The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 76

Two people who have never met, sit together and talk about a topic that is not too pleasant. It is difficult not to be embarrassed in the atmosphere.

“Mr. Qi, I apologize to you and Mr. Cen today,” Yuan Xiaoxi held the drink cup, biting her lips and shaking. This look of pity to me, I don’t know how many men can feel pity.

Cen Baihe looked at the woman coldly, shook the newspaper in his hand, and turned to look at Qi Yan. As a result, Qi Yan’s face did not have the tolerance and gentleness he expected.

“Miss Yuan, can I ask you a question?” Qi Yan’s expression was very cold, “Do you know what your father did outside?”

Yuan Xiaoxi wanted to lie and say that he didn’t know, but Qi Yan’s black and white eyes seemed to penetrate people’s hearts, preventing her from telling lies, “I’m sorry, I’m just a junior and can’t control him.”

“But you didn’t apologize on behalf of your dad to those who were hurt by your dad,” Qi Yan laughed sarcastically, “Of course, these things have nothing to do with you, you are innocent, and you shouldn’t apologize. So today We don’t need you to apologize for this matter.”

Yuan Xiaoxi’s lips trembled, and it took a while before she spoke emotionally: “Unfortunately, what can I do. What can I do when I meet such a father?”

Qi Yan was indifferent to Yuan Xiaoxi’s roar, even thought it was a bit ridiculous. Yuan Xiaoxi behaved so innocently, in fact, she was not much better than her father, bullying people, drinking and skating, beating people, playing with people’s hearts, having fun, and now using this posture to cover up everything about her, let Qi Yan was a bit crooked.

After all, she is not worried about her dad, but the money her dad can provide her.

“What you can do is a matter for you and your family. All I can do is to send the offenders to the police station,” Qi Yan said with a sullen face, “Whether the commander is guilty or not is determined by the law. Even if you come. It’s useless to find us.”

“Heh,” Yuan Xiaoxi said when he saw Qi Yan not showing her face so much, “what’s so proud of you, but you just hug the Cen family’s thighs and treat yourself as a character?”

Qi Yan didn’t feel ashamed but was proud of it: “Yes, do you have the ability to hold it?”

“Shameless!” Yuan Xiaoxi stood up from the sofa, “Just a little white face like you will be replaced sooner or later. It’s disgusting for a big man to be someone else’s plaything!”

“Steward, see off the guests.” Cen Baihe gave Yuan Xiaoxi a cold look, “Miss Yuan, pay attention to your wording.”

Yuan Xiaoxi was so frightened by Cen Baihe’s look that he didn’t dare to speak any more. After giving Qi Yan a bitter look, he turned and ran out.

Qi Yan stared at her back, and it took a long time to react: “No, she came here, why did she come?”

“Perhaps I hope you can pity Xiangyu to let her father go, but you don’t give me a bit of face, so she reveals her true shape.” Cen Baihe couldn’t help laughing, not even knowing that the newspaper in his hand was crumpled. “Okay, don’t be angry, I will let you make a bowl of noodles for you?”

“You thought you were filming a TV series, and making bowls of noodles,” Qi Yan glared at Qian Cenbohe. “What do you mean by little white-faced toys? What’s all this mess?”

Before Cen Baihe had time to explain, Qi Yan himself exploded first.

“Who is pitting you? Anyone who raises a little white face will come home. Isn’t this waiting for your family to break your legs?” Qi Yan drank a big drink and suppressed his anger, “It should be someone You deliberately used me to discredit your reputation, right?”

The Cen family has been benevolent from generation to generation, and is a family of good people. Every generation has amazing talents. They are very famous people throughout China. Now people outside are spreading these rumors to discredit Cen Baihe, which is to discredit the entire Cen family.

“Why haven’t you guessed that others are setting you up?” Cen Baihe couldn’t help asking when seeing Qi Yan doing this.

“Just these two sentences, what can discredit me?” Qi Yanyu was still angry, “I am full of food and the whole family is not hungry. Even if these people tell me that I am a white face, it will not affect my money. Maybe there are still people. It’s because of your face that you come to your door with a lot of money to make me earn. Then can you be like me, this kind of rumor spreads, how will others think of you?”

“I never care what other people think of me,” Cen Baihe chuckled lightly. “Other people’s eyes can’t change my life.”

“Actually, I think your mentality is quite suitable for cultivating Taoism,” Qi Yan suddenly flashed his eyes. “With your qualifications, if you cultivate Taoism, you will definitely become a master in the world of profound arts.”

Cen Baihe suddenly felt a little powerless looking at such money. When most people talk about this topic, how can they think about it in an ambiguous direction, but money is…

Sometimes he thinks that money is slower, so that the girls who are interesting to him approach him, and he doesn’t know that these girls have a good impression of him. But when this kind of dullness was used on him, he hoped that money would not be so dull.

