The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 77

The ancients often used blue silk instead of sadness and nostalgia. Qi Yan wanted Aunt Zhang’s hair, just to borrow her hair to extend the mother and son’s worry and nostalgia for the child.

Sometimes spiritual power is just a conductor, and feelings are the greatest miracle.

Soon there was more and more smoke in the room, which was no longer as much as the amount of three sticks of incense, but the smoke was still increasing, and gradually the whole room was enveloped in smoke.

“Sister Zhang, close your eyes and call your child’s name.”

“Sun Long, Sun Long…”

Sister Zhang’s call was filled with expectation and piety, as if he would come back as long as he called her son’s name.

This method is actually very common in the old folks. Some children suddenly cry at night, and the old people say they are shocked. Then the elders in the family take the clothes that the children usually wear and call them in the places where they often play. The name calls back their frightened souls. This is commonly known as “calling souls.”

His method is similar to calling soul, but it is more complicated, and it takes more effort to perform the operation.

“Sun Long…” Qi Yan gathered aura in his eyes and looked towards the incense burner, but all he saw was darkness, “Sun Long.”

Sun Long’s soul did not react. All he could see was a dead silence. Qi Yan’s heart sank. He turned to look behind Zhang Jie, who was still calling her son. He didn’t know how to tell her the truth.

Sun Long’s soul did not respond, indicating that he was…dead.

The incense quickly burned out and the smoke dissipated a little bit. Aunt Zhang looked at Qi Yan anxiously: “Mr. Qi, did my child find it?”

Qi Yan met her eyes and lowered her head after a while and said, “Sorry…”

Aunt Zhang shook her body, and for a long time she waved her hand feebly: “Don’t blame you…” Although she didn’t know what Mr. Qi did, the visions in the house just now were not deceitful, even if there is no result now, she I am also grateful to Qi Yan.

Qi Yan put the things away and walked out of Aunt Zhang’s room with Cen Baihe.

Cen Baihe followed Qi Yan, and saw that Qi Yan didn’t say a word and was depressed, “Isn’t Jie Zhang’s child not very good?”

“Well,” Qi Yan’s voice was a little low, “It’s already fierce, he has no aura reaction.” As long as a person is alive, he has his own aura, and if there is no aura, it means he is no longer in this world.

Cen Baihe paused, thinking of the deep miss when Zhang Jie called her son, and some understood why the money was so depressed. He took a few steps forward, walked to Qi Yan’s side, and slowly stretched out his arm around his shoulder, “It’s not your fault, don’t affect your mood because of this incident,”

Qi Yan grinned reluctantly, and said, “I just feel sorry for Sister Zhang.” The son she missed so much, now she doesn’t know where the death was. When the truth is revealed, how should Sister Zhang accept it?

A mother’s love for her child moved and felt heavy…

He didn’t know what maternal love was since he was a child, but he understood the mother’s intentions for children.

“Don’t think too much, go take a shower, and get a good night’s sleep.” Cen Baihe rubbed his hair, “I arrange for someone to find it. There are many things in this world that can be solved with money.”

“Do you know that you can’t touch a man’s head?” Qi Yan glared at him.

“Then I will let you touch it back?” Cen Baihe laughed and buried his head in front of Qi Yan.

Qi Yan stared at Cen Baihe’s hair for a few seconds, stretched out his hand and snored on his head, feeling surprisingly good: “You brought this to the door.”

Cen Baihe raised his head and smiled helplessly: “Are you not at a loss now?”

Seeing Cen Baihe’s hair messed up like a chicken coop, Qi Yan’s mood suddenly improved. He stretched out his arms to make his hair more like a chicken coop, and nodded with satisfaction: “Well, it’s almost done now.”

Brother Cen opened the door and walked out, and saw his brother’s messy hair. Just about to ask, he saw his brother’s chill eyes float over, and he silently retracted into the room and closed the door. Knowing that he would accidentally make a light bulb, he would not go back to live here today, and now Baihe hates him again.

“Three brothers, what are you doing?” Qi Yan watched Cen three brothers open the door, then closed the door and went back, confused.

“I don’t know.” Cen Baihe’s expression has nothing to do with him.

“Oh,” Qi Yan showed a slight smile on his face, “Then I’m going to bed, you rest early, good night.”

