The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 92

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Cen Baihe’s heart was messy and noisy, like countless people beating gongs and drums in his ears, which both excited him and made him feel restless.

He raised his head to look at Qi Yan, Qi Yan’s white face with a smile, like the warm sun of early winter, he couldn’t help but look at it, look at it again, and then sink into the warmth and never wake up again. He didn’t know whether to speak out, because he couldn’t bear the pain of losing money.

It would be better for Qianqian not to understand his intentions for the rest of his life, and he didn’t want the two of them to be strangers from now on, even if they were standing on the same piece of land, they wouldn’t want to see each other again.

But… facing Qianqian’s eyes, he couldn’t hide his feelings, and the impulse in his heart couldn’t be suppressed at all.


“That’s what I mean by loving you.” After Cen Baihe said these words, he felt that his whole heart was flying up, and it didn’t come true lightly, “Money, I love you.”


Sister Cen stood blankly at the gate, with the bag in her hand falling to the ground. She looked at Cen Baihe and Qi Yan in horror, as if she had heard a horror story that she could not accept.

“Second sister,” Cen Baihe heard the movement at the door, turned his head and looked over, and saw that the second sister turned and left with an ugly expression, apparently shocked by the confession scene.


“Money, I…” Cen Baihe turned to comfort Qi Yan, “Don’t think about it, my sister just…”


“Puff,” Qi Yan rarely saw Cen Baihe’s panicked appearance. He lost all his charming thoughts. He just felt a little funny inexplicably. He stood up and said, “Today is not so good, so it is not suitable to confess.”

Cen Baihe: Is he confession rejected?

He also wanted to ask cheeky again, Qi Yan’s cell phone rang fiercely.

Qi Yan looked up at him, he licked his lower lip, hesitated for a few seconds and then said: “Take the call.”


Qi Yan smiled at him, pressed the answer button, and then heard the boss’s cry coming from the phone. The boss is a particularly rough southern man. He proved by himself that Xiao Bailian has nothing to do with living in the north and south. All people who divide humans by geographical area are reactionaries. In four years of college, he had never seen the boss cry before, let alone cry so miserably as he is now.

“Boss, what happened?”

It’s certainly not a trivial matter to make the boss sad like this.

“Money, my parents and my fiancee…nothing.”


Qi Yan was startled first. Hearing the extremely sad cry of the boss, he felt that all comforts were pale, “You must pay attention to rest. I will book a plane ticket and rush over.”

Although the boss is extremely sad, he doesn’t want Qi Yan to toss back and forth like this: “It’s okay, I just want to find someone to talk to, you don’t have to come here.”


“If you say this kind of polite remarks, I will be angry,” Qi Yan said firmly, “Your parents are also the parents of our brothers. If I come to see them off, can’t you stop them?”

The boss held the phone, looked at the pictures of his parents in the mourning hall, and burst into tears.

Hearing the cry on the other end of the phone, Qi Yan was also very depressed. He raised his head and looked at Cen Baihe, “Bohe, if you have anything to say when I come back, I am now…”


“I understand,” Cen Baihe reached out and touched the top of Qi Yan’s head, and smiled softly at him, “Don’t be sad, I’ll take you to the airport.”

Qi Yan nodded slightly, and walked out dullly behind Cen Baihe. As soon as I got in the car, Lin Shuo and Wang Hang called. Lin Shuo took a lot of leave recently, so he was busy working on a scientific research topic. It took a few days to get there. Wang Hang worked in his own company and did not skip work. Who would dare to talk about him, so after saying hello to Lao Tzu, he made an appointment with Qi Yan to meet at the airport.

Fortunately, it’s the off-season of tourism recently. Even if it’s the same day’s air ticket, it’s not difficult to book. Cen Baihe asked him to book two high-class tickets to S Province, which deliberately enlightened Qi Yan’s emotions along the way, “I will be there in S Province. Arrange the reception vehicle and driver for you. When you arrive in a strange place, it will be much more convenient to have a local driver.”


“Thank you.” Qi Yan’s throat is a little choked. He has no parents, so he especially hopes that his friends around him will have a happy family and be loved by their parents. Now that the boss has something like this, he can guess how sad the old man is without thinking.

“You don’t need to say thank you to me. As long as you go to S Province and take good care of your body, you are the best thank you.” Cen Baihe patted Qi Yan on the back and said to the driver, “stop at the intersection in front of you. .”

The car stopped at the intersection, and a young man in a suit put a ten-inch suitcase in the trunk.

Miraculously, there was no traffic jam all the way to the airport. Cen Baihe got off with Qi Yan and took out the suitcase from the trunk: “You may have to stay for a few days to go. You were walking in a hurry just now, so I made arrangements. Someone has prepared a few changes of clothes for you.”


“The temperature in S Province is a bit warmer than ours, but the temperature difference between day and night is greater. Be careful not to catch a cold. Call me if you have anything to do. I will rush over immediately. Even if I can’t make it, the temperature in S Province is a bit warmer. I also have my contacts. Don’t let yourself be wronged. When you meet someone who doesn’t have eyesight, you don’t have to give him face. I will support you in everything.”

