The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 80

Aunt Zhang was standing in the room at a loss. She felt that the host’s eyes looked at her without warmth, and even Master Qi, who smiled at her before, didn’t have any expression on her face.

Cen Qiusheng stood up, glanced at the handcuffed sister Zhang, and walked out without saying a word. The third brother Cen and his wife Qi Yan and Cen Baihe were left in the house. The policeman standing at the door looked at the bad-looking Cen family and couldn’t help but sympathize with them. Last night, the Cen family specially called them and asked them to help keep an eye on a missing person named Sun Long. It turned out today that Sun Long’s mother was planning to kidnap their children.

Anyone encountering this kind of thing would be disgusting. The Cen family didn’t use their power to toss Sister Zhang. They were already kind.

“I, I can’t help it,” Aunt Zhang’s lips kept shaking, “My child is in their hands. If I disagree, they will kill him.”

“Then have you ever thought about what will happen if Tuantuan falls into the hands of these people?”

“You are so rich and you can know so many big people, you can definitely save Tuantuan, but Xiaolong is different. If I don’t care about him, he will be dead.” Aunt Zhang cried, “I can’t do anything, I’m sorry. …”

“You don’t need to say I’m sorry, these three words are as light as a feather, and our Cen family can’t afford it,” Cen Sange said with a cold face. , But I won’t beg for you either.”

“Three young masters,” Aunt Zhang knelt in front of them, “please let me go, what can Xiaolong do without me?”

“You are involved in a criminal case. What does it have to do with us not letting you go?” Third Brother Cen looked colder, “After you receive the threatening information from the kidnappers, what you should do is call the police, not take our Cen’s family. The child will change your son.”

“But my son has been missing for so long, and the police haven’t found him. What’s the use of calling the police?!” Aunt Zhang said emotionally, “If I don’t give Tuan Tuan to them, they will tear up the ticket. I can’t bet! I know I am I’m sorry, but I have no other choice.”

“Since you have no other choice, then we have no other choice,” Qi Yan, who has not spoken, said unbearably. “As a mother, you are going to hurt another mother’s child, for so many reasons. It’s nothing more than selfishness. We are not interested in your sufferings and your pains, so you don’t need to talk about it anymore.”

“Mr. Qi,” Aunt Zhang said when even Qi Yan, who had helped her, said so, her face disappeared, and she murmured, “Why are you unwilling to help me, why?”

Qi Yan saw a lot of emotions in her. The most was not guilt, but hatred and unwillingness. He turned away his gaze blankly, somewhat thankful that he didn’t tell her the truth that Sun Long was dead last night. Not only would she not believe it, but she would also hate him for nonsense. By this morning, she would still choose to take Tuantuan away.

The heart is really strange. She is usually gentle and kind, but when it comes to herself, she will become infinitely selfish again, so that she can ignore the law and ignore everything.

“We have nothing to say to her,” Cen Baihe saw that Qi Yan’s expression was not right, and said to the two policemen guarding the house, “Take her away.”

“Captain, we found a corpse in an abandoned old building. The time of death was ten to fifteen days ago.” A policeman pushed the door in. He glanced at Aunt Zhang sympathetically, “Passing by the body of the deceased. By DNA comparison, we have determined that the deceased was Sun Long, who was reported missing some time ago.”

“What did you say?!” Aunt Zhang grabbed the policeman’s clothes madly, “What did you say?”

No one thought that a woman in handcuffs would have such great hand strength. Her eyes were cracked and she looked like an evil spirit crawling out of hell, “How could our little dragon die? Are you here? Deliberately lie to me? Obviously those people contacted me last night, saying that as long as they bring a Cen family to them, they can let our little dragon go.”

“Impossible! You are all lying to me!”

She turned her head with crimson eyes and stared at the Cen family bitterly, “Are you letting these police lie to me?!”

The Cen family did not answer her.

Aunt Zhang let go of the policeman she had caught and staggered a few steps. She was so sad that she couldn’t even shed a tear. She only felt that her heart was empty, and she seemed to be stepping on cotton, which was not true at all. She stared at Qi Yan, and then said hoarsely, “Did you know it a long time ago?”

That’s why his expression was so ugly last night that he told her that he hadn’t found it.

“Since you already know, why didn’t you tell me earlier?!” After she yelled out these words, tears burst into her eyes, “Why are you lying to me?”

“Will you believe me when I said it?” Qi Yan asked back, “After I said it, wouldn’t you try to kidnap Tuantuan?”

Aunt Zhang didn’t answer Qi Yan’s question. She covered her face with her hand and started crying, crying so badly and hoarsely.

Qi Yan got up from the chair and stopped looking at Aunt Zhang. He walked past Aunt Zhang and left the room. Seeing this, Cen Baihe followed. Although Qianqian’s expression remained as usual, he could feel that Qianqian’s mood should not be very good.


Qi Yan looked back at Cen Baihe, who was catching up, and slowed down: “What are you doing with you?”

