The Obsessive Shou Chapter 20

This bow was used for hunting before they got married. Perhaps it took too long. Even though they were maintained regularly, the strength of the string was weakened a lot.

Zhang Siyong’s angry cry came from outside: “Who? Dare to assassinate?!”

After all, he is a martial artist, who has been training for many years, only to notice the movement and hide, avoiding the sharp arrow that was ruthlessly shot at his heart.

Yun Qingci has some regrets.

With Li Ying’s archery skills, if it were exchanged for a faster arrow, Zhang Siyong would already be a dead person at this moment.

It’s just that when he came, he never thought that Li Ying could really agree to let him aim the arrow at his uncle, but he underestimated Li Ying’s acting skills.

This man is thoughtful, he must have expected Zhang Siyong to hide, before daring to do so.

Yun Qingci peeled him thoroughly in his heart, and drew the bow back into the carriage.

Zhang Siyong had already drawn out the arrow, blood flowed wildly in his chest, but the arrow didn’t pierce deep, and he avoided the deadly position, so he could save his life. He was secretly afraid, knowing that he was going out today, he put on his armor in advance.

Zhang Wuhou’s army soon surrounded the carriage hiding in the alley. There was a clanging sound, and the long knives were unsheathed one after another, and they were waiting.

Zhang Siyong said with a sullen face, “Who is your Excellency, why did you hide in the car and intentionally hurt people?!”

He also knew that since the other party dared to openly wound people in front of the Hou Mansion, he must have relied on it. He had quickly passed a few families who had conflicts with the Zhang family in his mind, and secretly squeezed the long knife in his hand.

Since it was the other party’s deliberate provocation, don’t blame his ruthless subordinates. Dajing’s laws are first, and self-defense is not a murder.

Even if he makes trouble in front of the emperor, he is just as reasonable.

He stared at the carriage, and never noticed that Jin Huan and Yinxi were looking at him in a cool manner. Mr. Liu did not come today. Your Majesty hid in the carriage. This servant was really bold and dared to draw his sword against the carriage.

Li Ying was waiting for Yun Qingci’s instructions: “I’m not dead, can the queen wish me to show up?”

Yun Qingci shrank his head in his arms and said innocently, “I didn’t hurt people.”

Li Ying smiled.

Outside, Zhang Si said impatiently, “Which **** are you…”

The door was pushed open heavily.

The emperor wore black and black uniforms, and the splendid dragon boots protruded half an inch from the bottom of his robe. Every inch of this man seemed to be immersed in majesty, and just sitting there made people feel chills.

The unfinished words were stuck back in his throat, and Zhang Siyong swallowed heavily.

There was a continuation of the sound of ‘Dang Cang’, and all the soldiers abandoned their long swords and knelt down in fear.

“Your Majesty, see Your Majesty! Your Majesty, if you have missed it, I hope your Majesty will forgive you.”

Zhang Siyong’s face turned pale.

If it was left in the past, he would naturally not be afraid of Li Ying. After all, he is also Li Ying’s uncle. If there is no serious mistake, Li Ying will not move him. But today, Li Ying appeared rashly and shot an arrow at him…

He was sweating coldly, and he didn’t even dare to ask to prove that he had done anything wrong.

The beauty in Li Ying’s arms flashed in his mind, and the other party clearly gave birth to a fairy-like face, but when he turned his head weakly, he oozes the slightest affection and provocation like a snake and scorpion.

Yun Qingci.

Yun Qingci, what wind was blowing in front of him?

This evildoer.

Li Ying hugged Yunqing’s resignation and got out of the carriage. The latter stood by his side obediently, ready to see how the next scene would be performed.

Li Ying didn’t let him get up, and Zhang Siyong didn’t dare to move. He only saw the dragon boots provoked the knife on the ground and was picked up by the hand of Cang Ru Xiuzhu.

Zhang Siyong got goosebumps all over his body.

At this time, there was a movement in the house, and Zhang Wuhou hurriedly brought Li Ying’s eldest uncle and second uncle.

