The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 90

An associate professor had an unclear relationship with the schoolgirls. His wife was bizarrely and seriously injured at home. No one would suspect that this had something to do with the associate professor. Many people even thought that the associate professor wanted to monopolize the family property, so he deliberately Make the illusion that the wife commits suicide.

The mouth is an invisible sword. When this kind of rumors become more and more intense, many people have already believed that Chen Jiayang is not righteous, and even the eyes of the students in the school when they look at him become strange. In his class, the atmosphere became more and more weird. There was even a girl who asked him in front of classmates in the classroom, what is marriage.

Chen Jiayang’s life has been very difficult these few days. In order to avoid other people’s gossip, he has to go to the hospital every day, but the Lin family’s attitude towards him is so bad that more people doubt him. Now he is either advancing or retreating. It is simply unreasonable.

He admitted that he had done something sorry for his family, but Lin Xia’s injury really had nothing to do with him. He didn’t know why Lin Xia was still holding his brooch in her hand before she fell into a coma, and this brooch happened to be his day. The one with the suit. After quarreling with Lin Xia that day, he didn’t even notice whether the brooch was dropped.

Fortunately, the police found no evidence of his assault during the on-site investigation, and the community monitor also proved that he did not come back after he left the community, otherwise the matter would really fall into the Yellow River and it would be unclear.

The police know that this has nothing to do with him, but ordinary people don’t know. The reporter who is afraid that the world will not be messed up will always hold the brooch as a topic, as if to imply that other people, he is a criminal with high intelligence, so the police can’t catch it. Hold his handle and let him take advantage of the law to escape.

But this was not his worst time. Soon after the incident broke out, the girl who had said that he admired him and admired him suddenly stood up and told reporters that she didn’t want to be with him, but he used scientific research projects and academic results. He threatened her and said that if she disagrees with the two people being together, the school will definitely not give her a place for postgraduate research. She felt scared and became greedy, so she agreed.

The girl had a mosaic on her face, sobbed blood in front of the camera, and kept saying sorry. She even knelt down and apologized to Chen Jiayang’s wife in front of the audience in the whole country, but she put on a gesture of showing weakness. With this turning point, the person who originally scolded Chen Jiayang while scolding Xiaosan all pointed the finger at Chen Jiayang.

Being a teacher in vain, ungrateful, ungrateful, inferior to animals, all the most ugly words were overwhelmingly thrown on Chen Jiayang’s face.

Chen Jiayang gritted his teeth with anger for this statement. This is not a fictional detective novel. How could there be so many secret room murders and high IQ crimes. And that girl, obviously she took the initiative to approach him, but now he became a deliberate threat. This inexplicable taste made him feel the pain and anger of being wronged for the first time, but no matter what he said, no one else would I would believe him, and would only scold him more severely, even the school could not tolerate it, and in the end he could only let him go home temporarily on vacation.

Although Chen Jiayang is not reconciled, he also knows that the school can no longer let him continue to teach.

When he went back, he felt that several old men and women in the community were pointing at him. He was too embarrassed to see them, and just walked inside in a hurry.

“Ms. Chen,” an old lady wearing a long-sleeved cheongsam and a shawl on her shoulders stopped him. He looked back and recognized that this was Aunt Hao, a member of the community property committee, and smiled awkwardly at her, “Aunt Hao.”

“I heard from the doctor that Teacher Lin is recovering well, so please go to the hospital if you have time.”

Seeing Aunt Hao’s expression as usual, Chen Jiayang guessed that she might not know the rumors outside, so he silently nodded to her. When he got home, he opened the door, only to feel that the room was so cold and lifeless. Now his work is gone, his family is gone, and even his reputation is gone. Thinking back to his past life, he feels infinite regret.

He hasn’t gone home during this period. Although the blood stains in the living room have been cleaned up, he still can smell a faint smell of blood, not knowing whether it is due to his psychological effects. When Lin Xia was taken to the hospital, he was not there, but he had seen photos of the scene from the police.

He missed the best things in this life, but I’m afraid there will be no chance to look back in this life.

In the hospital, Qi Yan looked at Lin Shuo who hurriedly called him over, “What do you want me to do?”

“Calling God,” Lin Shuo glanced at her sister who had not been awakened in the hospital bed. “The doctor said that my sister’s physical condition has recovered a lot. It stands to reason that she should have been awake long ago, but she is still lying down. You are not that. What? There must be a way.”

“Second, I said that you are still a graduate student anyway, this feudal superstition is not worth it,” Qi Yan walked to the bed, stared at Lin Xia who was breathing calmly for several seconds, then turned to Lin Shuo and said, “Your sister There is not much physical problem, and I will definitely wake up when I should wake up. I’m just a Feng Shui Mr. I’m not a god, so stop making trouble.”

“Really no way? What if it’s useful?” Lin Shuo looked at Qi Yan unwillingly for a few moments. After confirming that Qi Yan really couldn’t help it, he collapsed his shoulders and said, “But she has been in a coma for more than half a month. If you lie down like this, your body won’t be able to stand it.”

“Don’t worry, your sister will be fine,” Qi Yan patted him on the shoulder, seemingly inadvertently, “How about Chen Jiayang?”

