The Obsessive Shou Chapter 1

The gilt Qifeng Tower is located in the northeast corner of the forbidden city. It can be seen thousands of miles away from the sky. At night, you can have a panoramic view of the prosperous lights of the four cities of Shangyang.

Everyone in Shangyang knows that this is the residence built by the emperor for Yunhou’s mother. Even though the Yun family has been sentenced to copying and slashing, Yun Qingci has also been beaten into the cold palace, but the most promising concubine Ning Gui can still only watch from underneath with gritted teeth.

The cold night was as cold as a blade, and the guards of the forbidden city carried the wind-proof lanterns and patrolled in the snow. Suddenly someone exclaimed: “Someone upstairs!”

At the corner of the building, a man in white clothes was hunting, standing against the wind.

“Presumptuous!” The sound of armor collision sounded, and the leader of the guard brought people forward: “Who is so bold, dare to climb the building behind the king…”


In the ice and snow, this man wore a sapphire hairpin on his head, a pair of unsuitable shoes, and a thin shirt that did not protect against the cold. He whizzed down from top to bottom, and slammed heavily on the slabs of the forbidden city covered with thin snow. superior.

Red plum-like blood spots splashed around.

“This is…”

The unfinished words are all stuck in the throat.

No one dared to touch anyone on the ground.

Not just because he is the master of this building, the queen of the emperor.

It is even more because his previous images of domineering and dehumanizing are too deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, so that he would end himself in this way, and everyone felt incredible, even creepy.

Some people think that Yun Qingci was broken by the emperor, so he chose to jump out of the gilt Qifeng Tower. After all, although he made outsiders terrified and hated by his relatives, he was heartbroken to the emperor, too good to say.

More people think that Yun Qingci is paranoid and arrogant, and when he is alive, he will often self-mutilate in order to gain the attention of the emperor. This time, self-destructiveness is just defending his place in the eyes of the emperor in an extreme way.

The emperor wanted to destroy his whole clan, he didn’t care, he was broken into the cold palace, his heart was broken like madness, really dare to love, hate and dare to give up, a life of madness.

He seems to have never been so quiet before, hysterical, arrogant and jealous, acting like wind, and there is always a lingering hostility between his eyebrows. No one dares to look directly at his sharp, stern, arrogant and ridiculous eyebrows…so much so that they are ignored. He was actually born very well.

Her lips are black, her skin is as white as ice, and her face looks like an alluring ink and wash. The thick blood spread from under him, quickly swallowing the snow, staining his coat and skin red, like a large piece of cinnabar splashed on a scroll of ink painting.

When he closed his eyes and looked serene, the heaven and the earth seemed to fade with the blood-loss lips.

The guard leader’s throat was trembling, and he didn’t dare to look more.

Soon, the palace no longer allowed to talk about the Queen of Clouds, and the emperor, who had always been kind and virtuous, slayed all the palace slaves with broken mouths.

This is the fifteenth year of Xuanjing and the twelfth year that Yun Qingci married the emperor.

The gilded Qifeng Tower, which has made countless concubines envy and jealous, still stands glamorously here, but is completely blocked from everyone’s unattainable sight and becomes a forbidden place.

And everything about Yun Qingci, even his name, became a taboo in the palace, and no one dared to discuss it.

The heavy snow pounded on the window lattice.

Sitting by the charcoal fire in the house, Yinxi and Jin Huan were both quietly observing the people listening to the snow on the couch by the window.

The other party’s black hair was scattered, with a lazy expression, white gauze wrapped around his forehead and wrist, and his thin white slender fingers tapped on the handrail rhythmically, looking relaxed and comfortable.

It’s Queen Yun, and it doesn’t seem to be Queen Yun.

It was him because no one could reproduce his appearance, not because he shouldn’t be so peaceful at the moment.

Yesterday early in the morning, the queen was not fully awake, she was thrown off the bed by her suddenly angry majesty, her forehead was knocked, and a lot of blood was shed.

His Majesty then ordered someone to drive him back to his mother’s house in a rage. The queen rushed to beg like crazy, but to no avail, so she cut her wrist in an vain attempt to exchange her for sympathy. Although the doctor came in time, he still lost blood. Too much and fainted.

And your Majesty… not only did he not give him a look, he was sent back to Xiangfu when he was in a coma, and he was not equipped with the necessary equipment for returning to the door, and there was no notice in advance, which led to the absence of Xiangfu. People greeted and waited for a long time.

