The Consequence of Judging Others by Appearance Chapter 95

The plane was delayed for three or four hours. When Qi Yan and his party returned to the imperial capital, it was already evening.

“It’s almost seven.” Lin Shuo turned on the phone and received the message from the instructor, his face turned black, and he couldn’t wait to plug in his wings and rush back to school.

“Don’t worry, my friend arranged for a car to come over. Then I will send you to school first.” Qi Yan checked the time, “Don’t worry, you can catch up.”

“Okay,” Lin Shuo was not polite at this time. After walking out of the airport, Qi Yan saw Zhao Li waiting outside. Zhao Li was very happy after seeing him, and ran over in three steps in two steps, “Master Qi, you are finally back.”

“Brother Zhao, thank you for coming to pick me up today.” Qi Yan and Lin Shuo got into the car and put the suitcases in the car. “Brother Zhao, send my friend to school first.”

“Okay.” Zhao Li is not a talkative person, so he will do whatever Qi Yan arranges.

When the car was halfway there, it rained unexpectedly. Zhao Li slowed down and said to Qi Yan: “The fifth young man intended to pick you up in person, but yesterday a temporary document was issued. The fifth youngest must accompany you. If you visit abroad, you won’t be able to come back tomorrow night.”

Qi Yan knew that this tour group was only attended by important figures, and his whereabouts were kept secret. He didn’t even ask others, but said, “If you stay to pick me up, there will be Brother Huang next to Baihe. people?”

Although with Baihe’s luck, no one at home or abroad can move him, but there is one less person beside him, Qi Yan always feels unsure in his heart.

“Don’t worry, because the fifth master thinks that I am more familiar with you, I was allowed to stay. The old man assigned his bodyguard to the fifth master, so you don’t have to worry about it.” Zhao Li learned that Qi Yan was really worried about the fifth master. Safe, he smiled immediately, “What’s more, the five young boys are very lucky. Anyone who wants to calculate him will be unlucky.”

Qi Yan laughed, but Zhao Li was telling the truth.

After sending Lin Shuo back to the school, Zhao Li drove the car towards the villa, but gradually, Qi Yan found that his face was a little bit wrong.

“Brother Zhao?”

“Master Qi, someone is following us.”

Qi Yan looked back and saw that there were a few cars following them weirdly, and the people in these cars were not on the same side. They didn’t catch up with him, but started to fight each other first.

“Master Qi, there is one car in it that belongs to us, and another one should be sent to protect you. The other three…”

“It’s the one who wants my life.” Qi Yan took out two talisman papers from her body, quickly folded them, then opened the window and threw them out.

“Squeak!” A car made a harsh brake sound, and finally hit the safety fence next to it. The safe snorted and snorted. Qi Yan and his colleagues built a relatively cheap place for the university. From the university to the main road, there are not many people who usually pass by, and today it is even more wicked, with almost no other people passing by.

One car was scrapped, and two other cars followed. Looking at their posture, they were quite self-defeating and injuring a thousand enemies. However, Qi Yan cherished his life, not to mention that there was still an innocent Zhao Li in the car, and he couldn’t get him involved.

“Papa!” The four pieces of talisman paper were automatically attached to the window as if they had eyes. Qi Yan said with a deep face: “Brother Zhao, you should not get down when you hear the car by the side of the road.”


“No!” Qi Yan seldom speaks so strongly. “The tiger doesn’t show off his might. He wants to treat us as a sick cat. I am the head of a family for dozens of generations, and there has never been an example of being chased and beaten by others.”

Although the head of the twenty-first generation was chased and beaten, he doesn’t know…

But this is not important, the important thing is that he can’t swallow this breath!

“Team, Captain, Master Qi got off the car!” The special team member who was following Qi Yan’s car saw Qi Yan got out of the car, and shouted at the other end of the phone, “Request support! Request support!” Ignoring anything else, I threw down my phone and rushed over.

“do not come!”

Before he ran two steps, Qi Yan was yelled at.

“Go back to your car, don’t come out and make trouble!”

“Oh, oh…” After returning to the car obediently, the team member felt a little confused. No, he was here to protect Master Qi, and he was yelled back into the car by Master Qi. What does it mean? But I don’t know what’s wrong. After Master Qi yelled at him just now, his feet seemed to be unwilling, and he ran back to the car and sat in the car.

When he wanted to get out of the car again, he found that the car had also become wicked, and he could not open the door. If he knew that Cen Baihe’s bodyguard had also experienced this kind of thing, he probably wouldn’t be so…lonely?

There were four people in one car, and there should have been twelve people in three cars, but one car hit the fence. Two people got out of the car and lay on the ground before walking two steps.

So there were ten people left around Qi Yan.

If this happened in other countries, probably each of these ten people would have guns in their hands. However, this is China Huaxia, which has excellent public security and strict management. Don’t say you wander around with your gun, even if you take a fruit knife. It is possible to be questioned countless times by the police uncle, and the fruit knife will naturally be confiscated.

So the weapons in the hands of these ten people are the most common equipment in group fights, steel pipes! There are two more advanced weapons, and that is the knife in the tube. Qi Yan had reason to suspect that these two tube knives were kept for the last to stab him in the kidney.


