The Obsessive Shou Chapter 35

Yun Qingci’s eyes lit up a few shades.

He personally took the bigcloak and put it on Li Ying, as before, carefully tightening the tie.

Then he raised his face and looked at the emperor in front of him: “Go, I’ll take you to take revenge.”

He grabbed Li Ying’s cuff and walked out of Chaoyang Palace.

If it weren’t for a new life, he wouldn’t know that the queen mother had designed Li Ying. No wonder when he used to chase Li Ying in the palace, occasionally after meeting the queen mother, Li Ying would immediately stop.

He thought it was because Li Ying respected the Queen Mother, but he was afraid of her.

Li Ying just told him not to go with the queen. He kept saying, don’t believe her, but the Queen Mother in Yun Qingci’s eyes was always on his side.

She encouraged herself to go to Li Ying to reason, encourage herself to break into other imperial concubines, encourage herself to punish the palace people, and even teach Yun Qingci how to establish majesty in the palace.

Yun Qingci had no reason not to believe in Queen Mother Zhang, but to Li Ying, who kept accepting concubines into the palace.

The thin white hand was quietly pulled on his cuff, only one palm away from his fingers, which he could hold as long as he opened his five fingers.

But he dared not touch it.

When everything is revealed, the memory that has always been unwilling to touch, seems to disperse with the wind, becoming insignificant.

He thought that if he was willing to let go of the so-called self-esteem and confess everything to Yunqing after realizing that the enlightenment was actually full of malice, maybe his lover would not be led to extremes step by step.

With their own concerns, they came all the way to Taici Palace.

The guard saluted Li Ying, and then continued to stand straight, allowing the emperor and empress to step into the Taici Palace.

Liu Ziru, Yinxi and the others followed, and received the look from Li Ying, so they stayed outside the palace together.

The palace gate was closed, and in the courtyard, Queen Mother Zhang was leaning on the chaise couch lazily basking in the sun.

Hearing the voice of the guard, he didn’t even open his eyes: “I have been shutting down the Aijia for a year, can I calculate the queen’s anger?”

Yun Qing stood still and let go of the hand holding Li Ying.

Qin Yu’s gaze fell on the long sword in Li Ying’s left hand, his right hand silently approached the hilt, and then gently held it.

In the warm sunlight, the Queen Mother did not hear Yun Qingci’s voice, nor did she hear the voice that Li Ying saw.

A faint, sharp blade gradually unsheathed into the ears.

The rickety couch came to a halt slowly.

The queen mother opened her eyes and looked at Li Ying.

With a sound of ‘cang’, the sharp blade was pulled out suddenly, Qin Yu hurriedly said: “Your Majesty!”

He stepped forward to stop him, Li Ying hit his chest with a kick, Qin Yu flew upside down, and vomited a mouthful of blood after landing.

He raised his face and saw that the queen mother had already turned down from the chaise couch, her face pale: “Li Ying, are you crazy? Do you dare to kill your mother?!”

Yun Qingci picked up a stool, sat upright and elegantly, and stared at everything in front of him motionlessly.

The queen mother took a quick look at him, and then came to see Li Ying: “A Ying, what kind of person Yun Qingci is, you know better than the queen, what kind of person he is, are you intoxicated by him?! You do it for me? He killed his uncle. It can be said that he deceived the civilians. What about the mother and queen, you came to kill the mother and queen for him, what did the mother do wrong?!”

The queen mother was short of breath under the cover of the chaise couch, her fingers on the couch almost turned white, and said: “Li Ying, you must be clear, you are a treachery, you are not filial! You will be struck by lightning!!!”

A cold light flashed in front of her, and her hand on the soft couch suddenly hurt. The whole hand lost strength and fell softly.

Li Ying broke her hand muscles.

She cried out in pain, and staggered back with her wrists. Li Ying was dressed dignified, but there was no respect in her eyes, and her expression was almost as ruthless as a long sword.

“Don’t kill me.” Yun Qing said meaningfully: “I want to see what she will do when she can’t survive.”

“Yun Qingci——”

Empress Dowager Zhang furiously said: “You evildoer! I knew you would confuse people like this, I would kill…”

A foot kicked her mouth hard, the queen mother’s head was uncontrollably deflected, and then flew out a few meters away.

