The Obsessive Shou Chapter 31

Li Ying left the Chaoyang Palace.

Under the palace wall, the emperor walked slowly on the snow, and only the supervisor Liu Ziru was following him.

“Go to find out the details of Ruan Lian, whether he came from Lingzhou.” He instructed: “Remember to inform Qi Renwei, Jing Ren ambush in Beichen not to act rashly recently.”

He has a deep voice: “Hurry up.”

Liu Ziru responded and quietly glanced at the wound on his forehead: “Your Majesty, do you want to deal with it?”

“No need.”

He raised his hand and stroked his forehead, pressing his fingertips, the pain in his flesh was far greater than his loneliness.

At least, his queen is still willing to lose his temper at him.

In this room, Yun Qingci went to bed again, and smoothly touched his beloved Ye Mingzhu.

This pearl was picked by him when he first married Li Ying, and the other party took him to the treasure house. Yun Qingci saw it, and from then on, as long as he sleeps, he will take it with him.

Since his mother passed away, everything around him has been inseparable from Li Ying.

Li Ying is almost his belief.

The man put him into the cold palace that year. Except for the confiscation of his empress’s identity and ritual driving, almost everything else is the same. He wears silk satin, brocade and cotton clothes, and even Yinxi is free to go out of the palace to buy and sell things.

Yun Qingci began to speculate on the details of his previous life.

He realized that maybe Li Ying was really involuntarily once. Assuming that everything he said is true, combined with Li Ying’s attitude towards the Zhang family today, as well as his attitude towards Xiangfu, the previous life of Xiangfu’s imprisonment may be a scene they conspired to perform.

Li Ying couldn’t wait to explain to him.

Since he wants to explain, it means that he thinks there is a misunderstanding between the two people.

But so what?

No matter how many difficulties he has, how much he can’t help himself, Yun Qingci is dead.

A person who has already died doesn’t care how hard the living person is. Li Ying tried to explain to a dead person. He didn’t know if he was stupid or he thought Yun Qingci was stupid.

After all, Yun Qing really couldn’t live anymore at the end of his resignation. He was really frustrated, he did jump off the building, and he fell heavily on the ground in the ice and snow. Sometimes he could even recall the moment he landed. The ribs pierced the heart and lungs, and the blood slowly flowed through the ear canal.

It hurts a bit, but it’s actually not that painful, because at that time his body had been frozen and his skin had almost started to become numb.

And all this is thanks to Li Ying.

It is impossible to write off all the past events just because he is still alive.

Yun Qingci stroked Mingzhu.

Li Ying’s head was really hard, but fortunately it was wrapped in a black cloth, and the pearl was not cracked.

He leaned on the bed for a while, lighting the green horn incense and summoning people.

Li Ying lived a lifetime, and was still cruel to his own mother, so he could only be the pusher.

How about the Queen Mother, just under house arrest? Yun Qingci can’t wait to skin her cramps.

The encirclement of Taici Palace by the imperial army can be a little more interesting. For the New Year’s Eve, Li Ying actually put his biological mother under house arrest. If this incident spreads out, it will definitely make the Zhang family frightened.

Don’t think about it this year.

When it comes to Zhang Siyong’s affairs, other aristocratic families will definitely be able to quickly understand the direction of the wind. As long as they are sure that the Zhang family will no longer receive the grace of heaven, then those who have dared to be angry and dare not speak will definitely stand up.

During the New Year, everyone was very busy, and this event soon caused storms in the city.

The Zhang family has almost become a street mouse.

Yunqing’s resignation calls people to come to the palace to sing, dance, drink and have fun. Li Ying still comes often, but every time he just sits and watches quietly.

Yun Qingci also found that those people were afraid to do too much with themselves, saying that they had not been threatened by him, it was almost impossible.

On the night of the third day of the Lunar New Year, Yun Qingci came back from visiting relatives in the Xiangfu, and he passed Ruan Lian to learn the piano.

What he wanted to learn was nothing else, it was the ‘playing beauty’, but this piece was very difficult to remember, and Yun Qingci always didn’t tweak it when he shook the strings.

Ruan Lian saw it in his eyes, and suddenly couldn’t hold back reaching out, wrapping him around with one arm, and pressing his finger on his finger. Ruan Lian whispered softly with the breath of the other party’s ears, “I want to do this.”