Although the imperial decree has not yet come down, what your majesty has done is no different from after it was abolished.

Everyone knew that he would go crazy when he woke up.

Sure enough, the queen opened his eyes while waiting in the air. The first thing was to go back to the forbidden city to find her majesty. He ran to the forbidden city on foot like crazy, the blood from his wrist was dripping down his fingertips, and he didn’t care, no one could. Can persuade him.

Fortunately, I didn’t walk a few steps before I met Yun Xiangxia and headed back to the mansion, feeling that he was embarrassed and knocked him back unconscious.

Everyone in the Yun family knew very well that Jun Yun would definitely have trouble after he woke up again, so he ordered people to guard the windows and doors of the house in advance to prevent him from sneaking out again.

But today, he got up early in the morning. Not only did he not make a fuss, he obediently let Yinxi be drugged, and he took the breakfast seriously, and then stayed in the house honestly without going anywhere. Going up is very precious to your own body.

Yinxi and Jin Huan were a little confused, they didn’t know if he was making another idea, or if he really wanted to.

Forbidden city, Jiangshan Temple.

The emperor’s supervisor Liu Ziru looked at the slowly burning imperial decree in the brazier, and had almost the same doubts as the queen’s attendant.

This is the post-abolition imperial edict.

This time, the emperor was really annoyed by Yun Qing’s resignation. Not only did he pull the person off the bed and threw his forehead when the other party was not awake, he also drafted an abandoned imperial decree immediately after returning to the Jiangshan Temple.

Yun Jiaquan was in the crowd, although Yun Qingci was not in harmony with his family, but his honor and disgrace were related to the Yun Family’s face.

The queen mother was worried that the emperor’s impulsiveness would anger the Yun family, and she tried her best to dissuade her from issuing it immediately.

Before going to bed yesterday, perhaps he finally figured it out, and he drafted another and quit book. This more gentle way than after the abolition was probably the final compromise he was going to make to Yun Qingci.

However, early this morning, when Liu Ziru packed up and came to serve him, he saw the always gentle and generous young emperor with disheveled hair, his eyes sharp as an eagle, hiding his madness and ruthlessness: “Where is the Susan I put under my pillow? ”

At that time, Liu Ziru wondered if he was too old and his brain was not working well, why he didn’t have any impression of the emperor’s pillow.

He saluted tentatively: “Dare to ask your Majesty…what kind of susan is it?”

Li Ying’s eyes were filled with dense blackness, and he got up, a strong sense of oppression came from the tall figure, and it was like a ghostly spirit. People around him had never seen him look such a terrifying appearance. Immediately someone had their legs limp, and Liu Ziru couldn’t help but knelt down, sweat slipping from his forehead.

His neckline was grabbed by the emperor, facing that handsome but gloomy face, Liu Ziru only felt that he was going to die.

He held his breath, trying to control the trembling muscle tissue of his face. He used to think that although Li Ying had a stubborn heart, the emperor’s disposition and behavior were all measured. At least in front of others, he was still a decent king. The only thing he was not decent was probably dealing with Yun Qingci.

But at this moment, Li Ying seemed to be a demon with his human skin torn off, becoming unscrupulous, he seemed to care nothing, he didn’t put anything in his eyes.

“Your Majesty…”

Liu Ziru clearly felt that Li Ying wanted to kill him.

It was the little **** who was in charge of the report to rescue him, “Your Majesty, just now the guards came to report, and the queen mother sent someone to visit the queen.”

Li Ying didn’t like the empress dowager’s intervention in him and Yun Qing’s resignation, so it was particularly noticeable. I don’t know if it was Liu Ziru’s illusion, the emperor seemed to be in a daze, “visit…?”

Liu Ziru hurriedly said: “Presumably the Queen Mother learned of the Queen’s trouble in the Xiang’s Mansion yesterday, so she sent someone to comfort the Yun family… I heard that the Queen Mother returned to the mansion and suffered another injury.”

Li Ying’s chin suddenly tightened heavily, his eyelashes trembled, mist was covered in his eyes for a moment, and his throat became hoarse for a moment: “The queen, my queen…”

Still alive.

He didn’t go on, so Liu Ziru didn’t know.

He was fortunate that he had recovered his life. When he saw the emperor strode to the book case, he reached out to draw a memorial, his eyes focused on the date: “Xuanjing, seven years…”

Yun Qingci is still alive, and loves him madly.

He chuckled, tears raining down.

Frightened the group of people around him.

