The Obsessive Shou Chapter 37

After the New Year’s Eve dinner, Yun Qingci walked easily to his yard. The plum sticks in the yard leaned into the promenade. Yun Qingci stopped and admired for a while.

He rarely has this feeling of being empty, thinking nothing, doing nothing, and not having a strong purpose.

The whole person is like being thrown on the cloud, lazily from the inside out.

In fact, it is a pleasure to be a dude down-to-earth.

The hem of the shirt in front of him was wiped, and it was Yun Xiang’s figure. He did not rest in the main room, and now he did not know where to go.

Yun Qingci rolled his eyes and followed sneakily.

Yun Xiang didn’t bring anyone with him, and went straight into a small ancestral hall in the mansion. Yun Qingci stopped a bit and stopped outside, already clear in his heart.

Probably the incense was lit, and the smell spread to the tip of the nose. After a while, Yun Qingci heard his father’s voice.

“The kid Xiaoci finally agreed to kiss me.

“We also had a little New Year dinner together today. This kid’s hands are really clever. The dumplings are better than you.”

“I was always worried about him…with the woman Zhang Shixue. In the past few years, he has become less and less like him. Not to mention his Majesty. I was terrified when I heard it.”

“You don’t know, how many people in the court see that our father and son are not in harmony and want to use him and pull him off the horse.”

“Zhang Shixue, it’s really a good plan.”

“It’s not easy for your majesty to hear from Mr. Liu. The kid…when he first became the throne, he wanted to stick to me. Over the past few years, he has been looking for me on and off several times. I have avoided saying anything. There is a difference between monarchs and ministers Ah, it’s not that I don’t know his suffering, but standing in this position, I am still walking on thin ice. How dare I have my heart with him like before?”

“Zhang Shixue’s ambitions are too high. To finish this or that, the power of the Zhang family has grown stronger in recent years. I have mentioned it vaguely, but your majesty does have the mind to check and balance the court and support his mother’s family. Maybe this power is for him. Will be more handy…but for some reason, he has been targeting Zhang Family everywhere in the past few months…” Yun Xiang suddenly remembered something, and said with a laugh: “I said you don’t like to listen again, didn’t you?”

There was a brief silence, and Yun Xiang’s old voice was hoarse: “You’re right, I can’t even protect my youngest son. I can’t protect anything… I’m sorry, Fei Ruo, I never thought that the assassin would attack a child. …Fortunately, fortunately, everything is fine now, even the boy Qing Xiao, who refused to marry a wife, followed him. He, he is a particularly good prison officer. He handled a few cases last year. He went to many places and the people respected him very much.”

“Qing Jue, now as the commander in charge, although he always tells me that he is worried about not doing well, I know he is doing very well. Your Majesty looks like he is going to reuse him.” He suppressed his worry and said: “This kid, Qing Su, is not very self-motivated… Actually, I know that he doesn’t want to, but he’s just afraid that his elder brothers are already in important positions. If he performs too prominently, his majesty will be jealous of the Yun family… , Chengzhongwei, leisurely, helping the people find chickens and dogs every day, it’s quite popular.”


Yun Qingci’s eyelashes flickered. This time, when he heard his father’s silence for a long time, he said: “Don’t say it, don’t say it, I hope they are all well, all well.”

Yun Qingji… still alive?

Yun Qingci had a huge question in his mind. He knew very little about his eldest brother. He never thought about his aliveness, because he had never seen him before. Whether it was his mother or the people around him, he told him. The eldest brother died a long time ago, so the second elder brother in the family is considered the eldest son.

Suddenly there was a thump in his heart.

Did Ruan Lian ask him about his eldest brother? I also asked him if his eldest brother was still alive, how old would he be?

What is the connection? Did he mention this intentionally or unintentionally?

Inside the ancestral hall, Yun Xiang spoke again: “You said, in two days, if I ask for a small resignation and want to see you, can he agree?”

Yun Qingci left the small ancestral hall.

He remembered that when he was going to funeral for his mother that year, several older brothers took turns to persuade him to let his father go with him.

Yun Qing hated his father’s bones and was extremely stubborn: “Mother won’t let him go, and my mother doesn’t want to see him. If you persuade him again, you don’t want to go!”

On the day of the funeral, the sky was overcast, and the paper money fell like a dying yellow butterfly.

The brothers whispered, “Is that the father?”

The eight-year-old Yun Qingci was thin and small, dragging his unhealed body, taking a few steps, and then panting. Every time he breathed over the wounds in his lungs, he was bemoaning resentment.

