The Obsessive Shou Chapter 12

The high gates of the Prime Minister’s Mansion were wide open, headed by the prime minister, the young master butler’s small guardian maidservant, and nearly a hundred people in the mansion traveled together to meet.

The upturned dragon boots descended along the steps, and the golden dragons at the ankle-length garments followed the boots. The emperor strode across the guard of honor kneeling with fans on both sides, bending over to support the clouds.

In the silence, he only listened to him calmly: “Teacher does not need to be polite.”

Among the tens of thousands of people, Qiu Xian’s face turned green. Everything in his mind was the phrase that he said quickly: “If his Yunqingci can turn the sky, you are my elder brother.”

It’s black in front of me.

After Xing Tianzi’s method came to pick up an emperor who had almost been abolished by default, such a situation was really unprecedented.

But even though everyone was confused and shocked at this moment, this huge driving force composed of sergeants of various battalions and ceremonial guards was still silent and solemn.

Dharma is about the face of the royal family and the dignity of a country. If there is any difference, it will be offended.

No matter how ups and downs in the heart, no one dared to show it at this time.

Empress Dowager Zhang watched Yun Xiang being lifted up, and then at the kind and gentle emperor wearing a crown, she felt as if she didn’t know him anymore.

How could he do this for Yun Qing’s sake?

In the past two years, the youngest son of the Yun family has repeatedly offended him, yet he hasn’t disgusted him yet?

“Dare to ask your Majesty, this is…” Yun Xiang looked at behind him hesitantly, and Li Ying said, “I will pick up the emperor and return to the palace.”

Yun Qingci was standing next to Yun Xiang, with the big cloak hanging loosely behind his head. He seemed to just put it on his body casually when he went out, and he didn’t even take out the long hair wrapped in it.

He looked a little shabby and his face was plain and pale, but he just felt a little pitiful and frail out of thin air.

This is Yun Qing’s speech that Li Ying is familiar with, it is not neat and dignified, but it is the closest to him.

Behind him, someone brought a neatly folded white gold phoenix robe, a double-sided draped flying crown, and phoenix silver boots with a head and other accessories. Liu Ziru cautiously stepped forward: “Please move forward and dress.”

Li Ying suddenly caught a glimpse of the Empress Dowager Zhang who was standing on one side, and at that moment, an out-of-date color flashed past his eyes, almost too hard to catch.

He retracted his gaze and came to Yun Qingci.

The brim of the black gauze crown is covered with splendor, and the two-finger-wide gold band with a cloud pattern hangs on the temples, setting the ancient charm of the long-lasting handsome face a little elegant, although elegant, it does not reduce its majesty.

He stared at Yun Qingci, and said warmly: “I’ll take you home.”

Behind him is Chengping Shuanglong Yunian, and Fengnian who came here specially for Yunqing’s resignation. It is convenient for the queen to choose independently, and he can sit with him or ride alone.

Liu Ziru knew that this time Li Ying had indeed taken up Yunqing’s resignation and returned to the palace. He also knew that when Fajia returned to the palace, within half a day, the rumors about the abolition would be self-defeating.

He is still the Emperor Dajing, enjoying the dignity and arrogance of one person and more than ten thousand people.

Yun Qingci has no reason to refuse the emperor’s law.

Empress Dowager Zhang’s heart is clear from Yemen.

But at this moment, she suddenly hoped that Yun Qing would resign willful. Li Ying spent thoughtful preparations, and it was obvious that he was bound to win this trip. If Yun Qingci took out the arrogance that she had just treated her…

Rejecting the emperor in front of so many people is tantamount to declaring war on the emperor relying on the power of the Yun family.

Li Ying had no reason to stay at Yun’s house again.

As long as the Yun family…

Yun Xiang frowned slightly. As a father, he certainly hoped that Yun Qingci and Li Ying would get together, but now Fajia stopped in front of his house, saying that he was favored, or it could not be changed.

Tangled for a while.

I hope that Yun Qingci refuses to return to the palace, and knows that if he refuses seriously, within half a month, the Yun family’s disobedience will spread throughout the country.

