The Obsessive Shou Chapter 34

There was a hot flash in the greenhouse.

Li Ying seemed to be begging, but in a flash, the pain robbed him of his emotions. He supported his forehead with his uninjured hand and pressed it firmly.

Breathe deeper than ever.

Every breath is accompanied by the sound of gas pumping.

“Your Majesty is gold and jade, it is indeed a shame to let the maidservant come.”

“I believe you for the time being.” Yun Qingci laughed and said: “So you can’t treat women, so go to raise an eunuch, eh?”

He was talking about the palace man in the comb.

“I do not have.”

“You didn’t. If you didn’t, you would not believe me and believe him? He was talking nonsense in front of me, and you want me to let him go? A **** can ride on my head, what am I doing as this queen? ?!”

Li Ying’s voice was painful and powerless: “You killed six court ladies in just one year and sent out a group of dancing girls. This incident has been impeached by the officials, saying that you are lawless, cruel, violent, and snake-hearted… countless people. I want to pull you down. At first, your father asked me the reason in the court. I pushed the fault on the palace men every time, but gradually, he stopped defending you… I can only tell them, Empress. Have the right to punish palace slaves, but there are too many compromises for impeachment.”

Yun Qingci squeezed his fingers: “Everything is wrong on them, they are wrong! Of the people I killed, none of them were innocent!”

He and Li Ying had been married for two years, and everything went with the flow, and there was harmony in the palace. At that time, he didn’t need him at all, Li Ying would consciously push away those palace ladies until the palace concubine entered the palace. Everything changed. Each of the palace ladies felt that they could fly onto the branches. He put one after another, but again and again. Someone provoked.

Empress Dowager Zhang wakes him up, if he doesn’t kill the chicken, he won’t be able to sit in the back position at all.

Li Ying took a breath: “I know, but everyone knows that I am generous. Compared with you, it seems that you are too cruel, as if I can’t control you…”

“I keep telling you to restrain you. I dare not use court ladies anymore, I can only use eunuchs… but you can’t even tolerate eunuchs. He has never shown the slightest attempt to flatter the lord in front of me.”

“You still don’t believe me.” Yun Qing said coldly: “Is it not, or did you not find out?”

Li Ying just buried his head and said with difficulty: “I didn’t believe you. I told you that this is a fraud. Don’t you think it is strange? You killed so many people, your reputation is so bad, or there are people. Constantly coming to die…I came in a hurry, my intention was to stop you from committing crimes, and by the way, stay alive to find out who is stirring the muddy water, but you feel that I am here for him, everything I said, It’s just to save him…”

“Aci, it’s never that I didn’t believe you, but you didn’t believe me.”

There was silence in the greenhouse, Yun Qingci looked down for a while, and said, “You are sober in the whole world. I am the one being used. What have you done so sober? You think someone is stirring the muddy water, but I didn’t see it. , I only saw you ignoring me, reprimanding me, perfunct me, coaxing me… You know that I am full of you, why don’t you tell me clearly?”

“I can’t tell…” Li Ying said, “I can only remind you not to go behind with the Tai. I can’t push all the sins to her without conclusive evidence.”

Yun Qingci squatted down in front of him, “Li Ying, your mother used me to ruin my reputation. The picture is just to target Xiangfu, and you have condoned all of this. You tell me more about this. , I can’t, I will forgive you again.”

Li Ying’s face was buried in his wide sleeves. Yun Qingci couldn’t see his expression. He only heard a low smile: “You’re right. I can’t balance the harem or the court. I can’t even you and the court. Her relationship can’t be balanced… There are a lot of bad things around me, but I can’t do it easily. I’m too incompetent.”

“Do you think that by acknowledging your incompetence, you can assume that nothing has happened, and you can gain sympathy and forgiveness?!”

Yun Qingci said word by word: “As an emperor, your incompetence is your negligence! As a husband, your incompetence is your infidelity!!”

Yun Qingci is sharp and sharp, and Jaixi will repay him. He once had the privilege of touching his softness. When an assassin comes, Yun Qingci, who does not know martial arts, will protect him behind him. If there is accidental water in the palace, Yun Qingci will urge him to leave.

Although it was Li Ying who overturned the assassin in the end, Li Ying left the fire with his back.

Yun Qingci was very afraid of injuring Li Ying, he tried his best to be smart and sensible, the only thing he asked for was a sense of security.

But he didn’t give it to him.

Li Ying lowly echoed: “You are right.”

He wandered in the court hall, in the harem, and between Yun Qingci and the Queen Mother. There were a lot of state affairs and a lot of family affairs, but no one around him was worry-free.

The boy’s lover changed his appearance, and her former mother showed her fangs.