These two people, one is the Shangshu of the Ministry of War, and the other is the chief captain. They are both the people in power who can scare the civilians to death, and everything the Zhang family possesses has been given by Li Ying during the seven years of his reign.

When he was thirteen years old, Yunxiang often accompanied him as an auxiliary country at that time, but even if it was appointed by the first emperor, he was always an outsider in Li Ying’s eyes, not to mention, there was a queen mother in between. .

Li Ying grew up under the knees of the Queen Mother since she was a child. He has a deep affection with her and has always respected her.

When he was newly married to Yan’er, Li Ying said everything, including the Queen Mother who asked him for an official position, but no matter how much he respected the Queen Mother, he was still an emperor. He was in a dilemma between principle and family affection.

In fact, Empress Dowager Zhang not only cried in front of Li Ying, but also cried in front of Yun Qingci, crying that she was not treated by the first emperor, crying that she had to endure hard work until the prince became the emperor, but her son was born with her, crying Li Ying Is it the same as Emperor Xian?

Yun Qingci thought of her mother, and once helped her persuade Li Ying.

His original intention was that Li Ying didn’t want Li Ying to hurt the relationship between mother and child because of this little incident, but he strengthened the Zhang family, weakened the Yun family, and eventually became a problem for raising tigers.

But the maternal uncle’s power is overwhelming, which is not a bad thing for Li Ying. With the **** of his mother’s uncle, Li Ying’s position will only become more and more stable.

At this moment, seeing these three people come out, Yun Qing’s speech is also clear, this scene is probably over.

As soon as these people sang a harmony, they would soon make the glaze plucking small and trivial.

He took the hand furnace that Yinxi had handed him, and watched the three people kneel down indifferently: “See Your Majesty, Your Majesty, I don’t know what crime the dog has committed, and I hope your Majesty will express it!”

Now that he asked, Li Ying was not vague, and said: “The glaze collector of the queen, is it here for you?”

As soon as these words came out, several people sighed in relief, and Zhang Siyong even twitched the corners of his mouth.

That’s it?

Wuhou leaned on his waist and was lifted by his two sons. His eyes fell on Yun Qingci’s face, his expression could not hide his contempt.

He smiled and said: “It turns out that your Majesty came for this matter. What unforgivable crime was committed by the veteran also as Siyong.”

Li Ying stared at him.

Wuhou looked at Yun Qingci, and said, “I really don’t know that the thing is from the queen. If you offend, please let the queen forget the villain and spare him.”

There are so many of them, and Yun Qing’s speech is naturally not tough. He also smiled and said: “Wuhou said that, next time I will invite people to taste, I will post my name on it, so that there is no such thing. Long-eyed, offended me as a civilian.”

This was obviously meant for Li Ying.

Wuhou’s face sank, and he said, “The Queen, please be careful. My Zhang family has never bullied the people!”

Yun Qingci’s pupils slightly opened, fingers pinched Li Ying’s sleeves, and the figure hid behind him, whispering: “I haven’t said that…what Wuhou did so fiercely.”

Wuhou choked, “You…”

“Enough.” Li Ying said, Wuhou fell silent, but when he saw him tilt his head slightly, his tone became lighter: “What do you want to do?”

Of course I want your uncle’s family to die.

Yun Qing replied: “Since they are all relatives, I have a misunderstanding, so I will return the glaze picking.”

A misunderstanding?

Zhang Siyong’s heart was suffocated. Yun Qingci was obviously intentional. He struck an arrow inexplicably. If he had to return the glaze, wouldn’t the injury be in vain?

As soon as Wuhou was about to speak out, he listened to him stiffly: “Return to your Majesty, I’m afraid that this glazed glaze won’t be the queen.”

Yun Qingci raised his eyebrows, but Li Ying was very calm: “Oh?”

“There was a cat making noise in the mansion yesterday, and it was broken by accident.”

Yun Qingci pinched Li Ying’s arm with a sudden force.

Li Ying did not move, and confirmed to Zhang Wuhou: “Is this true?”