Yun Qingci’s hand was held by him, and a piece of sound flowed rapidly.

“We will meet.” Yun Qingci took his hand away and tried once confidently.

There was a burst of laughter, and Ruan Lian said, “Are you meeting now?”

“Yeah.” Yun Qingci said, “My mind will do it.”

Ruan Lian approached him again, holding his hand patiently.

The skin on the back of the queen’s hand was slippery and the fingertips were as tender as green onions. At first glance, he was spoiled. Ruan Lian tilted his head slightly and looked at the other’s delicate side face, and suddenly squeezed his fingers silently.

Yun Qingci raised his eyes in surprise.

With four eyes facing each other, Ruan Lian’s eyes are like Liuli, and subconsciously said: “Emperor, are you still having fun in Xiangfu today?”

“Happy.” Yun Qingci smiled and said: “But I am happier when you learn the piano with me.”

“I can always be with you.”

Yun Qingci raised his eyebrows.

Ruan Lian stared at him for a moment, his eyes flowed, and slowly let go of his clenched hands, and sat aside restrainedly, saying, “It’s the Caomin taking the liberty.”

Yun Qingci looked at him for a while, blinked and said, “I came back today, and Aunt Ding at home brought me some sweet cakes, would you like A Lian to try it?”

He did not continue what he had just said.

Empress Yun just took a fancy to his skin, and didn’t intend to touch him.

Ruan Lian felt uncomfortable for no reason.

Empress Yun is very different from the rumors, and her attitude towards the emperor is equally unpredictable. As for him, it seems that she really just treats him as a dispensable plaything.

Yun Qingci got up and took the food box, personally brought it over and handed it to him, saying: “Come, have a taste.”

Ruan Lian’s fingers were white, he tentatively pinched a piece, took a bite, and his eyes were faintly bright: “It’s really delicious, thank you for your reward.”

“The second brother gave it to me when I left home and let me make a midnight snack.”

Yun Qingci put the box aside, sat down by the piano again, and continued to compete with the sound just now.

“Shi Lang Yun is your second brother, why have you never heard of your elder brother?”

“Big brother?” Yun Qingci stopped his movements, tried to think about it for a long time, and then said: “He seems to have died at the age of three or four. I have never seen him nor heard of his father.”

“Three or four years old, died?” Ruan Lian said: “Then if your elder brother is still alive, how old should he be now?”

“I don’t know.” Yun Qingci is not interested in this matter: “It should be almost thirty.”

Ruan Lian’s eyes darkened slightly.

He didn’t want to talk more about things he wasn’t interested in, Ruan Lian could only shut up temporarily.

Yun Qingci continued to practice until Weiwei was sleepy, and then he interrupted, yawning and said, “I’m tired, you can go back.”

The call is coming, and the wave is going, there is no meaning to stay.

Ruan Lian straightened up and saluted him.

Yun Qingci had already entered the back of the screen without looking back, Yinxi quickly ordered someone to prepare hot water to carry it in. The figure behind the screen had taken off his clothes, took off the jade crown, and draped his hair down.

Ruan Lian looked for a moment, pursed his lips slightly, and left with the qin.

Yun Qingci soaked in the tub, letting Yinxi and Jinhuan wait for her to wash her hair and take a shower, her neck softly leaning against the wooden headrest supported by the tub. Yun Qingci likes this design very much, even if he sits in a bucket, he can squint lazily for a while.

He felt that Ruan Lian was a little weird, weird, and unusual.

However, the Qingsi went to investigate and found that there was indeed a family named Ruan who had not settled in Lingzhou, and the young master of their family had indeed come to Beijing to ask for a living.


What’s wrong.

Big brother… His elder brother seems to be called Yun Qingji, but he has been in the past for many years. Yun Qingci only heard his mother talk about it, saying that at that time, he would not have a baby and he did not take care of it.

But I haven’t heard of any sudden illnesses he had suffered. It was just an unexpected death. But for the first child, the mother should be more careful. Under what circumstances would an accident happen?

Did Ruan Lian ask casually, or was he curious about his family?