Then, as it is now, he ordered someone to roll up his long hair and throw the planned abolished imperial decree into the brazier.

Another thing was thrown in, and Li Shu.

The man put on human skin again, and said gently: “Be prepared, simpler, I’m going to Xiangfu.”

Then he looked at Liu Ziru: “I had a nightmare just now, and I was a little gaffe, which scared the husband.”

Liu Ziru immediately said, “Your Majesty, don’t worry, the minister hasn’t seen anything.”

Li Ying bends his lips kindly, rubbing his fingers on the corners of his clothes, and become more graceful.

It seems that he is still the young emperor who has a kind heart, and has both ability and political integrity.

Yun Qingci yawned on the soft couch and heard Jin Huan report: “The queen mother sent someone to visit you, and they were in the front hall.”


Yun Qingci’s tone was light and not at all agitated.

Jin Huan looked confused. The Queen Mother had always tried her best to bring the Queen and her Majesty together, and would often come to comfort the Queen because of their emotional discord. It stands to reason that since the Queen Mother is deliberately involved in this matter, the Queen Mother will do her best to seize this opportunity. That’s it.

He subconsciously said: “The queen, do you want to see him?”

As soon as the voice fell, a smiling voice came from outside: “The Queen, the Queen Mother has sent a servant to see you.”

Yun Qing pulled the corners of his mouth without seriousness, and slowly got up from the couch, moved to the chair for the guests, and said, “Since Duke Zhou is here, then come in.”

Zhou Zhao stepped in, looking at the wounds on his body, hurriedly stepped forward, took a look eagerly, and sighed: “Hey, if the queen mother sees your injury, I’m afraid it will Distressed.”

Yun Qingci smiled slightly.

If it were not for Zhou Zhao to strangle Yinxi to death with his own hands later, Yun Qingci might not have thought of it, that he had always said that he was treated as his own, and he had always expressed his two-handed praise for him after Li Ying, and How terrible is the woman who helped him and Li Ying marry?

From the very beginning, Li Ying approached him just because he wanted to get close to the Xiangfu through him, and Yun Qingci fell in love with Li Ying because of her guidance. When he was just a teenager, he simply liked being with Li Ying. When we were together, it was the woman who broke it with one hand and asked him if he wanted to be with Li Ying forever, and if he wanted to marry Li Ying.

And Yun Qingci, step by step, got farther and farther away from his relatives, and got closer and closer to the enemy.

“You have the Queen Mother.” He said gently: “The father-in-law is here today, but what advice can you give?”

Zhou Zhao was a little surprised by his calmness, but after considering Yun Qingci’s attitude towards the Queen Mother, he was quickly relieved. He signaled Yun Qingci to let the attendant retreat, and said, “Your Majesty does not allow the Queen Mother to intervene in this matter. The time for a slave is not long, so I will make a long story short.”

Yun Qingci nodded.

“According to the meaning of the queen mother, if the queen wants to repair the relationship with her majesty at this moment, there is only one way, that is…may have to make the queen suffer.”

Yun Qingci listened respectfully.

Zhou Zhao was a little puzzled. Logically speaking, Yun Qingci at this time should continue to say: “As long as I can keep A Ying’s heart, I am willing to do anything.” That’s right.

Without waiting for the expected response, Zhou Zhao could only continue: “You also know that the Queen Mother has helped you a lot over the years, and your Majesty also hates her deeply, so this time… I’m afraid that only Yun Xiang can save you. .”

“You know my relationship with him.”

“That’s because you don’t want to kiss him, but he wants to be nice to you.”

Yun Qingci’s face was calm, but his fingers tightened silently. He grew up with his mother in another courtyard in the suburbs because of the discord between his parents. He returned to Xiangfu at the age of seven. In that year, his father took him on a trip with Emperor Xian and was accidentally assassinated at the same time. Pointing at Yun Qingci and Emperor Xian, Yun Xiang gave Yun Qingci a heavy glance, and flew towards the Emperor Xian.

The sharp sword penetrated Yun Qingci’s chest.

The father-son relationship that was too late to cultivate has worsened.

Later, his mother and father completely broke, and Yun Qingci never called him father again.

Yun Qingci took the tea and sipped lightly, and his long eyelashes suppressed all the emotions in his eyes: “You mean, let me beg him?”

“Father and son are connected, as long as the queen is cruel to toss herself, Yunxiang will surely feel soft.”

When he said this, he didn’t blush or beat his heart, and he didn’t feel guilty for instigating others to hurt himself.



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