The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 89

Seeing that Qi Yan didn’t answer this question, Cen Baihe’s heart sank: “Have you ever thought about what kind of person you would like?”

Qi Yan felt that Cen Baihe’s tone was a little strange, as if he was suppressing some emotion and didn’t want him to see it: “I thought about it when I was young.”

Cen Baihe suddenly raised his head to look at Qi Yan: “What kind of?”

“It’s the White Lady,” Qi Yan said. “At that time, I thought the White Lady was beautiful. Not only could she fly, but she could also steal Ganoderma lucidum. Her **** were placed next to her head and it glowed. She was simply too beautiful. My childhood goddess.”

Cen Baihe:…

No matter how good the atmosphere is, it will be broken by the weird idea of ​​money.

However, the actor who played the White Lady is already married, and the child is older than Qianqian. He feels that he can feel relieved.

“It’s pretty,” Cen Baihe nodded sullenly. The chat couldn’t continue, but he felt that he could hold on for a while. “Then you didn’t have anyone you liked when you were a teenager?”

“I don’t have time, class time is tight, I have a lot of homework, I still have to learn metaphysics, and I am drawing symbols in my dreams at night,” Qi Yan thought carefully, “Does it count to like Optimus Prime?”

After Qi Yan found out that he had said this, Cen Baihe’s expression was hard to say.

“Optimus Prime is no longer in the scope of people.” Cen Baihe felt that he was masturbating himself. While looking forward to money and money, he was also happy that money and money did not like others. As long as Qianqian is not tempted by others, he still has a chance.

“Then it’s gone,” Qi Yan put his cheek in one hand and looked at Cen Baihe. “What about you, you are almost 30 years old. You never liked anyone, right?”

The words “person who is almost 30 years old” are really not beautiful words. Cen Baihe raised his eyebrows, “Are you despising me for being older?”

“Men are older and more stable. They don’t dislike them,” Qi Yan said with a smile, “Besides, I don’t think it matters, as long as the people you like don’t dislike them.”

“Well, he doesn’t dislike the person I like.” Cen Baihe looked at him with a smile, “As long as he doesn’t dislike it.”

Qi Yan felt that the more he heard the words, the more wrong he was. Looking at Cen Baihe’s expression, the other party just looked at him and smiled. If there was any difference, it didn’t seem to be very different, but his own heart was a little weird.

“Really,” Qi Yan blinked, “It’s good if she doesn’t dislike it.”

Cen Baihe saw a slight change in Qi Yan’s expression, and the smile on his face became stronger: “Yes. Look, today’s moonlight is so beautiful.”

Qi Yan looked up at the sky, smiled and nodded: “Well, it’s beautiful.” Xu Xu Yefeng blew on the faces of the two of them, bringing a trace of coolness, Qi Yan pulled the pajamas on him, “It’s cold, I’m still Go back to sleep.”

“Good night.” In front of Qi Yan, Cen Baihe never kept his smile.

The life at Cen’s house is too comfortable, which gives Qi Yan a feeling of not knowing what eve is. For him, there is no difference between weekends and Mondays, because he eats delicious food and sleeps late every day.

On the day when he went to the hospital to remove the stitches, the weather was exceptionally good. Standing in the corridor of the hospital, he saw Lin Shuo and another man he had seen.

He had never seen Lin Shuo so angry, even when he discovered that his girlfriend was a human trafficker, his emotions were not so intense, let alone punching a man’s glasses flying.

“Second,” Qi Yan walked to Lin Shuo, “inadvertently” stepped on the hand of the man lying on the ground, “what happened?”

“Chen Jiayang, let me tell you, as long as my sister doesn’t wake up, you don’t even think about Ann’s birthday!” Lin Shuo still wanted to beat Chen Jiayang, but was stopped by Qi Yan. Carefully stepped on the man’s hand. After hearing the man’s painful cry, he apologized, “Hey, sorry, I didn’t see it just now.”

“Asshole!” Lin Shuo saw Qi Yan, his anger finally faded, “You are ten years older than my elder sister, but because my elder sister likes you, our family still agrees to let her marry you. How did you think Our family promised? Now my sister is lying in a coma, but you pretend to say that you don’t know anything!”

“If you don’t know anything, why is my sister holding your brooch in her hand?” Lin Shuo’s voice was a little hoarse.

“Lin Shuo, you are still young and impulsive. I won’t blame you.” Chen Jiayang picked up his glasses from the ground and put them on, then slowly got up from the ground. “But my relationship with your sister has always been very good. That night we After the quarrel, I went to my friend’s house for one night. Both the police and my friend can testify. Your sister is now like this, and I am more sad than anyone else.”

Chen Jiayang seemed to have lost a lot of weight, and his clothes were hung empty, no longer the graceful elegance of Qi Yan the last time he saw him.

Qi Yan did not expect that the beautiful woman would be Lin Shuo’s sister, and he had never heard Lin Shuo mention that he had a sister. No wonder he couldn’t help but pay more attention to her when he first saw that beautiful woman. So there is such a reason?

