The Obsessive Shou Chapter 29

She carefully sorted out her manners, embroidered cotton boots stepped on the stairs, and the skirt crossed the threshold.

Luanjia was stopping in the courtyard, Yun Qingci was “unconscious”, Li Ying’s clothes were draped over him, patiently guarding his side, with a caring appearance.

He turned his face around when he noticed that the queen mother was approaching.

That day, when the law drove to pick up people, the queen mother noticed that his eyes were different from the past, but now that he saw it, it was even more chilling all over her body.

She chuckled lightly and said, “How is the emperor’s grandeur today?”

“I heard that the queen mother was rushing all the way, and the queen was in a coma again. I was worried about whether an assassin might be the cause, so I sent someone to come to protect him.” Li Yingping stared at the queen mother and said: “Watching the queen trot along the way, the temples are sweating. , But what frightened you?”

Of course, the Empress Dowager Zhang cannot say that she hurried back to punish Yun Qingci with a small punishment. Her brother was killed and the position of commander was taken away. The Zhang family now hates the Yun family, especially Yun Qingci.

But with the appearance of Li Ying guarding her clearly and targeting her secretly, she could only say: “Qingci suddenly fell into a coma, and Ai’s family eagerly brought him back to Doctor Xuan for inspection. No, Luanjia gave it to him. ”

“Oh?” Li Ying stepped forward and said, “I wonder why the Queen suddenly became ill?”

His approach made the Queen Mother tight.

The child she raised with one hand was much taller than her at the moment, and when she looked down at her with her hands held down, she looked like a king over the world, with gaze and majesty of heaven.

She suddenly felt terrified.

The prince who was allowed to pull out her seedlings and support her has grown into a new emperor, but he obviously should respect her and fear her, just like before, even if he knows that her education is unscrupulous, he is still grateful to her.

After all, she is the queen who loves him.

She should have been covering his head, like a dark cloud, like a sunny day, giving thunder or admiring rain and dew, it depends on her mood.

Empress Dowager Zhang stepped back silently and said with a strong smile: “Xu is the weather is cold and his old illness has relapsed. The Aijia just greeted him. Unexpectedly, the child fainted when he said it was faint, which is really worrying.”

After she said, she looked at Yun Qingci again, with a benevolent look.

“It turned out to be like this.” Li Ying said: “I thought the queen was angering the emperor because of her uncle.”

He did not shy away from talking about this matter, and the queen mother’s face immediately turned blue. She endured and endured it, or she did not hold back to look at Li Ying, unable to hide her anger: “Do you still know that the Aijia will be angry? It’s because of him.” Should he die if he has taken Yun Qingci’s glaze?!”

“More than that.” Li Ying said softly and whispered: “I have evidence. He led soldiers to surround the homes of the people in the suburbs, forcibly occupied the people’s daughters, beat her father to death, and buried her in hastily. The people’s daughter also went out from the backyard of the Hou Mansion sideways. of.”

In fact, there are many more, but those are all past lives. This is an extremely serious matter in the recent years of supporting the Zhang family.

Empress Dowager Zhang’s eyes widened, and she whispered: “Exactly, what happened?”

“After you **** the emperor, you can see that he is familiar with the road.” Li Ying said with some meaning: “It is a great gift for me to reward my uncle to my grandfather and father for self-disposal.”

He actually took this as a gift? !

This is clearly a murder and a sinister intention!

Empress Dowager Zhang’s nails fell into the flesh.

How could he say such things without changing his face? Still in front of her mother.

“Nian stayed in the deep palace for a long time in my mother’s empress. I didn’t know Zhang Siyong was evil, so I never came to bother.” Li Ying finally took his gaze away from her, Shen Shen looked towards Yun Qing and said, “But the empress angered her for the uncle’s matter. Clear remarks, it seems to be a day-to-day condolence. I heard some unconventional words in Zhang’s family?”

This is beating!

The queen mother was shocked, and said: “Nothing! The mourning family is that she lost her younger brother suddenly, and she felt a little overwhelmed in her heart…”

“That’s the Queen Mother’s grief too much.”


