The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 78

“Major Fifth, there are several police cars parked outside the school gate,” Zhao Li, who was driving, raised his eyes and looked towards the entrance of the kindergarten, but did not find the Yellow River. “Dahe and Shao Qi may be in the park.”

Cen Baihe nodded, and if there is money, Tuantuan will definitely have nothing to do. Just the money and money mouth will make Tuantuan happy and submissive in less than a minute.

There were too many cars parked at the entrance of the park. Cen Baihe had to get off the car and walk over. Only at the entrance did he discover that although there were many people outside, everyone who entered the school gate had to verify their identity. Several reporters who could not enter were holding their cameras. Stop shooting around.

Cen Baihe was a student’s parent, so after the security at the door verified it, he let him in.

There were a medical car and a police car parked in the school. There were many reporters on the periphery of the medical car. He was not interested in taking care of him. When he turned around to go to the Tuan Tuan classroom, a police officer with an evidence bag passed by him. The ghost glanced more at the bag in the police officer’s hand.

In the bag was a knife measuring forty to fifty centimeters, with a silvery blade and blood stains on it.

“Sorry, please wait a minute.” Cen Baihe stopped the police officer.

The police officer paused and turned his head to look at Cen Baihe, “Mr. Cen, what can I do with you?”

Cen Baihe glanced over him, and then said in a casual tone, “What is going on with this knife, why is there blood on it, and who is it hurting?”

“This is a blood stain on the parents of the students. The children are fine,” the police officer smiled. “If there is nothing wrong with Mr. Cen, I will take the evidence into the car. I heard that the injured parent is still your friend. ”

“Wait,” Cen Baihe motioned to Zhao Li to stop the police officer. “You seem to be anxious to let me leave?”

“Mr. Cen, what do you mean by this?” The officer took two steps back, but turned his head to find that Zhao Li was behind him. He clenched the evidence bag in his hand, “Mr. Cen, are you trying to obstruct the police’s law enforcement?” ”

“No, I’m just curious why you know my identity and know which parent of my child I am friends with,” Cen Baihe was very worried about Qi Yan in his heart, but instinctively told him that this evidence bag is very important and cannot be taken away. “These things that even your chief may not be clear about, you know very well.”

The police officer’s expression changed slightly. He glanced at several colleagues who were walking towards this side, and smiled dryly: “Because I usually like gossip, so I know a little bit more.”

Cen Baihe smiled nonchalantly. He didn’t believe a word of what the police officer explained. He never used power to suppress others, but it doesn’t mean that he would not bully others. The evidence was taken away.”

If it is money that is injured, then the blood on the knife is money. He always feels that he will feel uneasy in letting an unidentified person take away things related to money.

“Mr. Cen is so afraid that I will take the exhibits away. Does the gangster who attacked the campus have anything to do with you?” The police officer sneered.

“How good our Cen family is, you don’t need to praise it again,” Cen Baihe was not stimulated by the police officer’s words, “I said you can’t go now, you can’t go.”

When Zhao Li heard this, he couldn’t help but twitched his mouth. Young Master Wu had been with Master Qi for a long time. How could his speaking style be assimilated by Master Qi?

“Since Cen Wuye is here to hinder official duties, I can only be polite.” The police officer took out his gun and pointed at Cen Baihe. Inside as well.”

Seeing the gun raised by the police officer at him, Cen Baihe’s eyes were slightly cold, and the corners of his mouth curled into a smile.

When the police officer saw the smile on Cen Baihe’s face, his heart was chilled for no reason. He only knows the kindness of the Cen family, but he doesn’t know why the people in the entire imperial capital dare not offend the fifth master Cen, because this one does not get angry.

“Ka!” Zhao Li, who was standing behind him, took advantage of this opportunity and directly grabbed his hand holding the gun. He only heard a click, and the pain of the heart came from his arm.

His arm was broken and was abruptly broken by Cen Baihe’s bodyguard.

Several policemen noticed the situation here and rushed over. The policeman who ran in the front picked up the gun that had fallen to the ground, and found that the gun had been unplugged, and he was so frightened that he hurriedly closed it, and then put it away. This colleague was newly tuned from other places. Although they are not familiar with him, they can’t let other people keep him in custody. “Mr., do you have any misunderstandings?”

Cen Baihe glanced at the talking policeman, motioned to Zhao Li to temporarily release the police officer, and then handed him his business card, “I suspect that there is something wrong with this police comrade.”

The policeman took a look at the business card, his face suddenly changed, and when he looked at the police officer, his eyes showed suspicion, especially when he found that the other party was still holding the murder weapon seized at the scene. The color is heavier, “This is not in the evidence box, how did you take it out?”