Cen Baihe was still mumbling, Qi Yan suddenly reached out and hugged him: “I will be back soon, don’t worry, Papa Baihe.” After speaking, he picked up the suitcase on the ground and picked the nearest entrance to enter. .


The volcano erupted, the comet hit the earth, and all the dinosaurs in the Jurassic era were resurrected. Cen Baihe was stunned and could only watch Qi Yan enter the entrance of the airport hall dumbly.

“Fifth Young Master, Fifth Young Master?” The driver saw that Cen Baihe hadn’t gotten in the car, opened the door and got off to see Cen Baihe standing in the same place.

It’s not hot today, why is the fifth young master’s ears and face so red?

“Money, money, here!” After Wang Hang saw Qi Yan, he waved to him, “Time is running out, let’s go to check in.”

Both of them didn’t have much luggage, so after they got the boarding pass, they didn’t check the luggage. After going through the security check, they went to the boarding gate.

Wang Hang was not very interested. He dragged the small suitcase and said to Qi Yan, “Money, have you not helped the boss before?”

“Forget it,” Qi Yan was silent for a moment, “His parents originally had a long life.”

“You mean that the cause of death of uncle and aunt is suspicious?” Wang Hang’s voice suddenly increased, causing several people to look back at him. He also ignored the eyes of others, and hurriedly asked, “What happened? thing?”

“I don’t know it now,” Qi Yan shook his head. “The third child, nothing can be 100% sure. Even a butterfly flapping its wings may cause a tsunami. How can life and death remain the same?”

Wang Hang was silent when he heard this. Maybe money is right. If a person is faithful to his life, what hopes and surprises are there in a person’s life?

At around 6 o’clock in the evening, Guo Kejia was walking around in the waiting room. Before coming to the airport, the general manager personally called him to the office, so that he must receive this distinguished guest from the imperial capital well these days. Cooperate throughout the whole process, and don’t let the other party have the slightest dissatisfaction.

As the driver of the general manager, he is very trusted by the general manager. This time the general manager handed over the matter to him, which shows how important the person who came this time is. Although the general manager did not specify the identity of this person, seeing that the general manager contributed his best car in order to welcome this distinguished guest, it shows how extraordinary his identity is.

Fortunately, this distinguished guest is a man. If it were a woman, he would definitely think this was the wife of the big boss.

Raising the reception sign in his hand high, Guo Kejia was afraid that the distinguished guests would not see him, so he deliberately bolded his name with a paint pen. The big screen prompts that the flight from the Imperial Capital has landed. Why haven’t you seen anyone come out after twenty minutes?

Just when he was worried that he would not pick up someone, two handsome young men dragging their suitcases came out. One looked lively and sunny, and the other looked friendly and lovely, which attracted the attention of many passersby. The two seemed to have become accustomed to making luminous objects, so they were not uncomfortable looking at passers-by, but lowered their heads and whispered.

The friendly and lovely young man looked up and seemed to notice the pick-up card in his hand, so he walked towards him: “Hello, this is Qi Yan, are you the receptionist arranged by Mr. Wang? ?”

“Hello, Mr. Qi, I am the assistant to the general manager of Yuxiang Hotel. My name is Guo. Mr. Qi calls me Xiao Guo.” Although this Mr. Qi looks gentle, Guo Kejia does not dare to neglect at all. Wang Hang who was next to Qi Yan smiled, “The car is parked in the parking lot outside. Two distinguished guests, please come with me.”

“Then I have troubled Brother Guo in the past few days,” Qi Yan introduced Wang Hang. “This is a friend who is walking with me, whose surname is Wang.”

“Hello, Mr. Wang.”

“Hello.” Wang Hang glanced at Qi Yan and saw that the reception staff was very enthusiastic. Could it be that Cen Baihe arranged it?

“Mr. Qi, I don’t know where you and your friends are going?” Guo Kejia whispered after he drove out of the airport, “If the two of you don’t make arrangements, you can stay in our hotel, and the room is ready.”

Qi Yan glanced at the wrinkled clothes on himself and Wang Hang, “Then let’s go to the hotel to take a shower and change clothes.”

“Okay!” Guo Kejia was relieved in his heart. He often receives some senior executives from the head office. These people often say one thing and do one thing, making people wonder what they want to do, like this kind of people who have things to say. , It makes people more worry-free.

When he arrived at the hotel, Wang Hang saw that the hotel arranged for the two of them turned out to be a presidential suite. After changing his clothes, he said to Qi Yan, “Cen Wuye is really interesting to you.”

This is simply a tracking service throughout the entire process, even if it’s a real dad.

Thinking of what Cen Baihe said before he left, Qi Yan laughed and said, “If he can give birth to a son like me, I really want to call him father.”

Suddenly, Wang Hang remembered that Qianqian had no parents, and felt that he was too owed by what he said, so he changed the subject immediately, “It’s past seven o’clock now, shall we go to the boss?”

“Let’s take a look first,” Qi Yan sighed, “otherwise I won’t be relieved.”

Wang Hang nodded silently, and did not oppose Qi Yan’s proposal.


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