“Well, good night.” Cen Baihe took the opportunity to wipe Qi Yan’s head again.

Qi Yan hugged his head and backed away: “If I become bald in the future, it must be you.”

Seeing him like this, Cen Baihe couldn’t help laughing out loud. It was not until Qi Yan returned to the room that he looked down at his palm, and the smile on his face did not disappear for a long time.

When Qi Yan got up in the morning, he happened to meet Tuantuan who was going to kindergarten. He glanced at Aunt Zhang who was holding Tuantuan and asked with a smile, “Sister Zhang is sending Tuantuan today?”

Tuan Tuan usually goes to school, and there is a special person to pick him up. Sister Zhang’s scope of responsibility does not include sending children at home to kindergarten.

“Yeah, Sister Yao feels sick today, so I will help her send Tuantuan.” Aunt Zhang looked down at Tuantuan, her face still haggard, “Why did Mr. Qi get up so early today?”

“I woke up and couldn’t sleep, so I got up,” Qi Yan touched Tuantuan’s head, “Then I will send it off today.”

“How can I do it!” Sister Zhang said hurriedly, “You are a distinguished guest, how can you do this kind of thing?”

“I have never sent a child to kindergarten. It should be very interesting,” Qi Yan stretched out his hand, “Tuan Tuan, I will send you today.”

“Yeah!” Tuantuan nodded heavily, obviously looking forward to Qi Yan sending her to school.

“Mr. Qi, how can this be…” Sister Zhang saw Qi Yan lead Tuan Tuan away, and was anxious to take her by the hand, but Qi Yan hugged Tuan Tuan one step ahead of her.

“Sister Zhang, you are in a bad mood recently. It’s better to take a few days off with pay first. Your situation is special. I think your uncle will understand you.” After saying that, Qi Yan didn’t wait for Aunt Zhang to respond, and directly followed the person standing next to him. The steward said this.

There are a lot of people in the Cen family who help with things inside and out, so it doesn’t matter if there is one less person to work, let alone Qi Yan’s mouth, the housekeeper immediately agreed without hesitation.

Qi Yan lowered his head and said something softly in the ear of the housekeeper. Aunt Zhang did not hear, but she felt that the housekeeper looked at her a few more times.

“Mr. Qi, Qi…” Aunt Zhang chased the door two steps, and could only watch Qi Yan holding Tuantuan into the car parked at the door. If it weren’t for the butler still here, she could not wait to rush up to hug Tuantuan at the moment.

“Zhang Fenglian,” the butler called Aunt Zhang’s name, “Mr. Qi has already told me about your matter, and your current mental state is not suitable for work. I will give you a one-month vacation. You will not be deducted this month. Salary, you can handle the housework first.” He took out an envelope from his bag, “This is your salary in advance.”

Aunt Zhang looked at the envelope and took it with trembling hands. It took a long time to say with a trembling voice: “Thank you, and thank you Mr. Qi.”

“Where did the money go?” Cen Baihe walked downstairs and glanced at the housekeeper and Aunt Zhang, “I see his room door is open and no one is there.”

“Fifth Young Master, Mr. Qi sent Tuantuan to kindergarten.” Seeing that Aunt Zhang was still crying, the butler coughed dryly and signaled that she could go back to the room to clean up and not do these things in front of the fifth youngest.


“The person who sent Tuan Tuan to kindergarten was sick today, so Mr. Qi sent it off,” the butler thought for a while, and added, “Mr. Qi said that he had never sent a child to kindergarten, so he was very curious.”

Cen Baihe laughed and said in a low voice, “He really likes children.”

“Fifth Young Master?” The butler didn’t hear what Cen Baihe said, and looked at him puzzled.

“It’s okay.” Cen Baihe shook his head, “Since it’s money to send the group, don’t worry, it’s okay.” He turned his head and looked at the somewhat uncomfortable Sister Zhang, “Sister Zhang, your face is not pretty, or Go back and rest first.”

“Okay, okay.” Aunt Zhang wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, turned and hurriedly left with her head lowered, not daring to look at Cen Baihe’s eyes.

Cen Baihe frowned, why is something wrong with Sister Zhang?

“Good morning.” Tuantuan greeted the kindergarten guard and got a loving smile from the guard. The children who can go to this kindergarten are from wealthy and expensive families. The guards are all carefully selected, so they are very popular with children and they are very familiar with them.