“You have to take a good rest.” Li Ying said: “The guards we brought today will stay at Taici Palace to protect the mother and queen from being disturbed.”

Queen Mother Zhang paled.

Li Ying said slowly: “At 30 tomorrow, the palace banquet is noisy, and the queen does not have to go.”

Queen Mother Zhang suddenly raised her eyes.

This is under house arrest.

Yun Qingci secretly raised his eyes.

Li Ying is really good at calculating. When he killed Zhang Siyong, he said that if he didn’t hand over the glaze, he would let Zhang Siyong be buried and hand over the glaze, but he was deceiving the emperor.

Beating the Queen Mother today is almost the same method. If the Queen Mother admits that it was the instigation of the Zhang family, that Zhang family will have to fade away. It can be said that it is too sad and he is placed under house arrest.

At this time, Li Ying shouldn’t be so comfortable.

But no matter what, he was still happy. It seems that in this life he can admire the mother-son battle between Li Ying and the Queen Mother. If he had lost his right hand in addition to the Zhang family, then the Yun family would dominate. Wouldn’t he even dare not say anything?

Confronting the emperor at this time will only have a counterproductive effect, and the queen mother can only frustrate her chest and swallow her breath.

Liu Ziru said: “The imperial doctor is here.”

As soon as the imperial physician was carrying the wooden box to salute, he was stopped by Li Ying. The oppressive feeling when facing the queen mother was wiped out and said: “Don’t be polite, come and see the queen.”

“Hmm…” Before the imperial physician came, Yun Qingci woke up quietly, ignoring the queen mother’s glaring, and said with a confused expression: “Where am I?”

Li Ying stepped up in front of him, trying to reach out to touch him, and then carefully shrank his hands, and said warmly: “You are in the Queen’s Palace.”

Yun Qingci looked at his attitude towards himself, secretly calculating, and said: “Why am I here?”

“It’s not important.” Li Ying didn’t want him to know what the Queen Mother was aiming at, and said: “I will take you back to the palace immediately.”

“Oh.” Yun Qingci leaned back softly, glanced at the queen mother quietly, and said: “I feel soft and unable to move.”

“Then don’t move, just drive back to the palace with the queen mother’s Luan.” Without the Queen Mother’s consent, Li Ying directly made a decision: “The queen mother loves you so much, and she will definitely agree.”

Queen Mother Zhang who was forced to agree: “…”

When the husband and wife sang and got together, it was clear that they wanted to confiscate her luangjia.

The imperial physician diagnosed that Yun Qingci was not in serious trouble, and Luanjia, who had just been brought back, returned the same way.

Watching the “weak” Yun Qingci was carried away, the queen mother slowly stepped into the palace, her calm expression gradually became ferocious, she waved and wiped off all the items on the table, and said furiously: “The lives of some untouchables are also worthy of Si Yong is on the same level? If he is half affectionate, how can he start with his uncle?! I think he has been fascinated by Yun Qingci!!!”

After a big anger, she finally calmed down.

The pupils suddenly stagnated.

Li Ying’s move, did you know what?

Li Ying had just abandoned Luan and rushed forward. At this moment, Yun Qingci continued to lean on the sedan chair, and he could only follow one side.

The two have their own minds.

All the way to the Chaoyang Palace, Yun Qingci still pretended, softly stretched out his hand and handed it to Yinxi. Before the other party came forward, one hand was supporting his arm.

Li Ying bent down to hug him, and walked quickly into the room.

The body was placed on the soft bed, and his broad palm touched his face. Yun Qingci raised his eyes to see his attitude. Many reasons that were previously unclear seemed to be clarified in a daze.

Yun Qing spoke, his attitude was not aggressive, his tone was even soft: “Are you from eight years later?”

Sure enough, he asked this sentence again.

Li Ying sat down by the bed, pursing his lips, “Shortbread, why didn’t you eat it?”

“I’m afraid you will be poisoned.”

