The Obsessive Shou Chapter 17

Ning Rou was not Li Yingna’s first concubine, she had just entered the palace for half a year, but before that, she had already heard about Yun Qingci’s paranoid and jealous temperament.

I heard that at the beginning, the emperor would persuade him, but later, the whole harem seemed to be his utterance. He would hit anyone he wanted to fight, and he would kill anyone he wanted to kill, even if the emperor’s words did not make any difference.

He not only wanted to kill people, but he also liked to call them these concubines who had ambitions for the emperor to watch them. Ning Rou remembered a very deep time, on the third day after entering the palace, the queen sent someone to invite her over for tea. .

She was very nervous and didn’t want to go, but the people who came were very cold: “The queen has orders, if Concubine Ning does not follow, I’m afraid you can’t bear the consequences.”

Concubine Ning could only bite the bullet and go.

That day, Yun Qingci was punishing a palace man. That palace had a very good life. His hands were more clever than a woman, and he was very good at combing. He was Li Ying’s close attendant at the time, and I heard that he had the intention of climbing a dragon couch.

In fact, in Li Ying’s view, that was probably just a slave combing his hair, but Yun Qingci had never been able to stand the emperor who coveted him, and he couldn’t even think about it.

Yunqing resigned and moved stools for them, and everyone watched the punishment together.

The palace man really had some means. When he was blamed, he attracted the emperor to come personally. He cried bitterly to Li Ying for help, and kept telling his innocence.

Li Ying ascended the steps and stood beside Jun’s back, his tone faintly coaxing: “But if you have a small yellow door, you will have a large number of adults. Let him spare his life. In the future, I won’t find him to comb it. ”

“Little Huangmen?” Yun Qingci stared at him straightforwardly: “He was just in front of me, but that’s not what he said.”

The palace man cried and shouted: “The slave can’t understand what the queen is talking about. The slave has nothing more to do with your majesty. I beg your majesty for a clear lesson!”

Li Ying turned to find them to confirm. Everyone shook their heads. No one knew what the minion said to Yun Qingci. When they came, they had already been pressed on the bench.

Li Ying stretched out his hand to pull Yun to clear his resignation, but the latter was also obedient and pulled him in. Before long, the two came out together, and Li Ying said, “Let him go.”

The imperial concubines let out a sigh of relief.

The palace man was overjoyed, kowtow again and again, thanking him wildly.

Li Ying told him: “You should thank the queen.”

The palace man glanced at Yun Qingci, and kowtowed reluctantly: “Thank you for your kindness.”

It seems that this matter seems to be settled in this way.

The palace servant who had been condemned helped his waist to stand up and limped out. When passing by the guard with a knife, he suddenly heard Yunqingci and shouted: “Wait.”

Unexpectedly, Yun Qingci walked a few steps quickly, came to the palace man, and stared at him for a few breaths.

Holding the handle of the knife with thin white fingers, Yun Qingci caught the long knife in the guard’s hand caught off guard and waved his wide sleeves.

Concubine screamed.

Li Ying took a few steps down the steps.

The palace man clutched his **** neck, and fell down without saying a word.

“You promise me not to kill him.”

“A slave of the master of arrangement.” Yun Qingci looked at Li Ying directly: “What do you keep?”

“Yunqing Ci—”

“You said you believe me.” Yun Qing said, “If you believe me, you won’t let me let him go!”

‘Dang Cang’ made a crisp sound.

With a hateful tone, he repeatedly threw the blood-stained long knife at Li Ying’s feet.

Yun Qingci used a knife to kill people in front of Li Ying, which was unexpected to everyone, and Ning Rou was so scared that she went back sick for several days.

She felt that with Yun Qingci’s temperament, she was afraid that she would not survive the end of the month, but she soon discovered that, just as Yun Qingci said, Li Ying did not believe him.

Ning Rou once saw a concubine who had just entered the palace falling down on her own in front of him, and then cried and told Li Ying that Yun Qingci had tripped her.

Li Ying didn’t blame Yun Qingci, but he didn’t care about his explanation. Instead, he ordered the concubine to be sent to the hospital, passing by Yun Qingci indifferently.

