The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 86

Qi Yan looked at Yuan Peng in surprise: “Yuan Dashao, are you kidding me?”

Yuan Peng looked blank, what does this mean?

“Your relatives have done something that offends me, and I am not a Bodhisattva. Why do you think I will agree to your so-called request?” Qi Yan asked the helper to help him put the bacon and kimchi away, smiling nonchalantly.” I have long heard that the Yuan family has the resilience in doing things, so that they can buy up such a big family business. I am young and have a bad temper, and I can’t bear to be wronged. Be smart.”

Yuan Peng’s face sank completely, “Master Qi, what you said is too unkind.”

“We have no favors. There is nothing far away,” Qi Yan couldn’t help laughing. “If it weren’t for the face of Uncle Cen, I wouldn’t see your family when you came the first few times. I am. I have already said that I am a person who cares about fate, and your family has no fate with me. It depends on the matter of Yinzhai’s point of dragon’s cave, the juniors are not capable, so I still don’t intervene.”

When Qi Yan talked to this point, it was tantamount to tearing his face directly with the Yuan family. There were not many people who dared to tear his face with the Yuan family. Like Qi Yan who was so unscrupulous, it was even more pitiful, ahead of him. There is only one person, and that is Cen Baihe.

Even if Yuan Chong’an can bear it, he is now embarrassed by a junior, and he laughs in anger, “Well, well, you deserve to be a young and famous Master Qi, who speaks and does things so confidently.” He stood up and looked like an old monk. Cen Qiusheng, who has entered the dominion, said, “Old Cen, you are actually taking care of this Master Qi.”

These words are equivalent to asking about Cen Qiusheng’s attitude. If the Cen family did not interfere, their Yuan family would not swallow this breath. Cen Baihe was born a proud son of heaven, and they didn’t want to really make trouble with the Cen family.

“Old Yuan, what do you say,” Cen Qiusheng raised his eyelids, still smiling, “Master Qi is a distinguished guest of our Cen family, where we can take care of him.”

Even Master Qi, whom the Cen family regards as a distinguished guest, and the Yuan family dare to move, you have to think about whether you have this ability.

The relationship between the Cen family and the Yuan family was good in the early years. Now the younger generation of the Cen family is getting more and more prosperous, but there is no one in the Yuan family who can tell. The relationship between Cen Qiusheng and Yuan Chong’an has always been subtle. Yuan Chong’an’s nephew used that shameful method to calculate Cen Baihe. The Cen family, who has always been short-term caregivers, had long been choked up in their hearts. Yuan Chong’an performed a severely ill drama. Although the Cen family began to target the Yuan family privately, But the noodles still maintained a little bit of face.

The skin that will be torn sooner or later, it is better to tear it off today, and you can relieve your breath.

“It seems that I shouldn’t be here today,” Yuan Chong’an stood up from the sofa and said with a chuckle, “You and my family have been together for many years, and today you are no better than an outsider.”

Qi Yan moved his eyebrows, and just about to speak, Cen Baihe grabbed his wrist.

“I think you may have understood it wrong,” Cen Baihe said lightly, “There are only two distinguished guests here today.”

Qi Yan looked at the wrist grabbed by Cen Baihe, and couldn’t help thinking, isn’t it that when the giants are tearing the frame, they are particularly euphemistic, profound, and nine bends and eighteen bends? Why is the words between the Yuan family and the Cen family so straightforward? It was so straightforward that he was suspicious of the giants competition scenes he had seen before.

“Good, good,” Yuan Chong’an laughed furiously, looking at Qi Yan’s grasped wrist, stretched out his hand and slowly clapped his hands: “In ancient times, there were heroes who rushed to the crown and became a beloved. Today, Cen Wuye is not afraid of everything. Yan.” Speaking of this, he glanced at Cen Qiusheng, “It’s really breathtaking.”

Cen Qiusheng lowered his eyelids, with an expression that I couldn’t hear being sleepy now.

Cen Baihe faced Yuan Jiaye and Sun and dropped three words: “I’m happy.”

Yuan Chongan felt that the Cen family’s brain might be sick, and they were still very sick. The son and a man were sticky and unclear. They did not respond. Even if he told the matter clearly, Cen Qiusheng didn’t get a wrinkle. brow. Whether it is true or not, at this time, you should come out and say two sentences to clear up your suspicion, how can you not say a word?

This family is all made of cunning foxes, why are they all turned into dull gourds now?

Yuan Chong’an and Yuan Pengye and Sun walked away. Qi Yan looked at his arm and Cen Baihe’s hand, raising his eyebrows: “Lan Yan?”

Cen Baihe’s expression changed, and finally he admitted: “I don’t have any trusted friends around me. Since you appeared by my side, those people have misunderstood.” He carefully observed Qi Yan’s expression. When things get angry, how can he coax people back?

“I said that these people from rich family backgrounds are more complicated than one, and they always think in such a messy direction. They are dressed appropriately, and they are still old drivers inside.” Qi Yan is not angry because of a few gossips from others. Friends, isn’t it true that loved ones hurt the enemies quickly?

“Old driver?” Cen Baihe was puzzled, what does this have to do with the old driver.

