The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 88

“Please give in!”

“hurry up!”

Qi Yan frowned even more as he watched the ambulance bed disappear behind the elevator.

“Money?” Cen Baihe noticed that Qi Yan’s expression was not right.

“The person on the ambulance bed, I just met yesterday,” Qi Yan sighed, “He was fine at the time.”

Cen Baihe silently patted him on the shoulder: “Let’s treat the wound first.”

After seeing the doctor, Qi Yan was criticized by the doctor. Facing the harsh eyes of the doctor, Qi Yan could only listen to the training honestly.

“The wound was not very inflamed. Fortunately, you came very promptly. If it takes too long, you can only remove the sutures to remove all the surrounding rotten flesh, and then re-sutural,” the uncle doctor nagged, “you young people, too. Don’t take the body seriously. It’s better than anything else. It’s better than anything else.

Qi Yan nodded obediently. Seeing that Qi Yan was so temperless, the doctor was too embarrassed to continue. After helping him treat the wound, he prescribed oral anti-inflammatory drugs: “The pharmacy downstairs lined up to get the medicine.”

“Thank you, doctor.” Qi Yan walked out of the doctor’s office, and he let out a long sigh of relief.

Seeing him like this, Cen Baihe couldn’t help feeling a little funny: “Now I know I’m afraid?”

Qi Yan glared at him: “Is there any brotherhood? If you see your brothers in trouble, let’s not sympathize. You even laughed at me.”

“Who said I don’t sympathize with you, I sympathize with you,” Cen Baihe coughed dryly, “I will send you the medicine on the medicine list. Don’t go in line.” When he went upstairs just now, he saw the medicine. There is a long queue at the price-setting window, and I don’t know how long it will take.

“Okay,” Qi Yan stuffed the medicine list into Cen Baihe’s hand. When the two were about to enter the elevator and leave, an old lady stopped him.

“Xiao Qi.”

“Aunt Hao, why are you here?” Qi Yan didn’t expect to meet the old lady who had competed with him yesterday, because when Aunt Wang told him her name, the name was too personal and he remembered it all at once. .

When Hao Meili heard Qi Yan’s name, she knew that Wang Jiaojiao must have told the young man her name, “Someone in our community has been sent to the hospital for rescue. I will come to see her as a representative of the owners’ committee.”

Qi Yan thought for a while: “Is it a very beautiful young woman?”

“Do you know her?” Hao Meili raised her eyebrows in surprise. “She is now seriously injured and unconscious. The cause of the injury is unknown. The police are investigating this case.” After that, she noticed Cen Baihe next to Qi Yan and couldn’t help but fall. Take a breath, where’s the big man, who looks so good.

She glanced at Cen Baihe’s face for several times, then smiled and said with emotion: “What a handsome young man.”

Qi Yan laughed. Aunt Hao and Aunt Wang are worthy of friends, and even praise Cen Baihe for being similar, “Yes, people are divided into groups, I am so handsome, how can friends not be handsome.”

Hao Meili laughed a few times, but did not refute Qi Yan’s words. She glanced at his hand and said, “It’s a blessing and misfortune. It’s not bad to get a new blood if you get a little injury, and it’s not bad to increase your hematopoietic function.”

Saying goodbye to Aunt Wang, Qi Yan and Cen Baihe walked into the elevator, and Cen Baihe asked, “That old lady was also from your community?” I don’t know if it was his illusion. He always felt that the people in Qiyan community were very different from others. He couldn’t pick out any difference.

Qi Yan shook his head: “One community, but not the same community.” There were other people in the elevator, and Qi Yan didn’t tell him the true identity of Hao Meili.

The elevator stopped on the sixth floor, and soon a couple holding the child walked in from the outside. The child cried a lot. While the child’s mother coaxed, she took out a mixed milk powder from the bag held by the man. Milk bottle.

There were a lot of people in the elevator. When the bottle was taken out, he accidentally touched Qi Yan’s arm, and Qi Yan realized that the milk was cold.

The child seemed to be very resistant to the pacifier of the baby bottle. He didn’t want to drink any milk. The pacifier was stuffed into his mouth. He also shook his head and spit out the pacifier, and cried louder. Although everyone in the elevator did not like to hear children crying, they were also able to understand the children’s health. Everyone didn’t say anything, but the children’s parents showed impatient expressions on their faces.

“Eldest sister, the child is crying a lot, so don’t breast-feed the child. What if you get choked?” Qi Yan glanced at the vicissitudes of the child’s mother’s face and the child’s white tender apple face. The couple They are all single eyelids, but can they give birth to a child with double eyelids? This kid has the same chance of winning the lottery. When he grows up, he should buy a dozen of the seven-star lottery to try his luck.

“Thank you.” The eldest sister held the baby bottle’s hand stiffly, put the baby bottle back into the man’s hand, and continued to hug the baby.

“Let me try it,” Qi Yan took the child in her hand while the elder sister was not paying attention, “I am the best at coaxing children.”

Qi Yan’s action was too abrupt. Everyone in the elevator began to suspect that he was the kid-robbing villain. Two more enthusiastic young people even stood at the elevator door, ready to stop Qi Yan at any time.

