The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 82

Sure enough, the dinner was prepared more abundantly than usual. The younger generations of the Cen family all rushed back. Even the fourth brother Cen, who is rarely at home, also showed up at the dinner table with his wife, plus their children, it was really hot Lively, three generations are living together.

As guests, Wang Hang and Lin Shuo received the most enthusiastic treatment from the Cen family. It was only at this time that Lin Shuo knew that Cen Baihe was the famous Cen family of the emperor, but he, a flat-headed common man, only knew that the emperor had a very powerful family. The Cen family, but I don’t know who the Cen family members are and what their names are.

Now that he knows the identity of the family, he can’t help but feel a little restrained when he lowers his chopsticks. The fourth child is really awesome, he can have such a close relationship with these big people. Looking at Qi Yan, the chopsticks are flying like flying, and he also joked with Cen Baihe from time to time. If anyone who doesn’t know sees this scene, he will definitely think that he is also a member of the Cen family.

“Mr. Wang’s father met with me a few days ago,” Cen Sange drank a sip of red wine and smiled to Wang Hangdao, “It seems to be approving a document. Your planning book and environmental assessment have been passed. It will be approved in a few days, so don’t worry.”

Wang Hang was stunned for a moment. Two days ago, he heard his dad say that a permit was not easy to handle, so a certain development plan had to be shelved. Now listening to Sanye Cen’s tone, there seems to be no problem? He was not a fool, and soon wanted to understand the whole story. It was because of Qianqian’s face and helped them the Wang family.

He glanced at Qi Yan. How many people in the imperial capital tried their best to hug thighs. He didn’t expect that he would have hugged them four or five years ago, but he didn’t even know it.

“Third brother, Uncle Wang is a serious and conscientious businessman,” Qi Yan said with a smile, “So when you can take care of your brothers and sisters, please don’t be polite.”

“Are you polite to help?” Third Brother Cen was stunned by Qi Yan’s face, and immediately said with a laugh, “Okay, as long as we meet the standards, we will definitely not be polite.” He understands Qi Yan’s character, if it is not reliable, A person of good character, Qi Yan would not say this.

Cen Baihe smiled and used his chopsticks to give Qi Yan his favorite dish, “Didn’t you say a few days ago that the sports competition in your community is about to start?”

“If you don’t tell me, I almost forgot,” Qi Yan widened his eyes. “What’s the date today?”

“No. 23,” Cen Baihe laughed. “The aunts in your community may still be looking forward to your return.”

Qi Yan thought that during the recent period, he had not gone out to have fun, and that the aunts and aunts in the community had always treated him well. If he promised them not to do things, it would not have ruined the aunts and aunts. Of interest?

After all, the aunts are confident of winning the first prize.

After a meal, the host and the host enjoyed themselves. When Qi Yan sent Lin Shuo and Wang Hang out, Wang Hang twisted and said, “Money, thank you tonight.”

“If you are a brother, don’t talk about it,” Qi Yan smiled, “not to mention that I am just threading needles. Whether I can cooperate well in the future depends on you. The Cen family has always been strict in law, strict in treating others, and capable of grasping. With this opportunity, I will have one more thigh in the future.”

“You are a thigh yourself, so there is no need to hold someone else’s leg.” Wang Hang knew that he didn’t want to put too much psychological pressure on himself, so he pressed his gratitude to his heart. “Although the Cen family is good, But… be careful yourself.”

He is also considered to be a rich family in the imperial capital, and he has heard a lot of secrets about wealthy families. What brothers are fighting for the family property, you die and die, and the master family and the division of the family are susceptible to each other. These are nothing new. Innocent people get involved. , It will only cause a show of nothing.

Although the Cen family looks very good, how can outsiders know what is going on inside.

Qi Yan knew what he was worried about and smiled at Wang Hang comfortably: “I know it in my heart, don’t worry.”

It’s not easy for Wang Hang to say this too much, otherwise he would treat a gentleman like a villain. He patted Qi Yan on the shoulder: “No matter what, you just have to be comfortable.”

“There is something I forgot to tell you,” Lin Shuo suddenly said, standing beside the two of them. “Recently, a girl in the same class has been inquiring about you. At first I thought she had a crush on you, but in the last two days I felt Something is wrong.”

“What’s wrong?” Wang Hang’s reaction was stronger than Qi Yan’s.

“This girl has been inquiring about Qianqian’s birthday, saying that she wanted to prepare a birthday gift for Qianqian, giving him a surprise,” Lin Shuo sneered, “but I have never seen anyone preparing a birthday gift for a crush. It needs to be accurate to the time of birth.”

