The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 79

“Oh, my hand hurts so much,” Qi Yan gently hissed and hissed, “why it hurts so suddenly?”

The doctor was indifferent and pretended to be so similar, but the effect of the anesthetic hasn’t been over yet? Who would be fooled by this acting?

“Don’t move!” Cen Baihe glared at him when he saw that he was going to raise his injured hand. “Sit down and don’t move. Tell me what you want, and I will do it for you.”

The doctor squinted at Cen Baihe. This man looked savvy. How could he be so cheating? He coughed twice, “Mr. Qi, after the reporter is gone, you can leave with this gentleman.” The medical car is charged on time. Although the two people are not bad money, don’t be so wasteful.

“These reporters really have perseverance,” Qi Yan glanced at the closed medical car door, and said helplessly, “How did Sister Zhang deal with it?”


“The butler called the police after you left,” Cen Baihe continued after seeing that Qi Yan’s expression hadn’t changed much, “Now the police have arrived at the villa.” He felt a little strange before, why the money and money would suddenly decide. The reason to send Tuantuan to school was to keep Sister Zhang away from the child.


The Cen family attaches great importance to the offspring. If Zhang Jie really took the children away on the way to the group to kindergarten, it would undoubtedly be a huge blow to their Cen family. Fortunately, Qian Qian had been aware of it a long time ago to avoid Tuantuan from harm. But thinking of all this, it was the money that was injured in exchange for money, and Cen Baihe felt a little heavy in his heart.


“Everyone is responsible for their own choices,” Qian Qian sympathizes with Sister Zhang, but this does not mean that he can tolerate Sister Zhang to hurt Tuantuan. When she is sad, Tuantuan will give her her favorite Barbie doll and secretly want to comfort her. How can such a cute girl do such a thing cruelly?


If he is not a master of profound arts, does not look at people’s luck, does not show people his face, what will be the result?

About twenty minutes later, the door of the medical car opened from the outside, and Xiang Qiang stood outside, “Mr. Qi, how are you?”

“Xiang Qiang, why are you here?” Qi Yan stretched out his head from the car, and soon heard a crackling shutter sound, he retracted his head again, “The reporter outside hasn’t left yet?”


Xiang Qiang glanced around. Those reporters were stopped by a group of black-suited bodyguards. Those who wanted to get close to the medical car couldn’t match the strength of the black-clothed bodyguards, and when they saw that the formation was wrong, most of them were very sensible and honest. .

“There are no more problems. Our group will help solve the follow-up problems, please rest assured.”

This is also one of the duties of their special team.


These black-clothed bodyguards were obviously not from the police or the school, and seeing these people clinging to the medical car, the reporter couldn’t help but wonder whether they were the bodyguards called by the hero. The more they think about it, the more they think it is possible. It is said that this person who fought with the gangsters with bare hands is also the parent of the student. How can the person who can let the child go to this kindergarten be an ordinary person?

Journalists with agile brains have already started rushing to write articles on the spot, striving to grab the hot spots.

Is it rare to see righteousness? Not uncommon.

But if this person wrestled with the murderer with the knife with his bare hands, would the murderer be subdued? If this person is still a social elite, what about a successful person?

Rich, handsome, caring, Wen can make money with pens, Wu can punch gangsters, if this is a novel, every minute is a big red and refreshing article. Put it in the news, it will definitely attract a lot of topics. Spend.


More importantly, this kind of news can neither sin nor win the favor of the rich, so why not do it. Stupid people have been talking about the so-called social injustice, not to mention that today’s matter obviously has little to do with social injustice.

Reporters are also classified by grades. Incompetent reporters do topics that are unnecessary, and have a little ability to reveal the truth. The most powerful reporters can not only catch hot spots, but also have three views, but also pay attention to facts. Good and bad are mixed in every industry, and so are journalists.

“You arranged those bodyguards?” Qi Yan drove the curtains and saw that reporters were stopped at the periphery, holding on to his injured hand. “If this happened today, the kindergarten may not be able to go to class as usual. ”


Cen Baihe did not deny, he jumped out of the car and reached out to Qi Yan, “Be careful, I will help you down.”

Qi Yan slowly jumped out of the car with the strength of Cen Baihe’s hand, and the shutter sounded everywhere. However, when some old reporters saw who was next to Qi Yan, they silently put down the camera and decided to release today’s news. After that, all people’s photos are blurred.

What day is it today, why even Cen Wuye appeared?

There are also more well-informed reporters who have quietly left the kindergarten with photographic equipment. There is a hot social news that is very important, but if you report news that should not be reported, it has nothing to do with the importance, and it has something to do with whether they can do this business.

“Shall we go straight back?” Qi Yan stopped when he saw Cen Baihe going out of school with him. “I just told Tuantuan to pick her up with you in the afternoon.”

Cen Baihe raised his eyebrows: “When did you count me?”

“I don’t want you to have a good relationship with juniors,” Qi Yan coughed dryly. “This is not important. The important thing is that the promises made by adults to children must be kept.”