Yun Qingci’s eyes gradually covered with a layer of mist, and he mourned: “Li Ying, are you like me, have you been born again?”

Li Ying lowered his eyelashes, not daring to look at him.

Yun Qingci’s hand grabbed the corner of his clothes and asked, “Is it right? You tell me.”

Li Ying didn’t want to lie to him anymore, but if he didn’t cheat, he could only admit it.

There was a sudden tingling on his forehead, and Li Ying breathed slightly, and finally raised his eyes to meet him.

Yun Qingci’s expression looked pitiful.

Whenever I feel hurt, it will show up, familiar and pitiful.

Li Ying’s heart ached like needles.

“Yes…” He said, “It’s me.”

Everything has an answer.

Yun Qingci stepped back and loosened his cuffs. For a moment, he hoped that there was a knife beside him that could make him stab the man’s chest fiercely.

His shoulders trembled, and the seeds of hatred took root and sprouted in an instant, and in a flash, it grew into a big tree in the sky, the crown of which broke through his chest.

But he didn’t.

Every inch of skin became extremely calm.

“In that case, why don’t you just abolish me?”

“I can not leave you.”

“What is inseparable?”

Li Ying stared at him, and the tide of mist was rising and falling in his eyes. He said, “I regret it.”

Yun Qingci’s pupils dilated, and gradually climbed up to the tail spine with excitement. He tilted his head restrainedly, and said seriously: “I don’t understand.”

“I…” Li Ying said, “I regret that I didn’t love you in my previous life.”

Yun Qingci’s eye sockets also widened nonchalantly, and terrible malice rose from his heart, the corners of his mouth opened uncontrollably, and he squeezed it carefully.

“You mean, you…” he asked as he recalled, “You did all this because you still have me in your heart?”


Yun Qingci lowered his head, his thin neck was fragile and graceful. He grabbed his finger and said, “What are you going to explain to me?”

“I was…”

“Actually, I don’t care.” Yun Qingci interrupted him, then raised his head again, and said, “I don’t want to listen that much either.”

Li Ying’s Adam’s apple rolled, swallowing all the words.

Yun Qingci hugged his knees, carefully arranging everything after rebirth.

He thought that Li Ying had no feelings for him, at least Li Ying in his previous life should not have feelings for him, but if Li Ying regretted his life for his death, then the ice lake, the driving, singing and dancing indulgence, the glaze picking and killing uncle, The beating of Concubine Ning, including today’s house arrest, seems to have a good reason.

Li Ying, after he died, regretted it and was about to love him.

How ridiculous.

Without this rebirth, his Yun Qingci would have been crushed. Why does Li Ying love him?

What qualifications does he have to love him?

How dare he, say he loves him.

Yun Qingci clenched his fingers, his knuckles turned white.

Ridiculous, really ridiculous. When he rushed into Xiangfu that day, he clearly still brought his arrogance, his emperor’s dignity, he clearly killed him, but as if nothing had happened, he wanted to go back to the past.

If he is not reborn, then at this moment, Li Ying can smooth everything out, continue to enjoy his crazy love, and continue to be regarded as a **** by him.

And he was forced to choose a building to defend himself, but only to wake him up and let him understand…Oh, it turns out that after a thousand sails, I still love you.

Li Ying’s laissez-faire to him later was only because he discovered that he was actually from eight years later, so he did not dare to face it, so he could only hold himself cautiously.

Yun Qingci said, “Go away.”


Ye Mingzhu under the pillow was caught up suddenly and threw it fiercely.

With a muffled sound, the pearl wrapped in black cloth hit Li Ying’s head heavily and flew into the bed.

The forehead became visibly red with the naked eye.

Li Ying looked at him gloomily.

Yun Qingci stared at him for a while, his expression gradually becoming innocent: “I’m sorry.”

“I’m out of control.”

“I just hate you too much.”

“…You will forgive me if you love me so much, right?”

The author has something to say: Ci Zai: Will you forgive me?

Li Huang: It was my fault.


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