Seeing the person who sent Tuantuan Tuan Tuan was very astounding, a guard squatted in front of Tuantuan and asked her who it was. After learning that it was Tuantuan’s uncle, he was relieved to let Qi Yan lead Tuantuan into the classroom.

“Morning Tuantuan,” the teacher guarding the door of the classroom waved to Tuantuan, “How are you feeling today?”

“Teacher is early,” Tuantuan showed a big smile to the teacher, then looked at Qi Yan next to him, “This is my uncle.”

“Hello, sir.” The teacher smiled at Qi Yan, “Tuantuan everything is fine in school, please rest assured.”

Qi Yan could see that the teacher really loved these children, and smiled Tuantuan hands to the teacher’s hands: “You have worked hard.” He squatted down and touched Tuantuan’s head, “Say goodbye to uncle, I will talk to you in the afternoon. Uncle Wu will come to pick you up, okay?”

Tuantuan reluctantly pulled Qi Yan’s sleeve: “Goodbye, uncle, you have to pick me up early this afternoon.”

“Okay,” Qi Yan stretched out his little finger and hooked Gouduan’s hand, “retracting the hook.”

“Hmm!” The smile on Tuantuan’s face suddenly brightened.

Tuantuan’s teacher watched this scene with a smile. There are more than 20 children in their class. Tuantuan’s family members come to pick up the children the most. There are usually parent-child activities, and the adults in her family are very cooperative, instead of letting the babysitter and bodyguards. If you try to make up the number, you can see that the family is very caring about the child.

Although she has never seen the uncle Tuantuan now, he treats his children very carefully. He didn’t help Tuantuan to carry the small schoolbag, but would gently hold her hand. When speaking, he tried to squat down and look at Tuantuan, instead of facing him in a condescending posture. Such parents must be parents who know how to get along with their children.

“Awesome,” Qi Yan stood up and smiled at the teacher, “Teacher, Tuantuan, please.”

“This is what we should be.” The teacher smiled and led Tuantuan into the childlike classroom. When Tuantuan entered the classroom, he did not forget to wave to Qi Yan. The cute little appearance made Qi Yan feel soft.

Walking out of the classroom, Qi Yan admired the building of the kindergarten with great relish. When he saw a spiral slide not far away, he felt a little itchy. He didn’t go to kindergarten when he was a child. After a year of preschool, he started to go to elementary school. The conditions in the town were not good and there were not so many places for children to play. It’s a pity.

There were all kinds of luxury cars parked outside the school gate. Any one was enough to keep ordinary people fighting for many years. After two steps out of the school gate, Qi Yan accidentally ran into a man in a black suit, “I’m sorry. ”

The man glanced at him, did not speak, just bowed his head and walked hurriedly toward the kindergarten gate. The security guard at the gate seemed to know him and greeted him.

“Mr. Lu, didn’t you send your children today?”

The man was stunned for a moment and looked at the doorman and said, “The child is sick today. I will ask the teacher for leave.”

“Is the kid okay?”

“It’s okay, it’s just a small cold, just two days off.”

The door guard looked at the man’s hurried departure, and felt a little strange in his heart. The kid in the family is sick. Why is it necessary to come to the school in person to ask for leave? Isn’t it enough to make a phone call with the teacher?

“The gentleman in front, please wait a moment.” Qi Yan caught up with the man who was walking forward in a few steps and blocked him, “Excuse me, are you Mr. Lu?”

The man in the black suit stared at him grumpily: “What do you want to do?”

Qi Yan glanced at the briefcase in his hand and said with a smile: “I didn’t plan to do anything, I just wanted to ask you what’s in the bag?”

When the man heard this, his face suddenly changed: “Go away, don’t be nosy.”

“This kindergarten has children from my family, so I am not just being nosy,” Qi Yan deliberately raised the volume. “If you don’t make it clear what’s in your bag, I won’t let you go.”

Qi Yan’s dispute with this man aroused other people’s vigilance, especially when Qi Yan said that there was something in the man’s bag.

Seeing that something was wrong, the security guard clenched the electric baton in his hand and walked to the two of them: “Two gentlemen, what happened?”