Her nose and mouth were bloody, and her eyes were dizzy. She coughed hard and looked at the devil in front of her who was raised by herself.

His black eyes are as deep as a black hole, and it is almost impossible to see whether the hatred or resentment is hidden in them.

How could he do it, and act mercilessly on his mother?

Even if he knows something… She still has the grace to nurture him, doesn’t she?

“Aying, Aying, you, tell the queen. What did the queen do wrong?” She was vague, tears and blood mixed her entire face.

Li Ying would not tell her what she had done wrong.

What should be said, has been said in the previous life, Yun Qingci hopes to see her die with his own eyes, then he will send her to die again.

He hated her too much in the previous life, so he just skinned her cramped, and died too fast, so he could only chop her up and feed it to the dog. But in this life, he has enough time to toss.

Come a little bit, make the cloud clear and happy.

He is no longer the Li Ying who was arrogant.

“Aying, Aying, why are you doing this to your mother, why are you…”

“Aying.” A voice like a crane and a phoenix came, and Yun Qingci said, “She’s so noisy.”

Li Ying’s gaze fell on the Queen Mother’s opening and closing mouth, and a great fear crawled across her body.

Liu Ziru felt that two lunatics had been put in this door.

Before coming, Li Ying told him that after he and the queen entered Taici Palace, the guards outside would retreat a hundred feet away.

But now, he didn’t know if he had heard the auditory hallucinations, as if some voice came from inside.

He asked Yinxi, “Did you hear any sound?”

Yinxi and Jin Huan looked at each other and shook their heads cautiously.

Tai Ci Gong had completely lost her voice, the glamorous Queen Mother curled up to the side, her hands and feet were cut off, her tongue was cut off, and she could only move with difficulty.

After Qin Dao was kicked, he lay on the ground and pretended to be dead.

He has realized that the generous emperor has disappeared. He is no longer the child who tried to do everything well, so he was bound everywhere. He grew up and became a ferocious tiger.

He knew what he wanted and when to use Thunder.

This fierce tiger is now being raised by the queen, and he is the only one who follows.

Queen Mother Zhang watched as a silver boot stopped not far in front of her, she involuntarily shrank.

Yun Qingci’s domineering and bigotry were all instigated by her. She told him how to punish those palace people, forcing him to become a scared queen.

But now, he used all these methods on her.

She raised her eyes beggingly. She had realized that it was useless to ask Li Ying. Li Ying is now a knife in Yun Qingci’s hand, and he willingly made a knife in Yun Qingci’s hand more soberly than anyone else.

She began to regret it.

She shouldn’t appreciate the bite of the two larvae for her own happiness. She hadn’t thought that they would gradually become stronger during the bite and suddenly join forces to attack her.

If I knew it, it would be fine if we killed it together.

How much Yun Qingci hated her? When did he suddenly realize that she was instigating the discord.

Although Li Ying had angered her more than once before and warned her, he was a person who had been educated and respected the teacher since he was a child. Why would he suddenly and mercilessly counterattack.

Yun Qingci stared at the woman in front of him with a smile.

He felt very happy, and seeing Li Ying punishing her was more enjoyable than doing it himself.

How many times did this woman laugh at him behind his back, how many jokes did she watch him, and how many jokes did she watch Li Ying?

He didn’t get close to each other, and the queen mother could no longer be arrogant.

“Today’s young year, the queen mother was accidentally assassinated, it is better to see the imperial doctor as soon as possible.”

He looked at Li Ying and said, “The queen mother has been injured so badly, we have to protect her and do more filial piety.”

“The Queen is right.”

Yun Qingci walked out without looking back.

Li Ying took out the silk cloth, wiped the blood from the sword, and turned around to follow Yun Qingci.

When they left the Taici Palace, Liu Ziru and others hurriedly greeted him. Li Ying said, “The queen mother is injured. Please go and ask a trustworthy imperial doctor to see.”

Liu Ziru glanced at the sword in his hand, took a deep breath, and said, “Yes.”

Yun Qingci walked a few steps before suddenly bending over to pick up a snow from the ground, and then put it back and forth in his hand.

Yinxi and Jin Huan followed from a distance.

Li Ying told him, “Be careful of freezing.”

Yun Qingci glanced at him and hummed softly: “You don’t think you can go back to the past by killing an uncle or hurting a mother?”