A row of yellow symbols flew out, no more, no more than ten, blocking Qi Yan and these people. Being stared at by so many people, Qi Yan didn’t panic. Instead, he put his hands behind him and put his hands on the top: “I think you are all Chinese, why do you want to do such a thing?”

“What are you doing with so much nonsense, do you think it’s a TV series, and you want you to come and talk to me about a bunch of nonsense?” A man who seemed very grumpy rushed towards him, and…there was no more.

Everyone saw him as if he had been electrocuted, and he trembled suddenly and fell down with a bang.

When the remaining nine people saw their faces changed drastically, they couldn’t help but retreat. They had counted against several young masters before, but when these masters set up the formation, they had already beaten people on the ground. But today this one seems to be different. The other party neither set up a formation nor chanted a spell, but stopped them by relying on such a few seemingly tattered talisman papers.

“Want to go?” Qi Yan was not in a hurry right now, and another pile of talisman paper was thrown out, and these people instantly turned into wooden people.

“Traitor?!” With a stick down, a big man fell down. He felt that his leg bones should have been broken, but he couldn’t even reach out and hug his legs, so he could only lie on the ground and wailing in pain.

“Seeking glory?”


“Forget the ancestors by counting the codes!” “Oh!” “Huosuga life!” “Ah!” “Not a son of man!” “Woo!”

These big guys who were still aggressive just now all lay on the ground and wailed, but they all fell down, and Qi Yan hadn’t finished cursing, so he slapped each of them with a stick and cursed again, only to feel a little bit inside. Exhaust.

If someone passes by at this moment, you must think this is the scene of a master battle with a zombie, because the people on the ground scream so badly, but they lie down like a concrete pillar. What is it that is not a zombie?

On one side, Zhao Li and the captain of the special team were stunned at this moment. They looked at Qi Yan, who was pulling the steel pipe into a vigor, and then at the unidentified people who were howling ghosts and wolves on the ground, and their respect grew spontaneously.

Ten people can be beaten in a gang to one person, and they can still be beaten like this. With this ability, I am embarrassed to come out as villains. Are these people here to make fun?

At the same time, a strange thing happened outside the alley, that is, everyone and the vehicles avoided the alley unconsciously, even they themselves didn’t realize it.

I had known that today’s ending was that they were unilaterally abused, and the 12-member cannon fodder would never drop a magic weapon out of the alley to avoid people’s ears and let passers-by avoid this section of the road unconsciously. It’s hard to buy a daughter. I knew that the ten people who were beaten up to cry and cry felt that this time is almost the gloomiest and most shameful time in their lives.

“If I were you, I would never do stupid things like blocking people,” Qi Yan threw the steel pipe on the ground, wiped his hands with a handkerchief, and smiled at the person closest to him. “I really want to know who your boss is. Who can come up with such a bad idea, he used to be a street gangster?”

The cannon fodder felt very unconvinced. No matter how bad this bad idea was, wouldn’t it also clean up several young Feng Shui masters?

However, they thought so in their hearts, but they didn’t dare to say it, because this demon king is too terrifying, they are dozens of years old, and they don’t want to be slapped again.

Qi Yan was about to call Zhao Zhicheng, asking him to take away all the people on the ground, but his cell phone rang first.

“Fourth, are you home?” The boss’s voice came from the phone.

Qi Yan glanced at the empty street, walked to the side of the road and stood still, “I’m almost home.”

“Uncle Luo died. The heart attack was ineffective. He died.”

Qi Yan didn’t know what to say, so he gave a hmm. The two people who had fainted before had already woken up, but they were lying on the ground not daring to move. Now seeing Qi Yan answering the phone, they got up and ran away.


Two talisman papers flew on their backs, and their faces hit the ground hard.

Qi Yan lowered his head and glanced at his hand that threw the talisman. After experiencing Wang Xiangzhen’s nine deaths, his spiritual power has been much more powerful.

“I wanted to ask you before.”

“Ask what?” Qi Yan put his hand in his trouser pocket and sighed in his heart.

“My parents and the death of their fiancée, are they related to Uncle Luo?”

Qi Yan took a deep breath: “Yes.”

There was a long silence on the other end of the phone before the boss’s voice came out again: “Do you really know those Taoist spells?”

Qi Yan sneered, half-heartedly and half-jokingly said: “Will it be important? Don’t believe in superstition. Believe in science is worse than believe in science.”

“Yes, you are right.” The boss’s tone relaxed a lot, “Then take a rest early when you get home, I won’t disturb you.”

Zhao Zhicheng hurriedly led his teammates to the place where the incident occurred, but the more anxious the traffic in the imperial capital, the more abusive he became, and the traffic jam was too much for him. In the end, there was really no way, they could only put the siren on the roof of the car, and rushed forward all the way.

As a result, Qi Yan’s phone number arrived first before the car arrived.

“Captain Zhao, the man has been caught, you remember to arrange a few more cars to take the prisoner away.”

Zhao Zhicheng:? ? ?



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