The Obsessive Shou Chapter 28

Li Ying looked at these brands carefully, as if examining one profit bargaining chip after another.

There was silence in the Jiangshan Temple.

Liu Ziru thought a lot in an instant.

Tianzi did not refuse to answer his questions, nor did he use his eyes to intimidate him not to ask what shouldn’t be asked, that means he has absolute trust in himself.

This made his heart calm down instantly.

Liu Ziru couldn’t help but asked, “How did you learn this craft?”

“He always wants to eat.” Another sign was thrown into the brazier, and Li Ying slowly said: “I thought that in the future, all the dust would settle, and it would be for him.”

“The queen in eight years…” When Liu Ziru talked about it, he felt his scalp tingling, which was unbelievable: “Could it be…”

“I killed him.” Li Ying’s throat moved slightly and said: “I killed him.”

Liu Ziru suddenly understood why Li Ying would be so mad when he woke up that day, and why the queen began to become indifferent and indifferent.

God is so cruel that he gave your majesty a chance to do it again, but he also asked the queen to do it again.

If only one person came from eight years later…

Liu Ziru let out a sigh of relief and said, “That fresh meat shortbread, I haven’t heard of it in the shops. Today, if you take the initiative to deliver the cake, the queen will surely find it.”

“He believes in me.” Li Ying said, looking sad or happy: “He always felt that as long as I was drunk, I wouldn’t lie.”

Liu Ziruxin’s hair is tight.

“…I don’t know how to lie.” Li Ying said: “But I have already exposed.”

“He believes me too much. He just thought I was drunk and didn’t have time to think. He would follow his words and give the answer.” He stared at the wooden sign in his hand and said, “As long as he asks again, then I will be no matter what. Incorrect.”

He did not come from eight years later, he came from twenty years later.

He shouldn’t know what Yun Qingci was asking, but he would not lie when he was drunk, and would only follow his words. He dared to say that Yun Qingci would dare to believe it, but Yun Qingci has always been an inquisitive person, even if he is reborn, he will definitely act again before the doubt is confirmed.

Later, he rode on himself again and forced Ning Fei to see it.

As long as Yun Qingci asks the same question again when he is awake, he will definitely get the answer.

If he didn’t know what he meant by answering, Yun Qingci would understand that the answer he gave when he was drunk was a conditioned reflex.

In other words, he would understand that when drunk, Li Ying also understood his question.

When he was sober, he didn’t have the right to say no.

Therefore, the delivery of cakes is purely to please.

The wooden plaques were thrown into the brazier one by one, and the flames were swift and fierce.

When all the signs were burned, Li Ying raised his head and said, “These people will be compensated and released from the palace.”

This is to disband the harem!

Liu Ziru realized that when he had just looked at these brands, he was probably measuring the power behind these imperial concubines. He comes from the future and has been in the throne for so many years, so he is more cautious, even if he dismisses the harem, he must confirm that he can control these aristocratic families.

Perhaps, he had thought about it since he woke up that day, but there was too much government affairs, and he didn’t have time to sort it out until he closed the court.

He reminded: “Tomorrow is the New Year’s Eve. I am dismissed at this time, I’m afraid the family will have opinions.”

“After that year.”

When Yun Qingci saw the cake, the first thing he did was to test the poison first, and ruled out Li Ying’s idea of ​​poisoning him.

What a Li Ying.

You dare to count him if you give him a cake.

Although the fresh meat biscuits that he had eaten in the previous life tasted very good, in fact, the appearance was no different from other biscuits. If you really say it, it is just because of the meat inside, so it is fuller than ordinary biscuits.

This is a normal thing.

Li Ying probably knew that he was suspicious, and deliberately let the flow go to his plan, perhaps the purpose was to prove to Yun Qingci that he did not deliberately conceal—

If Yun Qingci did not confirm this matter.

Then he was really calm and really didn’t know what Yun Qingci was talking about.

If Yun Qingci guessed it, he was just trying to satisfy Yun Qingci’s taste, almost ignoring the risk that this incident might leak his secrets.

It’s so touching.

Li Ying’s resurrection for the rest of his life is really getting more and more calculating.

Yun Qingci lost the shortbread, picked up the bowl and simply ate something, then cleaned it up, and ordered someone to take the shortbread and get up to the Jiangshan Temple.

Tomorrow’s 30th, the palace has begun to display lights and festivities, Yun Qing gave up Luanjia, stepped on the snow, let the cold air cool the hot brain inch by inch.

He wanted to see how Li Ying would answer his questions when he was sober.

“Clear speech.”

Suddenly there was a voice in my ear.

