The Obsessive Shou Chapter 25

Li Ying usually wakes up in the early morning. He is used to looking at the folds in the early morning. After he is almost done, he begins to wear and comb, and then go to Mingde Hall to face.

During so many years in the previous life, his habits have never changed. Only when he is Xiemu will he lie down with Yun Qingci for a while, but at most, he will definitely leave the bed at the hour.

Either read or write, or call people to discuss politics, or practice martial arts and swords, never slack.

Although Yun Qingci’s childcare was strictly controlled by his mother, and those who should have never left behind, Qin Feiruo still spoiled him more in the end. In Yun Qingci’s memory, he never got up before dawn. .

Qin Feiruo didn’t have high demands on him, and it didn’t matter whether he could get fame or not for ordinary princes of the family. But what Yun Qingci heard most from Qin Feiruo’s ears when he was young is that if there is a girl you like in the future, you must be loyal to her.

She demanded Yun Qing’s resignation like all men demanded women. Yunxiang’s affair with outsiders probably hit her too deeply. There are very few small servants in her other courtyard, most of them are maids, not because she hates men, but because she feels that men are treating women. No matter how good their abilities are, they are still a’fool’ in essence, and she does not want to associate with’fools’.

She forbids Yun Qingci to be a ‘fool’.

But at that time, she probably never thought that the children she carefully nurtured would be loyal and fail to meet the girl who fell in love, but they would all be dedicated to the “fool” in her mouth.

She only told Yun Qingci not to be a ‘fool’, but did not tell him what to do if he met a ‘fool’.

Before dawn, Fool Li took Luanjia and left.

Yun Qingci stared and stared for a while, and then something about his mother came up in his mind.

One thing that impressed me deeply was that Qin Feiruo asked him to study the female actress. At that time, Yun Qingci was only five years old, and he was very obedient. It wasn’t until occasionally I heard someone talk about it, ridiculing him that what he was learning was a girl who only learned it, and he will grow up to be a hopeless one.

Yun Qingci’s face was dull, and he felt that he was looked down upon, and he overthrew the embroidery frame in a fit of anger. This incident reached Qin Feiruo’s ears, and she directly summoned all the servants in the other courtyard, and then asked Yun Qingci to point out the person who had broken the mouth.

After Yun Qingci was picked up and taken away, Qin Feiruo’s cold and stern voice was particularly striking in the hearing of two servants who came from behind and begging for mercy.

“What should a daughter learn, and what should a man learn? I followed my father to kill the enemy on the battlefield when I was fifteen. No one dared to deceive me as a woman. I married Yun Yu when I was nineteen. No one dared to say that I could not. As a wife, the present-day sage once went to the embroidery workshop to thread the needle. He never accused the female celebrity of being humble, so what kind of stuff are you waiting?”

Xiao Yun Qingci was taken back to the room and placed on the low couch. Those voices gradually became unclear.

He knew that his mother was bound to speak up, but if he was not sure, he would be punished severely and kick the person out. She is a person who can’t rub the sand under her eyes. Anyone who violates her bottom line will never be merciful.

He was a little afraid that Qin Feiruo would punish him because he overthrew the embroidery frame. When she was uneasy, Qin Feiruo came back. She didn’t clear her words, but patiently asked him: “Did you want to learn because you are said to be a student girl, or because you really don’t want to learn?”

Yun Qingci said that he didn’t want to be a worthless person.

Qin Feiruo touched his head and continued to ask him: “Then do you think your Majesty is a promising person?”

“Of course!” Xiao Yun Qingci did not hesitate to answer, his tender and tender eyes glowed and said: “He is the emperor, he is the world’s most, most, most-promising person.”

Qin Feiruo laughed, “Then you know, he also held a needle with his own hand and embroidered a brocade for the first queen as a token of love for the two.”

Xiao Yun Qingci showed an incredible expression.

At that time, he was still too young, and he had only a very strong impression of the emperor. Everyone had to listen to him. Qin Feiruo’s words made the image of the emperor in his mind a bit split instantly.

“Even if you don’t mention the current saints, A-niang’s hands were sewed for you. Do you think A-niang is not promising?”

Yun Qingci shook his head sharply.

In his eyes, Qin Fei is also a father and mother. She is gentle and kind, even majestic and tall.

He knew from Qin Feiruo that craftsmanship does not distinguish between high and low, and there is no difference between men and women, and even people in this world should not distinguish between men and women, because everyone is the same person.