When he looked back, he could see the opponent wearing black clothes from a distance, following far behind, his gaze chasing the giant coffin walking in front of him. The road in the outskirts was bumpy, his eyes were too tight, he forgot to look at the road, and he staggered after taking a few steps.

Yun Qingci sat down on the couch and watched Yinxi bring hot water to wash his feet.

At that time, he wanted to rush to punch and kick his father and drive him far away.

But maybe it was out of respect for his mother, maybe because the other party looked a little pitiful, he restrained this impulse.

It turns out that he really, never visited his mother once.

Did he really believe what he said, thinking that his mother didn’t want to see him, for fear of making her unhappy, so she didn’t go at all?

Haven’t you been there for so many years?

Yun Qingci lay on the bed and closed his eyes.

Is this also love? If he is not allowed to go, he will not go, if he is not allowed to see, he will be gone, and if he is not allowed to worship, he really will not go to worship.

Yun Qingci in the previous life has always been convinced that Yunxiang does not value his mother so much, otherwise, why would he be so obedient? Yun Qingci always felt that liking someone was uncontrollable, just like he did to Li Ying.

He would be selfish towards Li Ying, would want to possess him, would want to stay with him all the time.

But if the father’s love for his mother is his love for his mother, then he has entangled Li Ying in his previous life, and must stick to him regardless of his opposition, and not allow him half a breath of time. Does he love Li Ying or just want him to come? Satisfy your own desires?

There is also Li Ying to him, Yun Qingci always feels that if he has no feelings for him, is it because Li Ying doesn’t love him enough, or because the love he wants is too extreme, and Li Ying can’t afford him?

Was it because Li Ying didn’t give enough, or because he asked too little?

Who is the problem?

He couldn’t figure it out.

Yun Qingci fell asleep soon.

He dreamed of the underground palace again, and he stayed where he was waking up last time. There are still glazed lanterns beside that huge box, many of them are burning enthusiastically.

Yun Qingci observed carefully and found that the glazed lamps were embedded in the grooves of the stone slabs around the box, and all the grooves were connected by a strange pattern, a pattern he had never seen before.

There was a sudden movement under his feet, he was shocked, and when he looked down, he discovered that there were countless transparent insects in the covered fine sand.

After Yun Qing resigned, he realized that the center of the entire underground palace was a circular sand array. The box was on the high platform in the center of the sand array. The strange long worms in the sand array seemed to prevent people from approaching the box.

But he was standing by the high platform at the moment, and these insects did not bite him.

Yun Qingci in the dream was deeply confused.

He climbed onto the high platform, decided to figure out what baby was in the box, and then woke up again.

Yun Qingci opened his eyes, stared at the top of the bed for a while, then closed his eyes again and wanted to dream again, but unfortunately nothing happened and he fell asleep.

As soon as the morning came down the next day, Liu Ziru’s voice suddenly came from behind Yunxiang: “Yunxiang, Yunxiang stopped.”

He is the emperor’s supervisor named by the first emperor and is in charge of the internal affairs office. He has great power in the forbidden city and is the most trusted person around the emperor.

Even though he is an eunuch, he can be called a sir by the emperor, and he is not a slave.

He is the confidant of the emperor, and the interpreter of the emperor, and all the officials are disrespectful.

Yun quite stopped immediately, turned around to see the salute, and said, “Mr. Liu.”

“Yunxiang.” Liu Ziru bowed, his expression slightly worried: “The Empress did not say hello yesterday, so she went back to the mansion. I don’t know when to come back?”

Yun Xiang’s expression changed: “He hasn’t told your Majesty?”

Liu Ziru shook his head and sighed: “Your Majesty still thinks that the Empress is resting in the Chaoyang Palace and has no idea about him leaving the palace privately.”

Yunxiang’s breath sank, and said: “Mr. You don’t need to beat, just say it straight away.”

Liu Ziru made another salute to apologize, and said, “My grandfather must have discovered that your majesty’s health is ill today. It was caused by the cold and the cold yesterday, but there are also… he vomited blood due to the irritation of the queen.”

“In the end what happened?”

“Yesterday, the Empress sent a letter to the liar.” Liu Ziru took out the letter from his sleeve and said: “His Majesty was in a coma at the time, and the emperor told him not to be stimulated. I didn’t show it to him, so he still doesn’t know. , I have been separated.”

“This…” Yun Xiang felt that Yun Qingci was really bold, and at the same time felt that the development of the matter was really confusing: “What do you mean by Mr.?”