The man in black suit saw that several security guards had gathered around him. He suddenly took out the contents of his bag. It turned out to be a big knife with a cold glow. He looked savagely and was about to slash at the child closest to him, the little boy. Maybe it was because he was too naughty and broke away from the adult’s hand, so when the man in the black suit jumped over, he could only stand in a daze.

“Ah!” Countless screams erupted from the crowd, and the adults ran away holding the child, fleeing the man in horror.

Qi Yan, who was closest to the man, kicked the man’s calf, and the man shook his body, but he didn’t even fall down. He turned his head and gave Qi Yan a gloomy look, raised the knife and slashed down at Qi Yan viciously.

Qi Yan sideways avoided the fatal knife, but his arm was still struck by the knife’s edge. When the man saw the blood, his expression became more excited. He turned his head and looked at the place where the child was standing before. As a result, he didn’t know which parent took advantage of this juncture and took the little boy away.

Seeing his prey ran away, all the negative emotions of this man transferred to Qi Yan. At this moment, he is like a mad cow who has lost control, chasing Qi Yan cut desperately.

As Qi Yan ran, he deliberately led the man to a place where no one was there with a gesture of contempt. When he was sure that there were no other children around, Qi Yan took out the mobile phone in his pocket and threw it at the man’s face.

“Pop!” By coincidence, the phone happened to hit the man’s eye, and the man blinked with pain. At this moment, Qi Yanfei kicked the man’s stomach, and the man’s tall body slammed into one. The child has fun on the tire, the tire is wrapped around his neck, like an umbrella lizard lying on the ground.

Qi Yan is not the righteous male protagonist in the TV series. He has to wait for the bad guy to get up from the ground before he does it. He sees the man with a tire around his neck, and immediately steps on the man’s knife. Before the man reacts, he backhands. He clasped the man’s neck and threw the knife soaked in his blood far away.

“Let go of me! Let go of me!”

“Papa!” Qi Yan patted the man’s head a few times, slapped the man completely. He drew out his tie and tied the man’s hand and foot together. The man wanted to struggle, but was squeaked twice with an electric baton by the security guard who came afterwards.

The man trembled on the ground several times, and finally calmed down.

“You want to punch Nanshan Nursing Home and kick Beihai Kindergarten? See if you can do it!” Qi Yan gasped and scolded the man on the ground, “You are also a child’s father. It’s really a vain father. !”

The head of the kindergarten came over breathlessly, watching Qi Yan’s eyes as if he was looking at the reborn parents: “Sir, thank you, I thank you on behalf of the teachers and children in the school.”

This man is the parent of the child. No one will doubt that he enters the kindergarten. If he waits for him to get close to the teachers and children in the class and then take the knife out, the consequences will be disastrous. Fortunately, the student’s parent discovered something wrong with the parent, this time it was too dangerous.

“It’s okay, it’s okay that the children are not injured,” Qi Yan clutched his arm, grinning with pain, “have you called the police?”

“Report, report,” the principal saw that Qi Yan’s arm was injured, and hurriedly called for an ambulance, and then turned to call the school’s medical teacher to give Qi Yan an emergency hemostasis care.

Qi Yan looked at the left sleeve of his shirt that was stained red with blood and sighed. The soup for most of the month was drunk for nothing. Thinking of Cen Baihe’s face and a steady stream of various soups after returning home, he couldn’t help but shudder.

No, Bai He is just his brother. Why is he so afraid of him being angry?

Is it because he got used to it?

“What?!” Cen Baihe received a call from his third brother in the middle of the meeting, his face changed drastically, “Did Tuantuan be frightened?”

“I see, I’ll be over right away.” Cen Baihe hung up the phone, closed the document in his hand, and said to the senior management present, “Excuse me, something happened at home. The general manager presided over.”

Seeing that the boss’s face was so ugly, the senior management started to guess what was going on at home without thinking about the meeting.

“Please be quiet,” Liang Feng stood up and glanced at everyone, “Now the meeting continues.”

“Liang Special Assistant,” a department manager who had a good personal relationship with Liang Feng suddenly asked, “Does the boss have a niece who goes to Jinhuaguo Kindergarten?”

Liang Feng frowned. This department manager is usually a very careful person. How can we talk about the boss’s personal affairs on such occasions?

