The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 83

Big Brother Cen stared at his younger brother for a few seconds, and then suddenly realized: “Bohe, are you worried that the little girl is just impulsive to Xiao Yan, doesn’t you really like it?”

Cen Baihe turned his head to look at Qi Yan. Seeing that he stared at him blankly, he could only say abruptly.

“Feelings are things like getting along with each other slowly. Besides, it’s just to meet each other and not to fall in love. If it is inappropriate,” Brother Cen smiled indifferently. “This is not the old age, men and women. You must get married when you meet.”

“Brother, let’s forget about this,” Qi Yan didn’t even think about it. “I’m still young now, and I haven’t considered this kind of thing.”

“You’re still young, you’re going to be three soon…” Brother Cen remembered that it was not Qi Yan who would be thirty years old soon, but his fifth younger brother, so he swallowed what he hadn’t said yet, “Since you don’t have this. Xin Si, then I will help you to reject it over there.”

In fact, he also felt that the little girl from his wife’s family was not suitable for Qi Yan. Although she was good-looking, from a good family background, and a good girl with knowledge and knowledge, how did he think that such a girl would not be liked by Qi Yan.

Qi Yan yawned and rubbed his eyes: “Then trouble big brother.”

“It was me who troubled you with this kind of thing, and it should be rejected for you now,” Cen brother saw Qi Yan look tired, and knew that he was tired for a day today, and now he should rest, so he said, “Then you Rest early, Baihe, don’t stay here and disturb Xiao Yan. Let’s go out with me.”

Cen Baihe glared at his good elder brother with a simple smile, raised his head and drank a large sip of the drink, and said in a flat tone: “Okay.”

The two brothers walked out of Qi Yan’s room. When passing by Cen Baihe’s room, Cen Baihe opened his door and reached out to pull Big Brother Cen into his room.

“Bohe?” Brother Cen found that his fifth brother’s expression didn’t seem right.

“Brother,” Cen Baihe took out a bottle of red wine from the wine cabinet and poured a glass for Brother Cen, “How did you think of introducing your girlfriend to money?”

“Hey? This is a good wine you treasure. It’s a pity to drink it so simply and rudely.” Brother Cen shook the glass, and did not sip it directly, but lowered his head and sniffed the faint aroma of the wine. Don’t drink the rest, wait until tomorrow noon to make a Western-style meal.”

“The people I like don’t like to drink, so it doesn’t matter if you give it to anyone.” Cen Baihe took a sip, the taste was still astringent, and he put the glass on the table.

“The person you like?!” Brother Cen was shocked, and looked at Cen Baihe in disbelief. When did the fifth brother have someone he likes? He didn’t see which woman the fifth brother had been closer to recently.

Could it be Ruan Youyi, the daughter of the Ruan family? He once heard people say that this daughter of the Ruan family seemed to have a love for his fifth brother. At the last birthday banquet of his father, he also saw the fifth brother and Master Qi with Miss Ruan sat and chatted together.

“You mean Ruan Youyi?”

“Who is that?” Cen Baihe looked at his elder brother inexplicably. When did he become familiar with Miss Ruan?

“Who else could she have?” Brother Cen was also a little dumbfounded, he couldn’t be the helpers they hired.

Cen Baihe didn’t expect that he had said so clearly. The eldest brother could not guess who he was talking about. He was a little helpless for a while. No wonder the eldest brother and Qianqian can chat happily. Both of them are lack of heart. of.

“It’s far in the sky and right in front of you,” Cen Baihe sighed, “Big Brother, don’t you understand?”

Big Brother Cen stared at Cen Baihe for a long time, suddenly his complexion turned pale, and he took a few steps back: “Bohe, how can you have this kind of thought, we are brothers!”

“I’m sorry, did I bother you?” Qi Yan stood outside the door, holding a mobile phone in his hand, just looking at Cen Baihe and Cen’s eldest brother with extremely complicated eyes, “Bohe, your phone dropped In my bed.”

“Money, wait a minute,” Cen Baihe’s expression became extremely ugly, “things are not what you heard.”

“Huh?” Qi Yan was taken aback for a moment, nodding at random, “Oh, I understand, I won’t get it wrong.”

Cen Baihe held his forehead helplessly, and looked at Qi Yan with a smile, “I understand you don’t need to explain it.” With an empathetic expression, there was a sense of frustration that couldn’t be cleared by jumping into the Yellow River.

“Puff!” Qi Yan finally couldn’t help laughing out loud, and put the phone into his hand. “You forgot that I will look at the picture? But when your brothers are joking, you still have to close the door, or let the others When people hear a misunderstanding, that’s the yellow mud falling into the crotch, isn’t it.”

Brother Cen looked at his fifth brother’s expression and realized that he was thinking too much just now. He was a little embarrassed and felt sorry for his brother: “Bohe, it’s your brother who misunderstood him. Don’t block your heart.”

“You talk slowly, I won’t bother,” Qi Yan smiled and closed the door for the two brothers, and couldn’t help laughing anymore. The two brothers were too interesting. The content of the joke was so heavy.

“Bohe, what you just said…” Brother Cen looked back at the tightly closed door and said in a low voice, “Could it be Master Qi?”