“Your Majesty took the Empress into the Taici Palace yesterday and crippled Empress Zhang.”

Yun Xiang did not stand firmly, Liu Ziru hurriedly supported him, and said: “I know the grandfather did not approve of this marriage, but the queen is so willful and reckless, it’s okay for your majesty to spoil him, if one day you don’t want to spoil him …This is not good for the Yun family.”

He was telling the truth, no matter from which aspect, peace and separation were not so easy, especially when the emperor was being separated by the queen, how ridiculous it sounds.

Liu Ziru put the letter in his hand and said: “I suggest that the prince return to the house and talk with the queen. If we want to reconcile, we should also be honest. The queen’s name is in the family tree of Li…I mean Yes, it is better to wait for your majesty to get better.”

Yun Xiang nodded, thinking that Yun Qing’s speech would be a relief. If he had reached a consensus with Li Ying, this peace and separation would naturally not need others to worry about, but Li Ying knew nothing about it. , Then this is to cut first and play later.

His Majesty’s anger is the second thing. If he gets angry for any reason, the Yun Family is afraid that he won’t be able to eat.

He hurried back to the Xiangfu, and rushed to the courtyard where Yun Qingci was.

The latter is basking in the warm winter sun, swaying back and forth on a swing, with two legs floating back and forth, feeling the beauty of life.

Seeing the young son’s calm expression in years, Yun Xiang’s anger and anger suddenly disappeared.

He raised his eyebrows and coughed twice. Yun Qingci raised his face and saw him. Just after he was too lazy to move after eating, he casually greeted him, and said, “Why is Daddy here?”

Yun Xiang walked over slowly, sat down at the stone table, looked at his dull look, and said, “I ask you, do you know, your majesty is sick?”

“Headwind?” Yun Qing replied, “I know, I’m sick.”

It was a bit in the previous life, but after this rebirth, it seemed to be more serious.

But what does it have to do with him.

“He had the cold and he vomited blood yesterday. In the beginning of this year, many things will start to be busy again.”

Yun Qing resigned and said: “I am no longer the queen, what are you telling me about this?”

“Your Majesty picked off the Queen Mother’s hands and feet, but your idea?”

Yun Qingci twisted his eyebrows, this Li Ying, why did he tell his father about everything?

Yun Xiang couldn’t help standing up and reprimanding him: “That is his biological mother, you are like this, it is like the demon queen is alive!”

“It wasn’t me that he did.”

“If it weren’t for you, how could he give this heavy hand to his birth mother?” Yun Xiang said with an ugly expression: “Don’t think it hurts you. If you turn him into a tyrant, he dares to treat the Queen Mother like this, and he will be able to treat him like this in the future. you!”

“How do you know that it is his biological mother?” Yun Qing resigned, “I have never seen such a biological mother.”

Yun Xiang’s eyes flashed, and said: “What do you know?”

“I don’t know anything.” Yun Qingci muttered, “I just suspect that Li Ying is not such a cruel person. Even if I do too much to please me, and the Queen Mother, she treats Li Ying like that, Ben It’s not a good thing, it deserves it.”

“You, you kid…” It was really crooked. Yun Xiang’s anger is not light, but the relationship between father and son has just eased, and he doesn’t want to regain suspicion, so he can only pull a stool and sit next to him, saying: “I ask you, He Lishu, did you unilaterally give it to your Majesty ?”

Yun Qingci turned his head and ignored him.

He hated him in his heart, the dog emperor, really scheming, used his father to suppress him, can’t you see him make up with his father?

Yunxiang took the letter and hit him on the head.

Yun Qingci covered his head and stared fiercely.

Yun Xiang froze, and secretly said that this letter paper is thinner, it can’t be very painful…

He replied: “Father meant that you and your majesty should talk openly and honestly. If you send a letter in this way, it seems that the matter is unstable. After all, the emperor’s peace is not a trivial matter… you ,where did you go?”

Yun Qingci turned off the swing and shouted: “Go to prepare the car, I want to enter the palace!”

“You, don’t be impulsive.” Yunxiang hurriedly followed him, “I will go with you!”

“Don’t want you to go!” Yun Qing walked out of the courtyard without looking back, saying: “I will save him face. Everyone he wants to make trouble is known to everyone. Then I will go and be honest with him. He must face to face. Talk, I’ll talk to him face to face!”

He got into the carriage and shouted, “Go!”

“He is still sick!” Yun Xiang also hurriedly ordered someone to prepare the car: “Quick, follow up.”

The author has something to say: Ci Zai: Scheming dog!

Li Huang: …not me.



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