The ministers didn’t even have a good match.

Everyone is putting pressure on him. Everyone is trying to drive him crazy. He can only devote himself to one thing. He thinks, if you want to make trouble, let them do it. Fish and bear’s paw are not allowed. To have both, he can only grasp state affairs and perfunctory family affairs.

This matter, he does have an inescapable responsibility.

“Actually, I have thought about separating from you so many times…no longer fold each other…” He changed his words: “No longer let my incompetence affect you, every time I want to perfuse you, stay away from you, but as long as you As soon as I approached, I began to miss you, and I couldn’t bear you…”

“You are so infatuated.” Yun Qingci said, “When I am aggressive, you want me to stay away. When I become gentle, you will be reluctant. Do you like me or the way I am pleased with you? ?”

Li Ying’s lips trembled.

He couldn’t talk about Yun Qingci, and never talked about him.

Even if he didn’t think so in his heart, he couldn’t argue with him.

In the past, Yun Qing had pointed his teeth and had a sharp mouth, and he was still thinking of him when he stabbed him. He would come to coax him.

Yun Qingci still has sharp teeth and a sharp mouth, stabbing him all over, but he will never care about him anymore.

Yun Qingci’s hand was on his arm. He stared at the particularly fragile man in front of him, broke the casserole and asked to the end: “Let’s talk about it, when did you find that you were not good to women?”

Li Ying didn’t speak for a long time.

Yun Qingci continued: “You tried several women with me behind your back, only to discover this?”

Li Ying’s tone was weak: “Are you going to make me think so dirty?”

“I now give you a chance to confess and give you a chance to see all your filthy things back to the sky and avoid decay.”

Every word he said was nailed into Li Ying’s heart like an awl.

Li Ying raised one hand to the top of his head, grabbed the root of the hair with five fingers, and pulled a few vigorously to relieve the headache.

“Not after marriage.” He said, “Before marriage.”

His five fingers were pale and the joints were as long as bamboo, which seemed to remind him of extremely bad memories, and his breathing became heavy.

“Father, in a hurry to go, I was put on a dragon robe and held the throne of the emperor.”

He said slowly: “The woman said that the first thing in the country is to inherit the family. She found eight female officials to enlighten me…”

It happened suddenly. On that day, he had arranged to go out to visit the lake with Yun Qingci, but was called out by the Queen Mother temporarily. He wanted to leave, but the woman told him that soon, it would not delay him and Yun Qingci from going out to play.

That happened suddenly. In addition to female officials, there are dozens of men and women who exercise and guide in front of him. The red candle swayed, the floor was softly cushioned, and the whole room was dim and sluggish, full of disgusting smells and sounds.

Thirteen-year-old Li Ying has never experienced anything like that. He thinks everyone’s enlightenment is like that.

Until they came to his side eagerly and wriggled like a water snake under his feet, a dozen hands pressed him on the couch together. The clothes had not yet faded, and fear strangled his throat like a ghost.

He kicked everyone away frantically, wrapped in a dragon robe and rushed out in a panic.

Li Ying’s expression still couldn’t be seen clearly, Yun Qingci only saw the blue veins on the back of his hand leaping, and the hand holding the hair was straining silently, and several hair strands broke apart.

The roots of his hair were completely wet with cold sweat.

“That day, you found me in the cave of the rockery…”

It was after that day that he found that he only had feelings for Yun Qingci.

Yun Qingci remembered that day.

At that time, Li Ying had just finished his enthronement ceremony, and because he had made an appointment to go out to visit the lake, Yun Qing’s resignation arrived early.

Liu Ziru said that the emperor was called by the queen mother and came back soon.

But he waited from morning to night, from sunny to cloudy, the sky began to rain heavily, and he still did not wait for Li Ying to return.

Liu Ziru held up his umbrella and said to him, “Let’s go look for it.”

Yun Qingci also held an umbrella. He went to the Queen Mother’s Palace first. At that time, the Queen Mother was kind-looking in his eyes. She was a little surprised when she saw him. She gently told him: “The emperor has already left, why? Jiangshan Palace?”

Yun Qingci shook his head.

The queen mother came over, touched his head lightly, and said softly: “Don’t worry, there will be nothing wrong with him.”

Leaving Taici Palace, Liu Ziru’s face became solemn, he looked back at Taici Palace, and then told Yun Qingci: “Don’t you come back tomorrow?”

Yun Qingci is very worried: “Mr. Liu, let’s find them separately, and find someone as soon as possible.”

Liu Ziru knew he was playing well with Li Ying, and agreed. Yun Qingci took two eunuchs, searched for more than half an hour, and then found Li Ying sitting in a daze in the narrow cave of the rockery.