If things go on like this, it will become a major disaster.

Everyone present had different thoughts, but no one dared to speak easily in front of tens of thousands of people. Everyone held their breath and waited for Yun Qing’s decision.

Yun Qingci has been staring at Li Ying, with scrutiny and questioning in his eyes, doubts surfaced on his face, and a bit of sarcasm was mixed in for a while.

Li Ying unconsciously let go of his breath, and restrained his hands behind him.

This was what he would do when he was uneasy, Liu Ziru could see clearly, and he became nervous. In the past few days, Li Ying had nightmares every night. Every time he woke up, his eyes were covered with bloodshot eyes, and he looked crazy, and he often took a long time to relax before he gradually relaxed.

He faintly guessed that the current Li Ying should have experienced some unbearable pain in the nightmare, which caused him to look crazy every time he woke up.

Even sometimes I will confirm with him what year and month it is now.

The emperor has been looking forward to this day. If the royal face is damaged if he fails to pick up the emperor today, they are afraid that some people will die.

The emperor who was awakened by nightmares every night was really terrifying.

In the silence, Yun Qingci finally moved. He took a step back, bowed slightly, and said, “The minister will come as soon as he goes.”

Liu Ziru breathed a sigh of relief and personally led people to follow Yun Qingci’s footsteps.

Yunxiang wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, and he could mention it again in the future, but the law is irreversible now.

Yun Qingci has the heart to protect the family, although it makes people feel good, but it can’t help but feel sad, what happened to the youngest son to become so sensible.

Li Ying’s tensed body relaxed, and he couldn’t help but smile, and said, “Your Majesty, let’s go in and wait.”

When Li Ying followed him, and glanced at the Queen Mother Zhang again, his smile deepened, but his eyes went dark, saying: “The queen mother is also here.”

Empress Dowager Zhang thought he was a little weird, but she still said kindly: “The Ai’s family also come to see the Empress, what’s the matter with you, since you are coming to pick him up, you won’t say hello to Ai’s?”

“I was negligent.”

Yun Xiang said: “The queen mother also came to pick up the queen and return to the palace, and also joked that your majesty doesn’t want the queen anymore.”

He smiled and stroked his beard, observing the expressions of the mother and son, seeing the queen mother’s face slightly changed, and Li Ying looked at the queen mother again, and couldn’t see what he was thinking.

This emperor is more stable and deep than before.

The atmosphere between mother and child is also somewhat different from before.

It took Yun Qingci a full half an hour to freshen up and change clothes, but Li Ying’s attitude has always been very good, and he only calmly said something to Yunxiang, until Liu Ziru came over with a smile: “Your Majesty, you are coming.”

Everyone raised their eyes and their expressions were startled.

At the beginning of the twelfth lunar month, the snow began to fall again. In the depths of the corridor, someone added a silver robe, standing upright and unconcealed. He had a high flying crown on his head with a wide hairpin, and the feather bands hanging on both sides of his chest were inlaid with gold and jade, but there was no sound when he walked.

The upturned silver boots came to the front soon, and the hem of the clothes was raised again.

As soon as Yun Qingci was about to salute, Li Ying came to him in two steps, stretched out his hand to support his arm, and stared at him non-stop.

Leaning slightly, someone chanted: “Get up and drive back to the palace—”

Yun Qingci held up his hand by him, and Li Ying’s palm was hot and even a little damp.

The distance between them is exactly the distance that the emperor and the queen should keep, but Li Ying seems to have deliberately slowed down and kept parallel with him patiently.

The two pairs of silver and black boots stepped out of the palace together. The golden phoenix and the nine-clawed golden dragon were about to come out. There was a sound of armor colliding, and the lined armors fell to the ground. Only the spears and horses stood straight, shouting: “Gong Yingjun After returning to the palace, my emperor and queen will live forever—”

Li Ying asked Yunqingci: “Do you want to ride the jade nun with me?”

Long eyelashes were raised, and Yun Qing’s tone was light: “With Fengyi, the minister will not be arrogant.”

Li Ying didn’t ask much.