Cen Baihe didn’t expect money to come out like this suddenly, but based on his understanding of Qi Yan, Qi Yan is definitely not such an inexplicable person. The only explanation is that there is a problem with the couple. He reached out and stopped in front of Qi Yan, not allowing the couple to **** the child away.

It’s strange to say that after this kid who was still crying just now was hugged by Qi Yan, his cries became much smaller. In just half a minute, the voice gradually calmed down, turning around with his big, sullen eyes. , Seems to be very curious about the surrounding environment.

In the confined space of the elevator, everyone felt something was wrong with this situation. Some felt something was wrong with Qi Yan, and some felt something was wrong with the couple, but everyone became more alert.

The moment the elevator descended to the first floor and the elevator door opened, the couple wanted to reach out to grab the child in Qi Yan’s hand, but Cen Baihe pushed them away. Taking advantage of this gap, Qi Yan shouted, “They are not the children’s parents, please call the police.”

There were a lot of people in the lobby on the first floor, some of them came to register, and some came to pay the hospital bill. Hearing Qi Yan’s yelling, many people looked towards Qi Yan. When the two nurses at the information desk heard these words, their faces changed in fright, and they rushed toward the elevator.

“No one is allowed to leave!”

“Bring the child to the hospital! Call the police!”

The crowd yelled twice, and immediately surrounded Qi Yan, Cen Baihe, and the haggard-looking couple, making it difficult for people to fly their wings.

The couple’s faces turned pale. They didn’t expect that they were about to go out of the hospital, and such an accident would happen. They looked at each other and wanted to run away without being noticed. Young people stopped the way.

“You, what do you want to do?”

“You don’t even want the children?” The two young people are not stupid. The couple’s reaction made them see that the problem is not the young man who suddenly took the child away, but the couple.

The farce was quickly resolved because someone called the police saying that his child had been lost in the hospital.

The parents who had secretly carried their children were taken away by the police, and Qi Yan sneaked away from the crowd with an attitude of doing good things without leaving a name. Soon he appeared on a local news program again. The title was “Witty Guy Fighting Human Traffickers”. The host described what happened in an exaggerated tone. Qi Yan blushed when he heard it, but Cen’s family watched with gusto. Even Tuantuan listened quietly like a small adult.

“Xiao Yan, do you think you are a lucky star? Where did things happen? As long as you show up, the disaster will be resolved in advance?” After watching the show, Cen Sange thought of the car accident and the incidents in Tuan Tuan school. I couldn’t help but say, “You were a **** in the sky in your last life, right?”

“Yeah,” Qi Yan nodded, “I did things so well in my previous life. The old man of Jade Emperor gave me a vacation and asked me to come to the world for vacation.”

“Will you go back then?” Tuantuan nervously pulled Qi Yan to rest, “Uncle Qi, don’t go back, otherwise I and Uncle Wu will be very sad.”

“Well, as long as Tuantuan eats obediently every day and sleeps on time, then I won’t go back.” Qi Yan didn’t have the mental burden of deceiving the child at all.

“Really?” Tuantuan widened his eyes and stretched out his little finger. “Then we have to pull the hook.”

“Okay, pull the hook.” Qi Yan carried out a serious commitment ceremony with Tuantuan. The acting skills were already superb, and it was only after the Oscar didn’t award him the figurine.

Brother Cen was very helpless. Her cute little girl is now talking about Uncle Qi all day long. Even his father is not attractive anymore. How sad she thinks.

After eating, Qi Yan couldn’t sleep. He opened the French window and walked to the balcony to look at the stars outside. The more he looked at it, the more he felt that the moon was still the most beautiful and brightest in autumn. The moonlight was very comfortable on him, and there was even a strange warmth.

“Qian Qian,” Cen Baihe also stood on the balcony, and saw Qi Yan come out, a smile appeared on his expressionless face, “I haven’t slept so late?”

“You haven’t slept either,” Qi Yan lay on the balcony fence, tilted his head to look at Cen Baihe in dark pajamas, smiled at him and revealed a deep dimple, “Can’t you sleep?”

“Well,” the two were separated by a room, but Cen Baihe felt that his heart was at peace like never before, “what about you, why can’t you fall asleep?”

“I’m thinking about that woman today.”

The smile on Cen Baihe’s face was slightly stiff, “What do you miss her?”

“I was thinking about the reason for her injury,” Qi Yan sighed. “She was sent to the hospital for rescue. The husband who was rumored to have a deep relationship with her did not show up. Her husband has a dog outside.”


“It’s derailed,” Qi Yan shook his head, “So no matter how beautiful and gorgeous the relationship is, it may become pale in the end. Choosing to break up peacefully is already the best ending. The most embarrassing ending is betrayal. Heaven and man will be separated forever. .”

Maybe the couple have truly loved each other, but this love is not worth the washing of time, so the woman thinks they are still in love, and the man has betrayed this feeling.

“Are you… don’t believe in love?” Cen Baihe was silent for a long time, and finally asked the question he wanted to ask.

For a while, there was silence between the two.


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