The Obsessive Shou Chapter 21

He did not expect Li Ying to do all this.

He called Li Ying to the Chaoyang Palace last night. Someone wanted to hand over the paperwork about Zhang Siyong’s snatching of the glaze, and it must have not arrived yet.

Early this morning, he pulled Li Ying here, and it took only a few breaths from when he proposed to shoot Zhang Siyong to when Li Ying agreed.

He was able to react quickly.

The shooting attempted, and Zhang Siyong’s arm was cut off with a knife, and Wuhou was forced to kill himself by himself, one by one, and one by one.

However, Li Ying didn’t have much time to deliberate and investigate the pros and cons of all this, as if he was only interested in it, but it seemed like an elaborate arrangement.

He is really the natural choice of the emperor.

Suddenly it makes the liver and guts torn apart.

Yun Qingci felt ridiculous, but he was really ridiculous.

Because of his previous life, he still wanted to control Li Ying. How could such a man be easily controlled by ordinary people?

Also deserved it, ended up like that.

But at the same time, there was another wave of enthusiasm in my heart, like hatred and unwillingness, why should he be played with by Li Ying?

“Are you really interested?” He was hesitant and inquisitive, but his brows were full of ridicule and coldness.

Li Ying gave a sorrowful laugh, and slowly leaned against the carriage wall. He raised his head, and his chin line was connected to the long neck. Viewed from the side, the raised apple knot outlines a smooth line.

The bump rolled up and then fell back to its original place.

Li Ying said: “Is it right that I am doing everything wrong now?”

Yun Qingci was a little surprised.

“How come.” He said: “You are the emperor, so naturally you are right what you do.”

Li Ying looked tired. He opened his eyes. At first, he just looked at the roof of the car quietly, not knowing what he was thinking. After a while, he turned his head to look at Yun Qingci.

Yun Qingci was very familiar with the look in his eyes.

For many years afterwards, Li Ying often looked at him like this, his eyes seemed to be mixed with infinite tenderness and stringiness, and it seemed to be surging with unspeakable suffering and hardship.

He only needs to watch Yun Qingci quietly, and he will get a warm hug and comfort, and then he will sigh, as if holding Yun Qingci affectionately in his arms.

In those years, Yun Qingci has been waiting.

Waiting for him to confess his heart and share everything with him as he did when he was newly married.

The ridicule in Yun Qingci’s expression is even worse.

He finally understood why Li Ying thought of him like this, because he loved him, as long as he made this appearance, Yun Qingci would feel distressed, and then he would obediently understand him and comfort him.

He needs Yun Qingci to be a virtuous empress, a well-behaved person who does not point fingers at him, and does not want to control his tools.

Yun Qingci didn’t want to just play the role of a tool man. He was a greedy guy. He wanted to get what he paid, and he wanted to be loved when he fell in love.

So Li Ying hit him.

Yun Qingci looked away coldly.

The Li Ying in front of him is not the Li Ying of the previous life. He doesn’t want to bring the hatred of the previous life to this life. In this life, as long as he doesn’t move the Yun family, then they can live in peace.

If you move, you can only live without dying.

But if he can, he still hopes to have a better life. In this life, he doesn’t want to torture each other with Li Ying.

If you can live comfortably, who wants to lick blood?

The carriage drove back to the forbidden city and stopped at the gate of Chaoyang Palace.

Yun Qingci got up, but was suddenly caught.

Li Ying said: “If you have any questions, I can answer them for you.”

“The minister has no doubt.” Yun Qingci regained his wrist and said lightly: “Your Majesty will act and have your own opinions.”

Along the way, he finally clarified Li Ying’s idea of ​​killing his uncle. Regarding Zhang Siyong’s bullying of men and women, he must have passed it up before. Maybe he wanted to punish the Zhang family a long time ago. Today, he excuses him to vent his anger. It’s just a matter of scheming along the way.

After all, Yun Qingci, who took him over, is a ready-made shield.

Will the Zhang Family retaliate against Li Ying?

No, they will only count this account on Yun Qingci’s head and Yun’s family.

At this moment, the Zhang family is also very powerful. If they fight with the Yun family, they will be weakened by each other, and he, the emperor, can just reap the profits.

Sure enough, he is the emperor, and to him, the check and balance of the court is just a handy.

