The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 9

“Old man, I gave you your favorite duck tongue offering. You have to watch it when you are in the sky. Don’t let me go bad luck.” Qi Yan put a plate of braised duck tongue in front of the master’s photo. After praying for three times with the photo, he turned his head and looked at the bright white sun outside. He faintly felt that something related to him was about to happen. He calculated it for himself, and only figured out that the matter was not fierce, and what else I can’t figure it out.

Fortunately, since he was a child, he has developed a procrastination character that is naturally straight from the boat to the bridge. Seeing that he can’t figure out the result, he just throws the matter behind his head and goes out to buy groceries.

There is a big farmer’s market near the community where he lives. Every time he goes to the market to buy vegetables, he will have more weight than others. When he buys bundles of small green vegetables, the vegetable seller will also give him two green onions. With a pleasing face, he became familiar in the market.

But when he went to the market today, he found strands of black gas lingering in the market. Some people were infected with the black gas, and some people were also stained with a trace of the black gas. He frowned and looked around the market, trying to find the source. It’s a pity that there are too many people buying vegetables in the morning, even if he stands on tiptoe, he can’t look to the side at a glance.

“Xiao Yan, shopping for vegetables?” The stall owner next to him was an aunt in her fifties. After seeing Qi Yan, she waved to him cheerfully, “I know you like to eat tomatoes. This is what I bought from the countryside. Tomato, I left you a good one specially, if you don’t come again, I’m going to sell it.”

“Thank you, Auntie.” Qi Yan looked at the other party taking out a plastic bag from under the table with a few big, red and fresh tomatoes in it. He smiled and bent his eyes, and took out the money from the bag to pay the bill. At this moment, he saw the black air drifting to the stall owner, and then wrapped around her wrist.

Qi Yan’s expression changed. Seeing that the stall owner still didn’t know anything about it, he was talking to him about how tomatoes taste better and more nutritious. He smiled and handed the money to the other party. He took a plastic bag and found that there were two inside. Green onions, and two cloves of garlic.

Thanks to the stall owner, he continued to walk to the most dark place, and walked to the innermost corner, where the stalls used to park their trucks, and the source was here.

Seeing the patterns in the corners that looked like children’s scribbles, his expression changed slightly, it turned out to be this kind of side-by-side thing!

Hundreds of years ago, because of their bad luck, some people asked some wise sorcerers to pose for good luck. When ordinary warlocks do this kind of thing, they will choose it in the middle of the night, because this will not attract the attention of others, and it will not cause innocent people to charge off. You must know that ordinary people charge off. Who lives forever.

Later, because this kind of technique violated the laws of nature and caused great harm to the person performing the technique, gradually there were not many people who knew this technique. Even Qi Yan had only seen this kind of luck charm from the old man. Never learned this method.

Because the old man said that to seek luck for oneself by hurting others is all evil, and it is difficult for such a warlock to end well in the end.

Qi Yan never imagined that he would actually see this kind of thing in densely crowded places, because the denser the crowd, the easier it is for accidents. If the luck of the people in this place is borrowed, there may be accidents and even casualties. Generally, warlocks with a little human nature will not do such things.

More coincidentally, several red electric tricycles parked in this place just formed a rush array, which accelerated the loss of luck in this place.

When he came here to buy food three days ago, he hadn’t noticed anything wrong here, indicating that this rushing formation was only made in the past three days. Putting his hand on a red tricycle closest to him and pushing it, the tricycle did not move as expected.

The old man watching the car in the corner stared at Qi Yan with scorching eyes, as if he was watching a thief stealing a tricycle.

This kind of look made Qi Yan feel more pressure. He coughed twice, pulled his wrists, and tapped three times on the three wheels. Then, holding his breath, he pulled the front of the tricycle and pushed it aside. The tricycle made a creaking sound. , Moved tens of centimeters abruptly.

Watching Uncle Che stared at this scene not far away dumbfounded, carrying three wheels with one hand? !

Qi Yan turned to look at Uncle Che and smiled, then turned and left the place.

After the matter was gone, he hid his merit and fame deeply, leaving the shocked old man in a daze.


The two young men heard the sound of something breaking in the room and opened the door anxiously. They saw the master lying on the ground with the bell in his hand falling to the ground and falling in half.

“Master, what happened?!”

The man lying on the ground spit out a large mouthful of blood, clutching his chest, and barely had the strength to speak. He looked at the bell that had been broken in half, and felt pain and hatred: “Someone moved my formation.”

