The Obsessive Shou Chapter 30

Yun Qingci felt hateful, but also angry.

After rebirth, he recalled the past and found that all the love he had had had been covered by conspiracy and trickery.

He was convinced that Li Ying was ruthless towards him, so he didn’t want to show half emotion to him, and even his hatred was deliberately curbed.

He finally tore off Li Ying’s veil, but what he was talking about, regretted, and wanted to love him.

If you love, where was he when he died in the previous life?

If it’s just regret, what does it have to do with him?

When I love you, you count me, if you love me, I will get together?

Why is he? !

Rebirth is a rare gift, and Yun Qingci cherishes it very much. He wants to live his little life behind closed doors, be a queen who does not need the emperor’s favor and is just as arrogant, and strive for greater benefits for the family.

It was Li Ying who came up to bother him again and again.

Obviously Li Ying always stopped or walked away when he lost his temper and made tempers before, but now he can’t drive him away if he loses his temper and makes tempers.

As if he was really blaming himself, guilty, and trying to make up for him.

No, he just wanted Yun Qing to be grateful to Dade, after all, he regretted it and loved him again.

But even if Yun Qingci really wanted to thank him, it would also be thanks to the person who made him lucky to be reborn, allowing him to re-examine everything and re-choose everything.

Not Li Ying who made him put everything in.

After Li Ying’s forehead became red, it gradually became bruised and slightly swollen.

His features are profound, and his ancient charm is far-reaching. This scar makes him look a little sad.

Yun Qingci only felt hatred.

If so, he would like to do it again, smash his head, and see that he still has the face to say regret and the face to say that he loves him.

“It was my fault.”

Li Ying opened his mouth. He did not avoid Ye Mingzhu, nor did he avoid his sight: “I have made a mistake that cannot be explained. If you want to vent your hatred, come at me.”

Yun Qingci’s hatred was suddenly weighed down.

Why did he vent his hatred, in order to reduce Li Ying’s guilt?

No, he doesn’t want to hate Li Ying anymore, he wants to play tricks on Li Ying like Li Ying teased him.

Yun Qingci hugged his knees, lowered his eyelashes, thinking hard.

He never thought that Li Ying would also be reborn with him. Why would he be reborn as well?

When this idea came up, Yun Qingci remembered again, what qualifications did he have to be reborn? He is paranoid, jealous, and blind. Why should he be reborn?

He clenched his fingers and said slowly: “You were drunk that day, but what you said was the truth?”

“You know me.” Li Ying said, “I won’t lie after drinking.”

“But you said you didn’t make Concubine Ning a noble concubine.”

“That’s because drinking and understanding wine soup.”

“I’m asking you…” Yun Qingci’s tears fell off guard: “Is it because of me that you want to kill my father and brother.”

Li Ying’s lips trembled.

The teardrops fell directly from the eyes on the clothes without on the cheeks, smearing the faint wet marks.

As if he had an obsession with Yun Qingci, after Yun Qingci died, he transferred all his obsessions to the Yun family.

In the previous life, when he realized that he had harmed his mother’s family, he had suffered too much in his heart. Li Ying didn’t know it, but suddenly felt the same.

He stretched out his hand restrained, and retracted as if he dared not touch it: “No, Aci, I never thought about killing your father. He is my teacher and an auxiliary minister. How could I want to kill? he?”

“Don’t lie.”

“I will never lie to you again.”

Yun Qingci looked at him for a while and said, “Is it because I died, so you regret it, so you let them go?”

“No, I don’t, everything is…”

“Alright.” Yun Qingci had already got what he wanted to know: “If you didn’t kill my father, then let us be born again, probably to solve the matter between the two of us.”

He didn’t want to listen anymore.

Maybe it was because he still couldn’t forgive him emotionally, and wanted to give himself a reason to hate him, maybe because he really didn’t care what Li Ying did.

Yun Qingci has always been such a person.

When you hate someone, you won’t give yourself a reason to forgive the other person.

Just like when he liked someone, no matter what the other person did, he could convince himself and wait wholeheartedly.

Before, Yun Qingci told him countless times, I waited for you to come back, I waited for you to eat, I waited for you, I waited for you to explain, I waited for when you want to say…

Perhaps, in those days when he was in Lenggong, he had been waiting for him, waiting for him to pick him up back to Chaoyang Palace.

The former Yun Qingci did not wait.

Therefore, in this life, he never wants to put patience on him anymore.

“Li Ying.” Yun Qingci said: “Let’s make peace.”

Li Ying remained motionless.

“I can’t continue to be with you, can’t continue to be your queen… You and I will come back with memories, I can’t play with you.”

He is very calm.

Yun Qing resigned from the bed, and calmly came to the table, then opened the drawer, revealing a familiar wooden sculpture, which was the token of love between them.

“Young Secretary will give it back to you.” Yun Qingci picked it up and said, “You encouraged me to build this. You said that you hope I can protect myself and I want to see the world instead of always Stick to you.”

“I have too little knowledge. You taught everything by hand. If you said that I founded the Ao Division for you, it would be better to say that you founded it for me.”

“You later took away your young division.” Yun Qingci laughed at himself: “Gan Li knelt down to persuade me. He said that you had no good intentions. I didn’t believe a word. I told him that the young division was originally you. Yes, you are only loyal to you Li Ying. If you and I are attacked together, you should give me your life and protect you, because you are heavier than my life.”

Li Ying remained motionless.

