The Obsessive Shou Chapter 11

In the past, when Yun Qingci was provoking, Li Ying would probably glance at him lightly, as a message to warn him not to mess around.

But at this moment, he only frowned briefly, and then wrapped the gauze around him more gently.

“Nap.” Yun Qingci continued to kick him and said, “Shoes.”

Li Ying squatted down, helped him take off his shoes, and said, “You need to wipe your feet.”

Don’t let the one brought to the door for nothing, Yun Qingci put his foot directly on his knee, and Li Ying took off his foot bag and ordered someone to change his veil.

He served with care, from the ankle to the gap between the toes, every place was slid by the warm and moist waterkerchief, and when he stroked the soles of his feet, Yun Qingci suddenly shrank.

He held back his face again with a calm face.

I don’t know if Li Ying found that he was ticklish, but he didn’t deliberately stay on the soles of Yun Qingci’s feet. After wiping with due diligence, he took a dry kerchief to wipe off the water marks on it.

Then, before Yun Qing spoke, he picked him up, walked a few steps, and placed him on the couch.

The serving person is so temperamental, and there is no reason to be displeased by the serving person. Li Ying took off his hairpin for him, and after serving him, he pulled the quilt and covered it, patted his chest with his palm.

Yun Qingci glanced at him indifferently, rolled his back, closed his eyes and started to fall asleep.

For a quarter of an hour at the beginning, he was thinking about what the unfinished ingot was, Your Majesty, what happened to your Majesty?

He didn’t find the answer, and the body that had long been used to taking a nap was found by the familiar doze, Yun Qingci quickly relaxed, sleeping ignorantly.

A hand restrained reaching his ear, and then slowly retracted.

Forbidden City, Taici Palace.

A piece of dead branch was cut off by properly maintained fingers. The Queen Mother took the scissors and pruned patiently, and said: “The emperor has gone to Xiangfu again?”

Beside her, attending the **** Qin Yu’s jaws: “I have been there several times.”

“No wonder he wasn’t crazy.” She sneered. “It’s good this time. The emperor drove him a few times and took him to the sky again.”

Qin Xian followed with a chuckle: “It’s reasonable to be a little son of the Xiangfu family after all.”

“Useless things.” The scissors were thrown heavily on the edge of the basin, and the Queen Mother turned around. Qin Yu immediately handed the veil to her. She wiped her hands and said, “The grace that I sent to the door, how can I **** the incense? The emperor just didn’t understand this truth, and when he did such a derogatory thing, he told him to take Joe.”

“This time the queen cut his wrist, your majesty must be really distressed.”

“No matter what, people still have to pick it up, what happened to Zhou Zhao’s injury?”

“If people don’t get in the way, they just scared your majesty.”

“The emperor never liked the family to take care of their affairs. He dared to take the initiative to mention it. It is a gift to save his life.” She sat down on the main seat and took the new hand thoughtfully. Chashui said: “However, the emperor’s move is a bit heavier this time. I haven’t seen him like this before.”

“It may be the injury of the queen, which has stimulated your majesty.”

“After all, it’s also a childhood sweetheart.” The queen mother said, her expression suddenly meaningless, and she said casually: “Then you go for a run and coax people back first.”

“Your Majesty can’t coax me back, minister…”

“The emperor will only follow him, how can I coax him back.” The queen mother said casually: “You have to scare him, make him afraid, blindly indulge him, he will be pampered and arrogant.”

Mrs. Yun and Yunxiang were originally the enviable husband and wife of everyone in Beijing. Their relationship was deep, but later they had a disagreement because Yunxiang was involved in a romantic incident. She was a woman who couldn’t rub the sand in her eyes. She was still pregnant, so she moved straight to the outskirts hospital. From birth to raising, for seven years, Yun Xiang was not allowed to enter the hospital.

Xu is too stressed during pregnancy, and Xu is that her husband who has been with others for many years has had an affair with others. She has some problems with her spirit. She puts all her hopes on Yun Qingci, and she is not allowed to talk to other people. When people approached, she ordered Yun Qingci to see her alone, and he was not allowed to mention his father.

It was not until later that she discovered that Yun Xiang did not really have an affair with others, and she let Yun Qing resign to find her father. Unfortunately, Yun Qing was assassinated shortly after returning to Xiang’s mansion, which made the newly eased relationship between husband and wife worse. As his own life, the youngest son was in a coma for nearly a year, breaking her tortured life.

Yun Qingci had no friends. After his mother died, he resented his father, and the appearance of Li Ying almost replaced Mrs. Yun’s existence.

Li Ying was Yun Qingci’s fate, and it was more effective than any method that Li Ying might abandon him to intimidate him.

