The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 84

Qi Yan was stunned and looked up at the old lady. The old lady gave him a kind smile and got up and walked out of the playing field.

Everyone is an ordinary folk master, so it doesn’t take much time to finish a few rounds. In the end, Qi Yan and a representative of another community are left to compete for the championship.

Qi Yan’s opponent was a gentleman in his thirties. His handsome appearance was full of books, and some people called him a teacher. Qi Yan guessed that this person might be in the education industry.

After the game officially started, the man smiled and made a gesture of asking Qi Yan to signal Qi Yan to go first.

Qi Yan didn’t be polite to him, so he picked one and took the first step.

The venue for the community sports meeting borrowed from a cultural activity room in a nearby cultural plaza. The venue is relatively wide, so it can be opened by comparison. The atmosphere of the checkers arena is very quiet, but the grandfathers and aunts hanging outside the windows are not at all quiet.

They all feel that the people on their side can win, and one said that they are university professors with good eyes and will definitely get the first place. The aunts and grandpas headed by Aunt Wang were instantly unhappy, and they retorted that the young guy on their side was a university graduate from a prestigious university, enthusiastic and smart, and would definitely not lose.

The public security staff in the community are so big that they are afraid that the old men and old ladies will fight like this.

But fortunately, these old ladies and old ladies are still restrained. Even if they attack people, they can turn out flowers, but there is no one who said vulgar and indecent words, and there is no more slapstick and hand beating.

The staff breathed a sigh of relief, and couldn’t help feeling from the bottom of their hearts. These old men and old ladies are all talents. They have lost each other for nearly half an hour and have not repeated words. This vocabulary is really rich.

“It’s over, the game is over.”

I don’t know which old man screamed, and the great men and women didn’t care about each other’s damage, so they squeezed in the door one after another.

“Who’s winning?”

“Who is the number one?”

Soon the results of the game were announced. Qi Yan won the first place. The rewards were some fitness equipment, basketball, football, badminton, table tennis rackets and the like. Although these things are not valuable, they can’t stand up to face. Especially when the rankings were posted on the outside bulletin board, the grandparents watched Qi Yan’s name adorned with the name of their own community, and their waists stood up in an instant.

As soon as Qi Yan came out, he was warmly welcomed by the aunts and grandpas. There was even an aunt who forced a cup of ginseng tea to give him, because he was worried that he would overuse his brain and give him a supplement.

After I inquired about it, my community didn’t get the first place in the other competitions. Qi Yan’s first place came too timely and it simply saved the dignity of their community. For young people, they don’t value this at all, but the grandfathers and aunts have a lot of fun. Qi Yan doesn’t want to lose their interest, and coaxes them according to their thoughts.

“Xiao Qi, it’s rare for you to come back. Today is lunch at our house. Your uncle called just now and said that the food at home is ready.” Aunt Wang said to Qi Yan with a smile, “Don’t say anything else, you Uncle’s cooking skills are amazing.”

“This is the legend that if you want to grab a woman’s heart, you must first grab her stomach?” Qi Yan asked with a smile. Aunt Wang was so beautiful when she was young, and there must be a lot of people who pursue her. If the husband wants to chase her, how can he get the love of the beautiful woman if he doesn’t take it out?

“Smelly boy, what are you talking about?” Aunt Wang poked Qi Yan’s forehead with her finger, but she didn’t see any annoyance in her expression, “Okay, let’s go back now.”

Qi Yan turned around and saw a beautiful woman wearing a long skirt and a coat and trench coat. She had a gentle temperament, fair skin, and a gentle smile on her face. She was standing in the crowd, which would make people look at her. woman.

“Jia Yang,” this beautiful woman seemed to see someone, and the smile on her face suddenly became even more brilliant, like an epiphany that suddenly bloomed, so beautiful. Qi Yan followed her gaze, she called the gentleman with glasses who was his opponent just now.

The man with glasses called Jia Yang strode to the beautiful woman, smiled at her, and stood side by side.

“This couple is a well-known loving couple in our community. The male is a teacher from a university. I heard that he was also named an associate professor, and the female is a theater troupe.” Aunt Wang seemed to see that Qi Yan was interested in these two people. He said with a smile, “I don’t know how many people envy the feelings of these two people.”

“Really?” Qi Yan turned to look. The couple was about to leave the activity room. The woman reached out to hold his husband’s hand, but the man happened to help her twist a bottle of drink. The woman did not hold his hand. , But got a bottle of drink.

At noon, Qi Yan followed Aunt Wang to her house. Aunt Wang’s husband seemed to be a very particular old man. The dishes and chopsticks at home were all in a literary style. What kind of dishes matched which dishes, and the bamboo chopsticks were carved with a lotus pattern. Something went wrong.

“You’re Xiao Qi?” Uncle Cui brought the stewed Lao Duck soup to the dinner table and said with a smile, “Sit down, come and **** craft.”

“Thank you, uncle,” Qi Yan sat down on the dining chair. There were several dishes on the table. It seemed that they had been prepared specially, and his heart was stained with warmth.

