The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 94

It turned out that the house in the old family was funded by the unit to build a house. The colleague from Uncle Ma’s unit who lived opposite his house, Ma Song also kindly called him his uncle. It seems that the private relationship between the two families should be pretty good.

Qi Yan also remembered that when he was about to graduate, the eldest had said in the dormitory that his father had been promoted to the principal and he had set up a table at home.

“Qianqian, what’s the matter with you?” Wang Hang looked at Qi Yan’s expression and felt like something had happened.

“When you were running for the principal, did you, the right uncle, ever participated in the election?” Qi Yan’s expression couldn’t be better. If this is the case, then the family’s behavior of hanging bronze mirrors at the door is really not a coincidence.

“Lao Luo, these things happened to the Lao Ma family. Only Komatsu is left in the house. We can help if we can.” The woman wiped the table, and forgot to look at the door to the living room. She sighed, “How good is it? Has this happened?”

Lao Luo listened silently without speaking.

“I think the feng shui master you invited last time is not at all. What you said is good luck, how rich you are, but the good luck and wealth did not see it, but something happened to your long-time friend,” the woman mopped the floor while chattering. “Just say that the words of these swindlers are not credible, and I don’t know what you think in your mind. At any rate, you are also a university student. How can you still have this kind of feudal superstition.”

“Okay,” the old horse interrupted the woman impatiently. “What are you nagging about all day, are you annoying?!”

Seeing that the couple was about to quarrel, the sound of knocking on the door interrupted the throbbing atmosphere.

Lao Luo was always smiling outside, so he glared at his wife, turned around, put a smile on his face, and opened the door.

The first thing he saw when he opened the door was two strange youths. Behind them stood a thinner Ma Song. He held the doorknob tightly. “My little horse, come in and sit down. Friends?”

“Uncle Luo, they are my friends in the imperial capital. This time they came and came to help me.” Ma Song wanted to squeeze a polite smile, but the smile didn’t take shape after twitching at the corner of his mouth.

Qi Yan’s gaze swept to the wall directly opposite the Luo family’s gate. There was a gossip mirror there, but it was said to be a gossip mirror, and it didn’t look like an authentic gossip mirror, because the gossip pattern was wrong, and there was still a trace of it. Evil spirits.

The three of them entered the door and sat down, and a middle-aged woman brought them tea and snacks, who seemed to be very easy to get along with.

“Auntie, the gossip mirror on the wall is so beautiful, it looks like an antique,” Qi Yan is a rude young man now. “Some time ago I had a friend who was collecting this type, I heard it is worth more than six figures. Woolen cloth.”

“Hey, what is the value of this broken copper and iron,” the aunt brought a fruit plate over and put it in front of Qi Yan, “Don’t say six figures, I don’t think there are four figures.”

Qi Yan scratched his head and smiled, looking embarrassed: “Is that right? I just saw my friend received such a similar one. He spent a full 200,000.” He stretched out two fingers, his face gleaming, as if I feel comfortable to know such a rich person, “I thought that this auntie’s house is also so valuable.”

Lao Luo frowned, feeling a little uncomfortable. Where did the friend Ma Song knew, boasting within a few words after entering the door, and holding a gossip mirror worth 200,000 yuan?

If he wants to say two million to twenty million, he will endure it. What is worth mentioning about two hundred thousand?

The aunt also thinks that this young man is a bit rude to talking, but older people can always be more tolerant towards young people: “Now that these collectors are true or false, it is difficult to understand, the price is not much. It’s important, it’s important that you like it.”

“Yes.” Qi Yan took a sip from his teacup, glanced around at Uncle Luo’s house, feeling a faint chill in his heart.

This is actually a gathering of qi to go to the evil formation, which is not a big deal at first, as long as the evil qi is sent out. However, two gossip bronze mirrors, one large and one small, were placed outside the door of this room, which became a gathering of energy and sending evil spirits, and this evil spirit was sent to the opposite house.

Not many people have used this technique anymore, but twenty years ago, some carpenters in the southwest who inherited the ancestor’s method understood this. At that time, every household was still popular to buy furniture, instead of going directly to the home furnishing store as it is now, so no matter who hired artisans, they would treat them politely, for fear that these artisans would do tricks in some places they can’t see. Make their house restless.

The current method of gathering energy and moving evil is also a common way in the past to pray for a new home, but everyone knows what to avoid, and there is nothing wrong with it. But no matter how good the method falls into the hands of the caring person, it will become a harmful method. For example, the furnishings in Uncle Luo’s house were originally very good, but they have two more gossip bronze mirrors, and they still carry them. The evil gossip mirror is full of malice.

Qi Yan stood up and walked to the gossip bronze mirror. After reaching out and touching it, he looked at auntie embarrassedly, “Sorry, auntie, can I look at this?”


“This little friend,” Lao Luo said with an ugly face, “I brought this bronze mirror back from the antique shop. Please be careful.”

“Sorry,” Qi Yan smiled at Lao Luo, did not touch the mirror again, sat back obediently.

Seeing Qi Yan sitting back to his original position, Lao Luo’s expression improved a lot, and he turned to Ma Song and said, “Little Ma, your friend is quite casual.”

