The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 73

Master Qian’s chasing event was very grand. Fengshui world champions, business giants, and celebrities from all walks of life came from all over the country, just to offer Master Qian a chrysanthemum and a stick of incense.

Because Master Qian has no children, the chase will be organized by a special team and several of his apprentices. The scene is full of grief and joy. Some people are sad on the face and show it to others, but several of Master Qian’s apprentices are really sad and overwhelmed.

These apprentices have some face in the feng shui world. Coupled with the fame of the rich master, their life can be regarded as feng sheng shui. Now their patrons have fallen, and the master who raised them is gone. If they are not sad, That would be really heartless.

Feng Shui masters all know that Master Qian is indeed a great Feng Shui master, but his apprentices are mediocre. It is impossible to achieve the achievements of Master Qian in this life. Seeing that they were more sad than the other, the feng shui world masters had nothing to say except for a few words of encouragement.

The young eagles always leave the lair, even if Older Qian is still alive, it is impossible to protect them forever. Life and death have fate and wealth in the sky. If you can’t see through these, their highest achievement in this life is also a second-rate master.

Qi Yan and Cen Baihe arrived at the chasing meeting. Cen Baihe represents the Cen family. Although Qi Yan is a junior in the Feng Shui world, it is rumored that Master Qian had specially commented on him a few days before his death. By the attention.

“Cen Wuye, Master Qi.” A young girl with red eyes handed the white flowers to the two. She was Master Qian’s youngest apprentice Xue Ping.

“Sorry, I want to come to the spirit of the first teacher in the sky, and I don’t want to see you overly sad.” Qi Yan put the white flower on his chest and handed the sealed white bag to the senior brother behind her.

Xue Ping bowed to the two, her haggard face full of sorrow.

Qi Yan knew that it was useless what he said now, so he could only sigh and enter the mourning hall.

Xue Ping stood up straight, looked at the backs of Qi Yan and Cen Baihe, wiped the corners of the eyes that were so red and swollen from crying, and bit the corner of his lip.

“Junior Sister, Cen Wuye and Master Qi have all sent elegiac couplets and wreaths. Do they want to put them together?” A middle-aged man who looked very simple and honest walked up to Xue Ping and whispered, “This Qi Yan is only a junior in the Feng Shui world, and Cen Wu Ye is a well-known big figure. The wreaths they sent may not be suitable for putting together.”

“No, just put it together,” Xue Ping said hoarsely, “Cen Wuye will definitely not be dissatisfied with this.”

“That’s okay.” The senior nodded, and proceeded after listening to the little junior sister. They have eight senior brothers and sisters, and the younger junior is the best one, and they also learned the best in physiognomy. Even the master once praised her for her talent. Since the younger sister said that the wreaths sent by the two can be put together, there must be no problem.

When she saw Qi Yan and Cen Baihe, Xue Ping was a little confused, because she couldn’t understand the faces of the two of them. It was obvious that they looked outstanding, but she felt unable to start. A person is very short-lived but has a long life, and a person is lonely but rich in blessings. Contradictory and fuzzy fate, this is the first time she has encountered such a face.

I want to come because she is not good at learning. If the master can count it clearly, she won’t be as confused as her.

Thinking of the master, Xue Ping couldn’t help but redden her eyes again.


Qi Yan and Cen Baihe received the incense from Master Qian’s apprentice, and after lighting it, Cen Baihe gestured to Qi Yan to give him the incense first. Qi Yan didn’t refuse, and stepped forward to respectfully incense, and after three more deep bows, he walked to the side and stood still.

This action fell in the eyes of other people, and they all felt a little emotional. There are rumors outside that Master Qian gave all good things to Qi Yan. I am afraid it is true, otherwise Qi Yan would not implement this kind of gift. Those who are in trouble went to see Master Qian’s apprentices, and as expected, a few of them had unpleasant faces.

The master did not give his apprentice a good thing, but gave it to an outsider. For the apprentice, it was indeed a great irony. However, a master in the profound realm like Master Qian must have his reason to do things. Even if these apprentices are dissatisfied, they shouldn’t show their emotions on this occasion.

Cen Baihe glanced over these people, and after giving Master Qian incense, he walked to stand beside Qi Yan, which meant that everyone in the room knew that Cen Baihe was on Qi Yan’s side. If anyone moved Qi Yan, That is not to give the Cen family face.

People who originally wanted to continue watching the excitement saw Cen Baihe’s attitude, so they put away their thoughts of watching the show. People in the world of Xuanshu cannot offend Cen Baihe, because his life is too good, and offending such a person will bring bad luck. People in the business world dare not offend Cen Baihe, because the Cen family stands too high and they can’t stand a stomping.

“Master Qi,” Master Zhao walked to Qi Yan, saw Cen Baihe next to him, said hello to Qi Yan, “It seems that your body is recovering very well.”

“Fortunately for Tobohe, I couldn’t get better without their family taking care of me,” Qi Yan glanced at the photo of Master Qian in the mourning hall, and whispered, “The last time several masters spent money to break the battle. I have gained a lot of spiritual power, how is it recovering now?”

“We old guys…” Master Zhao noticed that someone was coming here, and he said, “It’s nothing, it’s all recovered now.”