When Li Ying arrived, Yun Qingci had been soaked in hot water and was about to fall asleep. His slender arm was resting on the wooden barrel. Yinxi was carefully wiping the hot water, while her long hair was soaked in a small basin hung beside the bathtub. Jin Huan cleaned carefully.

Now that the washing was done, Jin Huan took off the hanging basin, and was surprised to see him at first.

Li Ying stopped him from saluting, and took an absorbent towel to carefully wrap Yun Qingci’s long hair, rubbing it from the root to the end.

Then he brought the hand stove to him and gave it to him.

He has a lot of hair volume and good hair quality. It is almost impossible to dry it for a while, so he can only get it dry without dripping water.

Li Ying brought the small blanket, and Yinxi shouted: “The Queen.”

After Yun Qing’s resignation, he realized that he stood up from the water in a daze, he was immediately wrapped in a soft blanket, his body lightened, and he was hugged.

Jin Huan hurried over to dry his dripping feet and exposed straight calves.

Yun Qingci saw the person in front of him clearly, and said casually: “Why are you here?”

“Come and see you.”

“Oh.” Yun Qingci yawned again and let him put himself on the bed. He was very sleepy and didn’t want to bother to communicate.

Li Ying took the blanket and dried him dry, and ordered someone to bring a soft silk coat and put it on for him.

Yun Qing didn’t avoid it, he just half-closed his eyes sleepily, letting him toss like a porcelain doll.

After the tossing was over, he lay down, half-wet long hair draped on the pillow, and the porcelain white jade was well-behaved and clean.

Li Ying once again fetched the hand stove and continued to shame his long hair, while Yun Qingci turned over, turned his back to his side, breathing lightly and thinly.

It is almost impossible for this long hair to dry completely in less than half an hour. Such trivial things were often done by Li Ying during the two years of his wedding. This was the first time in the past two years.

Jin Huan and Yinxi looked at each other, thinking that the relationship between your majesty and the queen has finally recovered, and tentatively proposed: “Come on, slaves.”

“Go and rest.”

The two servants could only leave first.

Li Ying carefully and patiently dried his long hair, and then inserted his fingers into the roots of his hair to confirm whether the interior was still damp, and finally put down the stove and changed it to a comb to help him smooth it out.

Yun Qingci’s breathing is still very light, which shows that he can’t sleep deeply.

The previous Yun Qingci trusted him wholeheartedly, as long as he was by his side, he would sleep like a piggy.

And all this is his fault.

The combing hand gradually stopped, and the emperor sat by the bed, staring at his queen, after a moment, slowly deceiving him, trying to kiss his white cheek.

Yun Qingci suddenly turned back. He half opened his eyes, looked at the man close at hand, and groaned, “What are you doing?”

Li Ying put his arms around his ears and said softly: “I was combing your hair just now.”

Yun Qingci has a faint feeling.

“Then what are you doing now?”

“Now… I want to see you more.”

Yun Qingci closed his eyes and opened them slowly, with long eyelashes.

“I’m dead, what’s so nice about you?”

Li Ying’s eyes were dim, and he whispered, “I’m sorry.”

His eyes seemed to stick to Yun Qingci’s body, and he refused to move away for a while.

Yun Qingci’s eyes suddenly stared directly at the bridge of the opponent’s nose.

He liked the bridge of Li Ying’s nose, which was very tall. Every time he saw the tip of his nose, he would vaguely feel his spine tingling because he liked the touch of the bridge of his nose pressing the skin.

In the beginning, when Li Ying kissed him, the bridge of his nose would just unconsciously press against the skin near the place where he was kissed.

Sometimes it’s on the cheeks, sometimes on the arteries, sometimes on the belly button, and sometimes on the chest. Then Yun Qingci discovered that he loves Li Ying, and even the bridge of his nose.

Li Ying noticed his gaze.

The tip of his nose moved slightly, his expression faintly restrained and hopeful.


“Want to go to bed?”

Li Ying’s muscles tightened, and the sound of the rolling of her Adam’s apple became clear and audible at this moment.


“listen to me?”


Yun Qingci looked at the bridge of his nose covetedly.

“If you have the conditions, it doesn’t matter?”

Li Ying lied to him, unbearably urgent, and said dumbly, “It’s okay.”

Yun Qingci smiled.

This is what you said.

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