Qin Yuan complimented: “The minister is taught.”

After Yuan Bao followed back to the palace, he was called by Liu Ziru. He carefully apologized: “Mr. Liu.”

“I heard that you picked up the Queen’s wooden sign today. It is a token of love between your Majesty and the Queen.” Liu Ziru smiled and greeted him to sit down and said: “Your Majesty attaches great importance to it. I especially asked me to come to you. A gift.”

He clapped his hands, and soon someone brought a plate, Liu Ziru stretched out his hand to uncover the yellow silk on it, Yuan Bao saw what was on it, his face suddenly turned pale.

He was stiff, and there was a sharp buzzing in his head.

Liu Ziru sighed suddenly and waved his hand hurriedly: “What’s going on? Look at the little father-in-law Yuanbao scared, go get the one on the third floor of the wooden frame.”

The **** at the end of the pan hurriedly filed a complaint, re-covered the dagger, and stepped back for a change. Liu Ziru sighed: “One by one, it’s not worth it, little father-in-law, come and use tea.”

The ingot was picked up with a trembling, and accidentally scattered all over it. Liu Ziru immediately took the veil and handed it over, and said kindly: “Be careful.”

“Sir… But what do you want to explain to Yuanbao?”

Anyone who can mix in begging in front of the emperor is not a fool. Liu Ziru smiled after hearing it, and said: “Although your majesty and the queen have some conflicts now, they have grown up together as young children. No one can compare this relationship.”

Yuan Bao looks at him.

Liu Ziru continued: “Your Majesty suffered a nightmare a few days ago. During this period of time, he has been in poor spirits and has been a little different from what he did in the past. However, he has been checked by the Emperor Xuan. There is no major problem. Don’t worry about the Queen.”

Sure enough, it was for this matter. Your Majesty didn’t want the queen to know how crazy he was when he woke up that day. Yuan Bao knew it in his heart.

The **** who had changed the reward had returned. Liu Ziru opened the yellow silk a second time, and there was a row of silver taels and a greeting note on it.

“I heard that your mother is ill in bed, and there are two sisters below. You can use these silvers. This greeting will allow your brother to enter Hanhua Academy. He will finish his studies every day and serve my court.” Liu Ziru Significantly: “Yuanbao, thank you.”

This grace has come down, so you have to pick it up, and you can pick it up if you don’t. It just depends on how you pick it up.

It can be a gift or murder.

After Qin Xian came back from Xiangfu, he went directly to the queen dowager’s bedroom. Not long after, an angry shout came from inside: “What?!”

When Yun Qingci was so bold, the people she sent over unexpectedly didn’t see them, and they were suffering from physical illness. They obviously went out to see Bingxi yesterday.

The Queen Mother said with a gloomy face, “What did Yun Yu say?”

“The master said that he was in a low position and did not dare to ask about the queen.”

“Presumptuous!” The Empress Dowager Zhang hated: “The Yun Family is getting bolder and bolder, so she dared to openly confront the Ai Family!”

If the Yun family does not get rid of it, it will cause harm.

She wiped a killer in her eyes, and asked, “What does the emperor want to do, can you find out?”

“I heard that your Majesty gave him a nightmare two days ago. I am afraid that the current methods of ruling the emperor are unpleasant, so I am going to worship at the imperial mausoleum.”

Li Ying is a great filial son, and he has a deep affection with the first emperor and his son. The first emperor belongs to those who only want money to die. When encountering corrupt officials, they just ransack their homes and put them in prison, or pick up black yarn to send them to the frontiers. But Li Ying is different. He wants money and lives.

He was quite generous towards palace slaves and regular officials, but he hated corrupt officials. Once he was found out, he was sent to jail. There were once admonishers admonishing the misfortunes of his sons, wives, and children. Li Ying argued against the ministers, thinking that since he had enjoyed the elders’ search for the people’s fats and minions. The superior material conditions that come here should be responsible for the same.

In the past few years, he has rectified the court, killed many people, and welcomed the people’s favor. Those who have never committed a sin praise him for his generosity, benevolence and virtue, while those who have committed an evil hate him to the bone.

However, most of the money is searched for his own children, and since the criminal law of the same crime of father and son was out, corruption has indeed been rare.

He had gone to worship a few times before, but they were all small-driving, and he had never had a law-driving. The queen mother thought about it a bit, and the secret path probably really shocked him by this nightmare.

By the way: “If you drive to the imperial mausoleum, you will not return in three days. If you drive a party tomorrow, the Aijia will go to the Xiangfu to visit the queen.”

She bit the last few words very hard.

Before dawn the next day, there was a sound of neat armor collision in the palace. The leaders of each battalion asked for the number of people. The guard of honor hurriedly took the picture fan and rushed to the front door.