Li Ying’s lips were still not bloody. He shook his head and said, “I’m just worried that you are catching a cold.”

“Cold a cold.” Yun Qingci looked at the snow group in his hand and said: “The days when I was starving and freezing in Lenggong, why are you not afraid of me catching a cold?”


“No explanation?” Yun Qingci deliberately hit him with the snow dumpling in his hand, and said, “You continue to explain.”

The dumplings bloomed white on Li Ying’s chest, and he said: “No matter what, the big mistake has been made. I am indeed sorry for you.”

“Don’t think you can say the past by apologizing in two or two sentences.” Yun Qingci held a handful of snow again, and said slowly: “Your mother did design me, she designed me to use my love for you, she She did design you, but she took advantage of your self-love…”

He asked Li Ying: “Do you think I’m right?”

Li Ying’s eyelashes flashed and said, “You are right.”

“Then you tell me how am I right?”

Li Ying followed him quietly, Yun Qingci slammed another snow ball on him, and said, “Say.”

“I…for my dignity, for my throne, I ignore you, perfuse you, deceive you, and try to smooth out everything that is true. You are right.”

Yun Qingci smiled with satisfaction. He said: “Actually you are not bad, A Ying, you are a good emperor, you know when to abandon what, and you also know how to pretend that nothing has happened. You are good at whitewashing everything. Take yourself out and raise Gu, let others kill each other.”

He was full of praise and said: “Maybe because we have been with you for twelve years, maybe because I love you too much, I swear, you are definitely the best emperor I have ever seen. You are very powerful, thirteen years old, with so many courtiers, Including the ignorant queen, and the underlings of mothers who are good at messing things up, you have lived for so many years, you are too good.”

Li Ying pursed his pale lips and did not answer.

“We are all the marionettes in the hands of the Queen Mother, we are all the same victims, and we have the same enemy.” Yun Qing said with Xue, his fingers are white and delicate, almost melting with Xue, he said: “But you Smarter than me, you know that at that time, as long as you abandon me and leave me behind, you can live.”

“You have always been sober, and you can’t control it, then don’t care.” Yun Qing’s words were like ice skates, cutting them inch by inch: “But I am not smart enough, and I am both a victim. I just want to exchange love for love. I am full of heart. I planned it for you. I never thought about getting out and leaving. I just thought, even if I want to die, I will die with you. I’m such a fool. I never thought about it. You don’t want to die at all.”

He asked Li Ying again: “Am I right?”

Li Ying: “…you are right.”

Yun Qingci’s eyes were cold, the dumpling in his hand smashed at him mercilessly, and a piece of white snow exploded in his chest again. He said, “You think I’m stupid too? I’m stupid, I deserve it, don’t you?”

“I didn’t mean that.” Li Ying said: “I mean…you said, I am bad, you are right, you, you are not stupid, it is me, I let you down.”

He looked at Yun Qingci for a long while, Yun Qingci seemed to have extinguished his anger, and bends down again, “Li Ying, do you know? I admired you very much. When I jumped off the building, I thought that Just forget it, maybe my whole life should have been to fulfill your throne. I accepted my stupidity and paranoia, and I deserved to end up like that.”

“And you, Li Ying, should have left without looking back. Even if you are a good emperor, there are not no emperors like you in history.”

“But you are wrong, you shouldn’t come back to me.”

“What do you regret, what guilt, you are so powerful, you should not hesitate to abandon your stepping stone, Jiangshan and me, the lighter and the heavier, you have already clearly distinguished, right?”

Li Ying took a breath of cold air, and his lungs were stricken with pain: “I am not, I am not as powerful as you said… I have been, can’t let go of you.”

Yun Qingci stopped, he looked down at the snow ball in his hand, and said, “Are you going to have a snowball fight?”

Fu looked at Li Ying again, tilted his head and said, “Because no matter how much you say, I can’t empathize with you.”

“You can’t do it to women, nor can you prove your loyalty. You can only say that under the influence of external forces, you were forced to perform the responsibilities you should have performed.”

“A Ying, let’s have a snowball fight.” Yun Qingci said, “I never show mercy when I play this.”

The author has something to say: Ci Zai: I mean, give me a chance to beat you upright.

Li Huang: ……Oh.



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