Yun Qingci stopped, Taihou sat on Luanjiao, looking at him condescendingly, with a smile on his face, but his eyes were cold: “You haven’t been to the Aijia Palace for a long time. How are you living these days? ”

Yun Qingci wanted to be alone in the palace now, and the relationship with Li Ying had not been sorted out. Try not to argue with the Queen Mother.

But since the Queen Mother stopped him today, I’m afraid that being obedient at this moment will make her feel that Li Ying has already regarded him as an abandoned son, unscrupulous.

It is still necessary to find a way to escape as soon as possible, he said: “Naturally it is not as good as the mother’s queen. I heard that the mother often goes out of the palace to visit relatives recently. I don’t know how well everything is at home?”

The queen mother’s family died, how can it be well?

“Ha.” But after all she was the queen mother, she raised her voice and laughed, and said: “The empress is worried about the fact that the Ai family may have not talked with the empress for a long time. Today’s Xueji, a few plums from Taici Palace It’s all opened, so you can go to a pot of tea with Ai’s family.”

“Erchen has caught the cold in the past few days…” Yun Qingci said, coughing heavily, and said in a dumb voice: “With the recurrence of the old lung injury, I am worried that the mother will adopt the disease.”

“Coincidentally, the Ai family often returned to the Hou Mansion recently, and it happened to have a few doses of medicine to treat the lungs. Come, help the emperor and go to Taici Palace.”

Yun Qingci didn’t stop doing two things, and directly fell back softly.

Jin Huanyin was stunned for a moment, and hurriedly said: “Quickly, go and get a doctor!”

Yinxi ran away without hesitation.

The queen mother sneered, so Yun Qing said, now that she is really more and more faceless, she even dared to play such tricks in front of her.

While ordering people to chase Yinxi out, she also said: “Hurry up and help the queen to support the Luanjia of Ai’s family. I really don’t care about my body when I run out in such a cold day.”

The **** who was chasing Yinxi was Zhou Zhao. He swooped forward, and Yinxi was immediately crushed into the snow uncontrollably by him.

He struggled desperately, the snow was flying, and the scene was chaotic.

At this moment, a stern shout came, “What are you doing?”

Zhou Zhao was so frightened that he hurriedly threw away Yin Xi and knelt aside.

Yinxi saw Dragon Boots at a glance, and hurriedly said: “The queen passed out and was forcibly taken back to Taici Palace by the Queen Mother!”

As soon as Yun Qingci got on Luanjia, he directly and unconsciously stretched out his legs and took the whole place.

He is extremely domineering, and the queen mother has no sedan chair to ride, so she can only order someone to carry him back, and follow the sedan chair with her skirt.

As he was carrying the sedan chair all the way, Yun Qingci quietly raised his eyes, and suddenly called him: “Hi, queen mother.”

The Queen Mother looked up at him, and saw that he was admiring herself with her cheeks on her face comfortably, her face suddenly turned green.

When I return to Taici Palace, let’s see how the Ai’s family cleans up you.

She squeezed her fingers.

Luangjia soon came to Taici Palace.

The queen mother followed behind panting, with no demeanor, her feet were slow, and she fell a lot behind.

Yun Qingci leaned on the stopped Luan, and sighed slightly.

It seems that today is inevitable to fight against the Queen Mother, but I don’t know if she has the guts to kill herself directly.

Suddenly, there was the sound of iron armor, and the sound of footsteps came quickly.

Someone beside him said: “See your Majesty!”

Yun Qingci, who was playing with his fingers, immediately lay down again and continued to pretend to be unconscious.

Li Ying hurriedly came to him, looked at the other person’s figure softly leaning on Luan’s car, his breathing suddenly tightened, and said: “Have you gone for a doctor?”

“Someone has gone.”

Li Ying suppressed his breathing, the blue veins on his forehead leaped and calmed down.

He restrained himself and touched Yun Qingci’s nose carefully.

Breathing is very light, but still.

He closed his eyes heavily, then took off the cloak from his body and put it on Yun Qingci.

I was too nervous to find that Yun Qingci was pretending to be at all.

When the Queen Mother was carried by Qin Yuan to the gate of Taici Palace, the entire palace was surrounded by the Forbidden Army.

She was shocked, and hurriedly got off Qin Yuan.

In this palace, it is almost self-evident who else can mobilize the Forbidden Army.

But she couldn’t believe it.

Is Li Ying really crazy?

He actually led people to surround her Taici Palace, he still dare to risk the world’s bad luck and kill his mother? !

The author has something to say: Ci Zai: Today is really kind and difficult.

Li Huang:…

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