The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 91

As the product planner of the head office of a well-known enterprise, Lu Renyi would secretly scan the forum Weibo when she was not busy at work. As a result, she saw a particularly interesting post today.

Originally, she thought that the host was deceiving people in Hulu, but when she clicked on the host’s personal information, the account was registered three years ago, and there were very few posts, and the replies were all academic content, or refuted some in the Yeyu forum. Let the netizens not believe these feudal superstitions. There are also posts from some posters who claim to be the fortune-telling posters, and this poster also appears, but he did not ask the poster for fortune-telling, but came to tear down the platform with the poster, and was extremely disgusted by these fortune-telling posters.

Looking through some of the host’s replies, Lu Renyi found this host to be quite interesting, so she answered the host’s question seriously.

Floor 233: The phrase “the moonlight is so beautiful” has multiple meanings. The first is simply to praise the moon, and the second is “I love you”. This statement originated from a foreign English teacher who translated the sentence “Iloveyou” said by the hero and heroine during a walk under the moon. He felt that the literal translation of “I love you” was not good enough. “The moonlight is so beautiful tonight” is more consistent. The mood at the time. So the original poster, this good friend of yours may be confessing to you. In addition, friendship is the end of friendship and the beginning of love. The original poster, I wish you happiness, okay~

After typing this sentence, Lu Renyi just clicked the send button and felt that someone was standing behind him. When he looked back, he was shocked: “Liang special help.”

Liang Feng glanced at the computer page of this female colleague, and handed him the document in his hand: “I will give you this document.”

“Okay.” Lu Renyi murmured secretly. She was seen by the boss’s special assistant when she was fishing at work. Her dream of getting promoted and raising her salary to Bai Fumei was shattered, and her heart hurts.

Liang Feng didn’t care too much about this. As long as the company’s employees can complete their work on time and in accordance with the amount, it is not too serious to sneak a fish occasionally.

“During working hours, try to do as little as possible that has nothing to do with work,” Liang Feng said in a low voice, giving Lu Renyi enough face. He glanced at the computer desktop and only saw the words “The moonlight is so beautiful tonight” , Couldn’t help but shook his head and said, “Now young people, there are so many tricks for confession.”

Holding the folder, Lu Renyi thought secretly, you don’t have many tricks, how do you know that this sentence is for confession?

Unexpectedly, Liang Tezhu was also a sorrowful man.

The car was still stuck. Even if Qi Yan was a good-tempered person, he was a little upset at the moment when he was blocked. He was a little bit tickled when he thought of the help post he posted on the Internet just now. Reaching out and touching the phone, he muttered silently: “Playing with a mobile phone does not drive, driving without using a mobile phone, calm, calm.”

After finally driving through the most congested section, Qi Yan found a place to park a car on the side of the road, and couldn’t wait to lock the screen of his mobile phone and click into his post.

In just twenty to thirty minutes, there were two to three hundred replies to this post. He read one by one, and there were not a few useful ones.

Some people say that his good buddies want to make friends with him, and some people still focus on his gender.

125th floor: The original poster, you just said that your good buddy told you that the moonlight is so beautiful, but I see your registration information, your gender seems to be male?

Floor 136: Original poster, what are you still hesitating about, just throw your buddies down!

Qi Yan could see that these people were joking, and he didn’t take his question seriously, and he didn’t take these replies to heart until he saw the reply from the netizen on the 233rd floor.

It turns out that such a simple sentence has two meanings. What did Cen Baihe say to him that night?

Qi Yan felt that he was a little bit distressed. What was distressed was not whether Cen Baihe’s intentions for him were true or false, but rather his own problems.

What they do in this line is to go against the current, especially for fortune-telling. The fortune tellers on the streets are basically disabled or pretending to be disabled, because many people know that those who do this business will be condemned by God, either by nature or by land. Therefore, many fortune tellers are either born with disabilities or acquired disabilities. Otherwise, they will have no children, and many will not marry for life, just because they are afraid that the damnation they receive will affect those closest to them.

“Dididi!” The phone rang suddenly, and the caller was Lin Shuo. As soon as Qi Yan pressed the answer button, his excited voice came over.

“Money money! My sister woke up! She woke up!”

“That’s great,” Qi Yan smiled, “Pay attention to your sister. I will visit Ling sister tomorrow.”

“Thank you, if you didn’t say that my sister will wake up soon, maybe she can’t wake up really soon, you are really fortunate! Money, I love you to death!” Lin Shuo was so excited over there. After talking nonsense, I hung up the phone.

Qi Yan sighed as he heard the beeping sound of his mobile phone: “Silly boy, your sister can wake up so quickly because she woke up a few days ago.”

He didn’t know how much Lin Xia loved her husband, but she would rather lay in bed for several days without opening her eyes, and wait until the day when public opinion forced her husband to have no way out. Know how much she hates this man.

When the love flower is in full bloom, the moon star is shining, and when the love is gone, there is only a piece of chicken feathers left, like a sea of ​​hatred.

