The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 85

I had a meal at Aunt Wang’s house, some fruits, and when he left, Uncle Cui stuffed him a small jar of pickled kimchi, because at lunch, Qi Yan praised the kimchi delicious.

Uncle Cui is from the province of Sichuan. The kimchi is marinated in the old altar. The small altar of kimchi is packed separately, so that it will not let the kimchi taste off, and it can be kept for more time.

“Xiao Qi,” Aunt Wang stuffed another piece of bacon to Qi Yan, and said with earnest heart, “Take care of yourself. Recently, there have been several unknown people in our community. Although I don’t know what they are going to do, you still have this time. Don’t live here. I think the very good-looking guy from the Cen family is very lucky. If you have nothing to do, stay with him. It’s good for you.”

As the saying goes, people who are close to Zhu Zechi are the same as those who have good luck.

Uncle Cui next to him frowned unhappily. Whose guy looks particularly good-looking, is he handsome when he was young?

Qi Yan couldn’t help but want to laugh when he saw Uncle Cui’s expression: “Auntie, I definitely hold his thigh and don’t let go. Don’t worry about me.”

“I think I am willing to give up this heart.” Aunt Wang is the character of the knife-mouthed tofu heart. “In the early years, if I had some friendship with your master, I would not bother to care about you. If you were my apprentice, you would be injured twice in these three days. I’m sure to beat you bald.”

Qi Yan shrank his shoulders and made a frightened look, making the two old men laugh.

“Okay, you can go back earlier,” Aunt Wang stood by the window and looked down. “The strangers downstairs should be the ones sent to protect you, right?”

Qi Yan looked in front of the window for a few moments, nodded and said, “There is a bodyguard arranged by the Cen family, and the others should be members of the special team.”

“Special group…” Aunt Wang nodded, “Like their style of doing things.”

Looking at Aunt Wang’s expression, Qi Yan should be aware of the existence of the special group.

When Qi Yan left Aunt Wang’s house, when Qi Yan entered the elevator, there were two old ladies wearing Yangge costumes in the elevator. I don’t know if it’s because he was stimulated by Aunt Wang’s secret identity. Looking at every old man and woman now, he can’t help but wonder in his heart whether these ordinary old people might be secret experts. ?

It was a pity that until the elevator stopped on the first floor, he didn’t see anything strange about the two old ladies. They were all fortunate ladies who were facing peace and were able to spend their old age in peace.

“Master Qi,” Zhao Li saw Qi Yan come out and opened the car door for him, “I received a message from Huang He that Yuan Chong’an came home this afternoon and said that he wanted to see you. If you don’t want to meet the Yuan family If you do, you can avoid them for now.”

“Avoidance is only for a while. I won’t see him today, and I will always see him tomorrow. I can’t let a 70-80-year-old man sit and wait all the time,” Qi Yan was a little tired of the Yuan family’s harassment.” He is not in the hospital, why was he discharged?”

Zhao Li laughed dryly when he heard the words, he really didn’t know this.

“It is rumored that he was seriously ill and hospitalized by Yuan Hengyu. I am afraid it is half-truth. If the qi is true, only the Yuan family knows how serious it is.” Qi Yan sneered, if Yuan Chongan didn’t show his illness. If it is more serious, how can you be indifferent to Yuan Hengyu’s affairs and spread it out? It will inevitably be said that the Yuan family can even abandon their nephew in order to please the Cen family, although this nephew is not a good thing.

But now it’s different. Yuan Hengyu brought Yuan Chong’an into the hospital and almost died. It’s normal for Yuan’s family not to help Yuan Hengyu. It’s normal for a person like this to be placed on other people. If you don’t beat him up, it’s even talking about relatives, not to mention. Do him a favor.

Qi Yan didn’t like to watch these calculations the least, it was both greasy and disgusting. Sitting in the car, he put away the old sauerkraut and bacon sent by Aunt Wang, “Go back.”

Zhao Li admired Master Qi’s point, even if the king of heaven and Laozi came, he would still have an expression.

Yuan Chong’an and Yuan Peng Ye and Sun were sitting on the sofa. They had already drunk three cups of tea from the Cen family. Yuan Peng even used the Cen family’s toilet cheeky once. But even if the atmosphere was so embarrassing, Yuan Chong’an didn’t say anything to leave. Although Yuan Peng was already embarrassed to the extreme, he could only bite the bullet and sit with him when he saw his grandfather like this.

Cen Qiusheng knew why Yuan Chong’an came over, but he was unwilling to take the stubborn words. He just pulled Yuan Chong’an to talk about flowers, flowers, and weather, no matter what Yuan Chong’an said, he just didn’t let go.

Yuan Chongan saw that Cen Qiusheng, an old fox, was unwilling to take the conversation, and finally gritted his teeth to tear the last layer of face: “Lao Cen, you tell me the truth, how can you make Master Qi willing to help?”

“Chong’an, the two of us have been in friendship for half a lifetime. If I could help with this, I would have been able to make your family run back and forth like this?” Cen Qiusheng looked embarrassed, “How much is Master Qi’s identity? It’s important, you don’t know. He came to live in our house, not our guest, but our distinguished guest. When did you see the host asking the distinguished guest to do something? We can’t do this kind of thing in the Cen family. ”

These words sounded euphemistically, but they actually gave Yuan Chong’an a soft slap. I just didn’t tell Yuan Chong’an directly that our Cen family can’t do such a wicked thing, and you should not force him to do wicked things because of the little friendship between the two of them in their early years.