Ma Song didn’t understand, and turned to talk about other things. Originally the friendship between the two families was also the relationship between Ma Song’s parents and Lao Luo. Now that Ma Song’s parents have passed away, there is nothing to say between Ma Song and Lao Luo except the dialogue between the elders and the younger.

After sitting together for a while, everyone got up and left. After Luo’s door closed, Wang Hang glanced at the mirror hung in front of Luo’s door, and wanted to reach out to touch it, but Qi Yan grabbed his wrist.

“Don’t touch these things indiscriminately.” Qi Yan glared at Wang Hang. He was really ignorant and fearless. There was a suffocation on this thing. Like Baihe, the whole body is covered with purple air, and all evils are not invaded.

Thinking of Cen Baihe, Qi Yan’s heart suddenly became strange. He shook his head and threw out the strange feeling in his mind.

“Fourth old, is there something wrong?” Ma Song is not a fool. Seeing Qi Yan’s weird attitude today, he felt that something happened to the Luo family that he didn’t know.

Qi Yan didn’t know if he should tell the boss about this. Based on what he knew about the boss, if the boss knew the truth, he would definitely break into Luo’s house and do something he shouldn’t do. But if he kept it from the boss, he Feeling inappropriate again.

These thoughts only flashed in Qi Yan’s mind for a second. He shook his head and said, “It’s okay. It’s just those people who don’t understand feng shui in mirrors. It’s better not to touch them.” Then, he reached out and touched this side. The gossip mirror has also been placed in the correct position.

Ma Song hadn’t taken a good rest in recent days, so he didn’t have the energy to calm down and think about Qi Yan’s meaning. He nodded and said he knew.

But I don’t know why, Wang Hang felt that the mirror looked more foggy, as if it had exhausted the last bit of vitality, and completely turned into a piece of useless broken copper.

In the afternoon, Lao Luo received a call, saying that the old master who had helped his family change Feng Shui had a brain hemorrhage at noon, and before he could be sent to the hospital, the people were gone.

Lao Luo was stunned, holding the phone for a long time and didn’t come back to his senses.

He suddenly remembered what the old master said when he set the battle.

“There is no turning back under this formation. After the event is completed, you remember to pray three times and nine bows in all directions, and then put your things away. If someone discovers this formation and destroys the artifact, not only will I not be able to save my life. , I’m afraid you are also worried about your life.”

But now the formation is obviously fine, no one has noticed it, and didn’t touch it. Why did the master suddenly have a cerebral hemorrhage?

Originally, he wanted to wait for the day when the old Ma couple were buried before taking off the gossip mirror, but now it seems that he can’t take care of so much.

At ten in the middle of the night, Lao Luo Shige performed three prayers and nine bows in all directions. After he was dizzy and dizzy, he took the mirror on the wall of his house. But after this one was taken off, his whole face changed.

When did this bronze mirror grow such a thick layer of patina?

He put the bronze mirror in the box and pasted it with the talisman paper that the master gave him, and then opened the door to look at the bronze mirror hanging on the doorway. This bronze mirror had a layer of patina. He just took the mirror out of his hand. Inside, the mirror clicked and split into two halves.


Lao Luo made a heavy “ho-ho” sound in his throat, as if he had seen a ghost.

Ma Song’s parents were buried quietly. When choosing the cemetery, Qi Yan accompanied Ma Song to choose a quiet double burial tomb, allowing the couple to sleep peacefully underground.

On the day of the burial, many people came to see Ma Song’s parents off, including colleagues and friends who were caught by his parents, and relatives at home. Even Lin Shuo, who was rushing to rush the paper, came over overnight. But although there are many people, it is exceptionally solemn.

Layers of soil were covered with coffins, which gave the couple permanent peace.

“Second, third, fourth,” Ma Song’s eyes were red, but his tears did not fall. “You take care in the future.”

Wang Hang and Lin Shuo nodded silently, and Qi Yan patted Ma Song on the shoulder: “I know, so do you.”

The four of them returned to Ma Song’s house and saw that Uncle Luo’s house was noisy. When they walked in and asked, they found out that Uncle Luo had a heart attack and was sent to the hospital for rescue. His pair of children were accompanied by Uncle Luo’s family and gave a gentle enlightenment. She can see that she is very filial.

Qi Yan glanced at it, but didn’t look at it again. He turned to Ma Song and said, “Come on, I’ll be drunk with you tonight.”

“Okay.” Ma Song finally showed a slight smile on his face.

That night, the four good brothers did not go to bed until the middle of the night. On the way to the airport the next morning, several of them were still dizzy.

Ma Song accompanied the three of them to take their boarding passes and drank tea for a while before sending them to the security checkpoint reluctantly.

“Boss,” Qi Yan stretched out his hand and stroked Ma Song’s shoulder, and bounced the last ray of evil spirit away from him, “You must be well.”

“I will.” Ma Song and the three of them hugged one by one, “Now our brothers are in the world, but they are also in China. There will be more opportunities to meet in the future.”


There are thousands of mountains and rivers, but this friendship can span thousands of rivers and mountains.



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