The Obsessive Shou Chapter 18

Yun Qingci paused briefly and didn’t look back.

Taici Palace, the Queen Mother Zhang who received the news was surprised: “You mean, the emperor beat Concubine Ning?”

“I heard that he ran into the queen.” Qin Xian responded carefully: “He said that he was going to punish fifty battles, and he had to send people out.”

The queen mother’s face sank, her displeased expression was full.

“These fifty battles, resting on a delicate girl, have to spend half their lives without dying, really fought?”

“The empress stopped, and Ning Fei returned to the Manyue Pavilion to recover from her injuries, which was also what the empress meant.”

“This Yunqingci…” The Queen Mother looked confused: “And the emperor, why did everything change like a person overnight?”

Qin Xian hesitated and said: “The empress was forced out by his majesty, and his face was completely lost. The clay figurine is still three-pointed blood, not to mention that he was raised by Mrs. Yun alone.”

“Qin Feiruo is that stubborn temper.” The Queen Mother didn’t know what was thinking, she gave a chuckle, and said, “If it weren’t for that temper, how could she die so early?”

Now that she is older, she often recalls the past and talks to herself from time to time, which is not uncommon for people around her to take care of her.

Qin Yu didn’t answer, and helped her out of the house. The queen mother said again: “From your perspective, why did the emperor change sex?”

“I think it’s because I know that the queen is self-inflicted and mad, and when I think of the two little years without guessing, I feel relieved.” Qin Yu said with emotion: “The minister remembers clearly, back then, it seems that your majesty liked the queen first, then…”

Queen Mother Zhang glanced over, Qin Yu was silent.

The woman stared at the snow in the yard blankly. The atmosphere around her was depressed, and Qin Yuan stood with her head down.

After a while, she said softly: “The Aijia satisfied him, didn’t it?”

Qin Yu said nothing, and the Queen Mother looked at him again, smiling rather than smiling: “The person he has been in love with when he was young, how much he loves him, what else is he dissatisfied with.”

Qin Dao smiled slowly, and said warmly: “The Queen Mother said very much.”

“Get ready, Ai’s family is going to see Concubine Ning.”

When the wife arrived at the Manyue Pavilion, Concubine Ning was already on the medicine and was lying on the couch in a daze.

Hearing the movement, she immediately propped herself up, but saw the queen mother stepped forward, stretched out her hand to press her back, and sighed: “You boy, how did you offend the emperor?”

It’s okay not to mention it. With this mention, Ning Rou’s tears fell in series: “Blame me, I said the queen is terrible.”

“that’s all?”

“Yeah.” Ning Rou sobbed and said, “I shouldn’t say it in person.”

“You are stupid.” The queen mother pointed her head and said with a laugh: “You can’t tell the queen, what kind of temper has you forgotten? He is the queen, and you are just an ordinary imperial concubine. How can you commit the crime? ”

“I…” Ning Rou was full of grievances and couldn’t say anything, she could only say dullly: “Your Majesty hurts him, he is naturally good everywhere.”

“What hurts or not?” The Queen Mother said: “It’s just that you know your Majesty before you, and you have some means than you.”

Ning Rou was not stupid. Hearing the profound meaning of her words, she tentatively said: “What the queen mother meant…”

The queen mother touched her long hair and said softly: “No matter what, he can’t give birth to a crown prince. In this palace, it has always been expensive for mothers and children.”

Ning Rou thought of Li Ying, swallowed her saliva, thought of Yun Qingci, swallowed her saliva again, weakly said: “I dare not.”

“Don’t you dare?” the queen mother asked: “then what are you doing in the palace?”

Ning Rou’s face turned pale, yes, if you don’t dare to do anything else in the palace, it would be better to find a family prince outside and be a good wife.

She squeezed her fingers, and the queen mother patted her shoulder again, and said, “He hit you for the queen, although it was your fault, but it was really tough. You are a girl.”

Yes, she is a girl’s house. Today, she was condemned in the public, crying and wearing makeup, and she was embarrassed.

“I heard that the queen begged for you?”

Still the culprit pleaded for her.

Ning Rou bit her lip, her tears pouring out of hatred.

“Among the children who are new to the palace, the Ai family is most optimistic about you. You are beautiful and temperamental. If you can become pregnant with a dragon, you will have a bright future and your mother’s family will be able to follow you. Your mother, as a regular wife, should also enjoy it. Treat the wife as he deserves.”

Although her mother is a regular wife, she is not favored by her father. In the final analysis, isn’t it because she can’t give birth to a son? Although Ning Yi was born to a concubine, he was strengthened by his father and enjoyed the treatment that all his concubines should have.

