The Obsessive Shou Chapter 36

Yun Qingci did not show mercy when he was playing snowball fights, and Li Ying always couldn’t beat him. When two young men had snowball fights together, Li Ying never beat him.

He kicked back several steps, bent over and picked up a handful of snow.

Li Ying stood there and didn’t move.

Yun Qingci was annoyed when he saw his dullness, and a big snow ball hit him on the face, and Li Ying closed his eyes.

The cold snowball shattered on his face, dyed his eyelashes with snow, and his lips were pale and transparent.

“Pretend to be pitiful.” Yun Qing was very angry, and slammed at him again.

Both Yinxi and Jin Huan were a little nervous.

From a distance, Liu Ziru came back again, saw this scene at a glance, ran over in a hurry, smiled and stood in front of Li Ying: “The queen, the queen, the minister accompany you to play.”

What an affectionate master and servant.

Yun Qingci grabbed Xue Xue and smashed it at Liu Ziru mercilessly.

Liu Ziru panted back and forth to help Li Ying block the snow, and raised his compliment: “The queen, the queen played so beautifully, he hit the minister again.”

Li Ying stood behind Liu Ziru. He was much taller than Liu Ziru. You could clearly see Yun Qingci’s expression getting more and more angry. He sighed, reached out and held Liu Ziru’s shoulders, and said, “I will accompany him. Go ahead, sir.”

His face looked really bad at the moment. Liu Ziru was gently pushed aside by him. He saw Yun Qingci slamming on him again like a vent. He suddenly remembered something and clapped his hands: “No wonder your Majesty has never been able to fight a snowball fight. The queen, the queen played well! Unlike Prince Ann and Princess Afu, the two of them were fighting in the snowball fight and couldn’t bear to look straight!”

“Yes, there are also Grand Master Qiu Family and Master Lin Xiaohou. When you were young, you played together, but they couldn’t beat your Majesty.”

Yun Qingci stopped his actions.

He looked at the emperor in black. His complexion was originally white. Before, he was as white as jade, but now he is as white as paper.

Li Fu and Li Yan are actually very fierce in snowball fights. They are young and clever. When Yun Qingci used to play with them, they often thought that these two guys were little devils.

As for Lin Huaijin and Qiu Xian, Yun Qingci has not played with them a few times, but he and Li Ying are basically a group, and the two will always lose quickly.

When Li Ying was his opponent, he had never won, and every time he was beaten with snow all over his body.

But when you are an opponent, you can always win.

Yun Qingci knows why.

He smashed the last snow ball heavily on Li Ying’s face, turned his head and strode away.

In the resurrection life, he denied everything he had done before, labeling Li Ying with various labels such as despicable, shameless, scheming and deep. He summarized all his youthful love into his own wishful thinking, and decided not to associate with him.

But the world was unpredictable, and Li Ying was born again. He said he still loved him.

Everything he showed made Yun Qingci had to tear off the labels he had put on him one by one.

He must admit that Li Ying loved him, maybe he didn’t know how to love, but everything that happened when he was young proved that love once existed.

Yun Qing hated him, because he hated him, why didn’t he just play upright, and just throw him away, what love is not, since he abandoned him for the sake of Jiangshan, is he worthy to talk about love?

But he was not reconciled. He tortured Li Ying and humiliated Li Ying, all because Li Ying trampled his mind on the ground. In this case, he naturally trampled back.

But he also understood that he was making trouble unreasonably, because Li Ying did have difficulties. It was not that he did not know Li Ying’s difficulties. He even understood that whether he was in his previous life or in this life, he was just being pampered and arrogant.

If Li Ying didn’t love him, he would have been thrown away long ago.

But his love is not as good as not love.

As long as you pay, you will definitely expect to return.

In the previous life, he loved Li Ying and wanted to live and die. In fact, what is the difference between Li Ying and Li Ying now? He kept lowering the bottom line, feeling that he was wronged, and he must get it back from Li Ying, so he tortured him and himself even harder.

Because he paid.

Li Ying is also paying now. He is learning to put aside his self-esteem and come to coax him to turn back. His heart is always full of extravagant hopes.

But just like in his previous life, if he left a little bit and didn’t get it, he would feel that he hadn’t left enough, and then he would continue to leave it. Until there is nothing left on him.

Yun Qingci suddenly understood why Li Ying would drive him out.

Torturing each other like this, when is the head? There must be a person between them to cut the mess quickly, only in this way can each other be free.

Li Ying in his previous life was really sober, he was so sober, he was the one who made a big mistake.

His revenge was revenge, and the queen mother would never trouble him again. In this life, he entered the palace and intended to cooperate with Li Ying. He stabilized his country and protected his family, but now they are in emotional entanglement again.

She keeps cutting, and the rationale is still chaotic.

Why bother?

It is better to be separated, clean and wide.