Yun Qingci walked back and slowly said, “I will give you everything you want, Li Ying, from now on, we will cut off justice. I will leave Shangyang to get this new life and take a good look at the world.”

“I hope you will always remember the Yun family, the Qin family, and the Xiao family. They are all loyal ministers. They are in the past and so in this life.”

“Only me.” Yun Qingci said, “I will never be loyal to you again.”

He stretched out his hand, the palm of the wooden sign is exquisitely textured, the surface is smooth and clean, and it is not a big one. It is the mood that Li Ying once carved with a single blow, and it is also the love of Yun Qingci’s meticulous care time and time again.

Li Ying did not answer.

“Are you not, admiring the power here?”

“I do not deserve.”

“…The Qifeng Building has been handed over to the Ministry of Engineering, and construction will start next year, and it can be completed within one year at most.”

“no need.”

“Jun, Queen…It is also very important to the Yun Family. As long as you are in the Yun Family, in the eyes of the world, you will always be under one person and above 10,000.”

“As long as you don’t attack them, the Yun Family will not fall.”

Li Ying put his hands behind him.

He seemed to be afraid that he would accidentally pick up the wooden sign.

“Aci… I dismissed the harem. Years later, no, today, you can send them all out today. The queen mother has been under house arrest and she can no longer influence your thoughts. From now on, this will be your world, what do you want to do? , Just do it.”

“I still have you on my head.”

“I…” Li Ying’s eyes reddened, “I will not limit your freedom, I can protect you, you can be lawless, and there is also Ruan Lian…Ran Lian for you, don’t you like him?”

He looked at Yun Qingci, breathing tightly unconsciously: “Aci, don’t go.”

Don’t go, don’t leave me behind.

Don’t leave me alone.

do not…

“Can I take Ruan Lian away?”

After a long time, Li Ying said: “He is the musician in the palace, and he is yours only if you are the master of the palace.”

Yun Qingci pursed his mouth.

It seemed that he was really hesitating because of Ruan Lian.

In fact, he didn’t care about Ruan Lian so much, and he never thought about leaving the palace. If the queen mother is not dead, he always has a knot in his heart. If he doesn’t return everything that Li Ying once put on him, Yun Qingci will have regrets in this life.

He just wanted to see if Li Ying really regretted it and wanted to love him as he said he did.

He wanted to know whether Li Ying’s love for him was half as deep as that of his previous life.

He suddenly discovered that when he loves someone, he really becomes humble. Even Li Ying is no exception, he actually took out an actress to try to contain him.

What is the difference with his previous life, letting Concubine Li Ying go into the palace?

But Li Ying is different from him in that he can always quickly understand how to achieve his goals. Back then, he thought about whether to reconcile or let Concubine Li Yingna enter the palace, but he thought about it for many days.

Li Ying understood his bargaining chip in no time.

That piece of carved wooden ornament finally got a distance from Li Ying.

He fell on the bed.

Does an actress really please him so much? So many conditions were unwilling to accept, and Ruan Lian offered Ruan Lian and accepted it immediately.

Li Ying hung his head, her long eyelashes drooped, covering up all emotions.

Yun Qingci only thought he was relaxed.

Until this moment, he finally believed that Li Ying might really regret it.

After all he had been together for so many years, Yun Qingci thought he knew something about him.

He confirmed to Li Ying: “Are you sure you won’t hurt Ruan Lian again because of me?”

“No.” Li Ying said in a low voice, “He will be yours in the future, and it depends on the owner to beat the dog.”

“He is not a dog.”

Yun Qingci corrected, but Li Ying didn’t answer again. After a while, he said, “Have you decided to stay?”


Li Ying put his arms on the bed, stood up with some effort, and walked out slowly.

“Aying.” Yun Qingci called to him, and asked hypocritically: “Are you angry?”

“No.” Li Ying turned his back to him, gradually straightened his back, and said warmly: “You just fainted. Take a good rest now. I order someone to make some tonic soup for you.”

“You put the Queen Mother under house arrest for me, is it really okay?”

“Don’t worry about these things.”

“Dismissing the imperial concubine, do you think it over?”

“Yes.” Li Ying didn’t lie to him.

He didn’t want to dismiss the imperial concubine all at once. Every imperial concubine is a bargaining chip. The forces behind are intertwined, and there are many factors that need to be considered.

It was no different from Li Ying in his memory. After he took the throne, Yun Qingci always came up, my husband is really powerful, he can sit on the side with his cheek and watch him criticize the paper all day. He liked the appearance of Li Ying’s strategizing, even if Li Ying at that time was still very weak, but Yun Qingci always believed that he would grow into a real emperor.

Jumping out of the role of Yun Qingci, maybe he can still appreciate this man calmly.

It is a pity that he is Yun Qingci, who even went in for his love for Yun Qingci.

Yun Qing resigned, “You don’t need to be dismissed deliberately, I don’t care anymore.”

Li Ying paused slightly and said, “It is expected to be dismissed after the year. If it is today, everyone will have a bad New Year.”

“Oh.” He was thinking about it correctly, and Yun Qingci didn’t want to be the target of all aristocratic families: “You can stabilize your court, so that I can play in the palace happily.”


Li Ying left the Chaoyang Palace.

Yun Qingci put the wooden sculpture in the drawer again, and finally a big stone slowly fell to the ground in his heart.

Li Ying, you also have today.

If you don’t kill you, I won’t be called Yun Qingci.

The author has something to say: Ci Zai: Call Dad. Why are you not convinced? Hurry up!

Li Huang: I see, wife.


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