“How can it be,” Lin Shuo sneered, “It’s such a big mess, his reputation is stinky, he lost his job in school, and almost became a rat that everyone shouted and beaten.” But all this is compared with his sister. What’s the point when you get up?

“I think he is a very face-to-face person. I am afraid that this situation is more uncomfortable than if you slashed him,” Qi Yan glanced at Lin Xia on the bed, “In this way, this is retribution.”

The corners of Lin Shuo’s lips moved, and his face still didn’t look pretty. If his sister could wake up, he wouldn’t worry about Chen Jiayang’s life, but his elder sister had been in a coma, so even if Chen Jiayang was smashed by a thousand swords. .

“By the way, I haven’t thanked you for this incident,” Lin Shuo lowered his head, and his voice was very low. “If you didn’t find someone to buy a picture of him with Xiaosan, our family would not be able to prove his marriage. Derailed inside.”

“This is not my credit,” Qi Yan smiled slightly, “I ask Bai He for this favor.”

Lin Shuo nodded, squeezing this kindness in his heart.

“You should also pay more attention to rest. Your complexion is not so good these days,” Qi Yan sighed, “I should go back. Call me if something happens.”

“Okay.” Lin Shuo sent Qi Yan to the door, without seeing Lin Xia on the bed behind her move her eyes.

Qi Yan walked out of the hospital, looked up at the sun hanging in the sky, shook his head and sighed.

Love is really an incomprehensible thing. If you fall in love, you should be together. If you don’t love you, you should separate in a suitable way. Cheating with your partner on your back is the most disgusting way. As for Lin Shuo’s sister, love is vigorous, but when love becomes hate, this hatred will also become a raging fire, burning the person who betrayed her, and burning herself.

I drove slowly and mixed in the flow of traffic. Three steps, one stop, five steps and one block were almost normal. The traffic jam in front was very serious, and all the cars were still motionless. He looked boredly toward the side of the road. A huge advertising display was hanging on the building on the right front.

The girl in white clothes Shengxue stood by the stream, the water gurgled, and the man who accompanied her took off his cloak and put it on her. He looked up at the crescent moon in the sky, with tenderness in his eyes: “Look, the moonlight is so beautiful tonight.”

The girl leaned on the man’s shoulder, her face full of sweetness: “Are you confessing to me?”

“Yes,” the man chuckled. “It’s too abrupt to say that I like you, it’s better to say that the moonlight is so beautiful.”

The moonlight is so beautiful…the moonlight is so beautiful…the moonlight is so beautiful…

Qi Yan suddenly remembered that a few days ago, when he and Cen Baihe were standing on the balcony, Cen Baihe seemed to have said a lot to him, one sentence was…

He patted his face. Is he suffering from a disease that thinks too much?

“Boss?” Liang Feng noticed that Cen Baihe was distracted. He put down the report in his hand, “What’s wrong with you?”

“Sorry, I was distracted just now, continue,” Cen Baihe nodded to Liang Feng, his hands clasped tightly, wondering why his heartbeat just became so fast?

“Before the general manager of the branch company found evidence that he had stolen the company secrets, we have already adopted the method of reporting to the police, but fortunately he didn’t know much about the decision-making of the head office, so he didn’t leak much useful information. “Liang Feng was a little grateful that this matter was discovered early, and they had taken precautions, otherwise the loss would be more than that.

“Yuan Hengyu played tricks, Yuan Chong’an put in commercial spies again, Jiang is still old and hot, Yuan Chong’an’s methods are much more beautiful than Yuan Hengyu,” Cen Baihe smiled, “but the mind is the same.”

“He has a high skill, and you found it by the boss.” Liang Feng had a general view of the Yuan family. “I heard that the Yuan family is still looking for a Feng Shui master at the moment, but unfortunately I don’t know what’s going on. Those are somewhat famous. It is strange that the capable Feng Shui master has made an appointment and will not accept his business.”

No matter how powerful a Feng Shui master is, no matter how high it is to be praised by the rich, it is also to earn money by eating, dressing and making money. The Yuan family was invited, but no one was invited. This in itself is a very strange thing.

Cen Baihe seemed to think of something, shook his head and smiled: “Maybe they have offended someone who shouldn’t be offended.”

Liang Feng is still very interested in this kind of rich gossip: “I thought it was the boss you did it.”

“Let all the emperor’s famous Feng Shui Mr. listen to me?” Cen Baihe laughed, “I am not so capable.”

But he didn’t, which doesn’t mean that the masters who had good acquaintances with Qi Yan didn’t.

Intuition told him that this matter might not have anything to do with Qi Yan.

At this time, Qi Yan, who was stuck in the middle of the road, sent a help post on the Internet using his mobile phone.

Universe Invincible Qian Shuai: Ask, my friend who has always been good to me suddenly said to me, “Today’s moonlight is so beautiful”. What does it mean?

1st floor: Original poster, buddy wants to make friends with you.

2nd floor: 1st floor+1

After reading the two replies, Qi Yan threw the phone aside, what a mess.

He and Baihe have a good relationship, how can they be friends.


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