Chen Jiayang definitely does not love Sister Lin Shuo as he showed. Because he loves someone, he will consider Sister Lin Shuo as his own. The address should be more inclined to the abbreviation or nickname of Sister Lin Shuo instead of One mouthful of “your sister” at Lin Shuo. If Lin Shuo were their son, it would be normal to give him a mouthful of “your mother”, because parents and children are one body, this kind of name will not be xenophobic, but will make the children feel more secure in the family.

In their profession, intuition is a very mysterious thing, and they never dare to ignore the premonition brought by intuition.

At this time, he wouldn’t ask why Lin Shuo didn’t tell him about his sister, but instead stopped Lin Shuo from letting him do stupid things. This man named Chen Jiayang looks very gentle, but he should be a man of good fortune. Now that Lin Shuo has beaten him, he may report to the police that he has been attacked when he turns his head.

Normal people should never use their own moral values ​​to demand shameless people, because the facts have proved that it will only make normal people suffer.

“Mr. Chen Jiayang?” Qi Yan thought to himself, the pronunciation of the last name is the same, and Bai He is much more open and upright than this person, even though the people outside are very afraid of him.

“Mr. Qi,” Chen Jiayang recognized that this young man was the one who won his checkers competition in the last community sports competition. He wiped off the blood stains from the corner of his mouth that Lin Shuo had beaten. “I didn’t expect you to know Lin Shuo. ”

“We are college classmates,” Qi Yan took Lin Shuo’s hand, not letting him speak. “It is said that Mr. Chen and Sister Lin are a loving couple who envy others. They don’t know what kind of misunderstandings will cause them. Into such a consequence?”

“Fourth, you don’t have to talk to this kind of human-faced and beast-hearted person, even if you ask him, he won’t be honest!”

Chen Jiayang smiled bitterly: “Lin Shuo, I know that your sister’s suicide is very difficult for you to accept, but marriage is often not the responsibility of one party. Your sister is good at everything, but she is too suspicious. When I said a word to other women, she would doubt it for a long time. This time I just answered a phone call from a female student in less than three minutes. She insisted that I was unclear with this female student. What would you tell me to do? ”

“Impossible, my sister is not like that!”

“Women have two appearances before and after marriage. You haven’t gotten married yet, you don’t understand.”

Qi Yan didn’t see much sadness or worry about Sister Lin’s suicide in this male god. He was more arguing, arguing that he had nothing to do with this matter, and arguing that he had not done anything to sorry Lin Jie, this kind of eagerness. The attitude of disregard is very disgusting.

Could it be that two loving people at the end, even do not even remember the basic old feelings? Let alone a husband and wife, even if they are a pet, seeing that it has been seriously injured due to their negligence, most people should feel sad and blame themselves instead of shirking their responsibilities impatiently.

More importantly, Qi Yan had seen Lin Shuo’s face. It was definitely not an unreasonable, unreasonable character, and Chen Jiayang was lying.

“Women have two appearances before and after marriage, isn’t it the same for men?” Qi Yan sneered, “Teacher Chen, have you ever heard of tongue-out hell?”

“What does Mr. Qi mean?” Chen Jiayang pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose, and a smile appeared on his face. “As an intellectual, I don’t believe in religion or ghosts. I hope you can understand.”

“It’s okay,” Qi Yan twitched his lips. “As long as you are from Huaxia, you have always heard of eighteen layers of hell. It’s a pity that I am also a ghostless theist, so the tongue **** is compiled by the ancestors. The story, but the person who lied will get retribution sooner or later.”

“Really?” Chen Jiayang nodded and said, “That would be great.”

“Yes, great,” Qi Yan smiled and narrowed his eyes. “Ms. Chen may not know that I have a bad habit.”

Chen Jiayang felt that this young man surnamed Qi was a little weird. He seemed to be much gentler than Lin Shuo, but he was very jealous of him.

“I like to reason with reasonable people. When I meet unreasonable people, I love to bully others.” Qi Yan looked behind Chen Jiayang and said with a erratic voice, “You know how bad luck, resentment, sickness, and death are in the hospital. Are you angry? What they like most is those who have other people’s blood on their hands, because such people are particularly attractive to them.”

Chen Jiayang was scared by Qi Yan’s tone and took a step back. At this moment, the light above his head flickered several times, and then went out with a sneer. Dense sweat came out of Chen Jiayang’s forehead. He turned his head and looked behind him. Suddenly, he felt that the corridor was gloomy, without the slightest vitality!

“Ah!” I don’t know which patient in the ward wailed, and he trembled with fright.

“Oh, the light is broken,” Qi Yan looked up at the ceiling and smiled at Chen Jiayang, “Mr. Chen, don’t be afraid.”

Chen Jiayang sneered: “I have nothing to fear.”

“I hope you can maintain such a good attitude in a while.” After speaking, he took out his cell phone and sent a text message.

Two hours later, a shocking news appeared on the Internet. A well-known associate professor at a university was found by his wife after cheating. The next day his wife was taken to the hospital by the community property because of serious injuries. However, the associate professor was rescued by his wife. , I am in a good mood to teach students in class, interact with students humorously, and tell jokes. What is even more surprising is that someone discovered that he was confused with a certain girl and took a photo.


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