The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 93

“What are you talking about, Qi Yan left the imperial capital? Where did he go?” Hearing the following report, the man in the black suit almost exploded in his lungs.

After they attacked a few young generations of profound practitioners before, the relevant departments have protected these profound practitioners very well, saying that they would treat these profound practitioners as rare treasures to protect them. Now they have finally found out the whereabouts of a promising master in the young warlock world, and they have also formulated an attack plan against him, but the target of the attack has patted his **** and left!

Is this person too lucky, or are they too unlucky?

“Where did you go?”

“I don’t know. Since he came out of the Cen’s house, he has been rushing to the airport. There are several cars in the dark to protect him. Some are from special groups, and some are private bodyguards of the Cen’s family. Our people dare not follow. Go up.”

“Damn,” the man in the suit cursed unwillingly, “Is this man a cat?”

With such good luck, every time they want to do something, they are almost a little bit successful.

But this is what made them feel aggrieved for a long time.

“Check, let people go to hack the airline’s system and retrieve the passenger information.”

Everyone was silent.

Conquer the internal system of airlines in China, is this when China has no hackers or what? This is not making a hacker movie, just playing this hand casually, do you want to be caught in to drink tea?

With such a pig captain, they feel very tired.

“Why are you not talking?!”

“Captain, are you kidding?” a warrior stood up and asked.

“Who is joking with you?” The captain patted the table angrily. “You have been tossing back and forth for so long, thinking about this method and that method all day long, but even the foundation of others is not hurt. I am still in the mood to joke with you! ”

No, we would rather you were joking.

I don’t know why, they feel desperate in their hearts, inexplicably sad that they are the cannon fodder of the villain.

Ma Song sat in the empty room, staring blankly at the pictures on the wall.

The photo was taken a few days ago. He, his fiancee and his parents were all together and took a beautiful photo. Everyone in the photo was laughing. Even his dog was sticking out his tongue in front of the camera to be cute. At that time, his mother said that this photo could be used as a family portrait and hung on the wall in the living room. Many people are envious.

How happy he was at the beginning, how painful he is now.

Picking up the beer on the table and taking a sip, Ma Song cried with a headache. There was no sound in the whole room except his cry.



A furry and warm little guy leaned over and licked his arm with his tongue. Ma Song raised his head and saw his pet dog wagging his tail. He hiccuped and hugged the dog and continued crying. The puppy’s tail swept away, and he did not move obediently, letting the owner hold it and act like a baby.

Suddenly, its ears stood up, and there was someone outside!

“Qianqian, are you sure it’s here?” Wang Hang glanced at the door with the word “Fu”, and looked back at the opposite door. He saw that there was a small bronze mirror hanging on the door. When did things look foggy, he didn’t like it subconsciously.

“Money, what’s that?” Wang Hang pointed to the bronze mirror and said in a low voice, “It looks weird.”

“That’s an evil spirit mirror,” Qi Yan looked at this mirror, his face was not very good, “A long time ago, when people found that the family’s fortunes were not good, they thought they were stained with evil spirits. So someone would be in front of the house. Hang a mirror behind the window to ward off evil spirits from the town house.”

“But this mirror is right at the door of the old man. Doesn’t it mean that Xie Chong is driven to the old man?” Wang Hang felt that the family was doing a lot of damage. No matter whether it was working or not, but the mirror was facing other people’s home. The door is always not so good.

“Yes,” Qi Yan sneered, “maybe this family doesn’t know the rules, or maybe they did it deliberately.”

Hearing this, Wang Hang shuddered, and felt that the bronze mirror was even more weird.

“The third, fourth?” Ma Song opened the door, and when he saw the two people at the door, he was still a little confused.

“Wang Wang Wang.” The puppy ran around Qi Yan and Wang Hang twice, sniffing the smell on them from time to time. Seeing that their owner welcomed the two strangers into the house, it honestly entered the house. , Did not call at the two again.

As soon as Qi Yan entered the door, he could smell the strong smell of wine in the room and the evil spirit that had not completely dissipated. He calmly opened the curtains in the living room and opened the window to let in the fresh air from outside before turning to Old Avenue, “Boss, how much did you drink?”

Ma Song shook his head and wiped his unshaven face: “Two brothers, I’m really sorry this time, let you go all the way.”

Qi Yan and Wang Hang didn’t speak, but they reached out and patted him on the shoulder, sat down with him in the drunk living room, and drank with him.

Qi Yan doesn’t like drinking, and thinks this thing doesn’t taste good and it’s a mistake, but at this time, he can do nothing but drink with the boss. Only before that, he used his mobile phone to order some stomach-nourishing snacks and soups.

While drinking and drinking soup, the three elders hugged each other and cried, and survived this unbearable night drunk.

