they would be the one who had the trouble.

After the four gangsters were sent to the hospital, one of them died without rescue, and the other three were seriously injured but not life-threatening. Therefore, the Ministry of National Security quickly transferred the three wounded, so that others had nowhere to inquire.

The next day Zhao Zhicheng and Xiang Qiang carried a lot of gifts to thank Qi Yan for his life-saving grace.

However, they went too early, and Master Qi hadn’t gotten up yet.

“Master Qi is still resting, we don’t want to disturb him anymore,” Zhao Zhicheng put down the thank-you gift in his hand, “We will come back this afternoon.”

“Two gentlemen, please sit down,” How could the butler let Master Qi’s guests leave like this, he glanced at his watch, “Master Qi should be up soon, what would you like to drink?”

“You’re welcome,” Zhao Zhicheng was a rough man from the army, facing the gentle and elegant housekeeper, he was rather uncomfortable, “We will leave after a while.”

“The two guests are Master Qi’s guests, and they are the distinguished guests of the entire Cen family.” The butler saw Zhao Zhicheng’s uncomfortableness. He stepped aside and asked the helper to pour tea for the two and bowed slightly. use.”

When the housekeeper in suit and white gloves left, Zhao Zhicheng breathed a sigh of relief. These big families have so many rules and pomp, they are no better than Master Qi, and they are a little uncomfortable in this environment.

“Captain,” Xiang Qiang held the tea and whispered to Zhao Zhicheng, “I think the Cen family seems to be more particular than the wealthy families we went to before.”

Zhao Zhicheng glanced at him and didn’t say anything. He was a guest at someone else’s house and talked about other people’s private affairs. This was very rude.

“Captain Zhao, Mr. Xiang,” Qi Yan walked downstairs, seeing Zhao Zhicheng and Xiang Qiang whispering, he deliberately raised the volume to remind them, “Sorry, I got up a bit late today.”

“We interrupted Master Qi’s rest,” Zhao Zhicheng saw Qi Yan go downstairs and immediately got up from the sofa.

“Sit down, sit down,” Qi Yan sat down on the sofa, “We are also brothers who are in the same trouble, so don’t be so particular.”

“Master Qi,” the butler came over with a tray containing Qi Yan’s breakfast, “please have breakfast.”

“Thank you.” Qi Yan showed a big smile toward the housekeeper.

The butler unconsciously smiled back at him, bowed again to the three of them, and left in silence.

“Master Qi, if it weren’t for you yesterday, the two of us would have no chance to sit here,” Zhao Zhicheng and Xiang Qiang stood up and bowed deeply to Qi Yan.

Qi Yan received the gift of the two of them and took a sip of milk: “Sit down, sit down, sit down and speak slowly.”

Zhao Zhicheng and Xiang Qiang sat down obediently, like children sitting in rows in a kindergarten waiting for the fruit.

Qi Yan was amused by the obedient appearance of the two rough men. He couldn’t even eat the bread: “Did something happen when you went back yesterday?” Yesterday he thought that the two of them might have a **** disaster. Okay, today There will be no more.

Xiang Qiang explained what happened clearly, and finally asked curiously: “Master Qi, why does the renminbi folded talisman paper have such a powerful effect?”

“You should have heard of the Five Emperors Money?”

Xiang Qiang and Zhao Zhicheng nodded again and again. They were in the special group anyway, and they knew the basics of metaphysics very well.

“In fact, the effect of this is the same as the five emperor money,” Qi Yan said with a smile, “In traditional concepts, the five emperor money is a very practical body protector. When the emperor was on the throne, he was very popular among the people. The world is in balance, and these five emperors have the power of ruling the world. To put it in a tacky way, he is very popular, full of yang, and has the power of popular belief. But it has been passed down to the present. A lot of the five emperor coins are worn out, and many of them are even fake, so it is very difficult to make effective five baht coins.”

“But the RMB…”

“The power of faith in the renminbi is not weaker than that of the five emperors.” Qi Yan knew that the two people still couldn’t change their minds. In addition, he slept well today and was in a good mood. A great man of China, and he has more than one billion people’s faith, I sealed the power of faith with your breath with my handprints, and this power of faith will protect you.”

Zhao Zhicheng was stunned. They had come into contact with so many masters, and there was really no one like Master Qi who dared to innovate in profound arts.

“More importantly, you can continue to use the RMB talisman after it loses its effectiveness. It is environmentally friendly and saves trouble. It is a good thing to kill two birds with one stone,” Qi Yan said and nodded proudly. “My generation of metaphysicists, Only by advancing with the times and daring to innovate can we not be abandoned by the times.”

Zhao Zhicheng and Xiang Qiang’s eyes were dull. Although they felt a bit ridiculous, they felt that they were justified. Master Qi is indeed Master Qi, so unique.

“Master Qi, we are here today. Apart from thanking you, there is one more thing I want to tell you.” Zhao Zhicheng saw that Qi Yan did not have any dissatisfaction before continuing, “Master Qian wants to see you.”