The palace was in turmoil, but Yun Qingci still slept sweetly. He didn’t wake up until Chen Shi. He ate the Xueyuan from Aunt Ding’s hands, and sat at the table with Dacloak together, practising calligraphy.

When the sun rises, the emperor walks out of the Jiangshan Temple, the Chinese umbrella is raised high, and the picture fans are surrounded by fans.

On the other side, a small car drove out of the east gate, and the queen mother closed her eyes and sat down and said, “Make a detour, don’t collide with Fajia.”

If Li Ying knows that she is involved, I’m afraid there will be complaints again.

Yun Qingci suddenly sneezed, his hand crooked, and the words he wrote finally got dirty.

He sighed, rounded up the waste rice paper, and threw it into the wastebasket.

Suddenly someone came to report: “The queen, the queen is visiting you, she is already in the front hall.”

When we stopped the court today, Yunxiang was also at home and was receiving.

The Empress Dowager Zhang’s succession depends on luck and other means. Yun Xiang didn’t know that she had to promote Yun Qingci’s marriage with Li Ying at the time because it was horrible, but at that time Yun Qingci was all focused on Li Ying, and he could do nothing.

Now seeing the mother and son come over one by one, it’s kind of funny.

Although the Yun family is powerful, they have never been unfaithful. He and the first emperor are even more siblings, but in the eyes of the mother and son, he has become a powerful official with unpredictable intentions.

I don’t know what Yun Qingci thinks now, but he doesn’t take the initiative to mention Li Ying, and Yun Xiang is not easy to ask. The father-son relationship that has just been repaired is afraid that it will be broken again by accident.

Yun Qingci arrived soon, wrapped in a large cloak, and his long hair was arbitrarily tied with a wooden hairpin, without deliberately tying the crown, his whole person looked plain and elegant.

Empress Dowager Zhang caught a glimpse of her, and her mood was hard to say.

I don’t know if Yun Qingci didn’t treat her as an outsider or didn’t take her seriously. She took up a kind and worried face, and quickly got up and went forward: “How is the injury? Let the queen see if she has lost weight?”

Yun Qingci avoided her hand that was about to touch her cheek, took a step back, and said in salute: “I have seen my mother’s queen.”

He stepped forward and said to Yun Xiang: “The child has seen his father.”

“My family, don’t have to be polite.” Yunxiang smiled and said: “Since it’s too late, do you want to avoid it, your mothers say something?”

He knew in his heart that Yun Qingci was more to kiss the Queen Mother than to him. After all, it was Li Ying’s mother. He valued Li Ying and naturally also valued the Queen Mother.

Yun Xiang wants to leave, which is a good thing for the Queen Mother. With this old fox there, she has to consider a lot if she wants to flicker Yun’s resignation.

She said: “It’s the abruptness of Ai’s family.”

Yun Qing replied, “No need.”

Empress Dowager Zhang’s smile froze, her eyes fell on his face, and a touch of disbelief passed across her eyes.

Yun Qingci turned around and said warmly: “I don’t know why the mother came here?”

This enchantress, he wanted to see how she dared to show her ugly face in front of her father.

Yunxiang sat down again.

The queen mother also sat down slowly and said: “The emperor is going to the imperial tomb today to worship the ancestors. I shouldn’t come to see you anymore.”

She is reminding Yun Qingci not to be too far-fetched, because the emperor’s affairs have gone too far, and there is no time to coax you into Yun Qingci every day.

Yunxiang said, “Your Majesty is really a filial son.”

Yun Qingci echoed: “He has been there several times before, and I don’t know how he communicated with the first emperor.”

Queen Mother Zhang: “?”

What is communication? The emperor has passed away for many years. Are you cursing your husband?

Yun Xiangdao: “The meaning of Xiaoci is that I don’t know whether the first emperor can understand your majesty. After all, all the emperors in the past have their own characteristics.”

Yun Qingci continued: “Emperor father is wise and martial artist. He should understand the principle of seeking common ground while reserving differences. Your majesty often goes to the imperial tombs, perhaps just because he misses his father.”

Yunxiang bit his scalp and answered: “The first emperor has a deep relationship with his majesty, father and son, and your majesty’s filial piety can be learned from the world.”

He realized that Yun Qingci was deliberately targeting. Why the first emperor understands seeking common ground while reserving differences? If this is the case, how could Li Ying have nightmares? He added that his Majesty often went to the imperial tomb, as if he was mocking Li Ying to go to the imperial tomb under the guise of a nightmare. In fact, he was a child who could not do without his father. .

While sighing, he hoped that the youngest son would restrain himself, don’t say more, see what the queen mother’s face looks like.