Yunqing resigned and returned to the palace, first sent someone to send the glaze to the Xiangfu, and at the same time informed Li Yinghou of the murder.

Yun Xiang is not stupid. Since the owner of Glaze Picking is Yun Qingci, he knows how to calculate this account from the Zhang family’s point of view.

Yun Qing’s words were indeed correct. Soon after he returned to the palace, someone told the queen mother that she had hurried to the Hou Mansion. The first thing she did when she came back was to send Zhou Zhao to the Chaoyang Palace, saying that he was inviting him to come and talk.

Yun Qingci leaned on the beauty couch, closed his eyes and dozed, without even looking at Zhou Zhao.

He was going to pretend to be dead in this matter. He didn’t want to kill him anyway. If the queen mother really had the ability, she would ask Li Ying to make trouble, and use him as a soft persimmon.

Although he knew that since Li Ying had used this poisonous trick, he would definitely not take the initiative to help him, but now it was not his Yun family who died of his brother, and it was the Queen Mother Zhang who should be anxious to get angry.

Knowing that the Queen Mother was not prepared for something to fix him, she obediently rushed to fix her, unless Yun Qingci had a brain problem again.

Zhou Zhaosan’s invitation to Four Invitations failed to make him move from the couch, and his tone sank: “The queen shouldn’t want the queen mother to come in person?”

Yun Qingci finally opened his eyes, he tilted his head to look at Zhou Zhao, and said slowly: “I can’t ask for it.”

Who knows what he will do to him once he goes to the gate of Taici Palace, at least in his own territory when he comes to Chaoyang Palace.

This Yun Qingci, now even the Queen Mother doesn’t even look at it.

Zhou Zhao was very angry, but Yun Qingci was a lunatic. Without the master, he didn’t dare to be presumptuous here, so he turned around and wanted to leave, but he was surprised when he heard Yun Qingci: “Duke Zhou.”

Zhou Zhao became vigilant, and had to treat him respectfully: “The Queen, what else can you tell me?”

“Your ears.” Yun Qing said in a puzzled manner: “Why are you missing half of it?”

Zhou Zhao: “…I went to bed at night and the cat bit it.”

When he said this, his tone was gloomy, with a bit of hatred.

Yun Qingci raised his eyebrows, really, watching what he did this way, it was not his cat.

When Zhou Zhao left, Yun Qingci paralyzed again.

The ear didn’t seem to be bitten by a cat, but it was cut off by something, and it was neatly cut off in half.

Who dares to touch the people around the Queen Mother?

Yun Qingci thought that Zhang Siyong had died so miserably, and Empress Dowager Zhang should not be able to calm down. But for several days, the Zhang family had nothing to do with the Yun family except for the funeral as usual.

Of course, Yun Qing did not go to this funeral, nor did Li Ying.

After the funeral was finished, it was the end of the new year. With the exception of the dead Zhang Family, Shangyang City began to display lights and festoons. Even on a snowy day, it was difficult to hide the lively scene and continued until late at night.

Yun Qingci was sitting in the lonely Chaoyang Palace, listening to Jin Huan and Yinxi who had gone home to visit his mother, and suddenly hoped in his heart.

Do you want to go back to find your brother to accompany you?

But when the New Year is approaching, they are afraid that they are very busy. The criminal ministry has to clear the case, the city guard is responsible for round-trip inspections, and the third brother also participates in the city’s martial law.

They are all busy, but he is the most idle.

So boring.

He yelled Yinxi and said, “Go to the band and call out the few musicians who came that day.”

Yinxi was taken aback: “Musician?”

“Yes, I want to learn piano.”

Of course, Yun Qingci also learned the piano. In his previous life, his piano skill almost surpassed the teachers of Lefang. As for this life, it is very coincidental. Before he was expelled from the palace, Li Ying had just given an order to let him learn piano and chess. It doesn’t matter what you learn in painting and calligraphy, as long as Yun Qingci doesn’t bother him.

The day before he broke into the Full Moon Pavilion and took Li Ying away, he was still learning from the old man in the band.

But old gentleman, how can a handsome boy teach it? You can learn while admiring the beauty, and you can also make fun of it. Since he lives for the rest of his life, he can’t continue to hang himself on Li Ying, just like Master Qiu, living among thousands of flowers without a leaf touching his body, wouldn’t it be so beautiful?