“That’s good,” Qi Yan glanced at the person, “This way I can rest assured.”

“Master Zhao,” the visitor wore a black suit and black shirt with famous brands all over his body. It was not like coming to condolences Master Qian, but more like a brand show, “Hello, hello.”

Master Zhao nodded slightly at him: “Hello.”

“I have always wanted to visit you during this period, but it’s a pity that you have not been at home, I don’t know…”

“Sir, if you have anything to talk about in the future, this is not a place to talk.”

“Yes, yes.” The visitor nodded politely. Although Master Zhao looked cold and did not dare to be unhappy, he stepped back and stepped back to the side, but still looked at Master Zhao from time to time. Probably some people are born with this set. The more Master Zhao is cold, the more these people are in awe and believe in his abilities, as if it is an honor to be able to say a few words to him.

With Master Zhao as a role model, Qi Yan feels that there is still a lot to learn.

After the memorial service is over, the funeral of Master Qian is about to be done. Except for the good friends with Master Qian, the other guests have already left. Cen Baihe wanted to stay with Qi Yan, but Qi Yan did not agree.

“It’s not appropriate for you to go to the funeral,” Qi Yan whispered to Cen Baihe, “Don’t worry, I will be fine.”

“All right,” Cen Baihe patted him on the shoulder, “Be careful yourself.”

Those who remained for the funeral were all Master Qian’s disciples and grandchildren and people from the Feng Shui world. As the representative of the Cen family, it was indeed inappropriate to stay. Although he doesn’t care about this, he can’t cause trouble for money.

The Yin House of Master Qian was chosen in a prosperous place with good feng shui.

I don’t know when it will rain. Qi Yan is holding a black cloth umbrella and looking at the picture of Master Qian on the tombstone. He sighs gently, puts the white flower in his hand in front of his tombstone, and takes a step back. Bowing and saluting at the tombstone.

Without the cover of the umbrella, the rain fell on his face, bringing the slightest coolness.

“Master Qi,” Xue Ping stepped forward, holding an umbrella to cover him from the rain, “Thank you for coming to the funeral for the master today.”

“Master Qian has taken care of me a lot. Being able to come and see him off is the only thing I can do here,” Qi Yan looked at Xue Ping, who was a head shorter than him, and walked aside, “Miss Xue, please also be sorry. “He shook the umbrella in his hand, opened and propped it on top of his head, and kept a safe distance between the man and the woman with Xue Ping.

Among Master Qian’s apprentices and grandchildren, Xue Ping is the only one who has the most aura and the purest aura. It’s no wonder that Master Qian deliberately mentioned this apprentice when he met him a few days ago.

Xue Ping smiled bitterly and said, “Master has passed away, and we senior brothers and sisters will have to go our own way in the future. It’s really…”

“Master Qian once told me that among all his apprentices, only the young apprentice is the most transparent and talented,” Qi Yan looked at Xue Ping, who was extremely haggard, “If Miss Xue doesn’t take care of her, how can she inherit The mantle of Master Qian?”

“Master really said that?” Xue Ping looked at Qi Yan in a daze, somewhat incredulous. In the world of mysticism, most masters have the idea of ​​”passing on from male to female”. Even if they accept female disciples, they never regard her as the true heir. The male disciples are still valued. So when Xue Ping heard Qi Yan’s words, she couldn’t believe her ears.

“Miss Xue is doubting her ability?”

“No, I’m just a little sad and a little happy,” Xue Ping covered her eyes and put her hand down for a long time. “Thank you, I will definitely not fall into the prestige of the master.”

Qi Yan smiled when he saw this, and turned to look at the tombstone of Master Qian. With such an apprentice, he would also be comforted to come to Master Qian in the Spirit of Heaven.

“Junior Sister, Master Qian, what are you talking about?” A middle-aged man walked over. He was Master Qian’s three apprentices. Qi Yan didn’t impress him deeply, and Master Qian didn’t mention this apprentice to him.

“Brother San.” Xue Ping nodded towards Senior Brother San.

The third brother lowered his eyelids, and his tone was a bit unpleasant: “Little sister has always been most valued by the master. Now that the master has passed away, are you looking for new patrons?”

Qi Yan frowned. It seemed that the relationship between Master Qian and the apprentices did not seem to be harmonious.

“Senior Brother, don’t talk nonsense.” Xue Ping lowered her face and apologized to Qi Yan, “I’m sorry, Master Qi, Senior Brother Third has been in a bad mood recently. You are not in a good mood, please…”

“I’m a senior, I don’t need you to come forward,” the third senior chuckled, then turned to look at Qi Yan, “Master Qi is still capable, and he can be favored by the master at a young age. His old man’s best method before his death. I gave it to you, even our apprentices have no share.”

Qi Yan smiled when he heard the words, and he said why the third senior brother’s tone was so aggressive, it turned out to be for the magic weapon.

Those few magical artifacts are good things that have a price but no market. No wonder this person’s heart is unbalanced like this.

“Yes,” Qi Yan said with a smile, “Master Qian valued me very much, no matter how I refused, he still insisted on giving me the magical artifact. There is a saying that the elders dare not give up, and I can only accept it. ”

Senior Brother San was almost bleeding from his words, and if he picked it up for a cheap price, he still sold it well. It was stinking and shameless!


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