The phalanx next to Yuran changed to leave a passageway. In Yun Qingci’s gaze, Li Ying continued to hold his hand and sent him to Fengran all the way.

Fajia restarted, Qiu Xian turned on his horse, the stirrup slid suddenly, his chin almost knocked on the saddle, and someone immediately said, “Be careful, commander.”

Qiu Xian’s face was black, and he climbed onto the horse’s back for the second time.

What the **** is your Majesty doing? No matter how powerful the Yun family is, it is not so great that he is required to help the queen by himself, right?

This time is great, the Yun family has the capital to brag about again.

Ning Rou is really useless.

Fajia went first, and the queen mother was also gloomy on the carriage, her fingers almost pinched into the flesh, her expression gloomy.

What is the emperor’s mind thinking?

The vast team moved forward unhurriedly in the snow, and Yun Qingci sat on the phoenix in the back, looking at the wider Luanjia ahead, thoughtfully.

The people fell to the ground and watched, discussing a lot, and a few words came to their ears.

“Your Majesty actually went to pick up the emperor in person and return to the palace?! Could it be that there was a misunderstanding before?”

“I said earlier how the little son of the Yun family could be domineering, someone must be maliciously spreading rumors…”

“The method of driving to pick up people is unprecedented, and Jun Yun’s consequences are truly unparalleled!”

“I heard that the empress and your majesty are childhood sweethearts, and the two have a deep relationship. It is rumored that the couple worshiped at the temple of heaven when they were married. Your majesty deliberately waited for the queen to straighten up before getting up.”

“Hahahaha, that was made up in a script, no matter how your Majesty spoils him, it is absolutely impossible to do such a shameful thing in front of a hundred officials—”

Yun Qingci was full of mockery.

In the Yasukuni wedding ceremony, the husband started first, which means that the wife puts her husband first in everything in the future. In those days, Li Ying deliberately took a few breaths earlier than him. Yun Qingci also thought that maybe it was the respect he bestowed on him.

If he hadn’t been sent to prison all his life, he would have never believed that Li Ying had exhausted his organs and worked step by step. Those little details were nothing but poison and secret killings.

Today’s Fajia, saying that it sounds good is the emperor’s favor and gives the Yun family the supreme glory. If it is not sound, it can be regarded as a threat.

But whether it is to please or threaten, Li Ying’s purpose is nothing more than to keep him, so as to continue to contain Xiangfu.

Fajia stopped in the main palace, but Yun Qingci’s luang sedan did not stop, instead drove him all the way to Chaoyang Palace.

The veils on both sides were lifted, and Yun Qingci was about to walk down when he found that the lingering fellow was coming again.

After taking them back, Yun Qingci’s heart was agitated because he was still pretending to be here.

He looked at the Cang Ru Qiuzhu’s hand, and put his mouth in it again. Li Ying took him again and sent him all the way to the gate. The people in the palace greeted him back to the palace with his eyes on the ground. Yun Qing resigned without squinting his eyes and entered. Inside the hall, after Liu Ziru stopped all those who were about to disturb, he slammed his hand back.

He turned around, directly wearing this upright silver robe, leaning on the beauty couch in the room, and indifferently looking at the familiar furnishings around him.

This gold-and-phoenix-silver robe was tailor-made for him. When he lay down so lazily, the thin waistline was clearly visible in the loose hem. Li Ying took a look for a moment, walked over to sit next to him, and said: “I will accompany you to dinner in the evening.”

“Okay.” Yun Qing resigned: “Find a musician and pass on a few more dancing girls, and the minister will accompany your majesty to have a good time.”

“You don’t like dancing girls…”

“Who wouldn’t like beauties?” Yun Qing’s head tilted, his brows faintly teasing: “Besides, even though I don’t like women, men still like them.”

“Your Majesty must do his best to choose. If there are no handsome musicians in the palace, the minister will be boring…” He deliberately picked Li Ying’s chin: “Go back to his mother’s house.”

I will let you pick it up every day.

The author has something to say:

Ci Zai: You threaten me!

Li Huang: Absolutely not.

Ci Zai: Anyway, you just want to deal with my family, your heart is shameful!

Li Huang:…

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