The three people got up late the next day, probably because of crying. Although the boss’s expression was still very low, there was finally a trace of vitality in his eyes. Seeing him like this, Qi Yan and Wang Hang breathed a sigh of relief. The three squeezed in the toilet to brush their teeth. Look at me and I look at you, and suddenly they found the feeling they had just met.

“Thank you,” Ma Song felt that he was unfortunate, but also that he was very lucky, at least when he was most sad, a brother was willing to accompany him.

The remains of Ma Song’s parents are still in the mourning hall, which was rented by Ma Song from the burial company. The price is extremely high, but Ma Song was reluctant to let his parents feel wronged. The three rushed to the mourning hall, gave the two elders incense, and after kowtow, they walked out.

“Ma Song!”

A middle-aged woman rushed over with a dozen people. She grabbed Ma Song by the collar and started crying: “You pay my daughter! You pay!”

Several women beat and beat Ma Song, and he seemed to have lost the ability to resist. They let them push him like a sandbag. Wang Hang couldn’t stand it and wanted to rush to pull these women away, but But it was stopped by Qi Yan.

“They are the family of the eldest fiancée.” Qi Yan looked at the haggard old couple in a very mixed mood.

“But the boss doesn’t want such a thing to happen. What do they mean by beating and swearing at the boss now?” Wang Hang was young and vigorous, and he couldn’t see his brother being wronged. ”

“I know that the boss is innocent. In fact, the parents also understand in their hearts that they just can’t pass the hurdle in their hearts to transfer the resentment to the boss,” Qi Yan looked away, not wanting to watch this farce. What’s more, maybe these people make such a fuss, the boss will feel better in his heart.”

Sometimes people’s emotions are unreasonable. Obviously the parents know that this has nothing to do with the eldest son, but they cannot accept the death of their daughter. They can’t help but think, if it weren’t for their daughter to be with Ma Song, the daughter would not. Will ride in that car, and will not lose his life, who is to blame for all this?

Blame God, or the driver who doesn’t follow the traffic regulations?

The driver has been taken away by the police, and the only thing they can blame is the boss.

This is the truth, but he can’t just watch the boss get beaten, so Qi Yan still rushed into the crowd. Seeing Qi Yan rushing into the crowd, Wang Hang, who had already jumped in a hurry, also hurriedly followed.

“Uncles and aunts, please calm down,” Qi Yan stopped in front of Ma Song. He didn’t know who had twisted his arm. He took a breath of pain, “I know you love your children, and I understand your feelings.” , Even my brother understands. Do you think that from the beginning to the present, has my brother ever played it again?”

Seeing that two unknown young people rushed over, the female parent not only did not fight back, but also talked to them in a good voice, and was too embarrassed to continue. The older guy glanced at each other and saw that the child’s father clicked on it. Behind his head, he took a step back.

“Uncles and aunts, my surname is Qi, you just call me Xiao Qi.” As the saying goes, you don’t hit the smiley person. I didn’t have a chance to say something nasty to my parents.

“If something like this happens, I think everyone present is very sad. In fact, if it weren’t for my friend and I arrived in time yesterday, Brother Song would probably have died at home drunk,” Qi Yan bowed to these elders with a solemn face. I bowed, “I know that it is difficult for you to accept, and I don’t want to accept this fact, but I implore you, you blame him, hate him, and want to beat him out. I understand this feeling, but please don’t be in your uncle and auntie’s feelings. Do this in front of the mourning hall because…” Qi Yan looked back at the mourning hall, “because they are also parents, they must be reluctant to leave their children alone in this world, and they are being scolded and beaten in this way.”

The woman’s mother suddenly squatted on the ground with her face in her hands and started crying. She kept chanting her daughter’s nickname, but this time she didn’t scold Ma Song or blame anyone, but this sound was more mournful than a cry. Scolding is uncomfortable.

“Young man,” the woman’s father tremblingly took out a cigarette from his pocket. When he took out the lighter and wanted to light it, he looked up at the mourning hall and shook his hands and put the cigarette back. His haggard and vicissitudes face was full of tiredness and sadness, “Our family is so good, why did we encounter such a thing?”

Qi Yan was silent and did not speak, but the father did not intend to listen to Qi Yan’s answer. He looked at his wife who was squatting on the ground and weeping bitterly. With tears in the corners of his eyes, he reached out to support his wife on the ground, and together with other relatives, hobbled away from here.

Maybe they won’t come to trouble Ma Song again, but they don’t want to see him again for the rest of their lives.

Qi Yan and Wang Hang bought Yunnan Baiyao and sprayed the boss. Although the relatives of the woman’s family were angry, they were still measured and didn’t hit the key place, so the boss just had some skin injuries.

Qi Yan endured forbearance, and finally uttered the question in his heart: “Boss, who is the opposite of your house?”


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