Even though Ning Rou disdains playing with such a clumsy method at the age of eight, she still mustered up the courage to imitate it once in order to become a pet. Li Ying did not care about Yun Qingci, but he later gave a serious warning. : “Don’t provoke the king again.”

At that time, Ning Rou knew that he did not know the tricks played by the people below, nor did he not know that Yun Qingci was innocent. He was innocent and wanted to get along with Yun Qing.

Perhaps it was the power of the Dangerous Minister’s Mansion, perhaps it was just that Yun Qingci could not be used to it, or perhaps it was that Yun Qingci had been riding on his head for too long, and he habitually did not dare to conflict with him, and could only use this cold and violent manner. Way to defend his family status as a husband and the personal dignity of the emperor.

Some are sad and some are ridiculous.

But no matter what, in their eyes, Yun Qingci was always the paper tiger who wanted to be courteous, but didn’t really need to take it seriously.

Look, his eyes are so terrifying, he must be reprimanded by the emperor again.

Ning Rou tried to look innocent and timid.

In the past, Yun Qingci only thought it was disgusting for a woman to make this appearance, but now he suddenly got a little cute from this, he raised the corner of his mouth, and calmly apologized: “I’m sorry…”

Li Ying turned her back and interrupted Yun Qingci’s words: “What is terrible?”

Yun Qingci: “?”

Li Ying’s eyes were dark and cold, and his tone was cold: “If you dare to arrange the emperor, his heart can be condemned, and come here.”

Ning Rou suspected that he was joking.

Yun Qingci felt so too.

Soon someone came in, and Li Ying said: “Drag it out, take the blame for fifty, and drive out of the palace.”

Yun Qingci: “?”

He looked at Li Ying suspiciously. Concubine Ning was already holding her arm. She finally realized that Li Ying was telling the truth, and Huarong immediately trembled with shame: “Your Majesty, your concubines know. Wrong, your majesty, please spare your life, your majesty!”

She was dragged out uncontrollably, and the next-to-nothing mother immediately knelt down and grabbed the ground with her head: “Your Majesty, Your Majesty is kind! Concubine Ning has no intentions, and definitely not deliberately collided. I beg your Majesty for mercy! Your majesty!”

“Let’s drag it down together, hit it.”

Concubine Ning was pressed on the torture bench, and she raised her eyes to see that the mother was dragged out together, and her heart suddenly fell. She struggled to remember, but was held down by the eunuch.

She shivered, tears surging out: “Your Majesty, please! My Majesty, please! The concubines dare not, and the concubines dare not again!”

The cry of the sky and the ground entered the hall, Yun Qingci said bewildered, “This is…”

“Is it annoying you?” Li Ying ordered again: “Got your mouth.”

“Wait.” Yun Qingci looked rare, and walked out. The woman’s hair bun on the bench was scattered, and the golden hairpin fell all over the floor, her teary eyes dim, and she looked like her biggest opponent in the previous life.

Ning Rou saw him at a glance, as if she saw a life-saving straw: “The queen, the queen, I was wrong, I don’t dare anymore, no, I can’t fight anymore, it hurts, it hurts…I was wrong, the queen… ”

In her previous life, Ning Rouneng was promoted to a noble concubine. In addition to the support of the Taiwei Mansion and the Shangshu Mansion, she also had the courage to dare to die. While she was afraid of Yun Qingci, she continued to provoke Yun Qingci. In order to prevent the harem from becoming Yun Qingci’s hall, Li Ying could only hold out another person to check Yun Qingci. Others didn’t dare, and he didn’t. I was willing to personally conflict with Yun Qingci, so I could only hold Ning Rou.

Ning Rou is nothing but Li Ying’s knife, but it is undeniable that this knife works very well, and it hurts Yun Qingci’s heart accurately every time.

Now Yun Qingci didn’t care anymore, so the knife was also useless.

But it’s such a waste, it’s really a pity.

“Okay.” Yun Qing said, “It’s almost done.”

The **** in charge of torture stopped and hesitated to see the emperor.