It was also from Qin Feiruo. He sketched the image of the saint at the time, that is, the appearance of Li Ying’s father. Later, he also drew a man with kind eyebrows and difficult to distinguish between male and female, making Qin Feiruo laugh. To put it bluntly, it looks like a lot.

Later when Li Ying saw the painting, he lowered his head and smirked for a long time. He also showed it to Emperor Xian. The Emperor smiled and stroked his beard, saying that although the people are not very similar, the gods have come out.

Yun Qing’s embarrassed cheeks were flushed, and he drove Li Ying away for half of the palace to knock his head off.

Later, he asked Li Ying, “Your father really embroidered Jinpa for the first queen?”

“Maybe.” Li Ying’s attitude was very cold when it came to the order: “I don’t know.”

He didn’t like the queen first, because the queen mother always told him that the first emperor didn’t love her, she only loved the order. Yun Qingci suspected that the queen mother should have said a lot of bad things in front of him, because every time Li Ying mentioned She looked very cold, and sometimes showed a very uncomfortable expression, completely unwilling to be asked about things related to the sequence.

Yun Qingci closed his eyes, thought about it, and fell asleep.

Although A-niang is no longer there, his father is still there.

He really slept three poles in the sun after this sleep, Yun Qingci washed a bit, sent someone to condolences Ruan Lian, and confirmed that his injury was OK, he reported to the palace and went to Xiangfu.

To Yun Qingci’s surprise, Qiu Yang was also in the mansion and came out to greet him with the people in Xiangfu.

Not long after Yunxiang descended, his official robe was still on his body, leading him into the door and sitting in the hall before he began to ask, “Why are you free to come over today?”

“Have you received the glaze picking father that was sent by someone before?”

Yun Xiang raised his eyebrows and smiled, and said, “I got it, it’s good, it’s good.”

He was overwhelmed with joy, Yun Qing looked at him with a smile, and said, “It’s fine if my father likes it.”

Yunxiang patted his hand and said, “You come in with your father.”

He kindly greeted Yun Qingci, who hesitated to follow him to the study, and soon Yun Qingxiao followed and closed the door.

Sure enough, Yun Xiang began to ask him what happened before the Hou Mansion, and Yun Qingxiao also sat aside seriously.

Yun Qingci concealed his encouragement of Li Ying to shoot the hunt, and said: “Your Majesty saw Zhang Siyong deceiving the people.”

“Even if you really saw it, you shouldn’t have put such a heavy hand.” Yunxiang asked him: “Really nothing else happened?”

Yun Qingci shook his head innocently.

“This is weird.” Yun Xiang asked Yun Qingxiao: “Can you see the difference between your Majesty these days?”

“What I really want to say.” Yun Qingxiao said: “That is, the attitude towards Zhang Family and Yun Family has become particularly obvious. Killing Zhang Siyong is one of them. Today, he even proposed to transfer Qing Jue to Jinwuying. Take charge of the army on behalf of the army.”

Yun Qing said suddenly, “Today is not the last dynasty of this year? How did you mention this?”

“It is precisely because he made a decision on this matter in the last dynasty of this year. If the ministers have opinions, they have to wait a year to mention it. I am not clear about whether this is to be praised or killed.”

Yunxiang sighed and said, “Your heart is unpredictable.”

He glanced at Yun Qingci and said in a deep voice: “If you don’t figure out why he wants to kill Zhang Siyong, this commander is a hot potato. Qingjue sits on it, and he won’t be at ease for his father.”

Yun Qingci pursed his lips. He can understand his father’s worries. The Yun family has been loyal for generations. In Yunxiang’s generation, there have been two prime ministers. It can be said that they have deep roots. Now several elders dare not look for wives. Those who are too powerful are afraid of being splashed with the sewage of the party and private sector.

The first emperor had a very good relationship with Yun Xiang, and he has already given the supreme pamper. Such a family can walk on thin ice despite its glory.

The position of the second and third elder brothers nowadays is for them to fight for by their own ability, with their feet on the ground and peace of mind, but the sudden favor of the king will only make them feel like sitting on pins and needles for Zhongliang like the Yun family.

Everyone noticed that Li Ying had changed.

So, when did he become?

The light in Yun Qingci’s eyes flashed, and the mystery in his mind seemed to open, and the bright light leaked out of a corner.

Yun Qingxiao said, “So why did he suddenly change his attitude towards the Yunzhang family, and when did he start to change?”

Yun Xiangdao: “It seems to have changed together with Xiaoci.”

The two looked at Yun Qingci together, as if they were about to open his intestines to take a closer look.