Everyone at the scene was not a fool, and they immediately discovered something was wrong. The police officer at the head wanted to get the evidence bag in the police officer’s hand. He didn’t know that the police officer kicked him and turned around to run. Zhao Li, who had been guarding against this a long time ago, punched the police officer’s abdomen, and the police officer suddenly turned into dried shrimps, and Zhao Li took the opportunity to grab the evidence bag he was holding tightly.

“Take him to the car first, and then hand it up,” the police officer in the lead looked around and smiled at Cen Baihe and Zhao Li, “Thank you for your help.”

“The police and the people are family, comrades, you are welcome.”

The police laughed twice. Why did the well-known fifth master of the Cen family tell him that the police and the people are family? Why did he find it so strange?

At this moment, two more black cars drove outside, with warning lights on the roof. I don’t know which two senior police officers used the cars.

The car door opened, and several men in suits and leather shoes walked over here. Among them, Cen Baihe had seen two people, both of whom were from the Guoan Special Team. The people in the special group also knew Cen Baihe, and when they walked in front of them, they greeted Cen Baihe on their own initiative.

“Hello, comrades, I am Xiang Qiang from the Ministry of National Security.” Xiang Qiang handed his work permit to the police. “I would like to ask if there are blood stains of victims in those places on the scene, can any comrade take us to see Look?”

The police headed by the police subconsciously felt that today’s matter was not easy, but he knew that he could not ask more at this time, and immediately arranged for a police officer to take the national security personnel to check the scene.

Xiang Qiang arranged three colleagues to remove the blood from the scene, and another colleague to retrieve the surveillance video at the time of the incident to see if anyone took the opportunity to take Qi Yan’s blood.

“This…” Xiang Qiang glanced at the evidence bag in the policeman’s hand, “Please accompany me to find your captain, thank you.”

“Okay.” The police would not be so stupid as to hinder the people of Guoan from doing things, and directly led the people of Guoan to the direction of the medical car. Cen Baihe followed without hesitation. Only when they saw the medical van surrounded by reporters, they all stopped.

Xiang Qiang frowned, a little dissatisfied with the messy scene.

The police know what he thinks. In fact, he himself is not the case, but now many reporters can say black as white and white as black with just one mouth. No matter what the police do, it’s wrong. In the end, it will provoke infamy. He was once angry, unwilling, and even wanted to leave his hands behind. Anyway, he was scolded for doing errands, and he could avoid the limelight if he didn’t do errands. But when the people really needed his help, he couldn’t turn a blind eye and turn a deaf ear.

Probably since he put on this skin, he has taken all these responsibilities as well.

After the doctor sutured Qi Yan’s wound, he put a bandage on him, “The wound should not touch water, otherwise it may become inflamed.”

“Thank you.” Qi Yan watched the doctor handle the medical equipment, put the medical garbage stained with his blood into a garbage bag, and said, “Leave these things to me?”

“This?” The doctor looked at the medical **** in his hand in surprise. He has been a doctor for many years and he has seen many patients with quirks, so even though he was a little surprised, he handed the **** bag to Qi Yan.

“A few days ago, a fortune teller said that I had a **** disaster recently. He also said that if I really see blood, I can’t let the blood fall into the hands of others,” Qi Yan looked helpless, “I didn’t take it seriously. I thought it turned out to be forgot to meet God.”

After hearing this, the little nurse next to him couldn’t help but chuckled: “You are so brave, you dare to fight the gangster with the knife, didn’t you expect to believe this?”

“I would rather believe it if there is something or not,” Qi Yan smiled at the young nurse. “Do you think I was in a **** disaster today?”

Cen Baihe climbed into the medical vehicle and saw Qi Yan talking and laughing with the female nurse, and couldn’t help but sink his face, “It seems that your injury is not too serious.”

Otherwise, how can I make the little nurse happy?

“Bohe?!” Qi Yan shifted his butt, and let himself sit farther away from the little nurse, even though the car is so big, “Why are you here?”

“How can I know that you are injured if I don’t come?” Cen Baihe felt that he should be angry, but seeing Qi Yan’s pale face, the anger in his heart was like a punctured balloon, which disappeared in an instant. Heavy?”

“It’s okay, just stitched a few stitches. If it’s serious, I’m definitely lying in the hospital now.” Qi Yan raised his face and smiled at Cen Baihe. “Have you gone to see Tuantuan? I don’t know if she is afraid now. .”

“Don’t worry, the third brother and the third sister-in-law have already gone to see her,” Cen Baihe squatted in front of Qi Yan, looked at his bandaged hand, and sighed, “Why are you so careless?”

“At that time, if I was too careful, it would be the children who were the victims,” ​​Qi Yan saw Cen Baihe’s face calmly, and pulled his face with an uninjured hand, “Don’t be so serious, just laugh.”

“I can’t laugh when I see you so uneasy,” Cen Baihe looked at him with a weird face, “I really want to shut you up in the room and beat him up.”

“I see, Papa Baihe!” Qi Yan said what he was complaining about in his heart.

“What do you call me?!”


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