“Sister, it’s great that you are fine.” Lin Shuo and his parents were surrounded by the hospital bed, and the eyes of all three of them were excited and joyful with tears. “The doctor said you are still very weak, what do you want to do? Just leave it to us.”

“I’m sorry,” Lin Xia’s voice was a little hoarse because she hadn’t spoken for too long, and even her tongue was a little stiff, “I’m sorry.”

Sorry, because I hate that man, I can’t open my eyes even when I hear your crying voice; I’m sorry, I worry about you.

After discovering that Chen Jiayang was with other women, she felt that her whole world had collapsed. The man she loves so much, the man she thinks of being affectionate and loyal, is carrying her with the school girls. Why does this make her feel so embarrassed and how to accept it?

There are rumors that committing suicide in a red dress after midnight will turn into an extremely powerful ghost. So when she was standing on the balcony that night, she really didn’t want to live.

But the sudden intrusion of a thief, a security guard, and several other neighbors suddenly made her realize that if there were no ghosts in the world, then she would have died in vain, and would cause trouble to the simple and honest security guards in the community.

If she were to die like this, her house, her savings, and her car would become Chen Jiayang and the little third, wouldn’t she be stunned.

Therefore, she chose a “suicide method” that may not die, but can make Chen Jiayang fall into a dead end.

Now that everything she planned has been achieved, Chen Jiayang has also lost his most valued future and face.

“Mom,” she said weakly, “I want to divorce Chen Jiayang.”

He ruined her love, her family, her beautiful future vision, then she let him lose his future.

In order to commemorate the love she failed to grow old, it doesn’t matter whether it is fair or not.

When Qi Yan returned to Cen’s house, Cen Baihe was already at home after get off work. He looked at Cen Baihe sitting on the sofa, feeling a little cautious inexplicably.

“Money?” Cen Baihe put down the newspaper in his hand and smiled at Qi Yan, “What are you doing at the door? Come in.”

Qi Yan silently sat down on the sofa next to Cen Baihe, moved his buttocks, and got closer to Cen Baihe. He thought for a while, then sat back in his original position with a slightly uncomfortable expression.

“Xiao Yan, there are nails where you are sitting, or something,” Big Brother Cen strode in from the outside and couldn’t help but teased when he saw Qi Yan’s appearance, “What are you moving around for?”

You talk too much! Qi Yan glanced at Big Brother Cen and coughed dryly: “Today, there is a traffic jam on the road. I have been sitting for too long and my back hurts. I want to change my sitting posture to make it more comfortable.”

“You are young, and your waist strength is too bad.” Brother Cen thought of something. He walked to the sofa opposite Qi Yan and sat down. He picked up the cup on the table and took a few sips. The strength is natural.”

Qi Yan glanced at the smiling Cen Baihe, “What are you laughing at?”

Who said Cen Baihe liked him and had the ability to stand up? ! This is like the attitude of a crush? Seeing that he was said no, there was no reaction, but he laughed happily. Whose secret love is like this?

Cen Baihe, who was lying with the gun inexplicably, was taken aback, reached out and clicked on the cup in Brother Cen’s hand: “I’m laughing at this.”

“Tuan Tuan just used this cup to wash the pencils that fell on the ground. Before the water could be poured, the eldest brother drank it.”

“Puff!” Big Brother Cen almost didn’t spray the water from his mouth on Cen Baihe’s face. What kind of younger brother, he watched him drink dirty water without reminding him, “Cough cough cough cough!”

“I was joking with you,” Cen Baihe picked up the newspaper on the coffee table and shook, “Tuantuan still hasn’t come back from kindergarten.”

“Cough, cough, cough,” Cen’s brother coughed so much that tears were about to come out. He looked at Cen Baihe with a deep pain. It was really hard for the younger brother to help him, and his elbow would only turn towards Xiao Yan!

“Big brother, are you okay?” Qi Yan patted Cen on the back a few times to help him get along, “Big brother, you are still young, so you should pay attention to your lungs.”

Brother Cen tremblingly stood up from the sofa, feeling that there was no room for him in this place. Sure enough, the two young men who had lost countless gaps with him kicked him to the bottom of the ditch.

“Ahem, you two talk slowly, I’m going up.” Big Brother Cen hurriedly walked upstairs, unable to make me hide.

When he walked to the corner of the corridor, he looked back at the two people sitting on the sofa. He didn’t know what he thought of, and then shook his head and smiled.

“Big Brother is really interesting.”

“Well, Sister-in-law often says that too.”

Qi Yan looked at Cen Baihe, and Cen Baihe looked back at him with a smile.

Qi Yan suddenly remembered that when he saw Cen Baihe for the first time, he saw that his eyes were not alive. It was like a stone on the side of the road that looked smooth and flat. No amount of emotions disappeared.

But now it’s different, these smiling eyes are full of him.

Perhaps Cen Baihe’s eyes were too gentle, and Qi Yan blurted out what Qi Yan had hidden in his heart.

“Bohe, how many meanings does the saying that the moonlight is so beautiful tonight?”


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