After the queen mother left, Ning Rou drew the extremely bitter medicine in one breath, her eyes firmed down.

Qin Xian accompanied on Luangjia’s side, looking sideways to see the woman sitting on Luangjia, the queen mother suddenly said, “What do you want to say?”

“The minister just doesn’t understand, the empress dowager’s intention.”

The queen mother did not answer.

She didn’t believe that Yun Qingci really didn’t care, and she didn’t believe that Yun Qingci really let go. If Yun Qingci is not crazy, Li Ying will be cruel to him. If he is cruel, he will never attack the Yun family.

Real collections often have to pass the eyes of many people before they can be fired with greater value. Yunqing Ci could have directly sent the glaze picking to the Xiangfu, but the best product that will be available in the past in the future, if it is not let the world know its value, what is the point of receiving it? After thinking a little bit, he ordered someone to send it to Bazhen Ju.

And ordered: “Invite people to taste, not sell.”

This is the case in this circle, and everyone knows that I have the truth. Bazhenju is based on this. It didn’t matter how he tasted this invitation, and an uproar was instantly stirred up among the crowd of Yunxiang’s age.

As soon as the dynasty disappeared for several days, many officials took a carriage to Bazhenju.

Due to technical limitations, most of the glazes burned at this time were very rough, and the colors were not clear enough. The treasure that Taiwei Qiu and Yun had fought against before was already unattainable, and now Bazhenju specially delivers it to you. Posts and invitations to tasting things are naturally not Fanpins.

Taiwei Qiu made up his mind this time and had to get it. As soon as he saw Yun Xiang, his eyebrows were cold. They were also the ones who had been fighting for half their lives, and they would not let anyone else.

When the two entered the door, they squeezed each other’s shoulders for a long time, and finally squeezed in. Unexpectedly, the seats were arranged together again, Yun Xiang frowned, and sat down with cold face.

Taiwei Qiu murmured directly: “Unlucky.”

Yun Xiangheng glanced at him, put his sleeves on his back, and talked to Han Shangshu next to him.

When Taiwei Qiu saw this, he came back and spoke to Ning Shangshu.

Someone brought tea, and soon, the shopkeeper ordered a glass box to come out, covered with a red cloth mysteriously.

The noisy room suddenly became quiet, Qiu Taiwei said, “When will it start?”

“Taiwei, don’t worry, when Mr. Liang comes, let’s start right away.”

Yunxiang said, “But Mr. Liang Qiurong?”


Yunxiang nodded and stroked his beard, the secret path is really worthwhile. Liang Qiurong has a unique vision in this circle, and the glaze that he explained is not the best.

While waiting for Liang Qiurong to come, there was a sound of horseshoes, and everyone looked towards the door.

A group of sergeants with swords quickly surrounded the entire Bazhen Residence. Taiwei Qiu and Yun looked at each other, and they all sank their faces after recognizing the robes of these sergeants.

The shopkeeper’s face changed slightly, and he greeted him with a smile: “It turned out to be Zhang Tongbing.”

“Shopkeeper Liu.” Zhang Siyong politely arched his hands and said: “I heard that Bazhen has a new baby, and my father asked me to show it to him. I hope the shopkeeper will not hesitate to cut love.”

The corner of the shopkeeper’s mouth twitched, and said: “Zhang Tongbing doesn’t know anything, this thing is stored here by a young man, just for the palm of you, and there is something to say, not to sell.”

“Shopkeeper Liu.” Zhang Siyong patted him on the shoulder and said, “There is nothing in this world that is really not for sale. You help me bring that person a sentence, no matter how much money, my Zhang family… rise.”

Taiwei Qiu shouted: “You are so bold!”

Zhang Siyong was taken aback, as if he had just seen him, and hurriedly came up to meet him: “It turned out to be Taiwei Qiu and also, Master Yun.”

He glanced at Yunxiang and said with a smile: “You two also picked up this newly born best glaze, right?”

“We are for the palm of the eye, you guys, dare to grab it!” Qiu Taiwei furiously stretched out his hand and pointed at his front door. Zhang Siyong’s eyes sank and he saw that the sleeve was pressed down by a hand, and Yun Xiang said. : “If Zhang Wuhou is really just thinking about it, why not come in person?”

“Yunxiang doesn’t know something. The day before yesterday, his father twisted his waist accidentally. The eldest sister also brought the imperial doctor to visit in person, and asked his father to stay in bed and recuperate.”