Since Li Ying in the previous life did not kill the Xiangfu, he would not be faint when he relived his first life. The Yunqinxiao family, at least when Li Ying was in power, could still be honored and favored.

After Yun Qingci left, Liu Ziru came to Li Ying and hurriedly wiped the snow off his face. The snow on his eyelashes melted away and turned into fine drops of water on his eyes.

Liu Ziru wiped him clean and said: “Your Majesty, the Queen still misses you. You can talk to him more about the past. Think about the two years of your wedding, how great… Your Majesty! ”

Blue veins appeared on his pale forehead, a wisp of blood spilled from his lips, Li Ying lowered his head, and red, sticky blood dripped from his lips into the snow.

The red one looks very cinnabar.

The situation in front of us is changing, and there are tall buildings rising into the sky in a trance.

With the long sword in his hand falling, Li Ying sat down on the ground, staring madly at the front.

“Come on, please ask the imperial physician to the Jiangshan Palace!”

In today’s young year, Yun Qingci punishes his enemy, a happy event, and decides to completely solve the remaining problems with Li Ying, a great achievement.

He returned to the palace and asked the Imperial Dining Room to cook a large table of good dishes, and ate the Imperial Vegetables for the last time.

Then he called Yinxi and Jin Huan to his side and asked: “If I reconciles with your Majesty, will you go with me?”

The two were taken aback: “The Queen…”

“In the future, I will no longer be a queen.” Yun Qingci calmly said, “I am used to the two of you. If you leave with me, the monthly rule will be the same as in the palace in the future. If you don’t leave with me, then Let Mr. Liu arrange a job for you in the palace.”

Jin Huan and Yinxi looked at each other and knelt down together: “The slave is willing to follow the queen.”

Yun Qing’s domineering is domineering, but he is not harsh to the people around him. As long as he is not wrong, he will pass with one eye closed.

In fact, when he first entered the palace, his reputation was very good, and he was in harmony with the emperor Qinse, and he was gentle and generous to his servants.

Because the previous life had too much influence on him, Yun Qingci almost almost forgot what he was like when he was just married to Li Ying.

He wasn’t either, he was extreme and arrogant at the beginning, disgusting and fearful.

But it’s not important anymore.

Yun Qingci widened his phoenix robe and changed into a white cotton quilted dress. He sat at the table and wrote a letter and left the book. After sending him to the Jiangshan Temple, he asked Jin Huanyinxi to carefully clean the Chaoyang Palace. Clean, and then let people prepare the carriage.

On the New Year’s Eve, he was going home to spend with his father and brother.

The man who prepared the car asked him: “Go home to visit relatives, don’t you plan to drive?”

“No need.” Yun Qingci smiled, and the man who prepared the car was taken aback for a moment. Seeing his gentle and clean face, he thought he was back in the first year when the empress was married.

After he discovered that Li Ying was reborn, the latter no longer restricted him from going out of the palace, which greatly facilitated Yun Qing’s resignation and did not need to wait until the other party agreed to leave.

The rut ran over the snow and slowly walked out of the east gate of the forbidden city.

Yun Qingci closed his eyes, took a heavy breath, and left all the trivial matters behind him.

Li Ying, the rivers and lakes are gone.

Li Ying was in a coma. The imperial physician said that he was frustrated with the pulse, and the headwind seemed to be getting more and more serious. If things go on like this, I am afraid that there will be mental confusion.

He prescribed the medicine, and gave the emperor a needle again, and ordered no more stimulation, Liu Ziru nodded repeatedly.

Secretly said this matter to the queen, your majesty is different, he should be soft-hearted.

I also remembered that the emperor had specially ordered before he fell into a coma, not to trouble the queen again.

While struggling, someone over there presented a box: “It was sent by the Queen, and told to your majesty.”

Did the Queen already know that your Majesty was in a coma? !

Liu Ziru was overjoyed, and returned to the table after taking it, thinking that if it is a rare and exotic medicine, he will simmer it as soon as possible, and he will be able to recover if he takes it to his majesty.

The box was opened, and Liu Ziru’s heart stunned.

And away from the book.

The queen sent him and Li Shu.

Maybe he didn’t want to say anything, he didn’t fantasize, but hid it in a box, leaving each other the last decent.

Liu Ziru closed the lid.

When Yun Qingci returned home, the mansion was full of excitement. Yun Qingci caught a person to ask and knew that someone came to Xiangfu during the New Year’s Day and took a bunch of scrolls to talk to a few older brothers.

He couldn’t help but laughed, did not blend in with the excitement, and went back to the remote courtyard by himself. Not long after he came back, the small courtyard only needs a little cleaning to live in. He didn’t bring any supplies when he came back. Anyway, he has everything for food, clothing and housing at home.

Yun Qingci slept tightly back to his afternoon nap.

Yesterday Li Ying occupied his bed, causing him to sleep in a side room. The small bed in that room was also small, there were no earth dragons, and the charcoal fire did not sleep well.

