The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 87


The warm palm fell on Qi Yan’s head, and Cen Baihe said, “You go upstairs and rest for a while. After you wake up, I will ask the doctor to change your dressing.”

Qi Yan nodded, turned around and walked upstairs, halfway around, and looked back. Cen Baihe was looking at him, and he showed a puzzled expression to him. Is there anything wrong with him?

Cen Baihe smiled at him, then looked away. Qi Yan thought to himself, is he suffering from brain tonic disease recently?

He slept for a while in the afternoon, and when he woke up, he thought of the couple he met in the cultural activity room. They were obviously like gods and goddesses, but he saw infidelity from the man. If he were not for fortune-telling, I am afraid he would not believe that such a gentle and elegant man would betray his family and marriage.

There was a knock on the door, Qi Yan got up from the bed, opened the door and saw Cen Baihe standing outside, “Come in, I’ll change my clothes first.”

Since entering October, the imperial capital has been getting colder day by day. Qi Yan has wounds on his arm. Wearing too thick will affect the recovery of the wound. Wearing too thin and unbearable, so he has tried his best to choose loose clothes these days. Of clothes to wear.

Hearing the words “change clothes”, Cen Baihe’s eyes drifted a little, and he sat down on the solo sofa honestly, telling him rationally that his eyes shouldn’t be drifting, but the corner of his eyes didn’t live up to his temper, and he couldn’t bear it all the time. Living in the direction of Qi Yan.

Qianqian’s waist is so thin and her back is so white. I don’t know if she has abdominal muscles?

“You have spent a lot of time at home these days,” Qi Yan turned to Cen Baihe while putting the long-sleeved T-shirt around his neck, “Big bosses are so relaxed?”

It turns out that Qianqian really has abdominal muscles. Although it is not obvious, it will definitely not make people feel like a bunch of soft fat. It seems… it looks like I really want to touch it.

“Ah, it’s okay,” Cen Baihe withdrew his gaze, his ears were a little red.

Qi Yan didn’t notice that he was uncomfortable because his cell phone rang.

“Boss Li?” Qi Yan received the call from the other party, and after a long moment he remembered that the other party was the unlucky developer who had spent a lot of money to develop Hongliang Mountain, but there were mountain spirits and dragon veins there, almost. Was ruined.


Since he started to build the temple, Boss Li’s luck with his clean running has gradually returned. Not only does his investment in other areas go smoothly, but also his family’s health is no longer problematic. He is now full of radiance. The body is great, and the only sequelae is that if you see gods and immortals, you can’t help but worship. Even those mountains where gods are rumored to be immortal, he has to behave twice, regardless of his spirit, at least I can ask for peace of mind.

The Taoist temple was built in just two or three months. The only problem is that I don’t know how to carve the **** of the mountain, whether it’s anthropomorphic, abstract, kind or vicious. This made Boss Li undecided, not to mention that he didn’t dare to be rash, so he thought about it, and he still begged Qi Yan.

“The raw material of the **** statue is the stone of Hongliang Mountain. The mountain **** was born here. It would be more appropriate to use a part of his body to make his statue. As for the shape of the sculpture, this one is not so particular,” Qi Yan learned of Boss Li’s After worrying, he explained with a smile, “The form of gods is originally imaginary by us humans. They can be plants, mountains and rivers, animals or humans. What they look like in your heart, let people think about it. What will it look like?”

After Boss Li hung up the phone, he thought about it carefully, and he felt that Master Qi’s words were very reasonable, because no one knew what the **** looked like, and the impression was more fixed by those portraits.

Boss Li thought about it for a long time, picked up a pen and drew an oval on the paper, smooth, without any extraneous egg-shaped objects.

God is a beam of light in his heart, and things like light can’t be carved out, so carve a ball of light.

At the moment he wrote, he hadn’t guessed at all. In the near future, the mountain temple he built will become incense and become a famous place for wishing in China, whether it is for luck, work, or college entrance examination. Yes, they all like to come to this temple to worship, and the merit box is also full of merit money from the incense worshippers. Tourists from abroad also like to come here to hang a wishing card, tie a good luck satin or something.

After drawing the appearance of the mountain god, he explained the matter, and by the way gave Qi Yan a thank-you fee.

Master Qi is a good master, he can’t neglect.

Qi Yan received a bank notification text message on his mobile phone saying that he had hundreds of thousands of dollars in his account. After thinking about it, he guessed that it was the money that Boss Li had given.

He took the money with peace of mind, and after transferring part of it to the charity platform, he forgot the matter behind him.

Huaan Relief Society is China’s most credible and most trusted charity organization. Since its establishment, it has been committed to education and assistance, protection of women and children, and natural disaster relief. They receive donations from all over the country every day. , These donations vary in number, but they will arrange staff to count them and put them on the official website. It is clear at a glance which money is used and where.