This is to move all the queen mothers out directly, Qiu Taiwei’s face and muscles tremble, Yun Xiang fell silent.

Zhang Siyong saw this, with a hint of triumph on his eyebrows. He straightened up and said: “Father and you are also good people. He is cherished and he is physically inconvenient. I think everyone can understand.”

Yun Xiangdao: “Since the owner of this thing is just an invitation to taste, he must not be short of silver. After Wuhou observes, he hopes to be able to return to Zhao.”

“This is natural.”

Zhang Siyong stepped forward and uncovered the red cloth. Everyone got up to look at it, but saw the guy smile openly, took the wooden box and sealed it, and said, “Leave it now.”

He stepped on his horse, and someone immediately asked: “If the owner of this thing comes to look for it, do you really want to return it?”

“Also?” Zhang Siyong laughed loudly: “After entering the gate of my Hou Mansion, it is naturally the things of my Hou Mansion. Who dares to ask for it?”

There is a gloomy mist in Bazhen’s residence.

They all knew very well that the glaze, which was still named in the future, no longer belonged to the former owner.

Unless he is more powerful than the Queen Mother.

When this incident reached Yun Qingci’s ears, it was already the same afternoon. At that time, he was squatting in the flower room and fiddled with flowers and plants. When he heard this, he was taken aback for a moment: “You mean, the empress dowager’s young brother Zhang Siyong, snatched it away. My glaze pick.”

Jin Huan nodded, with a complicated expression: “The shopkeeper’s rumor said that if you want to get money, you have to go to Zhang Wuhou Mansion.”

“Didn’t you say I’m not selling?”


Yun Qingci understood. After Li Ying became the throne, he has been constantly giving power to the Zhang family under the instigation of the Queen Mother. Now his uncles have almost taken one-third of Shangyang City’s troops. If this glaze really belongs to ordinary people, where Dare to fetch things from the Hou Mansion.

Even if they really wanted to, if they wanted to monopolize it, they would never give it. As for the price, they still have the final say.


He wanted to get rid of the Zhang family, but Zheng Chou couldn’t find the incision, but now it was a coincidence that he sent it to the door himself.

Yun Qingci lost his shovel and said, “Go to Jiangshan Temple and ask your Majesty if he has time to come over.”

It’s really interesting.

Since Li Ying had the intention to act affectionately in front of him, he came to try how true this affectionate he could be. Under the circumstances that Zhang’s family was obviously wrong, who he was facing.

If the acting is not true enough, just stop blaming him for tearing off his hypocritical face.

Not long after Jin Huan went out, he came back with Li Ying’s Luanjia.

The snowflakes shattered outside Chaoyang Palace, and the emperor got off the road. Before anyone was notified, he quickly stepped into the vestibule.

The front hall was empty, and Li Ying looked around, but no one was seen.

A maidservant offered tea and respectfully said: “The queen is taking a bath in the warm pavilion. Your Majesty will wait a moment.”

Li Ying forced himself to sit down on the chair calmly.

Liu Ziru glanced at him and couldn’t help saying: “Your Majesty, take down the Greatcloak first.”

Li Ying returned to his senses, stood up silently and handed the Greatcloak to his servants, and then went to the stove to warm his body.

After Yun Qing resigned, he must be warm and soft. If he is full of coldness, he is afraid that he will startle the other party.

He is finally willing to forgive him?

He waited patiently and restrained, staring at the charcoal in the golden stove.

His whole body was tense involuntarily.

“A Ying.”

The voice of Yun Qingci is very distinctive, like the cranes and phoenixes above the nine heavens, it seems to be in the sky at first glance.

Li Ying turned to look.

The boy was dressed in white, with long hair draped loosely behind his head. It was the Zhilan Yushu, and the color was like Chunxiao. The little water vapor between the eyebrows is like a touch of light blue falling into the water, silently smeared with strands, lingering around the tip of the master’s heart.

Li Ying’s heart suddenly hurts sharply.

With wet eyes, he slowly stood up and said, “I heard, you called me to come.”

Yun Qingci nodded and walked forward.

He was full of water vapor and the fresh smell of saponaria. Li Ying’s breathing was tight, and his throat became hoarse: “But, what’s the matter?”

Yun Qingci stopped in front of him, looked up at him, his eyes were clear and innocent, and he looked pure and harmless.

“What.” He was dissatisfied: “I can’t find you if I have nothing to do?”

The author has something to say:

Ci Bao: Yes, I want to kill your uncle. I don’t know if you want to.

Li Huang: …?


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