“What’s the matter with you?” Qi Yan saw that Cen Baihe’s expression was a little wrong, and he reached out and patted him on the shoulder.

He thought for a while and added: “Should I move back tomorrow?”

Cen Baihe’s face suddenly collapsed: “If you move back to live, don’t recognize me as a brother.” After speaking, he turned his head and strode upstairs.

“Hey?” Qi Yan looked at Cen Baihe’s back and stroked the back of his head blankly. Is this angry?

Even if he doesn’t move back now, he will move back in the future. He can’t live with Cen’s for a lifetime, right? No matter how thick-skinned he was, he couldn’t do such a thing.

When it was time for dinner, Qi Yan found that Cen Baihe had returned to normal again, as if the anger had never existed before. Qi Yan touched his arm, “Bohe, what happened to you this afternoon?”

“It’s nothing, I encountered something in the company. I am in a bad mood and irritated you. I’m sorry.” Cen Baihe looked at the person next to him. His eyes were as beautiful as the sky, and his smile looked like the sky full of clouds and clouds. A point of style.

He has no reservations about himself, a sincere heart, and even his lifespan depends on him to continue, but the sincerity he gave is not what he wants, how can he be angry because he didn’t get the feelings he wanted? he? This is inherently unfair to him.

“I have a big heart, and I won’t care about this little thing with you,” Qi Yan did not take the matter to his heart. He took a coke wing tip with public chopsticks and placed it in Cen Baihe’s bowl. “Come on, here you are. Eat a Coke chicken wings and you will feel better soon.”

Cen Baihe was angry and funny when he watched him put what children like to eat into his bowl, but when he ate the tip of his wing into his mouth, his heart was sweet.

Regardless of whether money has that affection for him or not, his affection for himself is so precious, even though it is just friendship.

Brother Cen, who was immersed in the meal, glanced at Cen Baihe and wanted to speak, but he met his younger brother’s smiling eyes and had to shut his mouth obediently. He still shouldn’t intervene in such matters as feelings.

After dinner, Qi Yan found Aunt Zhang who was resting in the helper’s room. In order to make unnecessary misunderstandings, he even brought Cen Baihe on purpose. Although the age difference between him and Aunt Zhang is more than twenty years old, the current human brain is too powerful, so he should be more careful.

Aunt Zhang originally thought that Qi Yan had forgotten about this incident. She was overjoyed when she saw him, but after seeing Cen Baihe behind him, the surprise turned into a fright, “Fifth, fifth youngest.” Could it be that Qi? The husband said that he could help her. Is it just to find the fifth young master to do this?

“Sister Zhang, do you have the clothes that your son wore when he was a kid?” Qi Yan didn’t say any polite words to Aunt Zhang. After putting the things in his hands on the table, he said straightforwardly, “I need something he used to Clothing worn through.”

“Yes,” Aunt Zhang found a purse from the closet with several neatly folded children’s clothes inside. She touched the clothes and smiled bitterly, “I was divorced at the beginning, so I wanted to keep a thought for myself. , I took some of his clothes and put them in my bag. I didn’t expect…”

“Sister Zhang, don’t cry first,” Qi Yan smiled soothingly at her, “Your child will be fine.”

Aunt Zhang knows that Qi Yan can tell fortunes, so when she heard him say this, a little smile finally appeared on her face: “Thank you.”

Qi Yan grabbed a handful of glutinous rice and sprinkled it on the table. Then he placed incense burners and incense candles on the table. He lit three incense sticks and handed them to Aunt Zhang: “Sister Zhang, read your child’s name silently in my heart. The joss sticks are in the censer.”

Although Aunt Zhang didn’t understand why she wanted to do this, she was eager to find a child, and she did what Qi Yan said.

The moment the incense was inserted into the incense burner, she noticed that there seemed to be some resistance in the incense burner and prevented her from inserting the incense in her hand.

Seeing this, Qi Yan quickly pinched a finger and patted Aunt Zhang’s back. The resistance disappeared and the incense stood firmly in the incense burner. Aunt Zhang looked at the incense burner in shock, and then looked back at Qi Yan. What was going on?

“Give me a few of your hairs.” Qi Yan frowned as he watched the smoke drifting around.

Aunt Zhang pulled her head without hesitation and grabbed a lot of hair down.

Qi Yan looked back, saw the hair in her hand, and was taken aback. He only intends to ask for a few hairs. Sister Zhang is pulling it down?

He silently took the hair into his hand, recited a few curses in silence, and put the hair in the incense burner.

A pitiful motherly heart, only wishing to be able to find her child this time.


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