Yun Qingci’s heart was ups and downs, and he was desolate only after sweeping away, and he was sincerely happy.

Yinxi glanced at him hesitantly, and responded.

It didn’t take long before those musicians entered the Chaoyang Palace with their own instruments.

Yun Qingci leaned lazily on the couch, his eyes swept across the faces of these people like water, and found that some of them held the piano, some held the 箜篌, and also held the flute and the zither.

He waved his hand flatly and said, “Sit all.”

Several young people took their seats one after another, putting their instruments steady.

Slightly tilted, the joy of silk and bamboo spread from Chaoyang Palace, Yun Qing closed his eyes and listened, and his heart gradually calmed down.

The music continued, Yun Qingci was fed the fruit cake by Yinxi, and he looked up carelessly, and suddenly found that one of them was very handsome, his heart moved, then he lifted his cheeks and stared at the other person.

“That’s the one with the piano.” Yun Qingci curiously asked, “What’s your name?”

“Caomin’s surname is Ruan, and his first name is Lian.” The young man said with a soft voice: “The Queen asked before.”

Yun Qingci remembered, and he said, “Have I ever drank the wine you handed over?”

Ruan Lian laughed and said, “Exactly.”

“You seem to be thin.”

Ruan Lian pursed his lips, dodges his eyes, and said, “Caomin, I have some discomfort recently.”

“Unwell?” Yun Qingci waved at him and said, “Come here.”

Ruan Lian: “…”

“I know some medical skills.” Yun Qingci didn’t lie to him. This was what Li Ying asked him to learn: “Come and show you.”

The eyes of the others are a little weird.

They all remembered the incident of kneeling all night, but Yun Qingci didn’t know about it, and Li Ying warned everyone not to tell him.

Ruan Lian could only stand up.

Others are tall, polite but not too humble, and have excellent manners.

Yun Qingci’s eyes lit up, motioned him to squat down in front of him, and said, “Get your hand.”

Ruan Lian lowered his eyelashes and pulled up his cuffs obediently. Subai’s wrists were exposed in front of him. Yun Qingci took his pulse seriously. For a moment, he glanced at him and said, “Did you sleep well recently?”

Ruan Lian replied in a warm voice: “In recent years, there will be large-scale events in the palace, and everyone is very hardworking.”

“So.” White fingertips slid from Ruan Lian’s wrist to his palm, Ruan Lian’s fingertips trembled slightly, Yun Qingci tilted his head to him, and said softly: “Can Lefang have sleeping incense? I’ll give it to you. Get some?”

Ruan Lian was stunned, and said: “Caomin, thank you for grace.”

“Actually, not everyone has to participate in the activities in the palace.” Yun Qingci stared at his palm prints, slowly scratching his fingertips, and said: “Your Majesty has always thought that I am incapable of learning, I see. Lian Qin is exquisite, tonight, will you stay and teach me to learn piano?”

The other musicians looked at each other, some people wanted to say something, but they were dumb again when they recalled his usual cruel image.

Ruan Lian was silent for a while before he said, “I’m afraid, it’s wrong.”

Why would Yun Qingci care about his thoughts: “That’s it, everyone else will go back first.”

Yinxi and Jin Huan looked at each other, the latter was very nervous: “Mr. Queen.”

“What?” Yun Qing resigned, “I just found myself a teacher to learn the piano. You guys do it one by one. What’s your expression?”

He said: “Get out.”

Several musicians did not dare to pant out of the Chaoyang Palace, all squeezing a sweat for Ruan Lian.

No one dared to say what the Queen was thinking.

The musicians were walking along the wall, and suddenly saw a luan car turning in front of them, recognizing the stamp on it, and several people knelt down one after another.

That Luanjia stopped in front of him.

One hand pulled the silk tent away and asked: “I heard that the king called the musician to listen to the song, why, I don’t want to listen anymore?”

“Emperor, I want to learn the piano, and I have taken a fancy to Ruan Lian’s piano art, so I will go back to the concert hall first.”

The silk tent was put down, Luangjia continued to walk towards Chaoyang Palace.

The musicians got up until the other party walked away. Someone whispered, “Emperor, staying with Ruan Lian, is it really to learn the piano?”

The others looked uncertain: “Also, maybe…”


The author has something to say: Ci Zai: You do a big house, you do a second house, you can’t fight.

Li Huang & piano master:.



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