“She asked about Qianqian’s birthday, isn’t she trying to mess it up?” Wang Hang was full of nervousness. “Qianqian, what lunatic have you provoke recently?” He didn’t believe in fortune-telling before. But since Qi Yan gave him the fortune-telling without any error, he would read some metaphysical materials when he had nothing to do, and only then knew that a person’s birth date could not be easily told to others, so as not to use his name and birth date as a trick.

“Don’t worry, even I don’t know the birth date, and other people don’t know it,” Qi Yan smiled soothingly at the two friends, “not to mention that I still have the big golden leg of the Cen family. Who dares to move? ?”

Only then did Wang Hang and Lin Shuo feel relieved, with the Cen family, how could others not dare to be too rampant.

After Wang Hang and Lin Shuo were sent away, Qi Yan returned to the villa and saw Cen Baihe standing outside his room door. He glanced at him with some surprise, then opened the door and said, “Looking for me?”

“Yeah,” Cen Baihe followed him into the room. After Qi Yan closed the door, Cen Baihe said, “Qianqian, the police found the phone number to contact Zhang, but the owner of the ID card used to register the number A deaf-mute man in his seventies.”

“This is not surprising at all. No matter how stupid the bad guy is, he knows that he can’t use the contact method with his own identity information,” Qi Yan sat down on the bed, “Sister Zhang was originally a useless chess piece. An accident is the best outcome of this incident.”

“Brother and sister-in-law are very grateful to you,” Cen Baihe was beside Qi Yan, “They asked me to say thank you.”

“Why are you polite to me?” Qi Yan observed Cen Baihe closely, no matter how he looked at him, he had to admit that Cen Baihe was the best-looking person he had ever seen, and there was no restriction on gender.

“Money…” Cen Baihe turned his head and looked into Qi Yan’s clear eyes. His heart felt as if blood supply was not enough, and he was so flustered, “I…”

“Boom boom boom.”

The door of Qi Yan’s room was knocked, Brother Cen came in with a bag of drinks, and saw his fifth brother and Qi Yan sitting on the bed, sitting directly on the single sofa next to him, “I knew you weren’t asleep yet.” After speaking, he handed Qi Yan a bottle of drink, and then gave Cen Baihe a bottle, but he didn’t know if it was his illusion. He felt that the fifth brother was reluctant when he took the drink.

“Don’t talk about anything else, I also know that my brother said too many polite words to hurt feelings,” Brother Cen wiped his face, “Tuan Tuan is the girl I and your sister-in-law have been waiting for for a long time. If anything happens to her , I and your sister-in-law…”

He shook his head and didn’t even want to mention this possibility, “Knowing that you don’t like to drink, now I will use a drink instead of wine and toast you a glass.”

Qi Yan touched the drink bottle with Big Brother Cen, and took a sip: “Big Brother, not only do you like Tuantuan, but I am also very rare to her. If something happens to her, I will be very sad. That’s why I am here. Not for you, but for myself and Tuantuan.”

Brother Cen smiled heartily when he heard the words: “No matter what it is, our brothers will have a good drink tonight.”

Real brother. Cen Baihe looked at the eldest brother and Qianqian as good brothers blankly, feeling a little heartbroken.

The atmosphere was so good just now. If it hadn’t been for the eldest brother to come in suddenly, he could have hinted at Qianqian’s own intentions. It was really hard to guard against his elder brother day and night. If this hinted, he still had no chance to say it.

After Big Brother Cen and Qi Yan drank half of the drinks, and they were almost unable to drink, he noticed that his fifth brother hadn’t even opened the bottle cap, “Fifth brother, why are you still in a daze?”

Cen Baihe: I am tired and don’t want to talk to you.

“No, I’m listening.”

Brother Cen didn’t take this matter to heart, and turned to continue chatting with Qi Yan: “Xiao Yan, a girl from a family has been asking me about you recently, saying that since meeting you at my dad’s birthday party, I’m obsessed with you, do you want to meet other girls?”

Qi Yan looked blank. At the birthday party of Uncle Cen, he didn’t seem to be intimate with any young girl. The only young girl who said a few more words was Cen Baihe, not him.

Cen Baihe’s face was completely black, and he put the drink on the bedside table without expression: “Brother, when do you like to match people?”

“This is not your sister-in-law’s relatives. They are all begging to come here. I always have to help open a mouth.” Brother Cen touched his nose embarrassedly, feeling that he was a bit embarrassed to talk about these things. “But that girl is really good, beautiful and considerate, and she is also very interested in Feng Shui. If you two have a chance to be together in the future, you will not worry about not having a common topic, what do you think? ?”

“not so good!”

Brother Cen looked at his fifth brother blankly, instead of introducing him to his girlfriend, why is he so excited?


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