The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 72

Not speculative, Qi Yan said few words to the Yuan family brothers, and apologized: “I’m sorry, I still have something to do…”

“Master Qi has something, then we won’t bother.” Yuan Cheng said before Yuan Peng spoke, “Please be careful on the way.”

“I will, thank you.” Qi Yan glanced at Zhao Zhicheng and Xiang Qiang and motioned for them to follow.

As soon as Qi Yan and Zhao Zhicheng went out in the car, he saw several cars protecting them in front of the car and raised his eyebrows, “These…”

“These are people from our National Security Bureau,” Zhao Zhicheng smiled bitterly, “If it weren’t for Master Qian’s affairs that we need you, we really don’t want to take you out at this time.” Although it is said that after yesterday’s events, the power behind the imperial capital will change. They have to shrink back, but if something goes wrong with these masters, they can’t afford it.

Qi Yan remembered that the two people had reminded him not to go out yesterday, so he nodded clearly.

I am afraid that even Bai He resolutely took him to the Cen’s house in order to protect him.

“Actually…” Qi Yan looked out of the car window, “I think the more you are inspiring, the easier it will be for others to notice what you care about.”

“Master Qi, please rest assured. Now we have arranged relevant personnel to protect some famous masters. You are not a special case,” Zhao Zhicheng said. “After the Wang Xiangzhen matter is settled, our organization has not dared to show too much to you. People who value, know a little bit of inside information, most of them think that the main force in solving this matter is the other eight masters, you just…”

“I just incidentally, right?” Qi Yan didn’t mind this, “I know you are here to protect me, I don’t care about this false name.”

Zhao Zhicheng breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, he was afraid that Master Qi would misunderstand their intentions, and then it would be unsightly.

Qi Yan frowned. Since no one except the insiders knew that Wang Xiangzhen had done a great job in this matter, where did Yuan Chong’an know the news? The strangest thing is, why he can’t wait to rush to the Cen’s house to find him? This does not mean telling him in a disguised form that the Yuan family knows the inside story?

If Yuan Chong’an is so stupid, how can he take care of the Yuan family so well?

“Boom!” Yuan Peng slammed the door violently, his face full of anger and embarrassment that could not be concealed.

“Brother, what’s wrong with you?”

“This Qi Yan doesn’t put people in his eyes. If it weren’t for those highly respected masters who kept their doors behind closed doors, we wouldn’t be in his turn for the affairs of our family. He was shameless and really thought he would be on the door of the Cen family. , Can you become the Cen family?!”

“If other masters are like Qi Yan, you will only feel unpredictable, but you will only become angry when facing Qi Yan,” Yuan Cheng didn’t mind at all that he was stabbing his eldest brother in the heart,” said After all, you don’t look down on him from the bottom of your heart. Since you look down on others, don’t blame Qi Yan for treating you with this attitude.”

“Yuan Cheng!” Yuan Peng stared at his brother angrily, “Where are you on earth?”

“I’m on my side,” Yuan Cheng sighed. “What Fengshui ghosts and gods, Yinzhai Wangxue, these are just trails, if you really want to make the family prosperous, why bother to seek a trail and give up yourself. Relying on the gods is worse than relying on yourself. No matter how good Feng Shui is, there are a few more people like cousins ​​in the family, and they won’t be able to save our Yuan family.”

Yuan Peng was silent for a while: “Xiaocheng, do you still mind what happened two years ago?”

Yuan Cheng looked out the window and said in a light tone: “I was not firm enough to choose to give up at the beginning. What qualifications do I have to mind?”

After passing security doors one after another, Qi Yan finally saw Master Qian lying in bed reading martial arts novels. Seeing him coming in, Master Qian quickly pushed the novel under the pillow, with a kind smile on his face, “Master Qi is here, please sit down.”

Zhao Zhicheng who had waited for the National Security Bureau withdrew from the house.

Master Qian’s complexion was sallow, which was a lot more haggard than when we met last time. Qi Yan glanced at the pile of fruits in the room, and picked one out and peeled it with a knife. “It seems that Master Qian’s spiritual power is still not there. Recovered.”

“I’m old, not as good as you young people,” Master Qian showed fatigue on his face. “When people are old, they tend to miss old feelings, alas.”

Qi Yan knew that Master Qian was talking about Master Wei, he smiled and said, “Everyone has their own way of fate in life, Master Qian, you don’t need to mind too much.”

“Or you can see clearly.” Master Qian smiled, his expression a little relieved.

The two chatted with each other, and no one mentioned the annoying things anymore, but talked about some interesting past.

After Qi Yan sat with him for about an hour, Master Qian sighed and said: “You have been with me this old man to talk for so long, and you are interested.”

“It’s very interesting to chat with you,” Qi Yan saw Master Qian showing tiredness on his face, and when he helped him lie down and covered the quilt, Qi Yan squeezed Master Qian’s hand, his skin was loose and cold, and he was old.” I hope you get better soon.”

Master Qian smiled and waved to him: “Go back, this is not for you.”

Surrounded by many, although it is safe, there is no freedom and vitality. This young man shouldn’t stay in this kind of place.