Yun Qingci was draped in the cloak, the straps were not fastened, and they were hanging loosely on the shoulders, looking lazy and gentle. The silver brocade shoes stepped on the snow, making a crunching sound.

Ning Rou was lying on the bench, tears covering her entire face. She kept sobbing, looking up at Yun Qingci, her eyes still worrisome: “Mr, Empress, I was wrong, I, Don’t dare anymore.”

Yinlu stopped in front of him, and Ning Rou hugged the stool tightly in fear.

“I was wrong, I was wrong, Queen, don’t, don’t kill me…”

In the dim eyes of tears, a delicate and unparalleled face suddenly appeared. Yun Qingci took out the veil and handed it over, saying, “The makeup is all crying.”

Ning Rou was stunned.

All the gentleness of Yun Qingci has never been given to the emperor alone. Some people say that he is like a rare treasure that the emperor is rewarded by the heavens. Although the bones are in love with the city, ordinary people even want him to laugh, but they are idiotic dreams.

Is this still Yun Qing’s speech?

Why should he be so good to himself?

Ning Rou hesitated for a long time before reaching out timidly to pick up his veil.

The stool under her body was suddenly kicked heavily. She leaned down unexpectedly, fell into the snow, and sobbed aggrievedly.

The large palm wrapped Yun Qingci’s hand and the veil together, and Li Ying looked at Ning Rou blankly, and said coldly, “Don’t thank you?”

The mother had already crawled over quickly, stretched out her hand to help her up, Ning softly bowed her head and knelt down, and said, “Thank you for your kindness.”


Ning Rou is a little uncertain, go away, where do you go? Should you go back to Full Moon Pavilion, or go out of the palace?

She still remembered what Li Ying wanted to send her out of the palace.

Yun Qing resigned: “Don’t help Concubine Ning back to the palace?”

The meaning of this is that she can continue to stay in the palace.

Watching Concubine Ning go on his shoulder and leave, Yun Qingci looked at Li Ying, and the other party looked at him for a moment, then cast his eyes down at his feet.

Yun Qingci followed to see, then he shook his hand and bent over, picked up the golden hairpin that Concubine Ning had dropped, and said: “The golden hairpin is a beautiful woman, your Majesty will take it to her tonight?”

Li Ying pursed her lips and said, “I just said I would push her out of the palace. It’s true.”


“She dared to tell the truth in front of you and me, and she deserves to be punished severely.”

It’s really more and more like that.

Yun Qing’s chin raised slightly, and interest emerged in his eyes: “This kind of thing has happened more than once in the past two years, why did your Majesty suddenly investigate it?”


Yun Qingci patiently waited for him to speak.

He knew that Li Ying couldn’t come out of ‘I’. Yun Qingci could see clearly that Li Ying, like the Queen Mother, believed that he, who had been twisted and crazy, was the real weapon to contain Xiangfu.

After all, Yun Qing thought, he can’t tell me straightforwardly: ‘It’s nice to you that I hope you can go crazy for me like you did before’?

Li Yingguo really didn’t have anything out of ‘I’, he said: “Let’s go into the hall to eat, eat and talk…”

After a pause, he asked: “Okay?”

“No food, no words to sleep.” Yun Qingci reminded him: “Last time I wanted to talk with you while eating, you warned me like this.”

Li Ying’s eyelashes flickered, and he was silent for a moment, and said, “Before this, it was me who was wrong.”

“You were right before.” He recalled his previous life and said: “I have been crazy for too long, and you will be bored. It makes sense.”

Li Ying looked at him.

“But your Majesty.” Yun Qingci stared at him: “No matter what you think, no matter what you do.”

“I will never go crazy for you again.”

The cold wind was blowing, the snow on the ground was blown, and Xuan’er rolled around them.

Yun Qingci smiled lightly, as if he had taken off the endless burden, and turned around carelessly.

Suddenly someone has a heavy and low voice: “Then change me.”

“Change me, come and go crazy for you.”

The author has something to say:

Cibao: Are you sick?

Li Huang: Yes.

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