The young boy stopped at the entrance of the cave, looking at the emperor in the black robe, with his eyes facing each other, Li Ying’s expression was slightly stunned.

Perhaps aware of his embarrassment, Yun Qingci instructed the two people who followed to look elsewhere, stood outside looking at him, and shouted, “Aying?”

He didn’t know that for Li Ying at that time, his clean voice, exquisite face, immortal figure, and exquisite palace lantern in his hands all penetrated into the other’s heart like a little Bodhisattva in the world.

The rain was torrential, and the umbrella in Yun Qingci’s hand was constantly washed away by the rain. He tilted his head and stretched the lantern inside.

That little light approached Li Ying, and at the same time lit up all the darkness in the rockery.

“Do you want to go back with me, or should I go in and sit with you?”

Yun Qingci asked him.

He was one year younger than Li Ying, and his voice that year was still a little immature.

Li Ying was silent for a while, then moved inside.

Yun Qingci put away the umbrella, held the lantern, and walked into the darkness with him.

The two sat in the narrow cave with their knees together,

Yun Qingci touched his sideburns with his fingers, and asked him, “Are you unhappy?”

Li Ying concealed everything and told him: “Because it is too difficult to be an emperor.”

At that time, Li Ying hadn’t thought that he would let Yun Qingci stay by his side because of selfishness, and would eventually kill him.

For many years when Yun Qing resigned and died, Li Ying had been thinking, if that day he refused Yun Qing’s resignation and let him leave cleanly, or if he walked out of the cave and confessed everything, the ending Will there be some changes.

But Yun Qingci is dead.

His selfishness dragged his little Bodhisattva to death.

After the little bodhisattva died, he became a devil.

The devil watched as he fainted with a headache.

He ordered Li Ying to be put on the bed, and at the same time he called for a doctor to come to see him. Li Ying never told him these things. He was a very proud man. He would say it today, but he was forced to do so.

Liu Ziru looked a little worried: “The queen, your majesty’s hand…”

“It’s accidentally dislocated, it’s okay.” Yun Qingci stared at the night outside the window and said: “Just connect it.”

He looked cold and cruel.

What else Liu Ziru wanted to say, after all he endured it.

The imperial doctor pierced the needle and connected Li Ying’s wrist bone. Liu Ziru came all the way to the bed, looked at the pale emperor lying on the bed, and sighed slightly.

Why bother.

On the fifth day of the second day, a small year.

When Li Ying woke up, Yun Qingci was holding the veil and wiping his head, his eyes flashed, and for a moment, it seemed as if he had seen the shadow of Yun Qingci.

“Wake up?” Yun Qingci put the veil back into the basin, and said, “Your head is too serious, and the emperor said that you want to rest.”

Li Ying’s throat was twitching: “Qing Ci…”

The corner of Yun Qingci’s mouth raised slightly, and said: “I see, you have difficulties.”

Yun Qing resigned, did you forgive him?

Li Ying subconsciously propped up and sat up, his lips were pale and chapped, and his eyes lit up for several degrees: “I…”

“Do you hate her?”

Li Ying had a meal.

Yun Qingci looked down, shook his hand, and said seriously: “How can there be such an enlightenment, she did it on purpose, Aying, don’t you hate her?”

That little brightness returned to silence.

Li Ying said, “What do you want to do?”

“She toss you and me like this, if she doesn’t return it, how can she be reconciled?”

Yun Qingci turned around, took the long sword that was specially taken out, and his eyes were clear: “I know she can’t die now, so let her die.”

“Your mother, it’s up to you to do it.”

Li Ying moved his gaze to the long sword, and a sorrowful smile spread across his pale lips: “There is no evidence to convict her, this is treason.”

Yun Qingci slowly pulled away the sword, and whispered: “I have been wronged for so many years. You are not for your own sake, but also for me.”

“If you don’t go, I’ll go.” Yun Qingci looked at him softly, and said warmly: “Anyway, you’ve been used to it.”

“If it weren’t for my viciousness, how would you set off your goodness?”

He sneered, folded his dagger, stood up and turned, and stepped to the screen in two steps.

A figure stopped in front of him.

Li Ying got lucky, his face was as pale as paper immediately.

He took a breath, sickly flushing on his cheeks.

He knew that Yun Qingci was punishing the heart, and when he knew that they were mother and son, he forced him to attack the woman.

It’s vicious.

In Li Ying’s dark eyes, there was a touch of gentleness and a touch of nostalgia.

The slender five fingers grabbed the long sword, and the emperor whispered softly.

“All according to the king.”

The author has something to say: Ci Zai: Chong ah——

Li Huang:…Come down on you.


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