It was a family, Wuhou quickly reacted and said, “Glaze Cai is indeed placed in his room, the old official doesn’t know it.”

Li Ying’s eyes looking at Zhang Siyong became meaningful, and he confirmed: “Really broken?”

“Exactly.” Zhang Siyong did not hesitate and respectfully said: “This matter is indeed the fault of the minister, and the minister is willing to make up for the emperor’s queen—”

With a scream that was caught off guard, Zhang Wuhou was the closest to him. He watched the emperor’s long sword pick up, and one of the youngest’s arms had fallen in front of him.

Blood spurted out.

Everyone didn’t expect Li Ying to start suddenly, and even Yun Qingci became stiff.

But he did not see the blood.

Before Li Ying started his hand, he pressed his head with one hand in his arms, and then, his hand slid from Yun Qing’s head to his shoulders, gently twisted him, backed him, and said: “Follow the Lord boarding.”

Jin Huanyinxi turned pale and hurried up to help him.

Behind him, Zhang Wuhou knelt down again: “Your Majesty, Your Majesty, Rong Chen will look for it again, hurry up, go and see if it is broken!”

Zhang Siyong kept rolling in pain.

The blood soon shed all over the ground.

Zhang Wuhou stretched out his hand to help him in a panic, trying to block the blood spurting wound, and he couldn’t take care of his waist injury: “Your Majesty, Your Majesty, please spare him, he is just a quick mouth, no ill will, Your Majesty.”

“I will give you another chance. If it is really broken, then I have to let him…”

The blade reaches Zhang Siyong.

“Buried for the Queen’s glaze picking.”

Zhang Duwei quickly rushed back with the box in his hand and threw himself in front of Li Ying, raising his hands high: “Here, no, it’s not broken, your majesty, well, here it is.”

Li Ying looked at Jin Huan, who quickly stepped forward to take it, took back the carriage and handed it to Yun Qingci. After a while, he returned and told: “It’s the Queen’s glaze picking.”

Zhang Wuhou’s heart hung up high and said: “Your Majesty, Your Majesty, the things have been returned to the Empress, please look at the Queen Mother’s face, and forgive him for speaking out.”

Li Ying thoughtfully, with a cool expression: “Is it easy to talk or to bully the king?”

The long knife was thrown in front of Zhang Wuhou, and the man slowly said: “Wuhou should know the Dajing law, you can handle the troubled courtier yourself.”

Sheltering a minister who deceives the emperor is tantamount to treason.

Rebellion, the whole family copied and cut.

Li Ying boarded the carriage.

Yun Qingci sat in the car quietly, heard the horseshoe tap, and began to turn his head.

From outside the car came Zhang Siyong’s crazy begging for mercy: “Father, father, father, I was wrong, father don’t kill me, father—”

The sound stopped abruptly.

The carriage passed through the quiet alley and soon came to the bustling street. The lively chants came to the ears, but the inside of the carriage was always quiet.

Li Ying sat beside him, looked at him for a while, his eyes fell on his quiet hands on his knees.

The wide sleeves moved slightly, and Li Ying’s hand was placed on the back of his hand.

Yun Qingci cast his eyes down and quickly withdrew his hand.

After a brief silence, Li Ying said: “Why, unhappy?”

Yun Qingci looked at him, and for a moment, he suspected that he didn’t know Li Ying anymore.

How could he do this for himself?

Yun Qingci pursed his lips lightly and raised his eyebrows: “Your Majesty, it’s really cruel.”

Li Ying’s fingertips trembled slightly before he said, “You are blaming me.”

“How dare you.” Yun Qing replied: “Your Majesty vents his anger for the ministers, and the ministers are too late to thank you, so how can you blame it?”

Li Ying closed his hand, breathed out, and said, “If you don’t blame it, why is it so strange?”

Yun Qingci stared at him for a long time, and suddenly lowered his voice: “Your Majesty.”

His tone was inquiring and hesitating: “Are you really interested?”

The author has something to say: Cibao: You are so terrible

Li Huang: I used to think that killing an uncle will make you reconciled…

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