“What are you doing in there?” Cen Baihe walked to him, “If the eldest brother and sister-in-law were there today, if Zhang Jie said that, she would definitely make the eldest brother and sister-in-law jump up in anger.”

Qi Yan reluctantly curled his lips: “Yeah, I feel very angry when I hear these words, let alone Tuantuan’s parents.”

“Are you unhappy?” Cen Baihe hesitated for a while, still asking what he wanted to say.

“No,” Qi Yan shook his head, “I just feel that some parents are willing to give everything for their children, but some parents don’t treat their children as a thing. It shows that reincarnation is really a technical job.”

Cen Baihe suddenly remembered Qianqian’s life experience and stretched out his hand to pat his back: “Don’t think too much.”

Qi Yan smiled. The two went downstairs and went to sit down in the pavilion in the small garden outside. Qi Yan put his cheek in one hand: “Do you know why my surname is Qi?”

This question reminded Cen Baihe of the phantoms he had seen in the sacrificial formation, the children picked up from the trash, and the words of the Qingpao Taoist priest.

At that time, the Taoist priest seemed to say that it is a miracle to be alive in such cold weather?

“My master said that when he picked me up, I was lying naked in a garbage dump, my whole body was blue with cold, my throat was dumb from crying, and my stomach was flat, but I still survived. “Qi Yan is still a little bit dissatisfied with his undominant name. “His old man said that my life is a miracle, so he gave me the surname Qi.”

Speaking of this, Qi Yan was quite speechless, “I should really thank him for not letting my last name be trash dump or something.”

Cen Baihe’s expression suddenly became a little subtle.

“What are you thinking about?” Qi Yan glared at him.

“Nothing.” Cen Baihe shook his head with a serious face.

“Do you think I will believe you?” Qi Yan squinted, “Say, are you secretly laughing at my name?”

“Your name is so nice, why do you want to laugh at it?” Cen Baihe coughed dryly. “How good is your surname, don’t worry about the same name as Zhao Qiansun, Li Wang, Ma Tangsun, you have a personality.” Of course, if They are called La Yan, Garbage Yan, Dui Yan, etc., which are more funny.

Qi Yan glanced at Cen Baihe’s face for several times before giving up on this question. Recently, he had lost sight of Baihe’s face, just like he could not read Master’s face. Master once told him that the fate of anyone in their line can be counted, but he and those who are particularly close cannot count it.

When he first met Cen Baihe, he could still see Cen Baihe’s face clearly, but now he couldn’t figure it out. The only thing he could see was the extremely rich purple energy and the golden light of the opponent’s teeth and claws.

He thought that in this life he was the only one who could not calculate the fate of himself and the master, but he did not expect to have another one now.

“Cut,” Qi Yan dismissed such hypocritical remarks. He raised his head and looked at the sky before suddenly saying, “It’s going to rain at night.”

“Huh?” Cen Baihe looked at the sun in the sky, but didn’t have the slightest doubt about what Qi Yan said.

“Are you not going to the company today?”

“I have lunch with you before leaving,” Cen Baihe glanced at Qi Yan’s injured arm. “You should avoid eating any food at noon.”

Qi Yan hugged his head: “I know, Dad Baihe.”

Cen Baihe almost didn’t come up in one breath, staring at Qi Yan for a long while and said, “Then should I call you Yaoer?”

Qi Yan:…

Bai He is getting less and less fun now, and Yaoer or something is really too shameful. One of his classmates in the university came from the province of Shu, and the memo he gave to his girlfriend on his mobile phone was “Yaoer.”

But looking at Bai He’s serious appearance, he should not know this little habit. He coughed dryly: “Forget it, I won’t make trouble with you.”

Cen Baihe: No, it is still possible to make trouble, especially in the future, it would be nice to call him father.

When he finally ate, the dishes placed in front of Qi Yan were all light and good for the wound. He depressed and pulled down two bowls of rice and drank a bowl of soup. He felt that his appetite today was terrible.

“Don’t go out this afternoon,” Cen Baihe said to Qi Yan while putting on his coat, “If someone is looking for you, let them come home. Don’t go out directly.”

“Yeah.” Qi Yan nodded obediently, sitting on the sofa and flipping through the magazine.

“Call me if you have something to do,” Cen Baihe walked to the door and looked back at Qi Yan, who was lazily lying on the sofa. ”

Qi Yan knew that Cen Baihe was caring about himself, so he could only nod his head obediently, but still owed his mouth: “I know, father Baihe, you go to work soon.”

Cen Baihe smiled without anger, his nice eyes scanned Qi Yan’s face, and then went out with a strange smile.

Qi Yan touched his face, feeling as if there was something weird.

Brother Cen, who was standing at the corner of the stairs, heard the conversation between the two clearly, and he always felt as if something cold was slapped on his face.

Master Qi is too slow, which good friends get along like this?


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