The staff of this charity organization are not volunteers. Part of their income comes from the foundation and the other part comes from government subsidies. The overall income level is not high, but it is not low, but the people are more in favor of this approach.

Because everyone is a layman, how to eat without money, how to dress, how to bear family responsibilities? Speaking clearly in this way is more reassuring than those who work as free volunteers but gain fame for profit.

Because when donating money, some people choose to be anonymous, and some people choose to leave their own names, but either way, it is a kind deed. Every quarter, the relief society will govern the total donation of the same people. This time, they found that the amount of donations from a private individual has exceeded one million, and the number of transfers to this personal bank account is very large. The small amount is only five hundred, and the large one is hundreds of thousands. It just happened today. Turned over one hundred thousand.

Generally, such donation accounts with a relatively large total amount, whether anonymous or public, must report to their superiors to avoid unnecessary trouble.

“How much is the anonymous donation?” When the superior heard the employee’s report, he almost thought he had heard it wrong.

“One hundred and thirty-nine thousand and five hundred.”

This amount of money is said to be big and not comparable to the amount of donations made by those big people. It is said that it is small, but it is money that many ordinary people can only save for decades. But many big people have their own charitable foundations or foundations they trust. Whoever insists on donating to them all the time, even if ordinary people are willing to help, it is impossible for them to donate so much money in just six months.

“Put up a report, this will be managed by the upper management.” The superior management thought about it, and then sent a report to the relevant department. They have no right to check the personal information of the person behind the bank account.

Not long after this report was posted, they received a reply from the above, to the effect that this person is a genuine benevolent person, so don’t care too much.

It took less than an hour, and the reply came down, and it was obvious that they did not want them to guess the identity of this person. It seemed that he was really a low-key and kind-hearted person with some background. After thinking about it, he suppressed the matter and asked other colleagues not to mention it again.

Although they had to receive this person’s transfer every three to five, sometimes even as high as one million, they were surprised and surprised and got used to it.

A major incident occurred in Chunhua Community. The famous model couple in the community quarreled. The wife scratched her husband’s face. The man went out without saying a word. He didn’t know that the woman was about to jump off the building when she turned her head.

It’s also a coincidence that this woman was about to jump off the building at two or three in the morning. It stands to reason that no one knew that she had jumped off the building. I didn’t know that a thief happened to enter the community that night and was chased to the top floor. Everyone had no time to think about why the top floor. The passage door was not closed, and the property owners and security guards chased after him.

But before the people caught up, they heard the thief screaming, as if they saw something terrible. They ran to the top of the building and almost took a breath of fright. A woman in a red dress, red shoes and shaved head Standing by the guardrail, if it wasn’t for their crowds in the middle of the night, they would really be scared to pee.

“Isn’t this Teacher Lin?” Someone in the crowd recognized this woman. Seeing her in this dress standing by the fence, they realized that something might be wrong, so they said cautiously, “It’s so late, the wind is strong, you Go back to bed, don’t catch a cold.”

Teacher Lin didn’t expect anyone to come up in the middle of the night. She turned to look at these people, her voice a little hoarse and said, “It’s so late, why are you still not asleep?”

The security guards took the opportunity to tie up the thief who was so scared to pee his pants, and then called the police again, “We are catching the thief.”

Everyone saw that Teacher Lin was a little pale, with delicate makeup on her face, and wearing beautiful jewelry, vaguely felt something was wrong, but there were a few big men present, so it’s hard to reach out and pull her directly, so as not to be caught. Misunderstanding, I’m afraid to kneel on the washboard after going back, “Are you here to see the stars?”

Teacher Lin was stunned for a moment, then curled up her lips and smiled: “Yes, look at the stars.”

Two men who were not married saw this smile a little dazzlingly. They are worthy of being drama actors. They laughed so beautifully.

Just when they thought Teacher Lin couldn’t think about jumping off the building, Teacher Lin actually walked over the fence, and when they passed by, he whispered thank you.

However, the two security guards were still a little worried. Early the next morning, they ran and knocked on the door of Teacher Lin’s house. As a result, no one opened the door for a long time. After they called in the surveillance, they found that Teacher Lin had never left the building.

The security guards dared to call the police, and then forcibly broke into the door, and saw Teacher Lin in a red dress lying in a pool of blood, with a men’s brooch still in her hand.

Qi Yan was criticized by Cen Baihe. Because his wound became inflamed and swollen, he was forcibly taken to the hospital by Cen Baihe early in the morning.

As soon as he entered the door of the hospital, he saw doctors and nurses pushing an ambulance bed, and he hurried back to the side.

When the ambulance bed passed by him, he glanced at the pale patient and recognized her at first sight, the beautiful woman who came to pick up her husband in the Palace of Culture.


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