Yun Qingci didn’t panic: “Your Majesty’s childcare is under the knees of the first emperor. This is a matter of course, it’s just…”

He turned around and looked at the queen mother: “Your Majesty is going to the imperial tomb, how can the mother have the time to come and see me?”

We all know that although the first emperor likes Li Ying, he doesn’t like the Queen Mother very much. The two have always respected each other as a guest. Li Ying also knows this. Therefore, every time he goes to see him, he will not be too aggressive, nor will he bring the queen mother.

But before, he would greet the Queen Mother in advance, but this time he didn’t.

Yun Qingci didn’t know this last point, but the Queen Mother knew that Li Ying didn’t just ignore her mood and drive to the imperial tomb in a fair manner. He didn’t even say hello to her before leaving, as if he didn’t take her seriously .

She hadn’t thought about it before, but now she suddenly realized that Li Ying’s behavior this time was completely different from before.

Yun Qingci accidentally stabbed her cruelly, and the queen mother’s face became cold on the spot.

Yunxiang tried to save the respect: “…The Queen Mother is worried about you.”

“Yunxiang.” The queen mother said slowly: “Although the emperor is the son of Ai’s family, today Ai’s family has to be fair to him. This contradiction is due to the provocation by Aci first. This is placed on others. The crime of blaspheming the dragon body and assassinating the emperor can be cured. The emperor is just taking it lightly now, and the clouds can be weighed clearly.”

The implication is that your majesty is enough to give you the face of the Yun family, don’t indulge the youngest son and make trouble too ugly.

Yun Yu was unhappy in his heart, but this incident was indeed due to Yun Qingci’s jealousy. He could only say: “What the Queen Mother said is that the children are ignorant, and the old officials must strictly discipline them.”

The queen mother pulled the topic back again and sighed: “The emperor is in a hurry, and you are young and vigorous, and he can understand his grief in your heart, but after all, you are the queen, what does it look like to live in your mother’s house like this?”

“The queen?” Yun Qing resigned: “He confiscated my yijia. I am still not the queen now. Isn’t the mother unclear about it?”

The queen mother smiled, and secretly said that it turned out to be angry with this: “Your relationship for so many years, what do you care about with him? The mother will pick you up later and take the mother’s luan car, do you think it is good?”

Yun Xiang was angry and wanted to say something for Yun Qingci: “The queen mother has just grown up, and the queen’s crime of blaspheming the dragon body is a million death, but now why is it going to be small again? If children shouldn’t care, Then should your Majesty not care about it first?”

Queen Mother Zhang: “…”

Yun has been a supervisor for quite a few years, and is very good at catching people’s words.

“Queen dowager, the old minister does not ask for anything else, just speaks fair words. If your majesty is so angry and dismissed, my Yun family will say nothing, and willingly accept the crime, but since Yijia has been confiscated, my son’s reputation is ruined, and the **** in the shop Now, the Queen Mother wants my son to take a ride back to the palace to be a nameless queen, but the old minister refuses to follow him.”

The queen mother Zhang knew that she was not his opponent, so she once again set her gaze on Yun Qingci, implicitly threatening: “Xiaoci, you can think about it, don’t you really want to go back with the queen mother? Now your majesty is ashamed and still has a heart. Indulge you, if another day…”

Yunxiang’s face sank, and he squeezed the teacup tightly.

Seeing such a queen mother, he seemed to begin to understand why the youngest son became more and more paranoid.

He twisted his eyebrows and looked at Yun Qingci, who said lightly: “Then I will be abolished.”

Yunxiang suddenly felt relieved.

The queen mother felt tight, she almost got up and lost her voice: “You can think clearly, the emperor never wants you again…”

Yunxiang is already unbearable, what does it mean that Li Ying doesn’t want him? His child has a father and a elder brother. He is an independent person. He was so threatened that he was talking about something like this. But he knew that since the Queen Mother said this, it meant that such a threat had happened more than once.

He said vigorously, “That’s all right!”

Yun Qingci lowered his eyelashes and smiled lightly.

The queen mother looked stiff, and then sneered, she didn’t believe it, Yun Qingci was really away from Li Ying.

At this moment, there was a sound of gongs and drums outside.

The cavalry cleared the way, armored soldiers, infantry, or armed with guns or arrows or shields, surrounded by square formations, followed by the guard of honor, and the emperor, composed of tens of thousands of people and several vehicles, came to the prime minister’s house in mighty force.

Steward Ding hurriedly reported: “The prince, the emperor, the emperor will drive, come to pick up the emperor and return to the palace.”

After tidying up her clothes, the Queen Mother, who stood up gracefully, weakened her legs and fell back into the chair with a pale face.

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