Qi Yan glanced at the luxurious decoration in this room and smiled, “Then I will see you next time.”

When Qi Yan was about to leave, Master Qian stopped him again.

“Master Qi, I heard that you have a nickname called Qianqian?” Master Qian coughed several times. “My last name is Qian, and your name is Qianqian. Does this count as fate?”

Qi Yan looked at this kind old man quietly and nodded.

“We are so destined, but I haven’t sent you a meeting gift yet,” Master Qian reached out and touched under the pillow, and found out a palm-sized box, “I’m here for you.”

Although the box hadn’t been opened, Qi Yan could feel the rich aura from the box, which was definitely a very rare good thing.

“Take it, it’s useless to leave this thing here, and my apprentices don’t have the ability to use him. Only if you put it here, it doesn’t count as burying him.” Master Qian looked at his hand reluctantly. Box, “Is it all my wish?”

Qi Yan took the box and looked at Master Qian with complicated eyes: “Why me?”

Master Qian smiled and said, “Maybe because your face looks like me?”

Qi Yan twitched his lips. Fortunately, they could be grandparents because of their age difference. Otherwise, he would really have to explain this.

Walking out the door holding the things that Master Qian gave, Zhao Zhicheng greeted him, glanced at the things in his hand, and paused for a while and said, “Master Qian, we will send you back.”

“Work.” Qi Yan’s expression on his face was a bit heavy.

Without words all the way, after Zhao Zhicheng sent Qi Yan to Cen’s house, he couldn’t help but ask: “Master Qi, can you figure out who the person behind it is?”

Qi Yan held the box and looked back at him: “Captain Zhao, I am a man, not a god.”

“Sorry.” Zhao Zhicheng realized that he now subconsciously has the habit of relying on Master Qi to help solve the problem. He couldn’t help being vigilant. As the captain of the special team, he had this idea. What will happen to the players.

“In this world, not only I can count, and some people in addition to fortune-telling can also disrupt their fate,” Qi Yan looked at Zhao Zhicheng with scorching eyes, “No matter how powerful the master is, there is no such thing as the eyes of the masses. There is nothing impossible to find out. There are only people who don’t care enough.”

Zhao Zhicheng’s heart was shocked, and he bowed deeply to Qi Yan: “Thank you for your reminder, Master.”

Otherwise, he will go on a crooked road.

Qi Yan walked into the door of Cen’s house and saw that Cen Baihe was already sitting on the sofa and reading the newspaper. He walked up to him and flicked the newspaper: “Flip through the newspaper. Is this the new vision protection law?”

Cen Baihe shook the newspaper in his hand uncomfortably, and threw it aside: “The one named Zhao Zhicheng yesterday told you not to go out casually. Why did you come to take you out again today?”

“Men are fickle,” Qi Yan smiled, lowered his head and touched the box in his hand, “They took me to see Master Qian.”

Cen Baihe noticed that Qi Yan still had something in his hand: “How is he?”

Qi Yan shook his head and said nothing. After he slowly opened the lid of the box, he was stunned. Because there are three magical instruments in it, the same is the compass that Qi Yan used to see Master Qian, and the remaining two are more precious than the compass, the jade gourd and the Xiangyun pen, both of which are famous records in the mysterious book. Magic tools, many sorcerers wanted to get them, but they didn’t expect that these two good things were actually in Master Qian’s place.

But when you think about it, it doesn’t seem to be surprising. For a big figure like Master Qian, it’s normal to have a few famous artifacts.

“What is this?” Even if Cen Baihe is a layman who doesn’t understand profound arts, he can feel the gentle aura of these three things, just like spring after rain, which makes people feel comfortable.

“This is for you,” Qi Yan put the jade gourd into Cen Baihe’s hand, “put it on the side of your bed, not only can it be good for health, but also bless you.”

Seeing that Qi Yan’s expression was a little depressed, Cen Baihe obediently put away the jade gourd.

Two days later, news came from the special team and caught a group of suspicious people. They were reported by the enthusiastic people. These people hid secretly in the house all day long, and often strange people came to them from time to time, enthusiastic. The masses were worried that these people were spies sent from abroad, so they secretly reported to the police.

After Qi Yan learned of this incident, he was a little bit dumbfounded. Although he didn’t catch the boss behind the scenes, this time he would definitely hurt the main messenger behind the scenes. Maybe the villain organization was so angry.

But they were not happy for a few days, and a bad news came to Qi Yan.

Master Qian passed away.

When Zhao Zhicheng deliberately told Qi Yan the news, Qi Yan’s face showed sadness, but the slightest was no exception. Perhaps Master Qian knew his own physical condition and gave him these three difficult-to-find artifacts.

“Money?” Seeing Qi Yan heard the news, Cen Baihe sat in a daze, worried that he would be overwhelmed, so he stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder.

“I’m okay,” Qi Yan shook his head, telling Cen Baihe not to worry about himself. He looked at Zhao Zhicheng in black, “Is it painful when Master Qian passed away?”

“No, his old man left with a smile.”

“That’s good.” Qi Yan smiled. “If you live forever, it is a good thing to be able to laugh at the immortal.”


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