“Drinking?” Uncle Cui said, “I don’t have the habit of drinking, but there is wine at home, both red and white. You can take whatever you like.” After that, he pointed to the wine cabinet in the corner.

Qi Yan glanced at the wine cabinet. There were indeed several bottles of wine in it, and it seemed that they were not cheap.

“I don’t like to drink either,” Qi Yan retracted his gaze and said with a smile, “I am not interested in tobacco and alcohol.”

“You are not interested in these hurtful things,” Uncle Cui sat down beside Aunt Wang, “have a taste, does it suit your appetite?”

“You don’t need to taste it to know it’s delicious,” Qi Yan stirred up a piece of cold ear slices, “Our aunt praised it personally, and it’s definitely not wrong.”

Uncle Cui happily looked at Aunt Wang. Aunt Wang glared at him. Uncle Cui was not annoyed. Instead, he picked two chopsticks for Aunt Wang which she liked.

After going back and forth, even if Qi Yan is blind, he can see that his grandfather and aunt are very good. He sighed silently. Even if he eats the dog food issued by several older brothers and sisters in Cen’s house, he didn’t expect to eat dogs here. grain.

Uncle Cui has a good temper, speaks slowly, has demeanor and humor, and Aunt Wang is relatively straight-tempered, good-minded and warm-hearted. Although Qi Yan came to their home for the first time, he felt at home.

After eating, Aunt Wang packed up the dishes and chopsticks and was ready to take them to the kitchen to wash, but was stopped by Uncle Cui, “You talk to Xiao Qi, and I will wash the bowls.”

After Uncle Cui entered the kitchen, Qi Yan said sincerely, “Uncle is very kind to you.”

Aunt Wang closed her hair on her temples, smiled and did not refute. After a while, she looked at the wound on Qi Yan’s hand: “When your master bought the house in this community, I thought he was finally willing to return to the capital, but I didn’t expect it. That turned out to be the last time I saw him.”

Qi Yan’s movement of cutting the fruit suddenly stopped: “Aunt Wang, do you know my master?”

“Of course I know, even the house where you live now, I helped pick it,” Aunt Wang smiled and shook her head. “In the early days, your master was a famous person in the Imperial Capital, but he left without saying a word more than 20 years ago. After the imperial capital, I did not expect to accept such an excellent apprentice as you.”

Qi Yan suddenly remembered the old lady who was playing with him in the morning. She was a celestial master and knew Aunt Wang. Aunt Wang knew his master again. Aunt Wang was also a senior in the profound arts world?

He couldn’t see the slightest abnormality in her about how high this Aunt Wang’s cultivation level was.

“Don’t be surprised. I followed a master in the early years, but later chose to marry as a married woman, so I gave up doing this business,” Aunt Wang pointed to the apple in Qi Yan’s hand, “Keep cutting, don’t stop. ”

Qi Yan pulled the corners of his mouth and continued to peel the fruit. Soon a whole apple peel came out.

“Oh,” Aunt Wang sighed, “Your master is good at everything, but he doesn’t care, he does everything casually, he doesn’t hesitate to talk, and he likes to run around. The imperial capital can’t catch him. I am. Unexpectedly, he would stay in the same place for you for more than ten years.”

Qi Yan handed the apple to Aunt Wang and said with a smile: “Yes, the master often said that I should have been born with a face, because I was lucky enough to meet his old man to get my life back.”

“Luck is inherently included in fate. He saved you, and then got a good apprentice with extraordinary talent. It is your good fortune and his good fortune,” Aunt Wang looked at Qi Yan with admiration.” But your master is right. You should have died young, and even if you survived by chance, your life would not be twenty-three.”

Qi Yan was not surprised by Aunt Wang’s order. He looked at Aunt Wang calmly and suddenly smiled: “But everything can’t be absolute, right?”

“Yes, everything is not absolute,” Aunt Wang nodded, “When you meet that noble person, your destiny will change.”

Qi Yan fell silent.

“I didn’t learn profound arts well in my early years, and only physiognomy is the best,” Wang Aunt thought Qi Yan didn’t believe her words. “Your face is very complicated, I can’t fully understand it, but I can be sure of one thing. The fate is over.”

Qi Yan thought of Cen Baihe and couldn’t help but smile: “Yes, I did meet a noble person.”

“The fate of dying early has turned into a rich and fulfilling life. This noble person who helped you must be extremely expensive,” Aunt Wang told Qi Yan in the tone of which supermarket had cut prices again. Said, “I heard Hao Meili say that the emperor hasn’t been very peaceful lately. It seems that some people are thinking about our dragon veins. Please pay more attention.”

“Living in Cen’s house is a very correct choice.”

Qi Yan raised his eyes to look at Aunt Wang: “You all know?”

“We old ladies and old ladies, usually gossiping in the WeChat chat group when there is nothing to do. You can know more or less about the mysterious arts circle of the imperial capital,” Aunt Wang said triumphantly, “It’s all right, we can still go. Report a few suspects who violate the law and discipline, you young people still have to learn.”


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