Yuan Peng’s face was ashen when he heard that, if he hadn’t been a junior, he would have thrown his teacup and left.

“Dad.” Cen Baihe saw Yuan Jiaye and his grandson when he returned home. He nodded to them, with a cold attitude. The Manchu capital is up and down, everyone who has been with Cen Baihe knows that the fifth master of the Cen family has a cold personality, but he is very cultivated in dealing with people and things. Such a very rude behavior is usually not common.

Yuan Peng also wondered whether Cen Baihe was dissatisfied with Yuan Hengyu’s calculation of him and angered the entire Yuan family, or because of something else, but Cen Baihe was certain that he had a suspicion against their family.

When things got to this point, he really hated Yuan Hengyu, his cousin, gritted his teeth, but it had already happened, and it was useless to say more.

Cen Qiusheng didn’t seem to have seen the disrespectful behavior of his younger son. What’s more, his father, who was nearly seventy years old, couldn’t pick up his younger son, who was nearly thirty years old, in front of outsiders. He couldn’t bear it. .

The atmosphere suddenly became awkward, and even the self-proclaimed thick-skinned Yuan Chong’an felt a little feverish on his face.

The most hateful thing is that the atmosphere is already so embarrassing. The fifth master Cen didn’t know what to think, and he sat down beside him without any intention of leaving. Yuan Peng is going crazy, don’t you always think our Yuan family is not pleasing to your eyes? What are you still sitting here doing?

With Cen Baihe sitting here, the atmosphere of the few people suddenly changed from a subarctic climate to a polar ice climate, and people didn’t even know how to speak.

In the end, the old fox Yuan Chong’an had a thicker skin, and he forced Cen Baihe’s eyes to look at the stones on the roadside and said: “Lao Cen, it’s not that I embarrass you, but now I have to send the arrow on the string. If Master Qi is unwilling to help, it’s not just me. If there is a dead end, even the entire Yuan family’s luck will be ruined.”

“Look at what you said, Master Qi can be so powerful, then he has already become a billionaire, so he doesn’t need to help people see the features of Feng Shui.” Cen Qiusheng smiled, “Besides, what’s all this? The times are now, how can you put the fate of a family on the feng shui of the house? You are good at everything, but you are too superstitious. I think you are a grandson, and you have a grandson. Why should you worry about these things that have never happened? The matter is really unfounded.”

When Yuan Chong’an heard this, he almost didn’t buckle the tea in Cen Qiusheng’s face. You told others not to be superstitious. When your son is in poor health, what kind of master do you hire, just let him stay in the hospital and wait for death. NS.

But he could only think about this in his heart, and he didn’t dare to show it at all on the face.

“Also, I think you worry too much all day. We are all seven and eighty, so don’t worry about what those younger generations do? Our children and grandchildren have their own children and grandchildren. We are all right to drink tea, play chess, and watch the opera. Dance drama or something, it not only cultivates the sentiment, but also cultivates the body and mind. What’s wrong with you.”

Yuan Chong’an’s heart is about to collapse. It’s great that his children are filial, capable and worry-free? !

Well, it’s amazing. At least he doesn’t dare to live so easily like Cen Qiusheng. Even if he wants to relax, the unwary younger generations in his family will not let him idle. People are not afraid of comparisons, and they feel heartbroken when they are compared. Yuan Chongan feels that the smile on his face is almost unbearable.

Seeing Yuan Chong’an choked and couldn’t say a word, Cen Qiusheng was in a particularly good mood. Yuan Hengyu calculated his son and his son’s crush. Even if the calculation did not succeed, it did not mean that he did not hold grudges.

Alas, it is said that old children are old children. He is too old and doesn’t like to be reasonable in his work. These people should stop worrying about these things with him.

When Qi Yan returned to Cen’s house, he found that the atmosphere in the living room was a little stiff. After Yuan Peng saw him appear, his eyes almost glowed concretely.

“Master Qi,” Yuan Peng stood up from the sofa, looked at Qi Yan and said, “You are back.”

“Hello.” Qi Yan put the sauerkraut jar and bacon on the table and nodded to the Yuan family.

Cen Baihe glanced at what he put on the table and asked curiously, “What did you get?”

“Kimchi and bacon were sent by Aunt Wang.” Worried that he didn’t remember who Aunt Wang was, he added specifically, “It was the aunt who praised you for being handsome when you accompanied me home to pack things.”

Cen Baihe was very impressed with Aunt Wang, because this aunt had a very personal personality. At first sight, he didn’t pay attention to his luxury car or the famous brand on his body. Even the bodyguard he brought with him was not so curious. Instead, he praised his good looks without any psychological burden.

He seldom meets such a pure, heroic and unpretentious aunt. It is really difficult to have no impression of her. “Then ask the kitchen to cook bacon tomorrow.”

“Okay, this is authentic Sichuan-style bacon, made by Aunt Wang’s family, and it’s more fragrant than the one bought outside.”

Yuan Peng saw the two people talking around a piece of old bacon for a long time, and couldn’t help but speak: “Master Qi, we are here today and we have something to ask for.” If it wasn’t for the younger brother who wouldn’t come over, he wouldn’t do it now. So embarrassed, thinking of this, he complained a little about his brother Yuan Cheng.


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