Qi Yan didn’t explain the meaning of this term to him, turned his head and said to Cen Qiusheng, “Uncle, I have a trouble with the Yuan family, will it be bad for you?”

“The Yuan family’s hands and feet have become increasingly unclean in the past two years. I am worried about finding any reason to completely turn my face with their family. Now letting you carry this scapegoat is beneficial to me without harm, but it is not to you. Great,” Cen Qiusheng smiled kindly, “so you don’t have to take it too seriously.”

Qi Yan nodded, then hesitated: “In fact, it’s okay to stay away from the Yuan family, their family’s fortune is over.”

He didn’t tell lies, Yuan Chong’an and Yuan Peng have already suffered a lot of bad luck. Maybe the Yuan family will end their prosperous days before long.

Cen Qiusheng was startled when he heard the words, and shook his head: “Since that incident happened, their family has been worse off every day.”

When most people heard such words, they would be curious to ask what was going on, but Cen Qiusheng waited for a long time, but Qi Yan didn’t ask. He coughed and said, “Twenty years ago, who didn’t envy Yuan Chong’an for having a smart and capable son, but he had a conflict with his son. Since then, the son has gone to live in other places, and the father and son have never met again. .”

Qi Yan heard something else from Cen Qiusheng’s words. He sat down on the sofa: “According to the rich family ethical drama, it’s nothing more than a son watching an ordinary Cinderella, or Laozi cheating and so on. Until the death of Lao Tzu or the accidental death of his son, the two of them let go of their suspicions and cried in the mourning hall and they were done.”

Cen Qiusheng twitched the corners of his mouth. How could he go on gossip?

“Not far from what you guessed, his son is not interested in Cinderella, but a man. How could Yuan Chong’an, a face-saving person, endure his son’s entanglement with a man, and finally force him to follow a good family background? ‘S girl got married and almost gave birth to a child. How could that man endure this, he left the imperial capital out of anger, his son also hated his dad, and finally left the Yuan family, and a couple of lovers made trouble to this point. It’s also a pity.”

After listening to this gossip, Qi Yan was silent for a long time. Just when Cen Qiusheng thought he was disgusted with this matter, Qi Yan spoke again: “What about his wife?”

Cen Qiusheng was stunned for a moment: “I don’t know. It is said that when he left, his wife was pregnant with a child. He aborted and left the country not long after this incident. I haven’t heard of her in these years.”

“They loved it vigorously anyway, what a pity, the most pity should be his wife,” Qi Yan shook his head, and a young girl married into their home, but the Yuan family used it as a tool for his son to return to the family. In the end, her husband ran away after she became pregnant. Whom did she go to to make sense?

“His son likes men, so he should not get married under pressure, or tell that girl about his love for men. Is it true that a girl is still crying and begging to marry him?” Qi Yan’s tone was a little disdainful. “If he is so reluctant, how can he get his girl pregnant? Isn’t he just wanting to marry a wife and have children, but don’t want to lose his sweetheart? On the surface of reluctance, he should still be a little bit interested in inheriting the family. But he still loved the man more, so after that man left, he fell out with the Yuan family.”

“Everyone regrets that he has lost his lover, and who comes to sympathize with the woman who was implicated by the innocent from beginning to end,” Qi Yan took a sip of tea, “in the name of true love, to hurt innocent people. There will be retribution.”

Cen Qiusheng was stunned, and Qi Yan was right. In the past two decades, what everyone can remember is that Yuan Chong’an beat a mandarin duck, causing his son to break up with his lover, and even separated from the Yuan family. People who feel that his son is not filial, people with open minds think Yuan Chong’an has done too much, that his son hates him, but few talk about Yuan Chong’an’s daughter-in-law.

Obviously she is Yuan Mingzong’s wife and the most innocent victim in this vigorous love, but everyone regards her as a dispensable bystander.

He originally wanted to use this incident to show that he respected his children’s view of love, but he didn’t expect Qi Yan to understand this point, and his perception of Yuan’s family instantly became worse. He also made the same mistakes as others. Feel ashamed.

“Our Cen family is different from the Yuan family,” Cen Baihe filled Qi Yan’s cup with water. “Our family will never have such a situation, nor will it harm innocent people.”

Qi Yan picked up the teacup and took a big sip: “Of course I know that the Cen family is different from the Yuan family. Don’t take the Yuan family’s affairs to yourself, and it’s not unlucky.”

Cen Baihe smiled while holding the teapot.

Cen Qiusheng looked at his younger son like this, and his heart was anxious to death. This kid usually looks very powerful, but how can he lose his slaughter and decisiveness in the business field at a critical time?

Come on! Regardless of the explicit hint, you must at least make the other party aware of the ambiguous thoughts! Just so tepid, when can you chase people? Don’t go to a friend’s wedding in tears when the time comes, and be the best man with the grief!

Thinking that the youngest son might end up so miserably, Cen Qiusheng stroked his chest and tortured an old man to death!

“As long as you don’t do bad things, there is nothing to lose,” Cen Baihe lowered his eyelids. “Our family had some contacts with the Yuan family a few years ago. Am I afraid you might misunderstand?”

“Your family has no sister paper for me to marry, how could I misunderstand?”


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