When he said this somewhat absurd guess, he didn’t take it seriously, but when he saw that the fifth brother did not refute, the whole person was shocked: “You actually have that kind of thought for Master Qi. ?”

“is it not OK?”

“It’s not impossible, but this kind of thing is best to pay attention to love, otherwise it is not beautiful,” Cen said after holding back for a long time, “I just think this is a bit weird.”

The younger brother and Master Qi have known each other for a few months, but they didn’t expect to have such a deep affection for Master Qi. It’s really…

Thinking of introducing his girlfriend to Master Qi just now, he smiled sullenly, “You have to think about this by yourself. I’m not the kind of feudal-thinking old antique, if you think being with Master Qi will make you feel happy. Brother will support you.”

“Big brother, thank you.” Cen Baihe was originally a little outraged at his elder brother’s dragging behavior, but after hearing these words from his eldest brother, his little indignation disappeared without a trace, and he was even a little lucky. It’s a hindrance.

The community residents sports meeting held by the Baiyun Community Sub-district Office has not officially started. The grandparents in several districts in the community have already begun to be enthusiastic. It is not to buy cost-effective sportswear online, or to think of various ways to cheer. , Every contestant has high hopes from them.

The moment Qi Yan appeared in sportswear, she was instantly overwhelmed by Aunt Wang and others. Some asked him where he went recently, some asked how the wound on his arm came from, and asked if he had a girlfriend. Yes, everyone is extremely enthusiastic, and he almost can’t stand it with his thick-skinned face.

“Okay, everyone, be quiet,” Aunt Wang, who is wearing a bright red sportswear, shook the fan in her hand. “Xiao Qi’s hand is injured, and activities like tug-of-war are not allowed.” She looked down at the competition. Table, “Then you go to participate in chess and skip rope, both of which can be single-handed or no-handed.”

“What kind of chess?” Qi Yan asked curiously, “Chess or Go?”

“Of course it is pinballs and checkers. You are a graduate of a famous university. We believe you can do it.” Aunt Wang patted Qi Yan on the shoulder. Keep face.”

Qi Yan:…

In the checkers preliminary contest, each community sent five players. In order to avoid asking experts from each community to cheat, all the personal information of the contestants was verified before they were allowed to enter the stadium.

A total of 30 people participated in the preliminary round. Qi Yan’s opponent was an old lady with a simple smile and a kind face, but Qi Yan saw a layer of dazzling merit in this old lady. It seems that this aunt should have been Doing things that benefit the country and the people, otherwise, like collecting money and not helping the old grandma to cross the road, it is impossible to condense the merits.

The old lady played chess a bit slow, Qi Yan didn’t rush, and played slowly in accordance with her speed.

“The young man belongs to the community of Wang Jiaojiao?” The old lady looked at him kindly, and slowly jumped a chess piece to the Qi Yan chess piece area, “I look very energetic.”

Qi Yan was taken aback, who is Wang Jiaojiao?

“I forgot, you probably don’t know her name yet,” the old lady pointed to Aunt Wang who hung in the window and looked in. “I was talking about her.”

Qi Yan suddenly realized that she didn’t expect Aunt Wang to have such a lovely name.

“Don’t look at what she looks like now, when she was young, she was a famous beauty,” the old lady looked down and saw Qi Yan blocked her way with a chess, and said with a smile, “In a blink of an eye, decades have passed. I didn’t expect that I would even grab the square dance site with her.”

Qi Yan chuckled when he heard the words, and jumped another chess into the old lady’s chess piece area. “It can be seen that Aunt Wang and you were rare beauties when you were young. Even now, you are beautiful and elegant. lady.”

“You are quite good at talking,” the old lady saw that she had a lot of chess pieces left and didn’t jump over, but Qi Yan had already walked almost, knowing that she was going to lose. She smiled and directly raised her hand to signal the referee to admit defeat.

After the referee recorded the results, the old lady did not leave immediately, but looked at Qi Yan thoughtfully: “If I didn’t guess wrong, young man, you should be the head of the twenty-third generation of Tianyimen.”

Qi Yan put all the chess pieces made of glass marbles into the grooves next to him, and said with a smile: “Senior is really eye-catching.”

“Your aura is well concealed. If it weren’t for your injury and venting your aura, I really can’t see it.” The old lady followed Qi Yan’s appearance and put the chess pieces into the groove , “It is true that there are talents from generation to generation, and the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves forward.”

“Senior’s words made the juniors extremely frightened,” Qi Yan said with a small smile, “If the juniors didn’t guess wrong, you should be a celestial master?”

“A celestial teacher or a celestial teacher, this kind of title shouldn’t exist anymore,” the old lady smiled indifferently, “I am just a single expensive lady with a pension today, so I don’t need to mention the things in the past.”

Qi Yan looked at the old lady in front of him. She had a rich appearance and her hair was carefully dyed. She was an elegant beauty.

This kind of beauty has nothing to do with age, but the beauty in the soul.

“Now that the world of profound arts is precarious, should the heavenly master really bear it?”

The old lady smiled gently and answered Qi Yan’s question without rush.

“It’s because we old guys are not here, isn’t there still you, a young celestial master, who is protecting the mysterious world from the wind and rain?”


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