Cen Baihe said lightly: “You said so much, but you don’t want to get in the car alone with me.”

“How come, hahaha,” Qi Yan smiled and became more guilty. Ouch, I will go, why are you so afraid of facing Bai He’s cold face and not afraid of his wife.


Qi Yan squinted at Cen Baihe. He was straightforward, rich and handsome, had a car and a house, and had no top-quality family. This was the perfect mate choice. However, the only drawback was that the gender was the same. How to fall in love?

“Let’s go,” Cen Baihe saw Qi Yan kicking on the ground with his left toe, bent over and took the medical supplies garbage bag in his hand, turned his head and walked towards the Tuantuan classroom, “Let’s go back with the third brother and the others. ”

Qi Yan glanced at him. The good-looking man was still good-looking even if he was carrying a garbage bag.

“Master Qi, we have seen the surveillance at the time of the incident. No one has ever moved your blood.” Xiang Qiang walked to Qi Yan. “The only machete that was taken away was also taken by Mr. Cen because of timely discovery by Mr. Cen. Come back, please rest assured.”

“Then I will trouble you,” Qi Yan glanced at the policeman who was investigating the scene, “I am not suitable for this matter, so I will leave first.”

“Okay,” Xiang Qiang smiled, “You go slowly.”

When I first saw Qi Yan, although he respected Qi Yan, he did not have a good impression. However, under the circumstances at the time, presumably Master Qi’s good impression of them was also very limited. But soon he changed his view of Master Qi, because their special team monitors spiritual fluctuations across the country every day, so when they found anomalies in the imperial capital in recent months, they sent people to the scene.

However, they rushed to the air twice, and what made them even more terrible was that there were traces of the formation that was broken at the scene. After they took pictures of the scene and let several masters see it, they dared to be sure that it was a lucky formation.

One of the two fortune formations is in a busy city with people coming and going, and the other is in a densely populated ancient alley. If it were not forcibly opened by people, the consequences would be disastrous.

They searched for a long time and called up a lot of nearby monitors, only to find that Master Qi was the one who solved the formation.

I didn’t know if I didn’t check, they were shocked after checking, and then they found that Master Qi had done a lot of righteous things, and he had done good deeds without leaving a name for Lei Feng. Later, Master Qi almost died because of Wang Xiangzhen’s affairs. It was a miracle to survive, and such a person made him admire from the bottom of his heart.

So now he saw Qi Yan as if he saw a shining saint.

The children in Tuantuan’s class already knew that it was Tuantuan’s uncle who subdued the gangster, so all the children gathered around Tuantuan and asked if her uncle was a superman and if he had superpowers.

“Uncle Qi is amazing. He knows a lot of things.”

“Uncle belongs to our family, so I won’t be your boyfriend.”

Cen Sange and the other parents stood outside the classroom, watching a bunch of children surrounded by Tuan Tuan, asking about Master Qi, and silently wiped the sweat from his face.

My dear niece, you have also learned what Master Qi’s unexplored prophet did. You think Qi Yan belongs to our family so early?

“San Ye Cen, the daughter in your mansion is so cute.”

“Yes, this time thank you family for catching the gangster and not letting him hurt the child.”

Some are really grateful, some are courteous. Cen Sange is a very good communicative person outside, so he can handle such a scene very well.

Cao Jingyan watched Tuan Tuan proudly praise Qi Yan in front of her classmates, and couldn’t help but smile. Now in the entire Cen family, the most popular among children is Qi Yan, and even their parents, uncles, aunts, and uncles all retreated.

“Sansao,” Qi Yan went upstairs to see Sange Cen and Cao Jingyan surrounded by other parents, and greeted them with a smile, “Didn’t you mean that the kindergarten will end early today?”

“Well, but the children in their class are all waiting to eat fruit before going home,” Cao Jingyan laughed. These children were not so active when eating fruit at home. Instead, they liked rushing to eat with their friends when they arrived at school. It was really annoying. Funny again.

Finally, the family took Tuantuan home after eating the fruit. Tuantuan insisted on sitting with Qi Yan, so he followed Qi Yan into Cen Baihe’s car. When he returned to Cen’s house, he saw a police car parked outside and asked the helper to take Tuantuan to the dollhouse upstairs to play.

Tuantuan is still too young, and he doesn’t want Tuantuan to know that her beloved new owner of Barbie actually planned to kidnap her with others this morning.

After Tuan Tuan went upstairs, Qi Yan and others’ faces sank. The butler stepped forward and reminded him in a low voice, “The captain of the police force and the master are in the study on the second floor.”

“Xiao Yan, Bai He, let’s go see it too,” Cen Sange said coldly, “I also want to know, where is our Cen family sorry for Sister Zhang, that made her feel this way.”

Qi Yan followed the two brothers in silence. When he walked into the study, he heard the cry of Sister Zhang from the next room. It should be the police asking her questions next door.

But no matter how pitiful Sister Zhang is, Qi Yan feels cold when he thinks of Tuantuan’s innocent eyes.


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