Yun Qingci shrank back, and said more innocently, “I, I just wanted to open it all of a sudden, can’t it?”

“Then why doesn’t he seem to think about it?”

“…” How do I know this.

When I walked out of the study, the winter sun was shining. In the courtyard, Qiu Yang and Yun Qingsu were playing throwing pots.

Yun Qingci stood there for a while, walked over slowly, and asked, “When did you two get together?”

“He came to our house to steal glaze picks two days ago and was caught by me.” After Yun Qingsu said, Qiu Yang chuckled: “It’s not stealing, it’s borrowing. My father wants to see what’s going on.”

“Then what?”

“Then I detained the people, and Taiwei Qiu came to our house in person. He was called to have a son. In fact, he came to see the glazed picker.” Yun Qingsu mocked Qiu Yang: “It seems that you are in your father and father. In my brother’s eyes, it’s nothing more than that.”

Qiu Yang didn’t argue with him either. He was a dude and his family didn’t take him seriously. Since his bet, his elder brother became his elder brother. Goulanwashe caught him, and he had to take off a layer of skin.

It just happened that the patrol in the city was tight in recent years. He put on an armor and directly joined the city defender, ready to do something business, not giving the older brother an excuse to catch him.

As a result, he encountered something worse, and he was assigned to the team leader Yun Qingsu.

Yun Qingci clarified the matter without paying much attention.

He was still thinking about what happened between Li Ying and him at the same time. When the other party hurriedly came to Xiangfu that day, he wondered if Li Ying came from eight years later, just like him.

But at that time he thought that if Li Ying was reborn, he would definitely attack the Xiangfu. After all, he used his means to bring the memories of the previous life, and absolutely no one can stop him in this life.

However, if he killed the Xiangfu in the previous life, he found that the Xiangfu had never threatened his throne, and the Zhang family was actually more threatening?

Then there is an explanation for all this?

But this can only be used as a hypothesis, because Li Ying’s attitude towards him is too strange. If he is really reborn, his chess piece will have no effect. Why does Li Ying keep him?

Whether it is right or not, we have to try again.

Yun Qingci stood under the corridor, thoughtful, and suddenly there was movement beside him. He tilted his head to look and found Qiu Yang dangling in front of him.

Meeting his eyes, Qiu Yang silently looked away and said, “You…”

Yun Qing’s remarks revealed doubts.

Qiu Yang couldn’t hold back and took a step back. He was still a little afraid of Yun Qing’s resignation. After a long time, you said, “I heard Ning Yi said that his mother went to the temple recently.”

Yun Qingci nodded and asked, “What then?”

“It’s the Guanyin Temple of Songzi Guanyin.”

Yun Qingci seemed to have some enlightenment: “What else?”

“I asked for a talisman and sent it to the palace.”

It goes without saying who it was given to the palace.

Before being reborn, Yun Qingci had received news that Ning Rou called Li Ying to drink alcohol in fact. She wanted her mother to be expensive with her son, but Li Ying could only use this method if she did not turn over her brand.

That’s why, Yun Qingci would be so angry that day when he rushed into the Full Moon Pavilion, he threatened her directly. He loathes that others regard Li Ying as a superior resource, and he will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals.

Now he was beaten up, but he still didn’t repent.

However, her boldness made Yun Qingci suddenly open up.

If Li Ying were to be born again, they would not be so respectful and respectful. If they could really leave a child, it would be tantamount to a good move ahead of time.

“Why are you telling me this?”

Qiu Yang leaned on the pillar, scratched his chin with his fingertips, and said, “I see you look good, can’t you?”

Yun Qing raised his eyebrows, and Qiu Yang immediately turned pale, and he couldn’t help but stepped back several steps, and said, “I’m going to be kidding.”


Yun Qingci spent lunch in the Xiang’s Mansion, and didn’t stay much later, so he drove back to the palace.

Yi drove the mighty and mighty, all the way into the east gate of the forbidden city, and from a distance, he saw a black-clothed and black-haired man standing in front of the Chaoyang Palace.

Yun Qingci sat on Luangjia with his shoulders upright, his eyes fixed on the other side for an instant.

That hypothesis came up again, if Li Ying is like him, from eight years later…

He unconsciously squeezed his fingers, the porcelain joints showed blue and white, and his black and white eyes were slightly widened.

Then suddenly contracted.

Don’t be you, Li Ying.

The author has something to say: Ci Zai: The vest is put on well, I’m going to start picking it up.

Li Huang: …I don’t understand what you are saying.

Serious face.



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