The Obsessive Shou Chapter 19

The charcoal fire in the hollow copper furnace was bright red.

The emperor stood silently, staring at his empress quietly.

He just came out of the warm room and entered the warm room with the burning earth dragon, standing in front of him at the moment, his cheeks were faintly flushed by the heat, and his neck and collarbone were also covered with a thin layer of powder.

The whole person is pure and clear, like the crystal clear and plump grapes placed in a glass cup, sweet and tempting.

It seems to be real.

But Yun Qingci, how could it be so easy to let go of his guard, and how could he forgive him so easily.

Li Ying’s eyes were soft and he said, “Really?”

“Of course.” Yun Qing said solemnly: “I really just want to see you.”

As soon as the vermilion lips opened and closed, all his thoughts were hooked away.

Li Ying unconsciously held his hand and breathed close to him. Yun Qingci obediently cooperated, but then pulled away before putting it on. He stepped back and walked behind the screen, tilting his head and asking him, “Are you available for food before you come?”

Li Ying’s gaze chased him, and said, “Yeah.”

Yun Qingci stopped at the table, and Li Ying followed, rubbed his fingertips across the table, and touched his fingers. They were separated by one touch. Yun Qingci continued to retreat around the table, his eyes were like water, and his tone was embarrassing: “Actually, It’s not completely all right.”

Li Ying was hooked by him, and slowly followed, “What do you want to say?”

Yun Qingci turned around and came to the wooden table in front of the window with his long hair draped over his thin shoulders. He lowered his eyelashes and looked at the tea utensils on the table, as if saying to himself: “I dare not say.”

Li Ying stood behind him. From this angle, he could clearly see his slender neck bone and half of his delicate side face, and his long, distinct eyelashes seemed to tremble on the cusp of a person’s heart every time.

Li Ying couldn’t help but raised his hand, encircling his waist, and said dumbly: “You can say it.”

Yun Qingci tilted his head and raised his face, his neck bone tilted back to form a clear and fragile line, and he looked innocent and said, “I’m afraid I said it, you will be angry.”

Li Ying leaned close to the tip of his nose, tightening his arms from the virtual ring to the tight, completely wrapping the thin waist in his arms, “I won’t be angry with you.”

He breathed all the time, with faint restraint, Yun Qingci thought for a while, keeping a distance with him where he could feel each other’s breathing, and asked: “Then you can accompany me out of the palace tomorrow?”

“Yeah.” Li Ying’s throat seemed to be blocked by something. He stared at Yun Qingci’s lips firmly, his Adam’s apple rolling.

Yun Qingci turned around in his arms, wrapped his arms around his neck, seeming to hug him, but avoided the close kiss.

He raised his lips and said softly: “Then, tonight, your Majesty will stay here with the minister.”

Li Ying closed his eyes and said, “Okay.”

He bent down to hug Yun Qingci, and strode towards Fengta. Yun Qingci’s body was sunk in the soft mattress, and Li Ying pressed his knees to his side, deceiving him.

Yun Qingci lay down uncontrollably, opened his eyes slightly, and called out, “Your Majesty…”

Li Ying stared at him for a while, his knuckles tightened, and eventually he stretched his hand over the quilt to cover him. His eyelashes drooped heavily, forced himself to turn his face, and sat quietly on the side of the bed.

“A Ying.”

Yun Qingci was calling him again.

He always likes to shout like this. When he first got married, he always shouted if he had nothing to do. Li Ying asked him that he liked to shout. Yun Qingci especially corrected him: not like shouting, but like A Ying.

Li Ying could only look at him, and responded again: “Huh?”

“You don’t ask me why I want to go out of the palace?”

Li Ying looked at him for a moment and said, “I will always rely on you.”

I will always rely on you, so I just don’t ask. So the important thing is not why, but because he brought it up.

Yun Qingci smiled.

Pretending to be more and more like that.

In the past, Li Ying always took care of him in such small details, even if he seldom said that he liked him, but every sentence seemed to overflow with his love for him.

At that time, Yun Qingci loved him to die and live, and could taste different sweetness from different words, but now, he only feels that all this is like the layer of grease that has been silted out when cooking meat, floating on the surface, hypocritical and hypocritical. Nausea.

He patted his side and said, “I’m going to stay overnight, so let’s lie down soon.”

Leaning slightly, Li Ying opened the quilt and lay down beside him.

Yun Qingci turned to look at him sideways, and the other party looked at the top of the bed without squinting, not knowing what he was thinking.

“A Ying.” He shouted again, deliberately reaching out to pull his cuff, and when he looked over, he asked, “Do you really still love me?”

The corners of Li Ying’s eyes flushed unexpectedly, his lips squirmed, and he said, “Of course I love you.”


“Really.” His voice was so suppressed: “I never stopped, loving you.”

“Really real?”

“Really real.”

Yun Qingci’s eyes were crooked, and he didn’t believe a word: “Then you are willing to do everything for me?”

Li Ying turned his head and was pulled back by him again. Yun Qingci asked persistently, “Is it right?”

“Yes.” Li Ying said, “Anything can be done.”

Yun Qingci’s head leaned on his shoulders, and his hand stretched out, grabbing his hand on the blanket, and he slowly said: “If someone bullies me, looks down on me, or grabs my things, you have to what to do?”

“What do you say, that’s it.”

“Can you kill him?”


The mockery in Yun Qingci’s eyes seemed to overflow, he closed his eyes and said with expectation: “I hope A Ying will not lie to me again.”

Yun Qingci leaned on his shoulder and quickly fell asleep. After a long time, the hands clasped on the quilt finally moved, and Li Ying turned around and silently pressed his palms together, intertwining his fingers.