The two apprentices were horrified. Master said long ago that this technique of borrowing luck has almost disappeared. They deliberately chose the farmer’s market to set up their positions, because there are so many people there, and cars parked in disorder are the norm. Even if they do something with this, no one will see anything.

But there is such a coincidental thing in the world. Their borrowing movement was completed yesterday, and only one night later, they were broken into the formation and ruined the aura. Even Master suffered such a serious backlash.

“The place in the imperial capital is really a crouching tiger, hidden dragon, and there are many experts.” The master wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and after narrowing his slender eyes, he became a little bit more treacherous and vicious. “We should be more careful when we act in the future. .”

“Master, I will help you to rest first.” The second apprentice is a very beautiful woman. She helped the old man on the ground to lie down on the bed and looked very considerate.

The big brother snorted when he saw this. This woman used to pretend to come to please Master!

Qi Yan broke the formation, and when he came out to see the people in the market, the blackness on their bodies had faded a lot, and there were signs that they were getting lighter, so he assuredly bought the vegetables he needed and prepared to go home.

Before stepping out of the integrated market, he heard someone arguing. With the escalation of speech, there seemed to be signs of a fight between the two sides.

He looked at the two people who were arguing. Both of them were surrounded by a layer of black energy, and their emotions were very unstable.

I don’t know what one of them said, the other was so angry that he lost his mind, and even lifted the child standing behind the other person high, trying to throw it away.

The child who was lifted up didn’t realize what was going on, but felt that he was lightened all over and was thrown out.


Hearing screams from all around, the child raised his head dumbfounded, only to find that he was lying in the arms of an older brother, who was looking at him with a smile.

“Little handsome guy, are you okay?”

The child sniffed and closed his squeezed mouth without crying.

Qi Yan let go of the child, rubbed his sore shoulder, bent over to look at the meat and vegetables he had thrown on the ground, only to find that the tomatoes were rolling everywhere, and the plastic bag containing the tomatoes did not know where they fell. .

Only then did the surrounding people react. The child’s parents kept thanking Qi Yan and said that they would send him to the hospital to have his shoulder checked. There is also a chicken leg stuffed inside.

There were also a few strong men who held down the child-throwing man, and waited for the police to arrive. Although the scene was messy and noisy, it could be seen that most people had a kindness.

Qi Yan was carrying a plastic strap with a chicken leg, and was questioned with concern by several aunts. He even assured him that there was nothing wrong with him, and everyone was relieved. The child’s father took out the wallet from his trouser pocket and took out all the money inside. He even pulled out the mezzanine slips and stuffed his brain into Qi Yan’s hands.

“Brother, thank you so much this time, thank you so much!” The child’s father still trembling in his voice, tightly holding Qi Yan’s hand and bowing to him, only to kneel down to Qi Yan. The child’s mother was holding the child in her arms and her eyes were red.

Only the child looked at his parents blankly, not knowing what kind of accident he had experienced.

“I’m so easy, it’s fine.” Qi Yan smiled at the child and returned the money in his hand to the couple, but the couple decided not to. Qi Yan had no choice but to stuff the money into the pocket of the child’s coat.

The child hugged his mother’s neck, blushing and whispered thank you to Qi Yan.

Qi Yan chuckled, and reached out and touched the top of his head, “Good boy, I will be safe from now on.”

After doing this, Qi Yan turned and rushed away from the crowd while the child’s parents were not paying attention, and ran away without looking back. You can’t run without running, because the uncles and aunts are so enthusiastic that he can’t accept it.

“Mr. Cen, this is your nutritious meal today.” The nurse brought the dinner in. Seeing him nodded slightly, she put the tray on the bed table and exited the ward gently.

Cen Baihe glanced at the unappetizing food on the table, picked up the remote control next to him, and turned on the TV hanging on the wall.

Boring TV series, not much new entertainment news, and messy commercials. Cen Baihe kept changing channels, and finally stopped at a local channel.

This station will broadcast the evening news on time at 8:30 every evening. The content is that the owner lost the chicken, the West lost a bowl, who bought the fake, who picked up the money and other small news, but it is very popular among the local people. The ratings are pretty good.

So when Cen Baihe was drinking the porridge, what he saw on the TV was the surveillance video of the young guy astutely saving the young children.

The chaotic crowd, the young man wearing a white t-shirt rushing to catch the child, became particularly conspicuous.

The video of just a few tens of seconds soon ended, followed by the reporter interviewing the vegetable market vendor and the parents of the child.


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