“How is Master Qian now?” Qi Yan did not ask about the spy, which is not something he can ask. “I haven’t had the opportunity to visit him during this period. If I can visit his old man now, it would be too much. All right.”

When Zhao Zhicheng saw that Qi Yan hadn’t asked Master Qian, he took the initiative to talk about it: “The previous case about Master Qian being a spy has been investigated, and Master Qian is innocent.”

Master Qian is innocent, that means Master Wei has a problem.

Qi Yan sighed and did not comment on this matter. When he first met Master Wei, although the other party lacked one eye, he was a very gentle elder. He did not expect that the other party would do such a thing in just a few months.

“Two months ago, Master Wei found his long-lost son,” Zhao Zhicheng said with regret and anger. “We controlled his son here. After careful investigation, we found that this man has no father-son relationship with Master Wei at all. .”

Most people in the profound arts world have difficult heirs. To have a son or a daughter is a reward from heaven. Therefore, for Master Wei, it must be a very happy thing to have a descendant. These masters can give orders for others, but they can’t be regarded as their own life trajectory. Master Wei didn’t know until his death. He would rather be a spy than his son who would hurt others. In fact, he was just a liar.

“Don’t you do a paternity test?”

“Done, but was moved by someone.”

Qi Yan didn’t continue to ask, with the style of the Ministry of National Security, he would definitely not let these villains go.

“When will Master Qian be free?” Qi Yan had already eaten most of his breakfast before he knew it.

“Then choose a day instead of hitting the sun, just go today?” Zhao Zhicheng knew in his heart that a master like Qi Yan would have people looking for him anytime and anywhere. Don’t take him to see Master Qian when he is free now, maybe tomorrow. I’m here.

Not to mention let Master Qi go out alone, they are not relieved.

“Master Qi,” the butler walked in and whispered to Qi Yan, “Mr. Yuan Peng and Yuan Cheng are here.”

Qi Yan put the empty plate aside and wiped the corners of his mouth. “Didn’t they apologize before?”

The housekeeper smiled and said, “I think it must be that my heart is not at ease?” It’s strange that the Yuan family can feel at ease. Last time they came to apologize, Master Qi’s attitude was neither lukewarm nor hot, and the Yuan family probably couldn’t sleep well these days.

“Please come in.” The Yuan family can be regarded as a distinguished family, but probably there is Zhuyu from the Cen family. When he looks at other aristocrats, he will inevitably compare the Cen family with them. As the saying goes, people are more dead than people, and you have to shop around. With the Cen family, his perception of the Yuan family will be average.

Among the Yuan family he met, only Yuan Cheng had the purest aura. According to a popular saying, Yuan Cheng had a righteous spirit, and no one else could talk about how clean it was. Although no one who does business can be a pure and innocent white lotus flower, Yuan Jiazu’s success is certainly not by means of honesty, otherwise it will not be inferior to the generation, and it will be evil.

“Master Qi, since you have guests, then we…”

“You sit for a while, and I will go to visit Master Qian with you later,” Qi Yan smiled. “You two are gone, and I don’t know the way. Where can I find Master Qian?”

Xiang Qiang wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Zhao Zhicheng, “Okay.”

Zhao Zhicheng is not stupid, he can tell at a glance that Master Qi is indifferent to the two young masters of the Yuan family, otherwise it would not be such a reaction. Regardless of whether they are public or private, they are all on Master Qi’s side, so if Master Qi does not let them go, they will not go.

“Yuan Da Shao, Yuan Er Shao, please go here.” The steward led the two brothers Yuan Peng and Yuan Cheng into the door.

The Yuan brothers found that there were guests in the Cen family. They were taken aback for a moment, and then they kept smiling and said hello to Qi Yan, “Master Qi, our brothers are here to bother again.”

“Please sit down,” Qi Yan said with a smile, “It’s a happy event to have a friend come by, so why not bother.”

Although he said so, Qi Yan did not take the initiative to introduce his friends to the Yuan brothers, and simply and rudely expressed his unwelcome attitude towards the two brothers.

Yuan Peng was a little embarrassed. The thing his cousin did was neither beautiful nor mindless. He felt that his face was feverish when he came to the Cen’s these two times, but facing Qi Yan’s attitude that is neither salty nor indifferent, he I can only say nice things with a cheeky, “Master Qi can not dislike our brothers.”

Qi Yan smiled without saying a word, and glanced over Yuan Pengluo to Yuan Cheng, “Senior Brother Yuan is okay recently?”

“I’m nothing, how are you doing these days?” Yuan Cheng really felt sorry for Qi Yan, so his face inevitably brought a look of shame.

“I was raised like a pig every day. It’s fine if it’s not good,” Qi Yan touched his ruddy face, “but you look thinner.”

Yuan Peng’s face changed slightly, Yuan Cheng smiled bitterly, “Maybe my appetite has not been very good recently.”

Yuan Peng glanced at his younger brother, but did not speak.


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