Early the next morning, Yun Qingci ordered people to prepare the carriage. Li Ying sat with him and found that he was also carrying a bow and arrow.

He didn’t ask, just watched quietly, Yun Qingci explained intently, “This is what A Ying used to hunt me before, do you remember?”

“Yeah.” Li Ying’s eyes softened, and said: “I took you to shoot a rabbit.”

“That’s right, that’s it.” Yun Qingci happily showed him, and said: “Look, I have been maintaining it very well.”

The sharply polished arrow reflected a sharp light, and Li Ying’s eyes dimmed.

The carriage reached Zhang Wuhou’s mansion and stopped at a corner of the alley. Yun Qingci winked at Jin Huan who was outside, and the latter asked the **** dressed in plain clothes. The man immediately realized it and ran to the Hou’s mansion.

Yun Qingci pushed a corner of the car door open, and whispered softly, “Your Majesty, please take a look.”

The person who was sent was directly pushed far away by the guards of the Hou Mansion: “Where did the Diaomin come from? Do you know where this is?”

The **** cried: “Zhang Tongbing took the superb glaze that his master had just fired. If he said yes, he could take it back. The small one just came to ask for it in accordance with Zhang Tongbing’s instructions. ?”

“What are you, and what is your master?” The guard sneered, “Does Zhang Tongbing want anything? How would you like your stuff?”

“Yes, but this is absolutely true. Zhang Tongbing indeed took away the glaze that the owner invited everyone to taste from Bazhenju. Both Yunxiang and Qiu Taiwei can testify about this matter.”

“Who is it? What is the noise in the early morning?”

The door of the Hou Mansion opened and Zhang Siyong strode out. He glanced at the eunuch, and he was puzzled: “What’s the matter?”

The **** hurriedly explained the matter again.

“Oh.” Zhang Siyong remembered, and said, “Is the glaze of Bazhen Ju? How about it, whether your master sells it or not, I will give you the amount of silver.”

“That was burned by the master and sent to the father. The master said, only let the younger one come and collect the items, not the silver.”

“No money?” Zhang Siyong sighed, and said, “But I have nothing for you.”

The eunuch’s face changed slightly, and he immediately began to cry: “The master said, if you can’t get something back, you must drive the small one out. I hope the commander will return the things to the small ones in large quantities!”

He knelt in front of Zhang Siyong, and the latter looked upset. He stretched out his hand and ordered the people around him to fetch the money bag and drop a bag of broken silver. s things.”

“The glaze is an invaluable treasure to the owner, not to mention selling it, it’s really selling, can this little silver pair be able to pass it? Zhang Tongbing, please push the person you have reached and return the thing to the small one.”

“The priceless treasure…” Zhang Siyong thoughtfully, turned his head to look at his subordinates around him, bewildered: “Can the priceless treasure of the untouchables also be called the priceless treasure?”

The people around him laughed.

Inside the carriage, Yun Qingci glanced at Li Ying’s face and said with a smile: “Your Majesty, what do you think of this prey?”

Li Ying’s eyes were heavy: “He has robbed you. You can tell me directly.”

“Your Majesty.” Yun Qing said sarcastically, “If he just snatched my things, I am not afraid of having your Majesty backing me, but if what comes today is really just a piece of cloth, everything in front of me is real. Dare to ask your Majesty, can you call the shots for everyone?”

Li Ying looked at him and said, “I’m not accusing you, but I don’t think it is necessary to spend so much time and effort.”

“I just want to show your majesty, how your uncle’s house, which you held up with power, is bullying men and women under your nose.”

Li Ying had concerns and Yun Qingci was very clear. After all, the Zhang family’s later power was almost greater than that of the Yun family. It can be said that it was Li Ying’s right-hand man. For the sake of his throne, he would naturally not attack the Zhang family casually.

Whether Li Ying wants to kill Zhang Si is never important, anyway, he wants to kill. From the public, the Queen Mother Zhang’s purpose is to get rid of Xiangfu, since he is reborn for the first time, of course he has to act first. Since he was selfish, he hated Li Ying, and even the queen dowager. He wanted to make the queen dowager’s family not die well, and let Li Ying live in the fear of him and the jealousy of the Yun family all his life.

When he appreciates enough Li Ying’s ugly manner of being low and low, if he gets tired of it, he will kill when he wants to kill, and he will slash when he wants to.

But the purpose of today’s trip was just to tear off Li Ying’s fake and affectionate face.

I hope the other party will stop nauseating him again.

He was ready to tear his face, and put away the soft and harmless illusion, his expression turned into the familiar coldness and meanness.

In front of the Hou Mansion, Zhang Siyong kicked the **** out and said: “Toast and not eat or drink fine wine, if you don’t get the money and get rid of it, I will make your master have a hard time.”

In the car, Yun Qingci’s waist suddenly tightened, and a pair of powerful arms hugged him directly into his arms. As soon as he was about to get angry, the longbow in his hand was put on the bright cold arrow.

Li Ying held his hand, as if taught him to hunt rabbits back then, with his arms raised and bowstrings tightened.

The man’s chin was pressed on his shoulder, looking straight ahead, reminding him: “Concentrate.”

Yun Qingci had a chill in his heart, holding his breath and concentrating.

Li Ying took him by hand, and pointed the flashing arrow at Zhang Siyong.

The string is pulled tighter and tighter, and the bow bends inch by inch.

With a ‘shoo’—

The sharp arrow tore the air and nailed Zhang Siyong’s body fiercely.

“The prey you want.” Li Ying whispered: “Are you happy?”

The author has something to say: Cibao: Happy…

Li Huang: Just be happy.



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