With this feeling, Yun Qingci suddenly had a dream.

He dreamed that he was trapped in a huge underground palace with gold mountains and silver seas, jewels and jade, and exquisitely carved murals.

He wandered back and forth inside, and when he looked up, he could see that the pearls inlaid on the top formed a star array. I don’t know what mechanism was used, and he would change the trajectory from time to time.

He swayed, swayed, and swayed to a huge box in the center of the underground palace.

Glass lamps were lit around the box, and the candlelight inside was dim. Yun Qingci leaned over there curiously, trying to see what was in the box, but was suddenly awakened by a bunch of soft sounds.

“Xiao Ci, Ci brother… Yun Qing Ci!”

“Father…” Yun Qingci opened his eyelids and glanced at him, then closed it sleepily, and said dully, “What are you doing.”

“Why are you back again?” Yun Xiang was very worried: “But what’s wrong with your Majesty again?”

“No.” Yun Qingci rubbed his eyes vigorously, propped up and sat up, and drew his sleeping messy long hair, and said: “I have reconciled with him.”


In unison, Yun Qingci discovered that the third brother Yun Qingyu was still standing in the room. He pursed his mouth, sat upright, and said seriously: “I wrote and left the book and sent it to Jiangshan Temple. Not surprisingly, he should have known it by now.”

“Your Majesty agrees?”

“I should agree.” Yun Qing resigned: “He wanted to abolish me before.”

Yunxiang looked complicated, and said for a while: “You take it seriously, nothing happened in the palace?”


The whole family temporarily let go of their hearts, and Yun Qingjue said, “Since we have reconciled, then the matchmaker will come to the house these few days, why not tell you a marriage.”

Yun Qingci didn’t expect that everyone in his family would be like this. He hesitated for a while and said, “Then, what am I talking about?”

“You have been married to your majesty. I’m afraid that those who have a career will not dare to look for you, so let’s find a businessman.”

Yun Qingci pursed his mouth and took a breath. Just as he was about to agree, he listened to Yun Xiang’s solemn voice: “After confirming this matter, he is still a queen now. If he is known to your majesty, if the thunder comes down, I am afraid that others will be implicated. .”

It’s the same reason.

Yun Qingci swallowed the words.

“Okay.” Yun Qingjue said: “Get up if nothing else, make dumplings for dinner.”

“Making dumplings?” Yun Qingci looked surprised, Yun Xiang smiled, and said: “You didn’t spend the New Year in Xiangfu. Before our family, whether it was the new year’s eve or the young year’s eve, they made dumplings by themselves, Fuzhong The servants also have to go home for the New Year.”

In fact, in the year of their wedding, Yun Qingci and Li Ying had made dumplings in person, and the two of them made dumplings while wrapping and playing with each other.

But only once.

Li Ying took up almost all of his life. He wanted to throw him out for a while. It was almost impossible. Yun Qingci calmly recalled, then calmly got up, and happily rushed into the kitchen with his father and brother.

The Jiangshan Palace is desolate and clear.

Li Ying had already woke up, and the imperial dining room prepared meals. He is not extravagant on weekdays. All meals are sufficient. Liu Ziru arranges vegetables for him. Even if he has been with Li Ying for so long, he still doesn’t know what he likes to eat. Li Ying can eat everything and what he will give him. What to eat, so at this meal, he picked more nourishing food.

Holding the jade spoon with pale fingers, Li Ying took a sip of the soup and said, “Have you ever used it?”

“The queen will take care of herself.”

Li Ying was stunned for a while, remembering Yun Qingci that was angry at him today, and said with the head of his jaw: “That’s it.”

He had a meal, put on his clothes and went out. Liu Ziru had to take the umbrella and said, “Your Majesty, there is snow tonight, you still don’t want to go out.”

“Nothing, go and take a look.”

He was walking in the palace, and Liu Ziru realized where he was going when he saw his familiar route of action.

His tone was tense, “Your Majesty, it’s so late, the Queen should stop.”

Li Ying glanced at him and said lightly: “Mr. Liu, it seems that something is hiding from me?”

Liu Ziru didn’t say a word, and Li Ying didn’t care. He continued forward, Xue Si flying on his face, and he came all the way to the front of Chaoyang Palace.

The light in front of the door was still on, but the palace door was closed, and there was no sound inside.

Li Ying stood at a distance, watching, Liu Ziru said, “Xu Yes, the queen has fallen asleep.”


As the wind and snow grew stronger, Li Ying covered his lips and coughed, and Liu Ziru said again: “The wind is too strong, Your Majesty, let’s go back. Tomorrow, there is still the morning.”

Li Ying stood there for a while, then said, “Go back.”

The author has something to say: Ci Zai: I didn’t expect it, I’m no longer in the palace.

Li Huang: ……………



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