“The news platform issued a push message that someone attacked Jinhuaguo Kindergarten with a knife. The death or injury is unknown. The police and medical staff have arrived at the scene.” The department manager raised his mobile phone and pointed to the page, “If I read it correctly, this Jinhuaguo Kindergarten is a very famous one.”

The entire conference room was in an uproar. Are these people crazy now? Even the most basic humanity is gone by using children to retaliate against society.

“Comrade police, thanks to the parent of the student today, otherwise the children in our garden will be in danger,” the director of the garden led the captain of the police team to the side of the medical cart, Qi Yan was doing wound stitching inside.

Qi Yan didn’t want to see the police at all, especially those policemen who were acquaintances.

In fact, the police who rushed after receiving the alarm message were a little surprised when they saw Qi Yan. In the last human trafficking case, this Mr. Qi was a victim. Although there were doubts in some places, the leaders of the National Security Bureau came to lead the people. They thought that Qi Yan was a member of Guoan, so they were able to destroy the human trafficker’s nest. They captured the traffickers in one fell swoop.

“Mr. Qi?” Seeing Qi Yan, the captain looked a little surprised, “Your child…studying in kindergarten here?” Unexpectedly, this Mr. Qi looked so young that he even had children.

“No, I just came to send my friend’s child to school today. I didn’t expect to encounter this kind of thing.” Qi Yan smiled bitterly and looked down at the doctor who performed sutures for himself. “Probably I am Conan’s physique. Encountered this kind of thing.” In fact, if he hadn’t rubbed Cen Baihe’s purple energy, he would have been unable to avoid the knife that the man had cut back just now. It would be solved with a few stitches.

The captain had a suspicious silence for a while, and he had to admit that this Mr. Qi had a special relationship with their police station, and every time he was involved in social events.

“Hello, principal, a reporter from Time Daily, is this gentleman in the car a hero who fights against gangsters?”

“Hello, comrade police, we are reporters from What is the motive of the gangster for hurting others? Is there any child injured?”

I don’t know how many reporters emerged from there, and patted the director, captain, and Qi Yan, especially the arm of Qi Yan’s hand. The reporter also took several close-ups. Had it not been for the police to guard the door of the medical vehicle, Qi Yan felt that these reporters would probably rush into the vehicle, pull away all the medical staff, and film him 360 degrees without blind spots.

“Please stop filming for the time being, friends from reporters,” the captain remembered that Qi Yan might have a special identity, and opened his arms to block these camera shots. “The injured need to be quiet, please understand.”

“Comrade police, we are also concerned about the injuries of the heroes,” the reporter from said, unhappy when the police refused to let them take pictures. “I believe many people are very concerned about this righteous and brave man. As reporters, we should tell the people. Want to know, shoot what they want to care about.”

“The wounded need a quiet environment when dealing with their wounds, and they cannot accept filming and interviews now.” The captain almost didn’t scold the words in his heart. The reporters were all excited, and it didn’t seem like they were caring. The wounded is more like a wolf that has seen flesh and blood.

“Yes, yeah,” the head of the park smiled and stopped in front of the car, “please go to the conference room and take a break first. What’s the matter slowly…”

“Mr. Principal, is there a problem of mismanagement when something like this happens in the kindergarten?”

“I heard that this school charges very high fees. How much of the fees you charge is really invested in security?”

“Did the school staff have conflicts with the gangsters that caused him to violently wound people?”

These reporters turned to the principal of the park when they saw the people who could not be brave enough to interview them. Before they came, they had investigated. This school charges very high fees. It is the legendary aristocratic kindergarten. There are a lot of materials to dig in.

“Mr. Principal, I heard that since the establishment of this kindergarten, the conditions for enrolling children are very high. Have you ever thought that the gangsters are too embarrassed because of their lives, and they feel resentful for this social injustice. Would do such a thing?”

When the principal heard this question, his face suddenly sank: “First of all, our school is indeed a kindergarten with high investment and very high fees. I don’t deny this, but I don’t agree with your so-called social injustice, because The suspect’s child was originally a child in our kindergarten. Secondly, even if there is injustice in society, this is not an excuse for him to harm the child. Friends from the reporter should also have children at home. I want to ask you what is wrong with these children. Just because they are weak, because they are innocent and can’t resist, they should become the vent of the losers?!”


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